Follow Up To the LG G2x Ice Cream Sandwich Story

Late last week saw a story concerning LG, Ice Cream Sandwich and the Optimus 2x/G2x upgrade. LG and the decision not to upgrade either device to the upcoming Android 4.0 platform. As it turns out, LG has followed up on the report and said they haven’t reached a decision regarding an upgrade for either device.


According to a follow up response received by the boys at Androidandme, LG has yet to make a decision on whether or not the Optimus 2X or G2x will be upgraded. LG says they are still testing Ice Cream Sandwich on both of those devices and the deciding factors will be:

  • Dependent on the devices’ ability to handle the Ice Cream Sandwich update
  • Whether or not the user experience with Ice Cream Sandwich installed will be a good one

Obviously LG, like all smartphone manufacturers wants to ensure that the user experience on their products is the very best it can be and we hope that LG determines in the long run that an Ice Cream Sandwich is viable for G2x owners.


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  • Anonymous

    A good one, just like the Gingerbread update… hahahahaha

  • A very thin thread of hope left…

  • LG’s only breakout device was the Optimus One(and all its variants) and after that the lineup was crap, wonder if the O3d/Thrill 4G will also be left in the crapper

  • “LG, like all smartphone manufacturers wants to ensure that the user experience on their products is the very best it can be”

    When did they start this policy? It’s certainly news to all of us who were screwed by buying this crappy phone and putting up with their lack of support.

  • UE on Ice Cream Sammich? Not sure how that really applies since the G2X almost runs Vanilla. The hardware is surely capable, just not sure if LG is capable. 

  • Anonymous

    After what happened with the G2x, I will never buy an LG product ever again.

    • Anonymous

      Many said the same about Samsung, lol

      • Tortionist

        Exactly, that’s why I stick with the phrase ” Never say Never”….LOL

        • Heather P

          That’s why I bought the g2x. My experiences with samsung have always been terrible. I think my next phone will be an htc.

  • questioncom

    I will never buy another LG device again. Lucky the cm team has made the phone usable.

    • MNBug

      Agreed.  Horrible experience with my G2x, including the communication about the “fix”.  I see that the communication hasn’t improved.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone think the HTC G2 will get Ice cream love?

    • I have the G2 and I’m not holding out too much for this.  I would guess that there will be unofficial ports, but no official port for a device that is already end-of-life.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why root is great. Expect an AOSP build by Xboarder56 on the XDA forums.

    • You never know, It is pretty much stock android and HTC is one of the rare companies that actually are not too bad at getting updates out. The G2 just got the gingerbread update like this summer so my guess would be it may get ICS but it’ll be a while. Ask HTC on Twitter they usually answer back if they have a solid answer for you. If there is a G3 coming sometime soon..I’d doubt it

      • Anonymous

        @Chad – what are you smoking?? Htc update timeframes are shit.
        HTC have alrwady said they are looking at ICS to see how sense can be put on top of it.

    • Nick

      I hope so…the phone is barely 1 year old!  I think it depends on the guts of the phone though.  One reason I bought this phone is because it’s (basically) stock android and I was hopeful for frequent updates.  That hasn’t been the case.

      • Anonymous

        Root it.

        • Nick

          I’ve got the latest MIUI.  Would love to try stock 4.0 though when a stable/official version is available.

    • Anonymous

      We can only know once the source code is released. Worse comes to worst CM will have it, provided you are rooted…

  • To me it sounds like LG “leaked” the idea out there of not updating, then saw the consumer backlash and announced that they were still testing.

    • Exactly! Sounds like a decision was made and once they heard the public outcry of consumers never dealing with LG again..the idea “somehow” probably appeared back on the table for reconciliation. C’mon LG devs quit being lazy and find a way to get ICS on the G2x

      • Ryleeb

        I read the device has to have the hardware to support dual core

        • um is dual core, if I’m not mistaken it was T-Mobile’s first dual core phone if I’m wrong someone correct me. Maybe your thinking of something else missing in the hardware but it certainly has nothing to do with that.

          Also the Nexus S (which I have) will be getting ICS and is only single core and will run it smoothly, so either it really is missing something or LG is being lazy and dishonest with its consumers.

