Samsung List Of Smartphones Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update

On the heels of this mornings news that LG had determined the Optimus 2X/G2x would not receive the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 update, comes news of Samsung devices set to receive the update. The report out of Samsung Italy arrives via AndroidHD that the Korean manufacturer will upgrade a limited list of recent smartphones and tablets. Of course the Galaxy S II is on the list as it’s got more than enough horsepower to conquer the update but along with the GSII comes news that T-Mobile’s newest Samsung tablets are also on the update list. The upcoming Galaxy Tab Plus 7″ tablet along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ are both scheduled to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

We remain hopeful that the Galaxy Nexus will still see a T-Mobile supported launch but if by some reason it doesn’t occur, Galaxy S II owners have plenty to look forward to with Ice Cream Sandwich.


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  • Steveato

    um….wheres the list…


      no one said it was a long list!!!

  • MMB

    Is there a date for SGS2

  • Anonymous

    ETA of those updates!  

    • 2012. Vague. I know. Might even be December of 2012 but at least it’s coming. Lol

      • Frigadroid

        SOON…. that’s what they said she said!

  • Anonymous

    I saw that it also said qtr 2 of 2012 ¡ Ouch !

  • GivemeIcrm

    It is just the most recent devices from Samsung.
    Galaxy S2Galaxy NoteGalaxy tab 10.1Galaxy Tab 8.9Galaxy Tab 7.7Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

  • Anonymous

    Better to wait for CM7. More devices, faster updates.

  • so is that new Exhibit 2 4G getting an upgrade coz if it is im gona want it more

  • PeeJay Brown Jr

    I am so done with TMobile. I purchased my Galaxy Tab and was told that it would at least be updated to 2.3. All other carriers have upgraded this device but TMobile. So now I’m supposed to be stuck with a out dated device that will never get updated for the next 2 yrs of a contract?

    • PGknowles

      verizon has not updated my original galaxy tab im in the same boat, but i still bought an s2 from tmobile 

  • dvd37

    Ill never trust Samsung with updates, they screwed every android owner over so far when it comes to updates for android, so why trust them now? Because they want to sell some gs’2 and keep promising a update then pushing it back! I never got one update on my vibrant if it wasn’t for me doing everything, I’d still be on 2.1 if I had to wait on samsuck. I hope Asus makes a phone because their sending out updates like their suppose to for my transformer.

    • Anonymous

      The Vibrant was officially updated to 2.2, at least…

      • elij

        An update which:
            1. Required Kies (boo)
            2. Was MONTHS late than promised
            3. Never fixed the GPS
            4. And is buggy enough that i am debating dropping $500 for a phone that works.

        I have tried to love my Vibrant but Samsung has sure made it hard!

        • b00000

          Couldnt have said it better myself. Thank God for XDA.. they got me through. This phone ruined lots for me. I’ll be switching from T-mobile as soon as my contract is up… I’ll never buy a samsung phone again and now I’m leaning towards the iphone… I’ve been an android guys since the G1 but the vibrant was a complete piece of shit out of the box.. and tmobile lied to all of us who awaited the phone and bought it in the first few days. I don’t wanna have two more years of a headache over a phone again.

          screw you tmobile and samsung.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not bad at all once you tweak it. Throw one of the established 2.2 roms from xda(zendroid, ultimate, etc) and you should be set. GPS still sucks really bad and updates to even gingerbread(!) still aren’t even close to being stable due to it never being released even though promised(this part is probably tmobiles fault though). The truth is, even with it’s faults, that this phone is highend even to this day. Samsung makes good and updated hardware, but forget about software.

        • Anonymous

          I guess I was lucky in that my update went smoothly… it’s a bummer that others (like yourself) ended up with bugs, though! :/

          I thought the SGS’s GPS issue turned out to be hardware related? Last Feb., I got a replacement Vibrant (for an unrelated issue), and the GPS definitely works better than the one on my original unit (which was from one of the earlier manufacturing batches)…

        • Frigadroid

          exactly I too got an exchange in january that worked better. I named her the cat hair refurb I clone. I think by november or december they had corrected most the orginal defects like the antenna placement.

