T-Mobile Announces November 2nd Launch For HTC Radar 4G

Just as predicted, T-Mobile has announced a November 2nd launch date for the HTC Radar 4G. Expected to arrive among a flurry of smartphones that day, the Radar 4G will be available for $99.99 with a two year contract after a $50 mail-in-rebate. The Radar 4G comes with the latest version of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango and packs a 3.8″ 800×480 display, 5 megapixel camera on the rear, front-facing camera, 720p video capture, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 1520mAh battery and a 1GHz processor.

We’re quite happy to see another Windows Phone 7 device launch on T-Mobile’s network as the HD7, while a strong phone on its own, was feeling a little dated on store shelves. The HTC Radar 4G is definitely a great deal for Windows Phone 7 fans, present and future.

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  • Anonymous

    Me wants, NOKIA!

    • BigMixxx

      yeah, I’m feeling you there and I am a real android fan…but the nokia Sea Ray phone is damn sexy….

  • Anonymous

    You know, I’ve been an avid Android follower and gave the HD7 a try for plain ‘ol WP7 but it wasn’t enough at the time. I’m really interested in trying out this phone and Mango. 

    • The HD7 with Mango is pretty awesome with Mango’s new features and the HD7’s large screen.  I’ve pondering this Radar real hard for the front-facing camera (since Skype for WP7 will be released this year and I’m a Skype business user), but I’m sure I’ll miss my HD7’s 4″ screen.

      • HD7 is 4.3 inches, and I was considering picking one up seeing as they’re pretty cheap, and they have that kickstand I’ve been wanting also WP7.X+ should run fine even after a few updates since it’s hardware accelerated, but I heard it has some button recession problems, that and the screen isn’t Gorilla Glass (I’m not clumsy but if I do drop it.. there may be some real repercussions on my hands). 

        The factors that the Radar has over it is the improved Processor, (2nd Gen Snapdragon)
        F2.2 Aperture on the 5 Megapixel camera = better pictures
        FFC (Obviously, cause you mentioned it)
        Better construction
        And probably a Gorilla glass screen.

  • Ryan Dawald

    what a joke can tmobile get at least one decent wp7 phone….. i guess not

    • Anonymous

      What makes this phone not decent? From what I see, the only thing that “hurts” it is a smaller screen.

    • It’s a great phone, might want to try it out before you say such things.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! Im an android fanboy too! The radar is solid. I got hands on time with it. Dont knock it til u try it.

      • J. Williams


      • Erm.. Agreed. I love Android but I’m considering a Radar, it seems like a really great device – even if it’s not the highest rated in megapixels of the bunch it still has a stellar F2.2 camera and it’s HTC, and you know they have solid hardware, it might be my next device to hold me over till we figure out if the Galaxy Nexus is coming to T-Mo waters.

    • While I wouldn’t say this phone isn’t decent I do know what you mean.  Of all the Mango devices we know about the Radar is the least of them, well except for Acer device perhaps.  All 3 of the devices AT&T is getting are better then this phone for sure.  Hopefully we’ll get some happy news from Nokia and T-Mobile on Weds.

  • Anonymous

    I just want options on WP7 just like AT&T does. Thats all!! Not everybody wants Andriod strange as it may seem.

  • That’s a damn fine price I must admit.  T-Mobile actually surprised me with this.  That said, hopefully on Weds we’ll get some news of the Nokia SeaRay or Ace coming to T-Mobile.  As nice as this phone is it still pales compared to all THREE of the devices AT&T is getting.

    btw, are you sure that FFC is 2MP?

  • Elimcgrubber

    I think my myTouch 4G will be saying good bye this Christmas…

  • J. Williams

    Any word on full cost?

  • Jimkenobi

    I have an HD7, it is well made but it had a very high return rate. I don’t think the Radar will sell. No, not everyone wants an android but wp 7.5 isn’t going to be popular, it is lacking apps, it doesn’t do anything better than anyone else. Try selling one to someone that already has an iPhone or an android. It’s a tough sell, other than price.

    • Troll harder next time. 

      • Jimkenobi

        Few people have a wp7. I’m one of ’em and I’m saying it won’t sell.

        • Say what you like.  The market says different.

        • Jimkenobi

          I work in the market, I saw how well the HD7 has sold, good luck with the Radar.

        • Thanks.

