Can’t Decide Between The Galaxy S II And HTC Amaze 4G? How About 25 Minutes Of Video To Help Decide.

You’ve been asking for it and well, I’ve been asking him for it too as our good friend Aaron from PhoneDog has pitted the Galaxy S II against the HTC Amaze 4G in over 25 minutes of dogfight goodness. I can see by your comments, emails, Facebook posts and Tweets that a lot of you are having a tough time decide between these two T-Mobile premiere smartphones.

Hopefully seeing them battle for over 25 minutes will help sway you in one direction. The good news remains that they are both great phones, each having a few advantages over the other. One of the immediate examples is the Galaxy S II larger screen against the HTC Amaze 4G and it’s (arguably) better camera. Then of course you’ve got the age-old Android debate of HTC Sense versus Samsung TouchWiz. That debate is always fun!

You’ve got quite a bit of video ahead so it’s time for less reading and more watching!

Don’t forget to check out our review of the Galaxy S II as well!

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    • Anonymous

      i prefer an ice cream sandwich over a gingerbread guy

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I am waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III which will be quad-core and if T-Mo don’t/doesn’t get that phone or something similar then I am leaving T-Mo after 8 years well 9 years will be next year…

        • Cyclone

          Samsung Galaxy S III s supposed to be 2ghz dual core and end of next year.

        • nycplayboy78



          Samsung Galaxy S III is rumored to be company’s next flagship. It is said that it will run Android 4.0, under the hood will be a Samsung developed 1.8GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and a microSD slot aboard. The screen will be 4.65 inches of Super AMOLED III delight. Super AMOLED III

  • J. Williams

    HTC sense has too much going on, I mean too much.  It’s overwhelming!  Too cluttered, don’t like HTC sense.

    • Cmanning0385

      i must agree, i totally HATE it!

  • Sean1031

    will nexus be offered by Tmo?

    • Not confirmed but the chip in it supports pentaband I’m pretty sure so it has the capacity to

  • guest

    Not dogfight needed galaxy nexus>galaxy s2>amaze 4g

  • Kyle3

    Galaxy Nexus makes the G SII and Amaze look soo last year!!

  • Anonymous

    galaxy s II won’t have the life longevity as the amaze…sorry people.  as a sgs4g owner, and the xda community, there are no great ports of new roms on it..there is no cwm support, and even though it has samoled screen, the 800 by 400 resolution is a huge disappointment. at least amaze resolution is closer to the 720p we will get to know as standard next year.  plus even though the new touchwhiz is a big improvement, its still no match to sense.  plus when you own a samsung product, you just put $15 into apple’s pocket which i just found out so i hate that. amaze is the way to go.

    • dee_jaay

      You can root your SGS4G … Gingerbread and I think MIUI Android Roms.

      Go To:


      The SGS4G has no support because it was released shortly after the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.. and it was a rehash with an upgraded radio. A lot of people where still bound to contracts, and there were people that knew that it wasn’t an upgrade and not really worth signing up for. Look at all the rehashes for t-mobile/at&t (continuum, infuse, momentum, galaxy s 4g) they’re unpopular phones with little to no upgrades of their former Galaxy S phones and thus have a low dev community backing them. If you want to see real developer involvement check out the Captivate and Vibrant forums and you’re bound to find a multitude of roms.

  • Anonymous

    The SGS2 is faster in quadrant because it has lesser pixels to think about while the Amaze 4G has way more pixels to calculate. 

    A device with 4.52″ should not get 480 x 800 resolution, I’ve seen SGS2 in person and I don’t appreciate those fat pixels I see. 

  • Chatter

    Wow – maybe I am in the minority but I really think that either option is a great option. Both phones look great!

  • Someone

    The best galaxy out there is the Epic 4g touch, not thischeap version

    • Anonymous

      Stop hating, we got better speeds than the epic 4g touch galaxy s 2 sprint WiMAX 2 double xp.

      • J. Williams

        he is right though, but I wouldn’t said it the same way as he did. Also, it depends on where you are located for your speeds. I have both T-Mobile and Sprint, and sprint is more stable with better coverage. As for speeds, T-Mobile may have fast speeds, but they cut out and drop all over the place. My sprint galaxy s 2 is fast, and my T-Mobile phone is fast too. But sprint is just more stable for internet and signal where I am.  

        So it remember its about where you are located. 

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure without data speeds in consideration the epic 4 g touch is the better phone. But it’s not like the T-mobile phone isn’t powerful either.

        • J. Williams

          you are right, the T-Mobile version is nice. But I too feel like the sprint version is the better of the two.

        • Anonymous

          The Sprint version has the ugly cheap glossy back and I’m sorry but the data connection makes or breaks a phone like this. Without it, you would have a glorified tablet.

        • J. Williams

          The Sprint version does not have a glossy back, lol. You’ve obviously never used a glossy product. Glossy would be something like the material on the back of a HP Touchpad.