  • jay

    Ill believe it when I see it in the u.s. The vibrant still doesn’t have gingerbread, but the UK galaxy s phones have had it for a while.

    This news guarantees nothing for u.s. owners.

  • Anonymous

    Im still waiting for that Behold 2 update…

  • Test

    I use two devices on that list :-)

  • Frigadroid

    Any word on the vibrant getting the gbread? I didn’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      haha yeah… or at least a Samsung supported kernal

  • G1burrito

    defenitly no date for sgs2, its easily going to take 3-4 months to get its after ICS is released, and thats being hopeful! unless you know rooting, they will have it a week after ha

  • Anonymous

    Again… LG never said anything about the G2x (P999) Only (unofficially) mentioned on the Indian Facebook page that the >>> Optimus X2 (P990) <<< would not get it as it's currently on Android 2.2 (with a custom overlay)  and not (stock) Android 2.3.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm just like everyone else is saying here in the comments I’ll believe it when I see it. It does make the SGSII more appealing though. The GNexus would be nice but the specs don’t appeal to me as much as the SGSII. IMO

  • Skapheles

    How about at least giving Gingerbread to the original Galaxy S Vibrant?

    • Brian

      Just upgrade already! The Galaxy S 4G is so much better than the Vibrant, but do something for Christ sake. Its been almost two years!

      • Frankvallynot

        Dude the vibrant was released November of 2010 where the hell do yu get 2 yrs from??

        • Anonymous

          I think it was more like August 2010 (I bought mine that Sept.) but your point still stands — it’s been far from 2 yrs!

        • 21stNow

          The Vibrant came out in July 2010.

        • Swoosh

          The vibrant was released in July 2010. I got it the day it came out which was around the 13 or 15.

        • pinto

          Sorry, I meant 2010. My battery is stamped 07.02.2010. I bought it full price at 549.99. Official us release date was the 15th of July.

      • pinto

        theres no point to upgrading if the only differences are gps, and the modem inside. otherwise its the SAME phone.

        and the vibrant came out july 20 something 2011. i bought mine the 3rd day it came out, and its still running 100%…

        i too want sammy to release gingerbread to the vibrant, so we can at least have a 100% working gps driver for gingerbread. thats the missing piece too all the gingerbread roms.

      • MK Terra

        The Galaxy S 4G doesn’t have Gingerbread either.  And unlike the Vibrant, it doesn’t even have CyanogenMod support.  Sucks :(

    • The Vibrant is never getting Gingerbread. If it was going to it would have got it by now. There are so many other Samsung phones right now with Gingerbread that there should be no valid reason it wouldn’t have gotten it by now. They have already moved on from Gingerbread and are only thinking about Ice Cream right now. A cheap $200 prepaid phone has Gingerbread before you. Just like the Behold II you are going to be stuck with only 1 version update. Root or just realize you are stuck with Froyo forever.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly.  There is little profit in upgrading for Samsung, their upgrade strategy has always been for you to buy a new phone.

        There is a valid reason why the vibrant didn’t receive gingerbread, even though newer lower spec phones have it,  and it is the same reason the Behold II was abandoned.  Touchwiz doesn’t play nice with newer versions of android and so requires samsung to rewrite the whole thing which is time consuming and expensive.  And since they seldom release what is needed with source code/kernel you may –  if you are lucky – reworked slightly less wizzed on ports but not upgrades from devs.

  • My poor vibrant weeps…but I’m running CM7 anyways so I guess I’ll just wait for them to release it

    • elij

      I see they finally released the stable mod. How is it working for you? I have been hoping to see this for a while and am thinking it is time to install it…

      • pinto

        it works great. im running nightly 158 and everything is stable. battery life is awesome as well. original battery from july 24th 2010. everything is really quick and snappy. only downside is no wifi-calling with cm7. thats one thing i miss from froyo builds.



  • GSII will get it like on march to june I bet

  • Anonymous

    Even if they don’t release we will have it. That’s what xda is here for!