  • Anonymous

    If the Nexus S can handle it then the G2x can handle it.  My God.

    “Whether or not the user experience with Ice Cream Sandwich installed will be a good one”
    Being a stock Google phone, this should not even be up for discussion.

  • Androiduser

    google needs to hold manufactures accountable for these updates 

  • Tmoemployee

    if it keeps like this google will end up losing ton of android users because there phone never receives updates 

  • Kelly

    I even left a rather unflattering review on their site. My review included their decision on not updating to ICS. I was surprised they actually allowed it to be seen. I’m sure they will do their token “try” then say no anyway. I wish I had never bought the phone…. Took three days of work trying to find the right mod to get it halfway decent…

  • If they are now “concerned about the user experience” it will be for the first time!  The G2x is a HORRIBLE user experience, and got WORSE when they updated to Gingerbread.  I hope Google ban manufacturers from messing with ICS.  Never buy a non-Nexus, and never get an LG!

  • They arent going to do it because this will hurt sales of their next phones that come with ICS.. Doesnt matter though because Im waiting for Cyanogenmod to have it pretttty soon :)

    • Anonymous

      Mid November :D

  • Anonymous

    its a stock android phone.. what is the experience they are looking for? makes no sense

    • Anonymous

      They aren’t going to skin it are they?

      • Nick

        I wouldn’t think so.  It wasn’t skinned to begin with, just had some apps added to stock android.

    • Nick

      All I can think is that the mean they want to be sure 4.0 runs smoothly on the phone, and doesn’t create a bad user experience.  That’s all I can come up with.  But it sounds like BS.

    • The 2GX is not stock Android. TMO sold it saying it was, but it’s not.

  • Nick

    I read an article last week that said Apple gets people to upgrade to new phones by providing excellent customer service and quality updates and generally making you love your phone.  The article also said that manufacturers of Android phones seem to try to get you to buy a new phone by making you not like your current phone and by not giving timely updates.

    It’s not a perfect argument but I think there’s a lot of truth to that.

    • Anonymous

      If you subtract all Android phones except the Nexus line, then both the Nexus and the iPhone get pretty much the same quality/quantity/timely updates.

      The story could end there BUT thankfully there are many many manufacturers offering us their take on Android and hardware.  If you want an iOS-like timeliness then buy a Nexus.  Me personally I’m glad that I have OPTIONS and the Nexus is not the only way I am forced to enjoy an Android phone.

      Besides I’d rather own a Vibrant stuck on FroYo than an iPhone.

  • Zedklind

    Yes the phone has/had lots of problems… but don’t just sit there and cry about it! Man up and flash… yeah, we shouldnt have to but atleast we have an option! I won’t buy another LG phone again but I’m making due with what I have … I’m not just moping about it…

    • Anonymous

      Tell em’ son!

    • I don’t even own a G2x, so this doesn’t concern me too much and though I agree with your comment and even gave you a like lol, you gotta remember most people on these boards (like us) are nerds and tech savvy and don’t have a problem rooting but there are a lot more people than us who read and contribute to this blog everyday who are not, so you can’t blame them for not wanting to take the risk of bricking their device. At the same time LG has put a product out that they sold to a lot of people so they should stand by that product so people do have the right to be upset if a company they invested their hard earned money into is not delivering as they should, especially when they are in the position that they can deliver what their consumers want.
      just my 0.02.

    • Nick

      I don’t really agree with that.  If I buy an LG phone, why should I depend on XDA or CM to keep it current and bug free?  That is supposed to be the manufacturer’s responsibility.  And the vast majority of phone users aren’t capable of rooting and flashing (citation needed).  I’d go so far as to say that the average android user wouldn’t even know it’s possible.  Obviously there are large pockets of people who love to flash roms, but i think of the average person I know with an Android phone and they’d give me a blank stare if I talked with them about rooting their phone.

      • jarjon76

        You’re right, the average consumer doesn’t know about rooting, nor do they care about it. They just want their phone to work out of the box. That’s not too much to ask for, considering the price of these devices.