    • aaa

      Too bad the epic touch is CDMA, and I like the looks of the Tmobile one better 

    • Sanman202

      Enjoy the Sprint version on a slower network. 

  • Lovmykugl

    You guys should read the Tmobile article in todays Wall Street Journal.  It talks about how Tmobile is going hard after the prepaid business in case the merger doesnt go through…and how they’re spending a lot on prepaid marketing (obvious as you see the ads all over the place) and paying retailers a lot more to sign up prepaid customers.  Something every Tmobile customer should read

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just T-mobile getting involved in the Prepaid(No Contract)  business.  The market in general as changed.  In my field of business I have activated more Monthly 4G + Wal-Mart Family Mobile No Contracts customers vs. New or Upgraded customers to TMobile.  Also, When TMO changed there Monthly 4G rate plans to $50 Unlimited Talk+Text+Data(1st 100MB 4G)  … Verizon changed their prepaid plans as well to $50 Unlimited but you cannot add premium handsets to prepaid(Moto Droid, Blackberry) only what they offer.  And ATT has changed their prepaid plans as well formerly $60 to $50 a month Unlimited everything,

      Whats working for Tmobile now is the Wal-Mart Family Mobile $45 Unl talk+text+web(promo: unlimited web for 3 months)  … 

      • piznasty

        You must be an event rep!

        • Anonymous

          Something like that  =)

      • Lovmykugl

        One interesting note is that they’re promoting Unlimited Monthly 4g yet most of the handsets they’re advertising and selling on the prepaid site are only 3g.  Ive already encountered various reps that are INCORRECTLY telling me that handsets are 4g when they are only 3g and the websites description clearly say that- so once again people are being misled and are going to get ripped off.  (I thought the Walmart Family Mobile 45 plan required a separate web pack purchase; I guess you’re saying they’re waiving that for 3 months?)…A lot of people also don’t need unlimited so the $30 plans that Tmobile, Straight Talk and Virgin PayLo have also work giving people more than enough minutes and texts with a little bit of data.  But its getting harder and harder to find those plans.  The only thing with Tmobile Prepaid is people don’t know what happens with the merger- will their plans stay consistent- how long will those newly purchased phones work if they become ATT or Metro PCS customers?  And why does Tmobile prepaid website have such few phone options.  (And their reps are still telling people they have to buy a special prepaid phone or buy a new sim card vs letting people know  you can use your existing phone and sim card and just convert to prepaid once your contract is up – and automatically save money)  The other important thing they don’t tell you is that its basically like a signing up with a new company…so your My Tmobile account will be cancelled and all your saved voicemails will be deleted.  They didn’t tell me that and  I lost crucial saved voicemails of a dead friend whose voice I will now not be able to hear again.  Very disappointed.  Also the prepaid cust service is outsourced to somewhere in the Pacific – they won’t tell – and its really horrendous.  They have no clue what they’re doing.

  • depp98

    i played with both of them for a while today.. hands down the Amaze. 960×540  vs 800×480. Much better density, more actual usable real state than the G SII on a smaller package.

    • Anonymous

      I will never buy HTC after the sensation screen debacle.  Sorry when I buy a phone I expect the same screen to be shared across the product, I didn’t appreciate having to return my phone 8 times to get the better Sharp screen opposed to the crappy AUO screen.  With Samsung you know you are going to get the same Super AMOLED+ every time.

  • 454vette

    I went to the Tmobile store today to see if I could get a GBA sim card because I was going to buy a SGII onebay or another website and they said they cant give them to me unless I buy the phone there. If I get one online is there a way to get a GBA sim so I can have wifi calling on the monthly 4g plan. 

    • Rsg_1

      You will get a new SIM card with the purchase of the TMO Galaxy S II where ever you buy it new.  All you have to do is call TMO to activate it.

      • 454vette

        Thanks I wasnt sure if I bought one on ebay if it would have it or not. 

  • apples

    None of the above, both are outclassed by the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Class is better shown on a AMOLED “Plus” screen… 

    • tm

      Galaxy Nexus has lower resolution camera in back, not sure about front.

    • Sanman202

      Nexus Plexus..ha All this Nexus talk and who really knows if any of the carriers other than Verizon will land it? There are rumors that all will get it but the are just that, rumors! 

  • Checked out GS2 and it looks amazing.  Still need to check out the Amaze though.  Anyways I’m a WP guy.  One of these two is for my step-son.  Gonna wait it out with my HD7 until the WP dual cores and HD screens come out.  I have little hope Tmo will support more WP as you can see, the Radar has very little advertisement time from them.  News and blogs are right, crriers are not helping to support WP and Tmo is one great example.  So when the WP big guns come out, I’ll go to the carrier that they land on but Nokia Sea Ray is really tempting.  ANd to the tmo fanboys, STFU!  I’m about phones not carriers.  Frankly millions of customers are about the phones!

  • Anonymous

    spoke with a CSR.   “…unfortunately the Nexus S or Prime is exclusively offered on Verizon…”   then there was a long moment of silence and breathing.  Ever watch Seinfeld?   We are like the person in line waiting for the PREMIUM PHONE and soup kitchen guy comes out the back and says  “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”   

    • Frigadroid

      soup nazi = DT and samsung 8( No icecream sandwich for you!