        • all Tmobile reps are trained to push Android devices … even if you wanted to buy the radar they’d talk any newbie out of it and push some other handset on you saying the OS is new, has no apps, and isn’t as good as this shiny new Samsung Android device… I’m a HTC HD7 owner and know that’s its going to be years wp9 or so before people accept it

    • Guest

      35000 Apps there and almost all popular apps people want, need and use are there and it’s lacking apps!?


  • Gwapo

    How much is the full cost of HTC Radar? When is Nokia coming? I have used Nokia before I still have my 3230!!!! Our contract with Verizon just expired and I have not decided what cellphone to buy yet!!!! :0)

    • William Cron

      I believe Amazon has it listed for $489.

      • Foxeh

        I severely doubt that’s the T-Mobile version, meaning no T-Mobile 3/4G connectivity.

        That said I was interested in this phone or any possible Searay device from Nokia being bound to T-Mobile, but I think I’ll wait until I see what BBX phones Rim will be putting out once they feel like sharing those details.

        While I’ve been wanting to switch from Android, I’m hardly sold on Windows Phone and from what I’ve seen playing with a Blackberry Playbook, Rim appears to have a vastly superior system. As it stands, Microsoft’s browser scores poorly in HTML5test, doesn’t quite pass Acid3 and lacks Adobe Flash, all of these Rim does better. Sadly they both came out half-baked, but I can wait before I jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    • Peter

      If you have a plan to move to T-Mobile then it will be $99 on 2 year contract and if you searc a little more perhaps even free with 2 years contract!

      I am not sure T-Mobile get any Nokia Windows Phone this holiday. In general sadly they are just in bed with Android like Sprint and Verizon and just pushing their crappy Android devices to poor customers.

      But If you are looking for Windows Phone then you have 2 options: AT&T or T-Mobile.

      Of course AT&T so far got the best Windows Phone (HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S).

      I am a long time T-Mobile customer back from when they were Voicestream but with the way recently T-Mobile doing business an dnot supporting Windows Phone they way they should I am seriuodly thinking about canceling and going to AT&T where all the good Windows Phones are.

  • The Radar 4G, by itself, isn’t too bad. The reports I have read from people who have had “hands on” time with the device have been really positive. With improved CPU’s and GPU’s + Mango the device runs silky smooth with no hesitation or “lag.” For those who use Zune pass it is really tough to turn down. What puts a damper on the Radar (for me) is that I am aware of the Titan and I know some Nokia devices are literally right around the corner.

    My fingers are crossed for a solid T-Mobile showing at the Nokia announcement this Wednesday as I am ready to move from my HD7 (I want an improved camera, higher res screen, 4G connectivity, a FFC and then the extra power from a new CPU and GPU).
    The real point is, the Radar 4G may not be a “flagship” device based on what you read on the spec sheet, but I think a lot of people would be thrilled with just how well the device + OS run.

    • Agreed.  Very nice phone but like you I am a HD7 owner and would really miss the 4.7in screen.  When I first heard T-Mobile was just getting the radar(so far anyway) I was really pissed.  AT&T is getting some really nice devices.  But after reviews and hands on I’ve softened up on the Radar.  Still, heres hoping T-Mobile and Nokia has some good news for us.

  • Anyone on T-Mobile that wants an upgrade to their WP7 really should just jump to at&t. Tmo obviously thought they would be acquired by at&t by now so decided not to invest in WP7. Stark contrast to at&t which has the Titan, Focus S, Focus Flash and is rumoured to get the Nokia Ace. Only other WP7 device for Tmo is going to be the Nokia Sabre, 3.5″ screen, no FFC, prob 8GB of storage. The Radar IS the flagship WP7 device on Tmo, if you have a different definition of what a flagship should be you should be looking at at&t. This phone is OK for a non-tech who wants a smooth smartphone experience for email, web and light multimedia. Guaranteed also the sales reps will refuse to sell you this phone when you ask making it hard to see who this phone is for.

    • William Cron

      You really have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

      • all of his points are valid down to the Reps not selling you the phone and probably pushing some samsung android phone on you

    • Daddym469

      Ef, buddy and genius of all things tech….You tried to make sense, but failed, so allow me to help you and your twisted thoughts…Did you forget that Tmo was the only carrier to get the last wp7 in the largest screen size, the HD7. Then Sprint got one after that. As far as the Radar it self, I think the specs are good for the platform it will be running. Mango and the metro ui are a great improvement to the windows phone and once Adobe finishes the flash for windows, I feel more people will be open to the windows phone over android. Flash and the ability to customize is why most people use Android anyway. I have used Symbian, Android, and played with an Hd7 and EVERY TIME Android wins mainly because of the wide use of flash enabled web content. Now as far as what a DUMB ASS TMOBILE REP WILL OR WILL NOT SELL A CUSTOMER REALLY DOESNT MATTER, BECAUSE AS A CONSUMER YOU ARE EMPOWERED TO CHOOSE THE PHONE YOU WANT. PLUS MOST OF THESE REPS DON’T  KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE PHONES ANYWAY….THE RADAR WILL HAVE PLENTY OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS, JUST MAYBE NOT YOU…BUT IT WILL SELL!