      • Jerry.p

        Must agree, it is up to the manufacturer to make sure their products function properly, I’ve had the G2x for 2 months, and I can’t deny the great hardware, but issues, it definitely has, shame on Tmobile and LG for their lack of support

      • Tortionist

        that’s true, i have friends that I talk to about rooting their brand new Android phone and flashing CM7 and they’re like what is rooting, flashing, and CM7? It’s interesting to see it. they got something because a salesman  sold it to them or it was low cost.

    • Anonymous

      But if no Devs make a ROM – you’re screwed.

  • Mike

    LG if the G2x really doesn’t get this upgrade. Im done buying any products from you. A Tegra 2 device and it can’t handle ICS? Gtfo

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY! They got their heads so far up their a**holes its not even funny. 

  • Daghost

    That is a lie! LG does not want to ensure that the user experience is the best. Please edit that out of the story.

    • Terrence Benjamin

      stop being sore

      • Daghost

        No sir

    • Binxxdaclown

      i agree with you they care about sales of headsets im done with them

  • Anonymous

    After the last update, things seemed better, but I still get the random reboot, the random screen freeze, and the crappy battery life. I’m only enduring it at this point, but it’s disappointing. I had issues with my last Motorola as well, so I’m done with chasing gimmicks. Just give me a solid, tried and true phone from here on out.

    • jarjon76

      Consumers need to buy a phone they like & stop chasing that “latest & greatest” dragon. If they did that, manufacturers would stop churning out phones at way too fast rate.

  • drg

    Come on LG!  Not another penny…My G2X, LG Stove and LG Dishwasher are the last LG products I will ever own if they do not crank out support for the G2X. The GB update fiasco on my phone was a fail (still locks up)….and as proud as they were to release the first Dual Core handset…..they should aggressively work to be one of the first to ICS if they want to reverse the trend of losing marketshare.

  • Anonymous

    Thats what Moto said about he Cliq xt update that never happened. They stated it was a better phone running on Android 1.5 than on 2.1. And now, most apps are dropping support for Android 1.5 and my phone is a brick. 

    • Cyanogen mod 7.1 works on the Cliq XT. I was using it for quite a while before I got a G2X. Just rooted my G2X last night as well and installed Cyanogen so I could get free tethering and all my UI goodies back.

      • Themagpieswarble

        I just rooted my G2x Last night as well. Just added CM7 and wondering what apps/themes I should add to it at this point. Got any recommendations? 

  • LG Better update their shit and get it right or else…

    • Yourafaq

      Or else what ? You’ll buy a new phone lol

      • Realcool2000

        Hahahhaha totally…these guys are gettin so silly….he’s probably lookin at the lg mytouch right now….

        • Yourafaq

          Lol so true. :)

  • ogopogo

    A word of warning to all handset manufacturers LG, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, and Blackberry – The consumers you market to are no longer the wide-eyed children that are impressed with the 80s “bag phones”. Consumers are getting tired of products that are rushed to market to meet a hype in the industry. We are tired of having to pay $500, $600, $700, or even $800 for a device that is obsolete in a year, or that are so buggy that they are essentially useless.

    LG – take a look at the comments on this page. The vast majority no longer trust you, and will not buy another LG device.Was it worth it?

    P.S. I do not own an LG phone, and after seeing the uproar regarding their existing devices, I probably never will.

    • Realcool2000

      Dude, people are still very wide eyed and imressed upon by any marketing put out by any company,polititian, etc, and the majority are easily fooled by their own greed and ignorance and don’t even understand what makes the world turn or the consequences of it…

      Hahhaha on a lighter side.. people will definitely pay 500 to 800 for a device and even more. As far as them being obsolete in a year, I don’t believe you can apply that to any phone, computer etc.

      Get real man..

    • Anonymous

      Gotta agree with realcool200 on this one. The VAST majority of consumers are too uninformed first off and too stuck in the “I have to have the latest and greatest” mentality second, to be worried about things like this. It is proved on a daily basis that a corporation will do whatever it can get away with and they get away with murder. We put up with basically non-existant customer service, being charged shipping to send back a defective product, the idea that now a “quality” product only has a real world life span of about a year or two, (when my parents bought a t.v. it was expected to last 20 years now it’s about 2). It is ridiculous to think that a company would believe anything less as the data proves you completely wrong. The general philosophy of corporations as to customer retention is if we lose you who cares, there is another consumer in line behind you waiting to give us their dollars. That is why they spend more on advertising and lobbying than on customer care and product quality standards.