  • Anonymous

    its not IF but WHEN. Im looking forward to some Touch Wiz 5!

    And BTW ROOT + Titanium Backup (freezing the Tethering Manager) = free and unlocked tethering. I got it to work!

  • I am done with Carrier loaded crapware phones.. next phone is going to be Google Galaxy Nexus where i am sure will get updates right from the source…(or HTC which is better in updates)

    • Anonymous

      From the source?

      You realize that the Galaxy Nexus will be sold by the carriers just as the Nexus S?

      • Sapphire3g

        Actually, Google sold the Nexus S through Best Buy. I don’t recall why carriers selling them. The Nexus One was sold by Google directly on

        • 21stNow

          Sprint sells the Nexus S 4G in their stores. T-Mobile doesn’t and I don’t know what AT&T does.

      • Anonymous

        He is talking about the UPDATES coming from the source, i.e. Google and not anyone else. TMo was subsidizing the Nexus S at one point, but all the updates from that are Google’s doing.

        Much like how you buy an iPhone from VZW or ATT and the updates come from apple.

        At the end of the day, no matter where you get your Galaxy Nexus, off-contract or subsidized, it’s the same exact phone with just two variants (CDMA and HSPA+). I hope..

  • Action 6

     sorry off topic but just got my galaxys2 from TMO, I have yet to try the phone and deciding whether to keep or return , i am reading that It has no WIFI CALL capability? what about wifi internet? how is the speaker quality? i am asking this cos the HTC SENSATION’s speaker is non existent. thanks

    • Connyay

      My wifi signal had been amazing. Wifi calling is not loaded. Scheduled to launch November 13th… But you know how Tmobile is with dates.

      Speaker is amazing. Speaker phone and normal headset speaker is 100x better than my sensation.

      • Action 6

        oh thanks, speaker is  a big issue for me. but i just  read that it has no FM? that’s a big minus for me, i love to listen to local news and dont want to use tue in radio to waste data. if the galaxys2 doesn’t have fm, i might have to return it but i love the big screen

        • Due to the fact tmobile has released the new gba-sim, wifi-calling will be enable in the next system update but for the fm radio it is a know fact it doesn’t have the fm chip. 

        • Action 6

          i got my gs2 yesterday and the ism card looks like regular sim card. do i have to  do anything about the new gba sim you said?

          ok thanks. samsung succked on the fm for gs2,  i like the amaze too  but screen size is smaller

        • monkeybdb

          The GBA sim cars have 9177 listed on the back, they hold 508 contacts and they are able to take advantage of future featers down the road.

        • Briguydj32

          Oh my God do some Fuking research before spending money on something you’ll use every day!

        • Danforth

          My galaxy s2 has a fm radio. I use it every day (international/european model)

    • Action 6

      and the galaxys2 has no fm built in right?

    • Olade443

      Take it back inless u have a pc & tons of time & patience. The tmob staff is dense as a.forest. The booklet i get is iseless.

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere I hear Jack Palance’s voice saying “believe it…..or not (you might have to Google that if you’re under 30).” Heck, Vibrant and GS4G still don’t have gingerbread so we’ll see what happens. Personally, I’m glad I stuck with HTC so far.

    • Anonymous

      You poor, poor man.

  • Anonymous

    Any word on the Sidekick 4G? Will it get the upgrade? (at least to Gingerbread?)

  • Drummerboyradio

    Screw this crap, that’s why I’m switching to an iPhone. When they update everyone gets it. I don’t have to watch the idiot with the verizon galaxy nexus show me how cool his ICS is. Sgs2 looks good but what’s the sense in buying something with software that will be outdated before you open the box. And all this coming from a guy who still runs windows 98. By the time samsung updates their phones with ICS pancake will be running on the galaxy nexus.

    I llove you g1 but it just isn’t working out anymore, I feel like we’ve grown apart these last three years. You don’t FLASH me like you used to and it’s time for me to take a ROOT I’m happy with. I found someone I can communicate with. Her name is Siri and she understands me. Goodbye…………

    • Rehero

      You’re wrong, not ever iPhone gets an update dumbass. Just look at the iPhone 3G…apple stopped spring it a while back. And even the iPhone 4 doesn’t get siri.