    • Sanman202

      Yeah people, don’t be surprised if the Nexus never makes it to T-Mobile. The reason why Verizon didn’t get a variant of the SGS2 is for that very reason, they are getting the Nexus. Makes sense!

  • Anonymous

    try going to stores to see both phone but the CSR won’t show it because it was stolen off the floor or that’s what she said. Either way for some odd reason they think I would run out with my 2 kids and wife instead of showing me the phone..ugh

  • Asdf

    Great review!  Makes the choice of buying a new phone for my dad easier!  He’ll certainly benefit from the larger real estate the galaxy s2 has to offer.  I’ve been waiting for this review since before either phone came out.

    • depp98

      actually the Amaze has more real estate (pixels) than the galaxy s2

      • Jaxxsun

        You would never notice the differance

        • I’d get the Galaxy, but you DO notice a big difference in quality on thw amaze 4g while watching videos or looking at pictures. :) it was beautiful… makes me even more excited for the Galaxy Nexus! 

        • Vim

          Speak for yourself.  I certainly notice the difference. 

      • Asdf

        @Tony98 – You must have misunderstood what the phrase “larger real estate” refers to in my previous comment. The screen size on the SGS2 is 4.5+in., while the Amaze 4G has a screen size of around 4.3in. The pixel density is a different subject completely and is actually one of the reasons why I was thinking about getting the Amaze instead. I really like clarity on my screens. But having owned the original Galaxy S (Vibrant), find the Super AMOLED display to be gorgeous and a pleasure to look at every time. With the Super AMOLED Plus display on the Galaxy S2, the picture will be sharper and I’ll take that any day of the week. Only disappointing fact is that the HD Super AMOLED Plus displays are right around the corner. But like I said, this phone is perfect for mmy father. I think I’ll buy it for him tomorrow :)

  • Jaxxsun

    I laugh at how every one talks about how the feel of the build materials while in hand.  I had a Sensation 4G  and did not have it in a case.  I do not know what I was thinking?  It did feel sturdy and looked beautiful.  But, I dropped it while sitting down and the screen broke!  And that was on the third day.  I was sick.

    I got another Sensation and a Gel case for it.  You could not see the metal accents or feel the so called build quality.  But it was a lot safer.  I did drop the Sensation a few more times since and it is just fine.

    I was was not over whelmed buy the Sensation  4G.  I guess that I was expecting more, some how?

    So when the Galaxy came out I got one and a D30 case to go with it.   I love the Galaxy.  It is so easy to make it your own and the screen is truly amazing to look at.  I have held them both side by side and the Sensation would have never been bought in the first place, had I been able to compare live.

    By what ever you like, but buy what you truly need? Fashion or Function??

    • HTC Sucksation

      This is such an important point to make. I have a Sensation, and while the build quality is nice to look at when it’s outside of its case for cleaning, that’s all it is: nice to look at occasionally. The vast majority of electronics today are made out of plastic, and you are foolish to base your  buying decisions entirely on whether or not something is made of plastic.

      I thought the build quality was cool for the first 2-3 weeks of ownership. Then I got over it. What I can’t get over, however, is how much the Sensation is an underperformer. I’m running a custom ROM and kernel right now OC’d to 1.56 GHz, and the Sensation still isn’t as smooth as the GS2. I’ve learned. Get a phone for its specs and hardware. 

    • Sanman202

      Got the D30 case here also. It’s very nice and smooth. I like that it doesn’t trap every piece of pocket lint like a typical gel case does. Right, I can’t believe how many people say the GS2 feels cheap. I don’t think it does and when you use it, it doesn’t operate like a cheap phone. Hands down, this phone rocks. I got 1 day and 14 hours battery life out of this sucker this weekend. I took it off the charger Saturday morning and it just dies tonight at 9PM. That was with a good amount of use. I think it may get better with a few more total discharges and full charges. This phone will go well into 2012, especially when Ice Cream Sandwich update comes along. 

  • Blackcat3119

    I’m holding out for the Gs X. It will be giga core with a 56 inch screen.

    • Nemo Domus

      It won’t be as good as the HTC Awesome gig + core 56.5 inch screen. (Thanks for the post Blackcat you made my day)

  • Tony98

    Amaze hands down.. the GS S2 looks and feels cheap.

  • ant

    battery life of sgs2 sealed the deal for me. its a lot better than the amaze.

    • Sanman202

      Yes indeed! Fully charged Sat morning and still going Sunday afternoon at 4PM. Yes it does need a charge soon but that is outstanding for an Android phone with all these features. People can wait for the Nexus, once ICS is on this phone it will be the winner.

  • how could anyone be seriously considering either of these handsets with the galaxy nexus on the horizon?  Don’t waste the upgrade.