  • Lee

    People, this is the bottom line. Whether its LG, HTC, Moto, Sammy, or the frigging Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, it doesn’t matter. Google should have a concise plan as far as how updates should be implemented by the OEMs and the OEMs should make available the number of updates each phone can be updated to. The blame falls on Google. By flooding the complaints to Google, change can be done.

    • Realcool2000

      That’s ridiculous to say the blame falls on google…they are not responsible to update any phone…especially one that can’t handle the update because of the ram constraints, but in the case of the g2x, lg sounds like they are the ones who decide anyway….google can’t force them to do it….

      If u blame google then u may as well blame chevy for not putting in a their newest engine in every corvette ever made for free, even if it doesn’t fit, even if the dealer doesn’t want to do it…I know that’s not a perfect analogy but its good enough to try to get the point to you…

      • Lee

        I blame Google for allowing this fragmentation to exist. By using your same reference in your analogy, if GM would had a better plan in place they wouldn’t had to depend on US taxpayer dollars to bail them out. Which is exactly what we blind lemmings are doing when we get pumped to accept the latest crap from OEMs that Google allow to tarnish the Android experience.

        • Nick

          Fragmentation largely exists because of custom skins, which Google allows.  If HTC didn’t have to skin 4.0 to Sense for the Sensation then the update wouldn’t take nearly as it will.  It’s a whole different issue when a phone doesn’t have the internals to handle the latest OS.

        • TMD Photo

          Fragmentation has absolutely nothing to do with skins or custom UI overlays. Individual hardware manufacturers are each responsible for taking the basic Android release and then modifying it to run properly on their own hardware, whether or not skins or UI overlays exist. Different screens, different cameras, different hardware buttons and features from different hardware vendors all require extensive tweaking of the basic ROM in order to operate properly. The skin/overlay is just one small part of that. After that it is the decision of the carrier (and the carrier ALONE) to decide whether or not they will even bother to do their own coding and updating and then push an OTA release.

          The primary contributing factor to fragmentation is the overall lack of strict guidelines on hardware capable of running Android and providing sufficient overhead for future updates. A company can release a phone that is barely capable of running a current revision and is entirely incapable of future upgrades due to severe memory constraints, or hardware that requires elaborate reconfiguration to the native APIs in order to function properly.ICS was designed to address these issues moving forward, by unifying design concepts and providing a measure of forward-compatibility, but the nature of moving forward is that inevitably many will get left behind.

    • Anonymous

      Wake up.

  • BP

    We all have to understand that companies care about themselves first then customers.  If a company is in turmoil and record losses in sales like LG is, consumers get the end of the stick.  Its sad but if you own a G2X the best thing you can do is take this as a learning lesson.

    • stoneyjonez

      Since when is LG “in turmoil”?

      • BP

        Do you know about all the G2X problems from the beginning or that they lost 367 million last quarter?

        • Nick

          LG as a company is fine. Its their cel phone division that’s doing awful.  LG isn’t a company in turmoil.

        • BP

          Some things are common sense.  LG Electronics Inc. is the full name of the company that goes with this article.  I will start spelling it out for the slow people from now on.

  • this is nothing new. go look at lg forums.  it is their moto (as well as tmobile’s) to say oh were looking at that and well let you know when we have news.  thats the last post youll ever see on that subject from either.
    the truth was told. but that person didnt know that as an lg employee you never give an honest answer. you lead people on, you lie about update time frames, and you never tell people that their android software department is made up of 12 year olds(i know an insult to 12 year olds..sorry).
    this was nothing but damage control.  that news to come will never come.
    LG= Like Garbage(also an insult to garbage)

    • Lee

      It’s about phone sales. Once the phone is sold you are on your own. To hell with business integrity, and to hell with customer satisfaction.

      • Guest911

        Has your phone stopped working since ICS was announced? I dont understand all this drama. This is standard practice for Android phones – some get updated, some don’t. As you suggest below, this is something Google needs to take care of.

