Blackberry Torch 9810 Release Date Confirmed For November 9th

With every indication that November 9th would be the day for a Blackberry Torch 9810 arrival, we’re happy to say that we can now confirm that will in fact be the launch date. Thanks to a ninja screen grab from an internal T-Mobile system we’ve got positive confirmation that T-Mobile is prepared to launch their first combination touchscreen/sliding qwerty-keyboard Blackberry to the masses. We’re still waiting for word on pricing as we hope T-Mobile doesn’t go all Blackberry Bold 9900 pricing on us with the Torch 9810. We’ll know for sure in just over a weeks time.

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  • how much off contract?

  • Bklynman

    Hope the price it not sky high,I was hoping for Nokia would bring out window phone for Tm. 
    Never had BB,before. Glad Tm,finally got The Torch,does anyone know how it this one different,
    than the one Att,sells?


      it is faster. 

    • Asder24

      I think on contract it’ll be priced reasonably. Off-contract I think it’ll be like other BBs and be somewhat overpriced. The Curve 9360 is $79 w/ MIR on contract and $379 off contract. Hope I’m wrong, I’ve been a fan of the Torch from the start.

    • Well yeah…the 9900 is coming to AT&T for $200…TMO sold it for $300.  That’s 50% more on TMO.  By that logic…the 9810 sells for $50 on AT&T, so on TMO it should sell for $75-$80?  I don’t see that happening since the Curve 9360 sold for $80.   I am guessing $100-$150…which sucks.

      • MLec0001

        Ya up front the cost is more but look at the plans.  For Tmobile I was looking at 500 talk and text plus simple data plan $59.99/month for 2 years.  Then I looked at the closest equivalent from at&t 450 rollover, 200 mb data, and messaging for $74.99/month for 2 years.  Thats $15/month more, sounds cheap right?  Cost that out over 2 years and that means I am paying $360 more than Tmobile.

        So TLDR:
        Tmobile phone +2 years service = $1689.75
        ATT phone +2years service = $1849.75
        Tmobile is cheaper by $160 over the 2 years.  ATT is hoping that people like you just look at the price of the phones to make your judgement.

  • The 9810 is now up on the TMO official support page (under Community).

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  • Briank90

    It’s a cool phone but will it stop the tide of people leaving Blackberry for Android phones?  The blackberry OS is still far behind Apple and Android.  Although I think Blackberry push email is superior.

    • DerrickPS3

      we already know bb os is behind android….that doesn’t stop me and millions of other people who still use blackberry from using their phones. and just like you said, their email support and features are outstanding, one of the reasons i own a blackberry

  • 3232

    was able to play with the phone today!! I love it I love It!!! the hardware is nice! 4G  phone 1.2 Ghz blackberry os 7  5mplx

    • 1225

      BUT did it have UMA and did you find out the price????

  • Jd777