    • Sanman202

      Easy consideration when the specs of the Nexus are not much different. Nexus phones are testing grounds for Google and yes they don’t have the bloatware but truly, with a 1.5ghz Snapdragon Dual Core on the SGS2 for Tmo do you honestly think that the 1.2ghz Samsung Chip is going to blow the doors off of it? Doubt it! It is not going to have a micro sd slot..come on! 5mp camera as well. Reviews show that the GS2 for Tmo takes outstanding photos. Look at the Phonescoop review. That is not the only one. Also, what if Tmo does not get a variant of the Nexus and what if there is bloatware or some last minute spec changes like they did with the SG2? Got the GS2 and it is amaaaaazing!!

      • Kevinmarchibald

        The SunSpider and V8(v6) benchmarks for the Galaxy Nexus handily beat the Exynos-based SGS2. That’s a good start. On the other hand, I’ve seen the RAZR get 2667 for Quadrant, which is lower than the Sensation, so curious to Galaxy Nexus’s Quadrant score. Supposedly the 4460 can be overclocked up to 1.8Ghz.

        • Sanman202

          Yeah, the scores are good but they seem to vary and change. Regardless, this phone has a 1.5ghs dual cor processor. Nothing go scoff at no matter what the scores are. The Vibrant has a single core 1ghz so this is a bit advancement overall. When phones processors get up over 1.5ghz and higher the speed differences to the average user switching apps and running apps wont’ make much of a difference. 1.5 to 1.8ghz to the average user will not be noticeable. It’s good and all but when is fast too fast? These things run really fast now. I can’t believe how fast the GS2 is for Tmo. The thing flies between apps. In fact, it seem almost too fast for it’s own good when you hit something by mistake it flies 

        • You realize that comparing processors based solely off of clock speeds is foolish, right? They’re different chips with different strengths.

        • Sanman202

          Again, like I mentioned, when you talk about speeds of 1.5 to 1.8ghz the differences are minimal once you get to that level speed. The Samsung 1.2 dual core seems to run better in some tests compared to the Snapdragon 1.5ghz dual core, however the differences if any have been minimal. Read and watch some reviews. A good test is video lag when playing Flash Videos. The Exynos processor doesn’t show as much chop in the video compared to the SnapDragon. This is not to say that the SnapDragon can’t play some processor intense apps without any issues. Yes, the chips have different strengths and the reason why T-Mobile went with the chip they went with was because of the HSPA + network, otherwise they would’ve stuck with the native processor to the GS2. 

  • tm

    Some of your tests are bogus and stupid.  1) testing the network speeds of the phones next to each other. They will interfere with each other while next to each other. It might also be affected by which starts first when they have to run together.
    2) You did not talk about the different screen resolution. The HTC photograph test results is testing the screen resolution as well as the photo quality. It might look worse on the S2 screen because the S2 screen has low res. (also different color qualities) You should load the photos on a computer and look at both. Also make sure the photo is taken at the same resolution on both phones which you did not do.
    You didn’t even get into the audio quality when taking videos, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah quite a few of these videos stress the usual (and even get that wrong) and not the details some of us actually care about. GSMArena goes over some details missed in a ton of reviews.

      imma start doing video reviews soon.

  • How come every hates the galaxy S2 i love mine, 

    • Sanman202

      It’s the best phone ever. No doubt!

      • yeah i love my galaxy S2! do you have any cool apps?

  • J. Williams

    I get speeds like that and faster on my sprint galaxy s 2, and T-Mobile is supposed to have the faster speeds. On my T-Mobile phone, the most I get is about 10mb, when I am in an area that has coverage.

    also, no one is saying the T-Mobile version is not good, its just not the best of them all. Props to you for those speeds.

  • Mark Schmaling

    HTC has commited to upgrading as many phones as possible to ICS…I assume that means the Amaze.  HTC has the best record of upgrading phones.  Anyone know if Samsung has said anything about upgrades to ICS?

  • David Vaughan

    he left out the part that all HTC software eventually craps out after a few weeks and gets laggy.

    • Huh, I have had 3 HTC devices, and the only thing that caused them to get laggy was overloading it with apps that run in the back ground.  The MyTouch 3G, with only 392 Meg of ram was a great phone with only a few apps, but soon, with more than 20 apps, it got so slow that it could not be used as a phone anymore.  Up to a MyTouch 4G, faster processor, 768 Meg ram, and didn’t get laggy until app count got over 50, but still worked great if you used a task manager to close down unused apps or uninstall unused apps.  Have had the Amaze 4g now for two week and I don’t think you can cause it to slow down.  It purrs like a kitten at all times.  All software driven devices will become laggy of overloaded.  My iPod 4th Gen 64Gb, just updated to 5.0 ios, is now so laggy, it hardly is worth using for anything other than music.  It’s not HTC’s sense software, it’s all software, be it Apple, Microsoft, Java, Simbian, BB, WebOS, etc.

  • Kingdavid714

    The best deal right now, is from Amazon for the SGII Epic Touch 4g @ $99, free ship, and waving $36 act. fee. This model has wi-fi calling out of the box, with a LED note light. Unlimited data too!

