T-Mobile Announces November 2nd Availability For New myTouch by LG Smartphones

Just like we anticipated, T-Mobile has added another two devices to the list of smartphones and tablets launching on November 2nd. T-Mobile just announced via Facebook the addition of the T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q available November 2nd. Both smartphones by LG will be available for just $79.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and two year contract. If you would rather give either phone a hands-on before buying, they’ll be in stores for purchase on November 9th.

The myTouch and myTouch Q are both solid editions to T-Mobile’s mid-range lineup and are the first non-HTC devices to carry the myTouch name. With each smartphone rocking T-Mobile’s 4G, HD video capture and the most up-to-date version of Android you really can consider these top notch mid-range devices. There is something for both touchscreen and qwerty-keyboard fans as well with the myTouch rocking a touchscreen only experience and the myTouch Q adding in a physical 4-row QWERTY keyboard to help give you a more tactile typing experience.

Learn more about both new myTouch devices at http://mytouch.t-mobile.com/simple-phones


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  • Anonymous

    No thanks, already have a myTouch 4G.

  • Daddym469

    What puzzles me about these two is why are they distinctly different in terms?? The Q is closer in specs to the double play while the Touch is more of what I expected…any confirmation on the 720p capture….Anyone finding out more, please share!

  • Daddym469

    I meant to say, Why are those so different in specs?? The non qwerty seems to be more nice.

  • Asder24

    I’m looking for a midrange phone and I think the non-Q MT fits the bill. Any idea on off-contract price? I’m considering the Exhibit II which is only $200, but would definitely spend more for better camera and battery life.

    • Anonymous

      It’s either $380 or $280. Im guessing it will be $280 since its a midrange phone

      • Anonymous

        just confirmed it. the full price of the phone is $279.99. and the exhibit II is not $200 full price, its $329.99.  $249.99 when you activate it on monthly 4g

        • Asder24

          Nice on the $279. Where did you get the Exhibit price? Saw it today at Walmart as a prepaid kit for $199.98 out the door.

        • Anonymous

          tmo retail

        • Anonymous

          Why the hell would you buy from T-Mobile retail anymore? Their return policy (restocking fees) and pricing suck. 

      • Asder24

        I’m hoping $280-300. Better than the Wildfire S which goes for about $250, but definitely not as good as the G2X or Vibrant 4G which goes for around $399.

      • Asder24

        Nice on the $279. Where’d you get the Exhibit II price? I actually saw it at Walmart as a prepaid kit for $199.98 out the door.

  • Anonymous

    Ya good follow up your BEST mytouch with a toilet log.
    What company does this?

    • Anonymous


    • TmobileFan_Walk the Walk

      Okay,  You talk the talk, now let your  feet walk the walk to another  carrier!

      • Anonymous

        That is your answer?

      • Anonymous

        Ya sorry you can only afford a toilet log for a phone. 

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile needs to give this mail-in-rebate bullshit a rest. Give me one price or the other…

  • guest

    looking foward to getting this phone

  • Ibleedmagenta

    So is this sporting my sense or is it vanilla? Gingy or ICS?

    • Anonymous

      sense is exclusive to htc, gingerbread at minimum, doesn’t look like vanilla.

    • Anonymous

      Its sporting something that probably won’t ever mutate into ICS.

  • Action 6

    off topic sorry, I got my GALAXYS2 everything else is very fine, big screen and fast speed is a big plus, but it’ s very plasticky.

    This phone has no WIFI calling yet, no FM and no GOOGLE VOICE right? Google voice is useful for me to make free calls to canada .
    You think samsung will give us WIFI CALLING, FM and GOOGLE VOICE update soon on GALAXYS2.
    if I upgraded, i have 14 days to return and get my money back right?

    • Anonymous

      Google Voice is just an app.  Go download it.

      There will be no FM radio but there supposedly will be a WiFi calling update.  TMO loves WiFi calling so that is just a matter of time.

      • Action 6

        14 days to return  for money back right?

        • Anonymous

          Yes 14 days but with a $50 restocking fee.

        • Action 6

          i heared from others  there is no restocking fee  if returned within 14  or 30 days buyers remorse period!

        • Anonymous

          Oh ok I didnt know about that. Means I still have another week lol

        • Anonymous

          WIFI calling will be rolled out in an update on november 13th.

  • Unfaix

    why is lg’s phone has a larger gap between the screen and the capacitive button? it look a little off.

