LG DoublePlay Unboxing Courtesy Of Wirefly

If you’ve been looking for an LG DoublePlay unboxing you can thank the folks over at Wirefly who have just posted their own unboxing video of the dual-screen smartphone. The LG DoublePlay went on sale as a T-Mobile exclusive at Wal-Mart yesterday morning and will be available on T-Mobile.com and T-Mobile retail stores beginning November 2nd.

As an added bonus we’ve thrown in Sydney’s video unboxing of the DoublePlay as she gives a good look at the dual-screen action starting at the 5:50 mark.

Wirefly, PhoneDog


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  • Anonymous

    is not that bad but not my taste compare to SGS2 is nothing

  • Asyfromcali

    No it doesn’t seem to be a bad device at all….I just don’t trust lg anymore…they’re not dependable when it comes to fixing bugs and updating their product correctly.

  • None

    This man is SO boring.

  • josue cifuentes

    why is LG out of the kitchen they should go back there where they belong lol

  • Anonymous

    Btw, the phone does have the CRT Off-Animation as well, just in case anyone wanted to know :)

  • Will

    Just so everyone knows, LG is absolutely HORRIBLE at updating phones. Just putting it out there.

  • Anonymous

    That looks like an epic fail if I ever saw one.

  • One has to wonder why Tmo and LG have poor financial results.

  • Frigadroid

    Looks like another tmobile frankenphone just in time for halloween. I can hear the LG salesman now “have I got a deal for you we were able to make a production run out of our discontinued and spare parts.” Tmobile buyer responds “oh I don’t know DT cut us off we are short on cash right now” LG guy says “that’s okay we can front you the first shipment, its a no lose situation our production cost are so low on this one.”

  • Anonymous

    I know that I’ve never used this phone before and it’s a little unfair for me to judge it as harshly as i have but i’m going to share this harshness with you……

    HOW UGLY!! it’s an ergonomic nightmare!! not to mention that it’s a terrible bastardization of android.  Nothing attratcitve about this.  Why does t-mobile allow such shit in their line-up? Wanna bet battery life will likely suck because of that second screen??  With such steep competition from the other carriers, why does T-mobile gamble so foolishly with their handset choices in their line-up, don’t they realize they have a lot to lose? :-(

  • Anonymous

    Dual xxx watching QQ

  • Anonymous

    Supposedly LG has confirmed that they will not be updating the Optimus 2X to 4.0

    “Dear Anant, We will not be introducing Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich updates on LG Optimus 2X P990. Keep watching this space for further updates,”.

    Which subsequently means that the G2x probably won’t either.  Hopefully this is just a mix up but we’ll see.

  • Anonymous

    this device looks just as bad as the Moto Backflip when it came out and flopped in sales!  

  • Lee

    Just another POS android device that won’t be updated.

    • Lee

      I’m sorry but T-Mobile = sellout

  • Android1


  • InvisibleHand

    So, is this launching with 1.6 so we can all get excited for 2.1?

  • What a turd!!!  Sales of this phone will be DOA (Dead on Arrival)!!!!