HTC Says They Will Update As Many Phones As Possible To Ice Cream Sandwich

HTC has taken to their Facebook to clear the air about their Android lineup and future software updates to Ice Cream Sandwich. After an earlier report this week that they were “evaluating” the software HTC has gone and promised to update as many handsets as possible. T-Mobile certainly has a lot of HTC handsets in the mix and we’d love to see them all get the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Everyone wants the latest and greatest right?

“Upgrades require a careful balance of hardware and software to ensure the best possible performance and usability, so please stay tuned as we assess our product portfolio. Our goal is to upgrade as many HTC devices as possible and we’ll be sharing details on specific devices and timing in the coming weeks!”

We have confidence that HTC will listen to their users as they’ve done once before and work hard to get Ice Cream Sandwich rolled out to as many handsets as possible.


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  • Mark Terry II

    I really like HTC and their Android phones. I had a G1 and then got the G2. Unfortunately, I have a less rosy view of T-Mobile. I find it extremely unlikely that T-Mo will bother taking the time to roll out an Ice Cream Sandwich OTA for G2 owners (or any phone released prior to April, for that matter).

    I think that owners of T-Mo Android phones ought to keep their hopes low. T-Mo has not set a great track record for support of “old” hardware. The G2 was declared dead only scant months after its release, thanks to the G2x which then crashed and burned. 

    • LC

      I doubt that anyone would enjoy having ice cream sandwich on earlier 4g phones, just because I can’t imagine it would be a very nice user experience due to the hardware. I just wouldn,t be sure the original phones would support it very well, and I could see another original MyTouch/Update disaster happening.

      • Mark Terry II

        According to the specs of ICS it should run fine on anything capable of running Gingerbread, and according to Google, ICS should run faster, smoother and more efficiently, too. Unfortunately, I doubt T-Mo will bother supporting phones that they have deemed “defunct” and unworthy of their effort.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I love about HTC. Im sure MyTouch4G can handle ICS. Stability wise

    • Antoinetrenton

      Yup my touch 4g is almost a year old and still fast

  • Tatdude806

    Well isn’t that special… TMO will be in NO HURRY to push OTA’s to devices. Better off waiting for CM8… Be more stable anyways!

    • J-Hop2o6

      CM9.. CM8 was *suppose* to be for Honeycomb.. But Google never released the source code for it, so the CM team wanted to keep the numbering inline with the Google releases.

  • PO’d in LA

    my mt4g was ota’d to gingerbread a few weeks back – not a happy camper. htc sense 2.1 crashes at least once a day. visual voicemail does not work, and best of all, the battery life went from bad to terrible. thanks for the update. so glad my phone is a step above a brick.

    • Tatdude806

      Then I would recommend rooting and using CM7, that is what I did with my MT4G and it made a WORLD of difference! Worth giving a try!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds to me like your device was the problem. The update caused no problems in my MT4G.

      • Antoinetrenton

        I read that any device that can handile Android 2.3 can get the update to Android 4.0 my touch is running fine with android 2.3.4

        • I’m sure the thing was that it said most devices on Gingerbread should be able to get ICS, I have no doubt that the MT4G has the hardware for it as the Nexus S has similar hardware with a slightly better processor, anyways its in HTC’s hands if they go full stock it can definitely run it.

    • Anonymous

      do a factory restore to bring it back to the previous version before gingerbread.

    • Anonymous

      Do a Factory Reset will fix it.  

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what happens when you put ICS on a device with Menu/Home/Back buttons (i.e., any Android phone in existence, prior to the Galaxy Nexus) — can ICS’s “onscreen buttons” be removed in such a case, so they don’t take up unnecessary screen real estate on phones that already have “hard buttons”?

    • Tatdude806

       There are ways they can still be used…

    • Anonymous

      Soft buttons are probably optional.

    • It’ll most likely be implemented in a way where the virtual buttons won’t be used, have you seen those Nexus S ICS pictures?

  • 123

    you guys are funny. Tmo will be shut down before they are able to roll out the updates. Sure, HTC is working on bringing ice cream to devices, but that does not mean that tmo is working on it. 

    • Guest

      I agree 100%. I used to like my G2 before I got the 2.3.4 update. Now it sucks! Moreover, it was well behind the HTC releases for other devices. TMO has to be in the game and right now, they are acting like lame ducks. Once you are EOL with them, it seems you are SOL.

  • Brian Campbell

    Yeah i really do love my T-mobile, and I have an HTC Sensation 4G, and I know that it will get ICS. But  I just don’t want HTC to coat it with a new version of Sense UI. Which is why I will be selling my Sensation (and all of my accessories for it, and a HTC myTouch 3G) for the Galaxy Nexus if it hits T-mobile.

  • I highly doubt you will see a OTA for the MT4G due not only to it being a device nearing EOL, but mainly because “stock” is not Gingerbread, it is mySense the bastardized version of Sense 2.1.  This would not only require HTC to decide to release the update (slightly unlikely) but then for T-Mobile to update mySense (very unlikely).  If you really want ICS on a MT4G go join XDA-developers forum and root it.  Virtuous or CyanogenMod may cook up some magic for you there.