    • Anonymous

      Thats what happens to phones that ride the short bus. 

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, why go from HTC to ….this?

    • I don’t believe LG is replacing HTC, T-Mobile is just expanding the lineup.

      • Anonymous

        Take this with a grain of salt, but one of my T-Mobile store guys said that HTC was done with the mytouch line but Tmobile still owns the name (like sidekick) so LG was picked.

        • BigMixxx

          I kinda agree here.  Looks like a HTC decision to me vs. T mobile.    Giving it to LG, while good in some cases, gives HTC an opportunity to grow their phone product. Mytouch 4g and the 4g slide while amazing, really diluted HTC product line a bunch.  

        • Afterburner

          I believe HTC is getting away from making Provider named products. I think they want their name on all their phones. I can’t say I blame them.

      • Anonymous

        Although that’s not to say they couldn’t have made better choices to expand their lineup. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they’ll ever make a mytouch superphone

  • Taylordaniels21

    I wonder what the full price is

  • Do Not Buy!!! LG is the worst smartphone maker!!!

  • Lupon

    Seeing how LG screwed everyone over with the G2x, one would have to be insane to buy anything from LG ever again…

  • RJ

    Many prepaid phones on Tmobile website have a free $50 airtime card with purchase…so if you’re in the market for a new prepaid phone, save some money for a limited time only

  • Havoktek

    Even though my G2x is solid and rooted…..
    Ummm no LG, not again…….Shame that TMO chose you guys for the next Mytouch line.

  • 311music

    Okay so after playing with both these phones for a week now, I cannot even recommend these phones as a midrange device to my customers. BOTH these phones are SUPERRRR laggy and I normally would never say plastic feels cheap to me, these take the cake. Just go to a store and play with the demos and you will see first hand. For 20 bucks more I will recommend every time over these devices the Radar for $99 bucks. The radar is a solid well built device and will make you happier over the life of 2yrs. Both have huge bezels that take up too much space and the app drawer is a nightmare. $79 is not a good price for a phone that comes out of the box with lag and force close issues. If you want a good midrange phone, get an Exhibit 2 or Radar which are around the same price range. I went to an LG event and some of these were given away for free, after the event people were trading them in the parking lot lol. 

  • Anonymous

    LG means an automatic DONT BUY for me at least.

    • Anonymous

      LG just means shit in my eyes. I loved the G2X for what it was but had an equal hate for what it wasn’t and should have been. Nothing they can come out with will ever make me reconsider. They don’t have the know-how or the money to compete with HTC, Samsung, or Motorola.

  • Realcool2000

    Thought everyone who talks about 4g speed should take a look at this article


    Att is consistently the slowest and tmo in consistently second fastest.

    In the paragraph talking about webpage loading time its interesting that they put att 4 seconds slower than tmo and 6 seconds slower that verizon lte…

    meaning tmo pageload time is only 2 seconds slower than verizon, not bad for the difference in price I think…what do u think?

  • RCJ34

    No More LG for after what I went through with the G2X

  • Khamikaze

    By @dligon & @Xenolance via xda-developers (forum .xda-developers. com /showpost.php?p=18849920&postcount=37)

    we should all go to the lg company office with our pitchforks and torches…

    I’m Thinking “OccupyLG” is right around the.. oh wait..

    Follow, promote, be heard!

    lgforum. com /forum/boards/carriers/t-mobile/topics/lg-india-confirms-optimus-2x-not-getting-ics-g2x-next

    #LgAngriestMob #OccupyLg

    twitter. com /#!/search/realtime/LgAngriestMob

    twitter. com /#!/search/realtime/OccupyLg

  • 3232

    All I can say is TMO must be trying to save money with this one.  HTC 3rd qtr sales have been posted and it is phenomenal!  So to use LG to make their my touch signature phone is crazy!!!! TMO never got the G2X fixed with its hardware malfunction.  The funny part was it wasn’t TMO’s fault the G2X was so bad it was LG! LG treated their G Slate tablet like it had the plague and know TMO is using LG to make their signature phones????  #TMOGOTBALLS

  • guest

    AMOLED screen is intriguing. Too bad LG screwed up the G2x so badly.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile is replacing HTC for LG with their mytouch line. Problem is HTC makes good quality stuff. Period. I have yet to see a good LG phone. The G2x is kind of meh actually.