        • We who were suckered by buying the 2GX have been sucking hind teat ever since taking the thing out of the box. LG and TMO have not communicated with us regarding the numerous problems the phone originally had. It took them three months to get Gingerbread out, and I’m guessing that’s the last update we’ll see.

          LG sucks!

        • Guest911

          You are right – LG sucks. But again, that is not an “update” problem to ICS but a quality problem. If the phone has never worked, that is a Tmo issue. Not getting upgraded to ICS has nothing to do with your phone never working in the first place. 

  • Plankton

    Wah! Be like David and stick to the iphone!

    • Anonymous

      :/ troll.

      • TMD Photo

        He does this on EVERY post. 

        • Anonymous

          What a one-sided tard. Probably one of the few that still think that Tmo news is Android only…

  • Pira

    I hope the sidekick 4g gets ics :(

  • I’m not worried, even if Lg doesn’t get it done the Cyanogen team will :D

  • Jays_on

    I know this is off topic, but my WP7 devise does not default to your mobile site. What is the address for it please? Thank you!

    • Jweimer02

      Google it

      • Jays_on

        I tried google-ing it

  • Android is like Windows 98 all over again. I have tried 4 different phones all with quirks . I had to dumb down to the iphone so I could at least get my email ,phone calls and voice mails with out rebooting 2-3 times a day regardless of device I had. Sigh…

    • Anonymous

      Jesus, were you on a htc smart or somethin’ /trollface

      • Have had Nexus One/HTC/G2X and Samsung Galaxy S2 A. All unable to function as need be for more than 1 day with out a reboot. Each one had a quirk. The biggest being not getting gmail updates and voice mails followed by phone calls having issues with T Mob wireless Android is quirky end of statement and if any one says it works reliably is full of it based on my last 2.5 years of thorough use. It’s a phone for crying out loud lets start off by getting calls/voice mail with out issues. IPhone while not what i wanted to end up with at least makes call and gets voicemails w/o issues. Gmail sucks but native app on the way.

        • maybe your just bad with phones, because I’ve had g1, mytouch 3g, g2, galaxy s 4g, g2x my touch 4g and sensation , and  only had problems with the g2x rebooting, the rest worked flawlessly    

        • Tortionist

          I had all those phones, except for the sensation and G2x, but I also had the mytouch 3g with 3.5 mm jack, Optimus T, Motorola Defy, Samsung Exhibit, SGSII currently a Wildfire S and none of these phones had any problems period. That’s a whopping total of 11 different Android phones in 3 years with no problems, minus the occasional reboot on the MyTouch 3G and Mytouch 3G with 3.5 MM jack. That breaks down to 6 HTC phones, 3 Samsung phones, 1 Motorola phone, and 1 LG phone. They were all exceptional phones. the only three I couldn’t root were the exhibit, SGSII, and the Wildfire S. I’ve even played with all of the Android phones out for T-mobile, except for the Cliq phones and the Sidekick 4g. I think the two worst ones are the G2X, due to the number of problems and the Garmin. It just sucked. Chances of getting a crap Android phone on T-Mobile is low, for 90% of T-mobile users out there. The SGS II and the SGS4G are great phones as well as the Sensation, Amaze, and MT4G slide. power users on T-Mobile have a better pick of Android phones, than on any other network.  I would not use the G2x if it were given to me. Someone even offered me the G2X and $100 for my Samsung galaxy S 4G. I had to politely decline, while trying to not outright laugh at him. My point is that unless you have the G2X or don’t know what your doing with an Android smartphone. you shouldn’t dog on Android phones, T-mobile ones that is. Learn how to use them.