      • Blackcat3119

        Ur right about updates. Also siri is really lame. Might be cool if I was 12. Even then only cool but useless. Google search has been doing it for years. Come on ppl its an app,not a real woman…geez.

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t matter in terms of cool or not. By limiting features from an OS update to a phone that is pretty much the same as it’s successor is baffling.

          Course with Android, go Nexus or root to get updates which shouldn’t be that way

    • Marcels81

      Thats pretty stupid. Enjoy your 3.5 inch, 3G “new” iphone.

      • Drummerboyradio

        Not everyone cares about having a 4.3 inch screen in their pocket. That’s what tablets are for. I’ve been an avid android supporter since it’s inception and at some point you have to realize the disparity between which android operated phones get an update and which ones don’t is too great. What sense would it make to buy any tmobile android phone right now knowing their currently exists an OS that renders yours old technology out of the box. And if potential speeds of 14.4 Mbps is too slow for you, than you’re simply someone that will never be happy.

    • ITzKPanda

      I have an unlocked iPhone 3G right now and I’m dying to get my hands on a SGS2. Apple is overrated and their customer service is ridiculously bad.

    • Briguydj32

      So now all your ANDROID friends can show you all the cool things their phones can do, and then a year later your iPhone will get that feature, and Apple will call it “breakthrough technology!”……

      • Drummerboyradio

        Right, like how they had to flash their ROM because the “new” phone they bought came with an older version of android. Or maybe they can show me how laggy touchwiz or sense make their phone or maybe how once you download more than 10 quality apps you have to use a task killer before opening a new app or your phone’s new name becomes samsung/htc force close. Like I said I’ve had android since the G1 came out and I’ve yet to see anything other OS’s don’t offer. All in all it’s about preference and currently I don’t prefer any android phone not named galaxy nexus. Enjoy your sgs2 maybe samsung and Santa will update it to ICS by Xmas 2012.

  • Deeg

    Guess yesterdays announcement of the Exhibit2 will not get the update.  Btw, can someone tell me if you are on prepaid, can’t you switch which plan you’re on each month?>  i.e. be on $50 unlimited one month, then $30 plan, then pay $2 a day, then back to $50…isnt that the purpose of prepaid. I was at Walmart today looking for the Exhibit 2 and 3 Walmart mobile employees including someone who looked like a department manager or higher (suit and tie and all) told me thats not how it works.  Im pretty sure they’re wrong and thats the whole point of prepaid – that you CAN change your plan each month –  You can’t get straight answers from anybody it seems…

    • I just did that this past month. I started this month with the $30 1500 min/txt plan after being on the $50 plan. Now I’m setup for the $60 unlimited plan for next month.  You can’t change your plan mid month but can set it up so that after this month you can then upgrade or downgrade your service.

      Also you can do it on there web site. You don’t have to call it in or anything.

  • Kyle90

    Dont give me Touchwhcrapp or Sense, I want the pure, snappy, lean Google experience, as it was designed to be!

  • Doubledeezey

    Avi, yes you can switch your plan each month. I’m a tmobile sales rep, we do it all the time for customers.

  • Sad Sidekick 4G user :c

    I guess the Sidekick 4G gets left in the dust with Android 2.2 D: I can’t get a straight answer out of anyone from either Samsung or T-Mobile about an update for Gingerbread, so Ice Cream Sandwich is pretty much out of the question.

    • Briguydj32

      Tell me, what lies within GB that you absolutely NEED on your sidekick??

      • Anonymous

        Feature wise?  Very little.  Performance wise, it would be great if my wife did not have  her sidekick4g lock up at least once a day requiring a battery pull.  Or go a day without a screen freeze.  The sidekick 4g is a great piece of hardware with a great keyboard that is ruined by the software.  So while she doesn’t need gingerbread, having it work as advertised would be great  :)  

      • Davidfrancis2011

        The same thing that every Android/smartphone user wants: A more stable phone, More app variety (some apps are only for 2.3 and above or 4.0 and above); UI improvements…. 