    • Jay-Rico Lopez

      Not even dude, mytouch’s are guaranteed all future updates! from Sense UI 3.0 which the MT4G is getting next month, and once that is done the MT4G will then able to update. my cousin that works with a company close to matter said. So we will see what happens. I have a MTS 4G and I love it. and for the record. ALL MT4G run gingerbread! when I MT4G it was running 2.3.7 Not rooted.

      • Respawn

        I love my myTouch 4G, so definitely looking forward to ICS. I haven’t gotten the Gingerbread update either, so I’ll have to drive 100 miles to a T-Mobile COR store to get it manually. All we have around here are T-Mobile Limited stores and they’re crap.

      • Guaranteed how, where? So you are saying it will get T-Mo’s mySense 3.1 or HTC Sense 3.0.  There is no way you were running 2.3.7 on a non-rooted MT4G, even Sense 3.5 is only 2.3.6.  Clueless.  Don’t get me wrong I had a MT4G myself and loved it, just upgraded to the Amaze, but I still don’t think you will see an ICS update to the Glacier without root.

        • 2.3.7 is only for the Nexus S on Sprint, it added Google Wallet and opened the NFC chip for it.

      • Mark Terry II

        Guaranteed by whom? Eventually it will be left behind.

  • Randy

    I know that HTC mostly uses Qualcomm processors.  Out of Qualcomm, Exynos, Tegra, and TI, which is overall the best?

    • Ilyas_k15

      Exynos is definitely the best, hands down

    • Anonymous

      Qualcomm is the worst. Exynos>TI>tegra>Qualcomm

  • Anonymous

    I see this matching other carriers more easily, but one can hope. I never trust carriers since we never got Gingerbread on the Vibrant, it’s always the carriers holding it up

  • Anonymous

    I think that if they can’t upgrade devices to Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense, then they should at least give the option of upgrading to stock Ice Cream Sandwich. :)
    But yay, I hope to see ICS on my HTC Sensation in a couple of months.

  • Flflrlfooool

    This is great to see htc doing this. But I’m not worried because gingerbread works great on my sensation and I could always root and use a custom rom to get the new ice-cream sandwich update.

  • SEFan

    I have yet to see an OTA update to Gingerbread, so I’m not holding my breath waiting for ICS…

    • Thompc82

      Which device? Not all can be ota, Mt4g needs brought into a tmo retail store and g2 can be done ota you may need call care so they can push it. But htc is always on the ball with putting it out there and making it available

    • Dsrolstad

      you need Gingerbread b4 you can get ICS

  • Davenycept

    My mytouch 4g if still on 2.2.1 …golie can I get gingerbread even???

  • Davenycept

    Typo… My mytouch 4g is still on froyo … How can I get gingerbread or ICS

    • Anonymous

      You can update yourself through any number of guides available online OR you can go to a store where they’ll update. Your choice…


        Is it free if you go in to a t-mobile store?

        • no its free i just did it for my girlfriends mt4g. just go into the store and tell them you want the gingerbread update for the phone and they will ask you to take out your sd card and put in theirs. they will also tell you it will erase your apps and stuff so make a backup. it took about 15 minutes to fully update for me.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, it is absolutely free. If they try to charge you then someone is just trying to make some free money. 

        • Antoinetrenton

          Just call T-Mobile and they will send you a my touch 4g updated yo Android 2.3.4

    • derek 21

      ics would suck on mytouch 4g

      • Hulk

        What is your statement based on? Google already said if your device can handle gingerbread then it should be able to run ics.

  • ibleedmagenta

    dave it was my understanding u have to go to a tmo retail store to get a gingerbread update. honestly if  the nexus doesnt find its way to magenta shores, i will settle for 3g on the nexus s and get my ics that way. just out of curiosity, if i use my device on a mvno of tmobile (simple mobile) my ics update would come through at the same time as people that are under contract correct?

    • Mark Hsu

      My brother went to a tmo store I wasn’t in a hurry and finally got it OTA about a month ago. Battery life has been good with a 1,500 mah Seiko battery. I have it on auto sync throughout the day I can last about 24 hours by turning off the data connection at night.

    • Fish

      I believe it is distributed based phone serial/IMEI number. Not all at once.

    • kresk

      I’m sure when ICS is realeased you’ll be able to find multiple places on the web where you can update it manually. I do it with every update.

  • Just roll it over to my HTC Sensation 4G :D

    • Anonymous


      • EXACTLY. I want my iiiiiice cream.. I want my iiiice cream. On my Sensaaaaaation *singing kids voices*

        • Anonymous

          *Runs after the HTC driven Ice Cream Van as it’s speeding away.*

    • Anonymous

      I am Sora.. and I approve of this message!

  • dada

    I hope LG do the same lol

  • Anonymous

    hopefully all of them because the Nexus one is going to get the update 

  • 123

    you guys are funny. Tmo will be shut down before they are able to roll out the updates. Sure, HTC is working on bringing ice cream to devices, but that does not mean that tmo is working on it.