        • Rotflkittyroflsyou

          only that my g2x even as stock had none of these problems and is in fact, imo, better than the sensation because the games are optimized for it, there was almost no ui change (mostly pure) making it smoother and quicker, all while having that lower clock speed , saving battery. hell, with eagles blood 2.3.7 rom on it, youd have to pay ME 100$ and trade me a sensation for it, just so i could decline you. am i the only one here who knows what their doing? or just not lying about my experiences when it was stock 2.3.3? i truly don’t know. any how, we should be getting ics in the second quarter of 2012 – well, the optimus 2x for sure, but if not the g2x as well you can rest assured it will be ported over quite easily on xda. for right now though, it cant be ported because it wont seem to work without the nvidia drivers- so we have to wait for the big league devs to figure that out. i even doubt cyanogen can figure it out, and if they can’t, no one will. don’t worry though, only 4 months to go…

  • KING9242


  • Anonymous

    If G2 gets ICS before G2X (through CM7), confirmation that G2X was crappy hardware, even with dual-core, etc etc?

    We really should fund CM7 through subscription, as they’re the only place doing the work and cares.

    • Tmsbrdrs

       They both have an unofficial ICS build. From what I’ve seen though, the G2 has more working than the G2X.

  • Jackson Gabbard

    The G2X is a massive pile of shit. I bought one on the first day and it’s been nothing but pain, woe, and bugs since then. I’m sure if they do put 4.0 on the phone it will be just as craptastic as their 2.3. They make low-level changes to the OS that destabilizes it. Namely, the unlock screen has a lag during which you see whatever was on screen last for about a second then the lock screen. Also, the browser mysticall goes back whenever you unlock the phone. These and many, many others. That’s not to mention the T-Mobile bloatware. It’s absurd. I’m considering switching to some unofficial ROM just to get a more vanilla experience. I will undoubtedly get 4.0 faster that way.

  • just push the darn thing. can it be worse than it is now?

  • Anonymous

    Lol LG does NOT care about their customers actually! My G-Slate is still on Android 3.1 which brought a LOCKED BOOTLOADER with the UPDATE! Not to mention the fact that the update did basically nothing besides completely halt ROM development…LG won’t respond to us in the forums no matter what we try. First and last device I’ll ever get from them. And ICS on my G-Slate? Lol I laugh at the thought. G2x owners, sorry, you’ll never get it either.

    • Anonymous

      LG confirms that the Optimus 2X at least will get updated…wow. Wow. I’m surprised.

  • Anonymous

    @poundbang Please rest assured that LG R&D is working to determine which devices will provide the best user experience running #ICS. (in response to my complaint tweet)   Translation—“You ain’t getting it”.  


    To all: all I can say is that like you I two, rush out and buy the lastest greatest phones. But as you all may know the have the biggest problems. When I first got my g2x it was horrible. But now the GB update fixed it. Okay to the point either bug the hell out of T-Mobile to replace it or buy a new damn phone and shut the hell up, update or not. S/N best phone ever

  • Zebuceta

    Trash…trash …this is the worst phone ever,here in Orlando you can find this piece of crap on cragslist for $150, I broke my after Soo many bugs,lol,crap I hate LG

  • Khamikaze

    OK, my G2x just shutdown today (again? 2nd time after on my Replacement) probably due to overheating, requiring battery pull…

    So actually regardless if it is in ICS or GB still, LG has to fix their Phone.
    If they can really fix their Phone, they need to commit to ICS.
    If they can not fix it, they will not bother with ICS: G2x is broken…

    #LgAngriestMob #OccupyLgtwitter. com /#!/search/realtime/LgAngriestMobtwitter. com /#!/search/realtime/OccupyLg

  • Greg

    Competition leads to innovation, but in my opinion the wireless industry needs to look at what they’re doing. They’re moving too fast for their own good right now. LG (and other manufacturers) should really think about putting on the brakes a bit.

    They’re scurrying as fast as they can to introduce a new device every 3-6 months that’s faster and has a bigger screen before the competitor does. In the process they’re releasing them with half baked, buggy software. What’s worse is that rather than taking the time to go back and fix what’s broken, they’re already on to working on the next device.

    As it stands now, a device that’s 6 months old can already be 1 or 2 iterations behind what’s “current”, and may already be EOL as far as updates go. 

    Granted, there are fanboys who’ll run to the store to buy every new phone as soon as it’s available, but in this economy, most people can’t or won’t do that. I’d rather see a new model on the shelf every 8-12 months, but actually have it NOT FULL OF BUGS, and able to handle at least a couple future version of Android. I see a lot of resentment and animosity building up here.