  • Cos824

    Will Tmobile Samsung  Galaxy S II  receive  android 4.0  Google Talk with VIDEO chat????

    Unfortunately 2.3.5 does`t have a Gtalk with video chat.

    If somebody know about it a new information please tell me!

    Thank you!

  • VibrantKid

    I love my Vibrant, I like it a lot. But seeing all these updates coming up, makes me think that maybe its time to move on. My friend SGS4G and he hated it so didn’t want to update mine or anything…but im wondering now to at least update it to gingerbreadd..

    Does anyone where I can get Gingerbread on my Samsung Vibrant? I just want it to have the stock google Gingerbread…

    • go to a website called xda and look how to root your phone and flash the latest cyanogenmod.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spot on, about your Vibrant. But for giving it to my sister I would have kept mine because it is the best phone I ever had.

      Of course the SGS II carries on the Vibrant line, simply more updated. But the Vibrant will always be a great phone.

      You can go to XDA to get ROMS for the Vibrant. Best thing to do is go to YouTube, search “Vibrant gingerbread” and there will be some XDA members who have posted how-to, links for the software needed, etc.

      XDA ON YOUTUBE is the best source for most anything. Searching XDA is a drag for most people.

      • Seanbduff

        I have a vibrant also and have enjoyed much about it except technical problems like no gps and now difficulty charging. I went today to tmo and they will do a warranty exchange but I will get a my touch 4g slide instead of the vibrant. What do you all think about that?

    • Bryan Sandoval

      root you your phone my friend save your self the hope that you will see an official update, try CM7 or MIUI, or simply honey if you want GB.

  • Bkidko13

    That makes a grand total of one phones that are being upgraded in the U.S.

    But this is Samsung Italia so it actually means absolutely nothing for the U.S. market! We do not have the note and Italy does have the s2, so I dont think that this list applies to us.

    This story is a little misleading.

  • Nickts1989

    After the announcement of ICS for some reason I appreciated my Samsung Vibrant more. And realize that it was and still is a pretty good phone. But it also got me hooked on Android. Yes some phones get left out but lets face it there is a point where the technology in the device is outdated and wont be able to handle the OS. I am excited for Summer 2012 when I will upgrade my phone and hopefully get my hands on the Nexus or another amazing phone and appreciate it for what I bought it for and not get envious of what comes down the line. 

  • Bklynman

    Maybe it me,but if I understand what is being written on this blog,that mean’s all the new phones Samsung has just brought out,(does go forHTC phones too?)will not have ICS as os? To me it doesnot make any sense. Iam over due for a upgrade. That why am asking about HTC too. Does this make any sense to anyone else?

    • Briguydj32

      Makes perfect sense to anyone that can understand English.

      • Bklynman

        Really it makes perfect to  sense to you? Please tell us mere morals how it makes perfect sense to bring out a brand new super phone have it with already out dated os?
        If this make perfect sense to you,I have bridge to sell you!

        • TMOTECH

          The phone came out before the software. I bought this laptop 4 years ago. Microsoft is not going to give me windows 7 just because XP is old. Gingerbread works fine. If you are not willing to get the upgrade and do it yourself then quit whining. 

  • Olade443

    As a long time tmobile customer, that recently acquired the Gravity Smart. I am so disappointed with this phone. If I wasn’t locked in for two years, I would FLUSH IT. It’s too slow. Keeps going From site to site & you still don’t get the info you need. Spends more time with site unavailable than on using phone. Doesn’t up-grade says phone not compatible. Not on your list for upgrade Still? WHAT IS WRONG with this picture? YOUR GRAVITY SMART is a JOKE. I’ll probably never be able to see this site again.

    • Briguydj32

      Do some research before making a purchase next time you idiot.

      • Anonymous

        Nice (/sarcasm)  Olade should not have to read an encyclopedia in order to get a device that works right out of the box? 

        It should just work whether it is low end or not. And for a stock browser on the phone not to work is unexcusable.  For the original poster, try opera mini from the market, it compresses the data and will speed up and load faster and more complete.