    • Sanman202

      Unlimited data on a network that is having issues with speeds. I thought about switching to them and changed my mind, especially when Tmo hooked my up with a nice  account credit to get the GS2. Really, the LED notification light is enough to walk to Sprint? Wife calling is coming soon to Tmo with an update in a few weeks. You may want to think about it before making the switch. 

      • Kingdavid714

        I have been with TMO since 2007. Their CS has hit an all time low. The LED is needed so I don’t have to unlock the phone each time to see if I had a missed call, text or message. To get Wi Fi on Tmo, you have to change the sim card. Don’t like data capping at 2 or 5 GB. For me, it makes no matter which network I am on, since I live in NYC. If speed was my only concern. I would be on LTE. I sold my MT4G to pay off ETF, got a better version of the SG II, on a equal, but cheaper contract and total cost of phone. Or wait for the SG III HD, or next month with the HTC Rezound. Checkout the specs on these!

        • Anonymous

          WOW get over yourself, how many times do you need to speak with TMO customer service? Get a freaking life and leave those people alone, you know it gets old after a while, “I’ve been with you guys for 10000000000000000 years and you don’t want to give me your best phone you got to offer and let me have it with NO data plan? I’m switching to Verizon!!!!” LOL @ people like this. I worked in an AT&T call center and that’s all I heard from people, drove me crazy, thought I would like a job like that, but no, too many ugly peeps out there.

        • Anonymous

          you don’t need to change the sim card to get WiFi fool.

          And the sprint Galaxy S II does not have WiFi calling.

        • Kingdavid714

          If you have the SG II, and it did not come with the new sim card needed for wifi service, you will need to obtain one. This is not a ota update. The Sprint version is wifi out of the box. Do not take my word for nothing. Instead of calling other people names. Turn on your computer, and do some research. There are many high-end web sites out there, providing great infor. Put your time to good use.

        • ant

          you need a new sim card if you want to use wifi CALLING, which isnt available yet. Wifi works fine with any sim card… or no sim card even. surprise!

  • Sanman202

    It all depends on who is reviewing. If you look at PhoneScoops review they say that the SGS2 feels more upscale compared to the other GS2 variants. It wasn’t compared to the Amaze but this phone (Tmo GS2) does feel upscale,especially with the back cover with the grainy surface. Also, Aaron, this phone is not on Verizon. You mentioned AT&T, Spring, and
    I guess it was Friday as you mentioned later in the review.

  • Andres Garcia

    SGS2 that’s the phone, best of the best, Nexus,excellent of course, it’s a Samsung Galaxy

  • Andres Garcia

    Premium built materials???? blah blah blah, also heavier!!!

  • Andres Garcia

    Nobody talks about the benefits of the plastic case, no added weight, about the recyclable material, it is not the common plastic found everywhere, everybody praises the metal finishes and the heavy cases that are so common, there are reasons for the choice of materials in the galaxy line.

  • HTC Sucksation

    A phone is a phone, people. Buy a phone for its specs and hardware, not for how it looks and feels. Take it from someone who owns a HTC Sensation: performance and capability is more important than “build quality”. Honestly, I like the way my Sensation looks. I like the way my Sensation feels (I actually prefer the heft over lightweight phones). What I don’t like is the way my Sensation performs. You get over “build quality” after only 2 weeks, especially if you put a case on your phone that covers up its aluminum build. You don’t get over laggy performance. Even with a custom ROM and kernel OC’d to 1.56 GHz, my Sensation does not perform as well as a stock GS2. 

    I remember when I started looking into Android when I was considering the Sensation. It was to be my first Android phone, and I remember weighing whether I should get the Sensation immediately or wait for the GS2. I decided to get the Sensation based in part on people saying “GS2 is a cheap plastic toy” and has an ugly UI compared to the Sensation. I now wish I would have bought a phone for its specs and hardware instead.

    Quite frankly, I’d be happy to have a “cheap plastic toy” if it actually performs right. I’m afraid I never got the memo saying that you shouldn’t buy things if they’re plastic. Looks like you’ll all have to give up that car you own, that laptop you own, that TV you own, and your mother’s breasts, just because they’re plastic.

  • Vim

    HTC has a much better reputation for updates than Samsung.  The Behold II is a huge fiasco.  Samsung said it would get updated to 2.1 to convince people to buy it and then broke that promise. Contrast the lack of updates for the Behold II which got stuck at 1.6 with the fact that the older HTC MyTouch 3G got 2.2.  Even the top of the line Vibrant (the original Galaxy S) took forever to get an update.  People complain about HTC’s slow updates, but when you compare update histories, HTC’s is the best.  At least HTC reliably updates their phones, unlike Samsung. 

    The only phones that receive Android updates faster than HTC’s are those with vanilla android in Google’s Nexus line.  Samsung fans are probably hoping that Samsung’s close collaboration with Google on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus will cause this to change for their TouchWiz phones.  I’m not the sort to indulge in wishful thinking however. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Anonymous

      aahh shut up about ‘updates’ already. Htc phones are crap.