    …just my opinion.

    • Guest

      That’s why you buy an iPhone. Apple has been doing everything you mentioned for the past 4 years since iPhone came out

      • Greg

        lol when I wrote that I thought “Gee, that looks like what Apple does”

      • Stevenlaso

        My Iphone 3gs had a lot of bugs as does my brothers Iphone 4. Aside from the fact that it’s horrible at actually making calls. 

    • Lolly

      i agree. the phone manufacturers only care about the money they get. they dont care about use experience or satisfaction nearly as much as they should. a device shouldnt stop receiving updates 6 months after its release. it not googles fault though; it the manufacturers’. they decide to put their custom software onto phones and rather not deal with the hassles of maintaining and updating the device as it should. even with googles new anti fragmentation initiative the manufacturers seem to be doing the same as they did before. all devices running froyo should be able to handle ics, as all devices that handled froyo were said to be able to handle gingerbread, and all that ran gingerbread can run ics [correct me i im wrong]. long story short i think manufacturers are the root of androids fragmentation problem with is seriously retarding androids progress.

    • Settlepoeton

      yes. CORRECT, AGREED!

    • derek

      Amen brother I couldn’t agree more they are trying way to hard to beat there competitor with the next smarthphone in truth they should all slow down and focus more on making people happy with there current phones and offering updates every 6 months so that I could at least enjoy my phone for the duration of my new 2 year contract

  • Anonymous


    1. If you purchased the phone & it had quirks before your 14day Buyers Remorse period, should have returned and got something compatible or close to it.
    2. If you purchased the phone & it had quirks after your 14day, ummmm moving on to #3….
    3. If you still have your G2x, why not try XDA custom roms and systems management twerks…you could undervolt/underclock your g2x to where it will (maybe) eliminate those reboots.
    4. craigslist it, or ebay it.


    • Many who bought the phone when it first came out had serious problems. But TMO said to just wait – that a fix would be out soon. Soon was three months later and didn’t fix all the problems.

      • JustArandomGUY

        I have more problems with customer roms then stock. I just had my first random reboot in about 3 weeks. I am sticking to stock 2.3.3 because it runs just fine. If your phone is messing up then maybe its just a manufacture problem, or maybe you just need to stop WATHCING PRON. Either way I dont use stupid theme apps and I only have a handfull of apps on my phone. Mainly things like google voice paypall ebay fb and other known apps that wont jack your phone up. Satisfied customer here!

        • i’ve had my G2X since launch… LOVE IT.. i’ve owned other android devices for work and play, like a moto cliq, htc G2, htc hero, samsung epic slide, and lg optimusS… and i’ve owned various other smartphones… the G2X is the best phone i’ve owned, hands down… laser fast and bequtiful design… hardware is very well made… so, i used to get the random reboots a long time ago.. i upgraded to gingerbread and wasnt totally impressed.. so i put cyanogen mod 7 on it and never looked back… i’ve completely customized my phone, right down to the font used in normal system windows.. LOVE IT! and it’s still super fast!! love that it has an hdmi port! i can hook it up to my bigscreen and watch my netflix, or play the SNES emulator with a wii-mote… amazing!! bluetooth mouse and keyboard make it as awesome as those motos with a lapdock! only for ALOT cheaper.. my mouse and keyboard were about $10 each… LG may have a bad rep for not updating firmware very quickly, but they get props from me for making great hardware… i might even consider another LG product even though i love sammy for tv’s…

        • i’ve had my G2X since launch… LOVE IT.. i’ve owned other android devices for work and play, like a moto cliq, htc G2, htc hero, samsung epic slide, and lg optimusS… and i’ve owned various other smartphones… the G2X is the best phone i’ve owned, hands down… laser fast and bequtiful design… hardware is very well made… so, i used to get the random reboots a long time ago.. i upgraded to gingerbread and wasnt totally impressed.. so i put cyanogen mod 7 on it and never looked back… i’ve completely customized my phone, right down to the font used in normal system windows.. LOVE IT! and it’s still super fast!! love that it has an hdmi port! i can hook it up to my bigscreen and watch my netflix, or play the SNES emulator with a wii-mote… amazing!! bluetooth mouse and keyboard make it as awesome as those motos with a lapdock! only for ALOT cheaper.. my mouse and keyboard were about $10 each… LG may have a bad rep for not updating firmware very quickly, but they get props from me for making great hardware… i might even consider another LG product even though i love sammy for tv’s…

  • I don’t care anymore. I bought a SGS2. I know it will get ICS. Anybody want to buy a G2x?