  • Daddym469

    Wow…I have been hearing about this phone for months…AND I HAVE NEVER READ ANYWHERE THE FFC WAS A 2MP! STOP LYING TO US TMONEWS….!

    • Good luck with your “I’m lying to you speech.” http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2737

      • Well it does indeed say that right there on the website.  But gotta be a mistype right?

      • Daddym469

        Most of us SHOULD know that you never get a 2mp front face on a single core phone. In most cases if the front facing camera is a 2mp, the rear camera will be at least 8mp! Listen I’m not on here to make any trouble, but even here accuracy should mean something! Plus, this phone has been out at least a month or longer in the UK….NEWS FLASH IT’S THE SAME PHONE TMOBILE USA IS GETTING. The front face is a vga for those of you who care….VGA means Video Graphics Array. It is also the same resolution as 0.3 megapixels. It is not ideal to take photographs for printing as the resolution is not that high. This resolution will be just enough to show your ugly mugs in a video chat….NOT EVEN THE TIAN AND ALL IT’S 4.7 IN GLORY HAS A 2MP FRONT FACE! IT HAS A 1.3, CHEER’S!

  • Anonymous

    I’m uploading an unboxing vid AS WE SPEAK!

    • Link please. :D

      • Anonymous


        The front facing camera is vga and not 2MP as I mentioned in the vid

      • Anonymous

        View my channel on youtube, Tmonews isn’t allowing me to post the link without moderation


        • Nice unboxing.  I like this phone but the screen is too small.  I love my HD7 too much.

  • clint1285

    Does anyone know if this phone will come in the gray color?

    • Kevin Cameron

      I’d love to know this too. In the link Daddym469 there is a pic of a grey Radar…!

  • Daddym469

    FYI…I received an email from The site editor David. His comments directed me to research before calling Tmonews a liar! Well, I think this web flyer from HTC and Microsoft should clear up any spec questions….

    • And you should check your email inbox now to better understand my email.I never said it was definitive that the Radar had a 2 megapixel camera, but T-Mobile’s site did and that’s where a number of sites were pulling specs yesterday.

  • Adeschanel1

    I like this phone but I will be waiting to see what Nokia brings out and hopefully they will come to T-mobile if not I will buy one unlocked and use it on T-mobile. I know Nokia usually makes phone that can be use on both At&t and T-mobile 3G network which is find with me. Now the HTC Radar price wise is great but I can see how most people say it won’t sell, but I don’t think that has to do with the WP7 platform but more with the T-mobile Rep who work at the stores case in point I’ve walked into a couple T-mobile stores and showed interest in WP7 and all I hear is “ewww why would you want that when ANDROID is so much better” or ” why are you interested in Windows Mobile” okay first of all it’s Windows Phone 7 a totally new platform with no connection with Windows Mobile. But I can agreed that mostly all T-mobile reps and even going to Bestbuy it’s like they been trained hardcore into pushing any new or current customers interested in Windows Phones into Android. I hope Windows Phone will gain more market share this upcoming year for people can see how much of a good platform it really is.

    • Ohgeez10

      Hey….I’m a TMO rep and as much as I like WP7…..its so hard to sell when you have ONE WP7 phone and tons of Android phones all over the store.  Not everyone wants a 4.3″ screen HD7. People come in and they see super amoled screens, front facing cameras, options for all touch or keyboard, different size phones and prices.  

      As much as I try to explain WP7 to customers, they’re interested for a whole 5 seconds before they start asking about Android.  We need more variety when it comes to Windows. 

      • Adeschanel1

        I actually agreed with you on the reason that there needs to be more Windows Phone 7  variety. That was one the main reason I didn’t go with HD7 I didn’t want a 4.3 inche screen,  but since the next batch of window phone will include FFC,different size screens,etc but providing if T-mobile will carry more then one windows phone because at the moment At&t seems to be getting all the love in WP7 department which sucks. All I know is that they better at least carry something from Nokia when they get release or I will pissed. But then again T-mobile is fully behind Android and nothing else according to T-mobile

  • Anonymous

    This is my next phone.  As a long time Android user, I’m looking to switch to a WP7 and I love HTC design and build quality.  At first I was a little put off by the kind of dated specs.  But I have to realize that this isn’t an Android and it doesn’t need the RAM and horsepower Android does to power it.  WP7 software is a lot more tightly integrated around the hardware.  I’ve read like 15 reviews on this phone and every single one says it’s buttery smooth.