        Samsung’s insistence on putting their buggy, laggy touchwiz on top of android is why the user experience is so bad.  That is also why they don’t upgrade anything but their flagship devices – and even then it takes forever.  If samsung insists on wizzing on all their phones with touchwiz (particularly on low spec phones) they need to fix it so it actually works without bogging down the phone.  Maybe now that they have Cyanogen working for them he can make it work and not suck and ruin the phone.

        • Laney2022

          I bought my sister one of these and it works fine.  Olade must have a lemon.

    • Bklynman

      This what you can do also,tell Tmobile it is not working right,I believe after 3 times if you have problems with the same phone,(all depends how long you had it.)They will exchange it for the same phone,up to 3 times,after the 3rd time,all depends on the store,they should offer you a different phone. If you don’t want to that,you can sell it on ebay,then take that money and buy one of the prepaid phones they have online or in a store,or you can buy for a good price on ebay (if for you it doesn’t matter if it is roid phone)you can pick up used 5230 Nokia aka Nuron, from anywhere bet.$50-$100. Dismiss what the idiot wrote.

      • Jweimer02

        This is the one problem with android, and comparing it to the iPhone, you get uninformed, and unintelligent consumers that buy the cheapest phone they can find, then complain that it doesn’t work well. There’s a reason this is the cheapest smartphone tmobile sells.

      • Tooredd4u22

        the phone has to be exchanged 3 times within 90 days…that’s the only way they will exchange it for a different…just keep telling them its the same problem everytime you call…that’s what I had to do with my HTC HD2…..glad I have the SENSATION
        Good luck


      That’s what you get for going for the free phone. You get what you pay for. My Step mom got this phone and it is great for her but all she does is text and talk. 

  • Anonymous

    so is this like samsung upgrading gs4g or any other phone to gingerbread?  still waiting on those

    • Fonse

      Dude….download samsung mini kies and upgrade the sgs4g now to GB 2.3.6………it’s running good on mine……

  • Energythursdays

    what you guys think  the new g2x w/gingerbread  or the galaxy 4g? i will be buying later today…


      Neither. If you are getting a new phone and cannot afford the GS2 or the amaze get the Sensation. And we don’t sell the G2X in the stores I have been to anymore.

  • Android1

    @ Energythursdays, I hope you are aware that both phones won’t see Ice cream sandwich? Both if I were you, I would get the HTC amaze or the G2x both dual-core. 

  • Anonymous

    ICS on T-Mobile SGS2? goodluck,that’ll take at least another 6 months.i suggest “ROOT” and get a stable custom Rom when possible from XDA and Cyanogen.

    • Ilan Cortes

      CM9 :o

  • Energythursdays

    i got the g2x……..i will wait for the galaxy nexus as for my next fone.. seems like it will never come out…

  • anon


    no i dont feel like rooting so dont even comment with that bs

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should quit waiting and root? :)

      • anon

        gps doesnt work well with rooting, and its really important for me

  • Phoneless

    this phone sucks, the camera is horrible,display is dead only strong colors…good thing i return this shi///
    im waiting for some ics…i hold my sensation to that day comes ! hehe!

  • Danielgarzar

    Fuckin pissed I have a G2x and I want ICS!! WTF -_____-

  • anon

    the horrible upgrade plans.path is the only thing that still keeps me looking at iphone.  The Carrier/Manuf planning is AWFUL.  Samsung drop dead!!

  • Guest

    I just love it how when users with certain phones are unable to get ICS, certain other users tell them to Root. Well, listen fucktards, we know about rooting. If we wanted to root, we wouldn’t waste our time posting about lack of updates, and we’d get right to it. There’s a reason why we want official updates from T-Mobile and Samsung. So quit acting like a jack-ass know-it-all repeating the same message on every android forum on the planet. You’re NOT cool by telling us to root. It only makes you look pretentious. 

    • Guest

      Hey……. You should……………………………………Root your phone…………………. >:P

  • Dhanavarma

    will there be an update for Samsung Galaxy Tab (currently running ginger bread update)