      • Vim

        LOL  That doesn’t make my point any less true.  Samsung has a poor record when it comes to Android updates.  Samsung also has a history of releasing phones with serious issues like the Vibrant’s screwed-up GPS.  Another on a long list of software issues with the Vibrant was the lag due to the poorly designed proprietary file system.  I’m not going to go so far as to call Samsung’s phones crap.  It’s not personal for me the way it appears to be for you. I think they’re nice phones in general, but their quality is no better than HTC’s. 

        • Charity823

          you need a life

      • Rdotson

        people get so caught up crap like updates….the behold 2 was garbage and when thru updated MyTouch 3g to 2.2 the phone got worse and slowed down to the point of being unusable

    • Anonymous

      You gripe about the Behold II like someone gripping about the lack of support for your VCR because your tapes won’t play anymore.  

      • Vim

        LOL! No I don’t and have never owned a Behold II, but I have followed Android since the beginning and know Samsung’s history with respect to Android unlike a lot of people here.  Thus I find all the adolescent “Samsung Roolz, HTC Droolz” blather rather tiresome.

        Your analogy by the way betrays your lack of knowledge regarding the events around Samsung’s Behold II debacle.  If the manufacturer of a VCR produced a promotional video stating that it would release a firmware update enabling its VCR to play DVD’s and MP3’s then those people who bought the VCR based upon that commitment would have the right to gripe if the manufacturer didn’t fulfill the commitment it made to its customers. 

        If you’re going to debate this with me, you at least owe it to yourself to get a clue first so you can make an analogy that at least somewhat fits. Samsung’s Behold II was released with 1.5 (Cupcake).  Android 2.0 (Eclair) was released  a month earlier.  Android 2.1 (also Eclair) was released a month later.  T-Mobile continued to sell it for well over a year after 2.1 was released. Samsung publicly stated in its advertisements that it would upgrade the Behold II to Eclair in order to convince people to buy it.  Samsung later reneged on that promise and many Behold II customers who bought it based on that promise complained bitterly, feeling lied to and betrayed.  This was not one of Samsung’s best moments.

        • Anonymous

          My analogy is based around the fact that a VCR is currently an old outdated device that deserves no reference about anything.  I’m not gonna argue about who gets updates faster because its pretty clear that HTC wins hands down in that category.  What I am gonna say is that the Behold II complaint is very old and very played out(just like the device itself).  It was Samsung’s first Android device and it really shouldnt be that much of a surprise that support was short lived at best.

          How many other Samsung phones were promised (PROMISED) an update and did not get it?  As far as I know, the Galaxy S here in the states was promised an update to 2.2 and it got it.  Everyone keeps bringing up this ONE promised update.  

          This is no excuse to not update a phone but my Vibrant never missed Gingerbread.  Now that I have a Galaxy S II, my Vibrant still doesn’t miss Gingerbread.  

        • Vim

          The Behold II wasn’t Samsung’s first Android phone.  Samsung had launched both the Moment on Sprint 2 months earlier, and the original Galaxy (no S) half a year earlier. There are also still T-Mobile customers with Behold II’s whose 2 contracts have not run out.  Not everybody updates their phones every year like you.  Most in fact wait 2 years.   

          I recognize that for you this is all old news, but that’s not true for everyone. I find it interesting that you consider your Vibrant old news too.  T-Mobile is still selling the original Galaxy S, which is what the Vibrant was, now updated to have 4G.  Forget Ice Cream Sandwich, which it is unlikely to ever get, lots of people are still waiting for Gingerbread on that one.  Meanwhile HTC’s MyTouch 4G has had Gingerbread since late July and will probably get Ice Cream Sandwich eventually too. 

          I suppose the moral of the story is that Samsung’s poor update history doesn’t matter as much to those who replace their cell phone yearly with the latest top of the line Samsung phone. This way you can rely on the new phone purchase to catch you up instead of Samsung’s slow or missing updates. You’ll never be more than one or two Android versions behind that way, which is about the same as what those HTC customers who keep their phones for twice as long deal with.  

        • Sanman202

          Move on and enjoy the device of Jeez!

        • Vim

          The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

        • Anonymous

          “Past performance is no indication of future results.”

          -Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

        • Vim

           If the regulators thought it was a good thing for banks to ignore credit histories when giving out large loans,
          that explains why the housing market, and subsequently the entire banking industry required taxpayer bailouts. *snicker*

        • Slickdajuggalo

          Yeah I gotta agree the Samsung people gotta get on the ball with updates …they are really slow by the time they come out with the newest version of Android …the phone is allready old ..and there’s always a newer phone to replace it ..with HTC they give out the updates pretty fast ..I did a upgrade on my friends vibrant when it was available and kies mini didn’t work on my laptop I had to use a really old desktop

        • JM

          Agreed, but there is a fix that contains only two steps:

          1) Root
          2) Flash 

  • Anonymous

    For what it’s worth, the Amaze has AT&T’s 3G Bands… what that means is when the Amaze is unlocked, you can toss in an AT&T sim and get 3G ;). This kinda makes the Amaze future proof and AT&T buys T-Mo.