  • 98clru

    I guess I got lucky or this forum shows the tendency of those who are unhappy to post, those who are happy don’t post.  I got 3 (yes 3) g2x’s on 1 sept after carefully reading the reviews available at that time.  My family all love our g2x’s, have minor problems just like any phones but the performance over comes the issues.  I did find after I dropped the power control widget lag and stability improved greatly.

    I am disgusted that google hasn’t gotten a commitment from their manufacturers to provide updates for at least a year after the phone is released.  

    If I had foreseen the lack of commitment to support for at least a year and thought through the implications of google buying motorola I may have held out for a moto. If google doesn’t support it’s own hardware that shows a lack of follow through on google’s part and everyone needs to resign themselves to the rom that it ships with or insist on having it sold with a root and we all get to pay 3rd parties to do what google doesn’t (cyanogen comes to mind).

  • Stevenlaso

    My G2x is flawless after the 2.3 update, great phone and is very smooth and fluid. I rank this near the top of phones you can buy anywhere today. Notice when Phonedog did the phone battler between the G2x and the Iphone 4, the Iphone 4 froze up and the G2x won the dogfight. 

    • Eric

      You’re right the 2.3 upgrade did improve my G2x… I absolutely love this phone. It’s extremely fast and the games are ridiculously nice (e.g. NFS Shift). People comment on it almost everyday on the train.


  • Penskeford,2817,2395732,00.asp#fbid=zlgNkcBM2jr
    Actually, the G2X is getting Ice Cream Sandwich………….suck it naysayers.

    • Roshan

      thank god

  • Tegra2Bitch
  • Anonymous

    “Obviously LG, like all smartphone manufacturers wants to ensure that the user experience on their products is the very best it can be ”

    LOL! You are a very funny man!! Oh wait… you were being serious…

  • kdogg

    this phone is ok but im on my 4th one and still shuting down on its own, and freezing up.  so lg or tmo need to do something.. Tmo wanted to give me a sidekick for a comparable replacement..not even close, but with all the problems im having i might just take it..

    • Rotflkittyrotflsyou

      i have the same phone and had none of those issues on its pure gingerbread platform- it was good. and now that im rooted and running eagles blood 2.3.7, its even better- it’s great. i tend to think people like you just have no idea how to use and/or operate their phone. at all. if you’ve had four of them, the problem’s with you, not the phone.

      • Og1gtp

        so true…so true… probably the same people that complain about PC not being any good 

      • Matthew Korsmo

        You are a tool.

  • Skvanhooser

    Please give me icecream sandwich

  • Mynameishype

    typical, why give us ics for free when they can sell us a new phone with 4.0? cyanogenmod ftw

  • Jimmy Singh

     LOL g2x is running ICS currently but w/o video decoding.. and it is blazing fast.. wonder what LG will have to say.. Just like apple, we can’t give you siri on iphone 4 cuz it doesn’t have capabilities LOL.

    • 98clru

      So which rom are you running? How’s the gps? with my stock rom the gps will get a fix in seconds and then lose it 5 minutes later and either never get a fix again or get it for a few and then loose it again. By video decoding you mean movies you put on the memory? Netflix and youtube work?  Thanks a lot Jimmy, was just about to work on rooting.

      • Tmsbrdrs

        without the driver, there’s no video decoding of any kind. Youtube videos end up more like stop motion and netflix just leaves a black screen. Everything other than video works absolutely perfectly

  • Honako009

    G2X needs its cuz ICS is soo cool n it makes the phone more wethy of its name

  • Tmsbrdrs

    I’m currently running ICS via the EaglesBlood ROM. It’s faster than CM7.1 was, more enjoyable to use even without video encoding/decoding. Add in the drivers and it’s the perfect ICS experience.