Can’t Decide Between The Galaxy S II And HTC Amaze 4G? How About 25 Minutes Of Video To Help Decide.

You’ve been asking for it and well, I’ve been asking him for it too as our good friend Aaron from PhoneDog has pitted the Galaxy S II against the HTC Amaze 4G in over 25 minutes of dogfight goodness. I can see by your comments, emails, Facebook posts and Tweets that a lot of you are having a tough time decide between these two T-Mobile premiere smartphones.

Hopefully seeing them battle for over 25 minutes will help sway you in one direction. The good news remains that they are both great phones, each having a few advantages over the other. One of the immediate examples is the Galaxy S II larger screen against the HTC Amaze 4G and it’s (arguably) better camera. Then of course you’ve got the age-old Android debate of HTC Sense versus Samsung TouchWiz. That debate is always fun!

You’ve got quite a bit of video ahead so it’s time for less reading and more watching!

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