    Read this thread for more details:

    With the GS2, you’re stuck with only the T-mobile 3g/4g bands and the international 2100 band. You’ll only get Edge on AT&T when unlocked…

    • Vim

      This is another reason why I like the Amaze over the Gal S II.  With the storm cloud that is the AT&T buyout hanging over T-Mobile, AT&T has already stated their intention to repurpose T-Mo’s 3G/4G bands from HSPA+ to LTE after the deal goes through. I thus like knowing that this phone will be good for a full 4 years (2 years primary + another 2 years as a backup for my next phone) since it works on AT&T’s 3G bands as well as T-Mo’s. 


      one more reason not to buy any t-mo branded hardware until the merger dust settles.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      Incorrect.  The GSII for T-Mobile also has AT&T 3G bands.  You need to unlock to phone to use it though.

      • Vim

        Source please.

        • Bobby Phoenix

          Samsung.  The bands are in the phone, and even on the box (I’m looking at my box right now, and all bands are shown), but since it’s locked to T-Mobile, it won’t work right away.  You just need to unlock it.

        • Bobby Phoenix

          UMTS: 850, 900, 1700 (T-Mobile USA only), 1900, and 2100 MHz

        • Vim

          Cool. Samsung’s web site didn’t list the T-Mobile version with the AWS band, and T-Mobile’s site listed AT&T’s 850 MHz UMTS band, but not their 1900 band.  I even fired an inquiry on this at David in his review article, but he never replied. Bad David. ;P  Anyways, this is good to know.  It makes me feel better about the S II if the merger goes through.

  • Dkbc3

    You should rename this website the  

    • Sounds like a plan!


    no new t-mo branded hardware for me ’til the merger dust settles. neither one of these is a quantum leap ahead of my CLIQ2.

    i want to see what MOTO comes out with in an ANDROID 4xx device anyway as they have the best signal grabbers and i live and work where the towers are thin.

  • Action 6

    just an off topic question, just upgraded to GALAXY S2 tmobile. Will the charger for HTC SENSATION or MYTOUCH4G work on GALAXYS2?

    • Anonymous

      Yes :)


    Still holding out for the galaxy nexus.. but if not, i will reference this for sure

    • Vim

       Given that the Gal Nex cleared the FCC, and none of the official announcements have said anything about it being exclusive to Verizon, I’m certain it’s only a matter of time before T-Mobile gets it.  I’m seriously disappointed however that the big, new 720P display is a pentile… I suppose no phone is perfect.

      • Vim

        Given that the Gal Nex with T-Mo 3G/4G bands cleared the FCC I meant to say…

    • Sanman202

      You’re missing out on a great device that you can have in your hands right now. If you want to wait that’s fine but it’s not like more 720p displays wont be coming out soon after the Nexus. Also, it is not for sure it’s coming to T-Mobile. 

  • ant

    my sgs2 was on for 12 hrs and 36 mins with wifi on for probably half of that, and i use my phone quite a bit… and it still had 33% battery life on — i have widgets on every screen, push notification for gmail, twitter facebook, etc… all my previous HTC phones would have died after 7 hrs max. im impressed — this was the biggest selling point for me.

    • My battery experience was the same  I had the Amaze for a 5 days – avg 7 hrs – My GS2 lasts  14 hours with 25% left

    • Sanman202

      Right, anyone saying this phone has bad battery life either got a defective battery or has everything and anything running with the screen on full tilt brightness. Serious! This phone has great battery life so far and it’s tough to kill it down when you want it to go do zero so you can do the the battery conditioning charge.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree too. Yesterday I unplugged my phone at 8:30 am, worked the whole day, made phone calls, listened to music on my way to and back from work, lots of web browsing. Came home last night still used my phone and fell asleep and forgot to turn my phone off. Woke up this morning at 8 and still had 10 % of battery left. This phone is amazing I LOVE the battery life on it. Especially coming from tha piece o shit sensation :)

  • Muxmarine


    • Auser72

      didnt realize that until today when I tried to use my kindle on Hotspot.

  • PureG

    My decision has been made already, I would choose the Galaxy Nexus Period.

  • I have had the original Samsung Vibrant since the day it came out.  Based on all of my research I went with the HTC AMAZE.   Thankfully I was able to exchange it for a Galaxy S II after 6 days without paying the $50 restocking fee.  Why, did I return….what are the differences….
    Amaze battery life was bad – did not last about 7 hours without having to recharge.  Trust me I know how to manage my battery and my expectations are realistic.  I also had several inexplicable dropped calls and dead dials (nothing happened when I attempted to reach a #).  The weight and thickness of the phone was also heavier than I thought it was going to feel, if that makes sense.  There were times when I also lost ALL signal in known good areas.  My son said “reboot your phone and it will be fine”  BS!  $260 for a phone – I don’t want to reboot it to be fine.  Not Happy! 
    The Galaxy S 2 after 3 days has been outperforming the Amaze at every level and = to the camera in my opinion.  The battery lasts all day with above average use.  I have not dropped any calls and no dead calls either.  The speed and responsiveness is equally fast on both phones.   The GS2 is large, but feels great in the hand, even with body glove case on.  BTW, any larger you might as well as have a tablet.  So I am now happy that I have my GS2, since I have to live with it for 2 years :), I am good to go.  Also, T-Mobile in store support waived the “unwaivable” $50 restocking fee after I explained my issues with the Amaze.