    • Deff

      you don’t exactly need t-mobile to approve the updates

  • Really I think the G2 and newer will get it but it all depending on if HTC and if they can do away with the Sense UI. Given that it took almost 5+ months for the G2 to get 2.3 I highly doubt T-Mobile devices will get ICS anytime soon.

    • Mark Terry II

      What does the Sense UI have to do with the G2? There is no Sense UI on it. I have a G2 and would love to see it get ICS, but considering the phone was declared EOL many months ago, it seems extremely unlikely. The only reason it got Gingerbread was that it had been baking for a while before T-Mobile declared EOL on it. 

      • JBLmobileG1

        Even with the G2 at EOL I thought all Android phones were guaranteed to get the newest updates, assuming the phone could handle it, for at least a few years after launch. The G2 isn’t quite 2 years yet so hopefully it will be one of the first to get the update. If not the first atleast they should start on it and hopefully will finish it before they stop the updates. I mean even though Tmobile declared the G2 discontinued they still are somewhat supporting the device which I find Awesome. Just look at the small update they are sending out… While nothing huge to get all excited for, at least it’s something. Nice that they are trying to perfect a phone that is from the line of phones that started it all when it comes to Android and their 4g network. Thumbs up to Tmobile for that.

        • Mark Terry II

          What guarantee? There has never been any guarantee of updates for any Android phones. The weakest link is always the carrier, and they make the final decision on major updates. While it’s refreshing to see T-Mobile release this latest update, that had very little to do with them, and more to do with HTC fixing known problems. T-Mobile didn’t have to do anything except distribute a very tiny package. 

          The ICS update, on the other hand, would require T-Mobile to invest a significant amount of time and resources to modify HTC’s package. They then make sure that it is stable and that all of their own apps and services work with it, and then perform the OTA rollout. I’d love to see it happen, but I find it unlikely given the G2’s meager sales (thanks to lackluster advertising) and that it has largely fallen off the map because of its EOL status.The “promise” of ICS is that moving *forward* from ICS, Google would *like* to see all handset manufacturers and carriers promise at least two years of support and updates from the initial release of the handset. Whether or not that will ever happen is anyone’s guess.

  • Kenst36

    i hate the look of ICS,  i love my sense 3.0 on my sensation.  if it looked any different with ICS, i would def not update to it. 

  • Rooted g2x, Im good. Not worried about T-Mobile or LG anymore. Ill just wait patiently on my devs.

  • Include the Wildfire S please :) 

  • phonegeek

    Ok, so my humble question is ” what about the mytouch 4g”. 

  • Mark Terry II

    Yes, you do. HTC doesn’t send out the OTA updates, T-Mobile does. 

    • Nick

      True, Tmobile sends the OTAs but sometimes HTC will put the update on their website for download.

  • Meagan

    I wish/hope that this statement from HTC is true, but it sounds like BS to me.  What is in it for HTC to spend time and money to update all their old mobiles to ICS, instead of working on  getting the next model of HTC out the door?

    I too, am waiting for the OTA v2.3.4 update on my MT4G.  I love HTC mobiles, but where is the v234 download on their
    website?  When I emailed HTC about it, they replied that there was no such update… O_o

    • The carrier, ie, T-Mobile does the update, not HTC.  My myTouch 4g was updated after several months OTA, but it’s also available at the T-Mobile stores via an SD card.  Don’t bitch at HTC, try the local T-Mobile store.

      • Anonymous

        Did it at a store few months ago, dont see much change

    • po in phx

      ugh – don’t get the update – my mt4g sucks battery like you wouldn’t believe. visual vmail crashes every time I try to access it and htc sense 2.1 crashes daily. T refuses to do anything to help with this situation other than suggest a factory reset – done already, still not working right. i may just file an insurance claim to get a phone that works.

      • i had the same situation with my G1. it was always acting weird with horrible battery life. and come to find out. it was my external SD card. it became corrupt. you have to buy a new one. wiping it clean doesnt help. good luck 

    • Afterburner

      What’s in it for HTC? Its simple Samsung and LG don’t follow up with updates like HTC does. It makes them different and creates loyal customers. I for one will ONLY buy HTC products even if Samsung has one with better specs. Why because HTC has provided me with quality products with excellent support. As soon as they stop doing so I would give another brand a chance but until then I am loyal.

       – Afterburner

  • Ray

    HTC SENSATION 4G :):):):):):)

    • id like to hope so but this is t mobile. maybe the beats sensation. i got my fingers crossed anyways

    • and My Sensation is Rooted – It is pratically the Sensation XE w/Beats by Dre and Overclocked at 1.5 ghz!   Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Boooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • Well… I’m not worried about us Sensation owners not getting it. I mean after all we have the HTC flagship of sense 3.0. Plus our specs are too current and relevant no to.

  • Plankton

    Listen to me my minions!

    Ice cream sandwich, who cares? Run your Android on iOs and rule the world. Cant wait till the new version hits the web.

    Have not got it to work on the G2 but the Droid is rockin and rollin to the beat Apple is laying down.

    Will not buy another phone until David does!

    Charlie are you there??