    • Sanman202

      Think you made the right call on this one. The phone so far is very fast and no waiting to open apps like Pandora and using Bluetooth in the car. Battery lasts all day and some if you know how to manage it. Amazing so far and I have the Vibrant as well. The Vibrant was a good stepping stone to this phone. I don’t know how someone on CNET said that Vibrant owners may want to wait for the next phone to come out after the GS2. What? 
      This phone has at least 10 upgrades/improvements over the Vibrant. I did my homework and waited for something like this to come along to make the upgrade worthwhile. So far anyone not getting the SGS2 is missing out on a good thing. 

      • Gilla87

        thats crazy for them to say.. this has more than enough upgrades to warrant the purchase.. IMO the galaxy s wasnt even something to stop and stare at when i had my HD2… I thought wtf, theres no flash?! even the s 4g was without a camera flash.. PASS! but the hercules is lightyears ahead of its predecessor in every aspect.. Definite buy!

  • Beshawn Soogrim

    Samsung makes cheap phone…  I Own a Nexus One and Nexus S and i just love the feel of my Nexus One.  HTC Amaze looks way better then the S2 and even tho i hate UI HTC and Samsung put on their device i still choose HTC Sense vs Touchwiz but that’s just my opinion i guess  . Surprise Google choose Samsung for the Galaxy Nexus

  • Wadwfw

    Both phones are good but I’d choose the Amaze due to the better build quality/design and Sense 3.0

  • Roamer

    I bought both phones, my wife has the Samsung and I was left with the HTC amaze.  The one item that both my wife and I have a complaint about is the sensitivity of the Samsung.  You have to be careful or you will throw yourself into different applications or features real easy.  The app feature is better with the Samsung, which I prefer the iPhone type left / right swipe vs. the HTC up and down swipe.  The Samsung is real light weight and feels like you could break it real easy and is clearly not so with the HTC amaze.  The calculator function with HTC works but really looks clunky.  Overall thought the HTC applications do look more polished and the flash light app sure has come in handy. 

  • Jakem2584

    He mentions how the HTC Amaze display sticks out more so there may be more risk of shattering. What he is failing to mention or maybe he just doesnt know it that the reason for is popping out more is because its actually Gorilla Glass. which is actually harder to shatter

  • Endlessryde09

    I purchased the Amaze 4g and so far have been fairly pleased. I initially was leaning towards an SGSII, the large screen and micro hdmi port were solid selling features for me, but in the end chose amaze for the higher resolution camera, and the more solid feel in hand. I haven’t had the same issues with battery that others have noted, seems to live up to my expectations for what a large screen smartphone should.  I run app folders and widgets on every page along with background tasks like mobile security and facebook, gmail, etc. and can usually get through a full business day without being chained to a wall. My one issue that I have had ironically enough is the camera. The dedicated button is great, the front facing is a plus, but something in the software causes too much lag when trying to get a shot, so without supporting it on a surface the picture is always fuzzy. I’ve fussed with it in manual mode trying to enhance the shutter speed, but i still get the hazy picture in the end. Anyone else have this issue?

  • I’m trying to make myself like the SGS2 better, but I keep coming back to the HTC screen being better. 

    Am I the only person that is seriously bothered by Samsung’s lower resolution and poor text rendering?  I read news on the internet a lot because I’m often flying for work and I just don’t like the way Samsung’s internet looks.  Samsung also can’t produce whites well.  If you look at the video when the browsers are loaded side by side, you can clearly see the white HTC background and the Samsung’s looks blue.  Despite the “browser brightness” option, the Samsung browser just doesn’t get as bright as the home screen.  The really freaky thing is when you’re in the browser, and you hit settings, the browser actually gets brighter and when you close the settings it dims again – even if you have the browser brightnes turned up all the way.  I think the higher resolution is just a deal breaker for me.  I wish it weren’t because I like the weight of the Samsung.  That’s why I’m praying the Nexus comes to TMobile.

  • Swap Shop Racing

    Picking up one of these two for my wife. While I like Sense over the Touch Wiz the lack of HTC accessories I have been able to find for the Amaze is really what is leaning me more toward the GS2 (desk top dock, car dock, etc). There is also the fact that there will likely not be a GS3 until next summer but HTC seems to have a new phone everyother month. One more thing does anyone know if the Amaze actually has Gorilla Glass? I am not finding it listed on the site.