Verizon Removes “Exclusive” Tag On Galaxy Nexus Page

Its likely that the removal of the “Exclusively from Verizon” tag on the Galaxy Nexus page on Verizon’s website is more of a response to the phone being available elsewhere in the world and nothing to do with future availability in the United States. Still, we remain hopeful that a T-Mobile bound version will appear in the coming months but the removal of this “exclusive” tab on the Verizon website is not a response to US availability as some are suspecting.

At the very least, an unlocked version should launch shortly and those of you willing to pick up a “nicely” priced unlocked Galaxy Nexus online should be able to do so sometime soon. For now, continue to keep your fingers crossed that Verizon’s “exclusive” period is short.


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  • Ilyas_k15

    Aw damn, I was just starting to be at peace with the fact that I am stuck with the Galaxy S2 for the next 2 years and there is nothing better out there, and now the hope for Galaxy Nexus is back. Crap

    • This is exactly why they did it like this.  They do not lose out because those that didnt wait bought the sgs2 and those who werent gonna buy a samsung originally will buy the galaxy nexus possibly instead.  So they get good sales on two devices.  If they would have told me it was coming in a month or so to tmo I would not have gotten the sgs 2.

  • Anonymous

    Just let me pay $1k for an unlocked one and I’ll be happy.

    • Anonymous

      Make it rain!

      • Theasylife


  • Anonymous

    Well looks like the GSM version will be released on Nov 17th in Europe with the 2100 aws bands.. That should support tmo bands, someone help me if i am wrong.. If I can get one for less than 650 over seas I may bite..Hopefully we will know more by then. so i can make a better decision.

    • M7

      It is very unlikely that you will find a GN for around $650.00 from overseas.  I have seen posts showing that it will cost somewhere around $800 USD or more.

    • Kingdavid714

      Amazon U.K. has it on pre-order now for 11/17 delivery @ £549.99

      • Frigadroid

        Over $900 for a 3.5g samsung without any micro sd expansion. Seems like a waste for the average joe, but I’m sure they will sell a few to developers and phone junkies.

    • Joe Smith

      Will the Galaxy Nexus from overseas actually work on TMobile 3G??? How do we know the right bands are in there?

      • tegee

        Yes…has same GSM 1700/2100 frequency TMO uses.

  • Tony98

    heck, if there is demand for the unlocked Galaxy Nexus, there WILL be sellers. Capitalism 101!

    • Frigadroid

      The fascists running verizon, samsung & google could care less about capitalism 101 evidently. When they decide when and where they want to release it, only then they will.
      I get your point though if a tmobile compatible unit is released overseas people will pay the big bucks due to exchange rate and shipping just to be the first to have one.

  • Enoel69

    I have a strong feeling this handset will be available on Tmobile as well as Att sooner than we think. Even though made by Samsung…this is a Google device and we hope the smart men and women at Google together with their sales dept will not let a crucial window for making the HOT GALAXY NEXUS handset available to the populace. I say unleash this beast and let everyone on any of the four major US Networks who want one have it. Google has this window now as the G-Nex is the sole ICS device with such specs on the market to make a killing in sales before we start seeing a flood of high spec’d dual core and quad core ICS devices make their way to the market. I believe they see the writing on the wall…most Android and vanilla Android lovers the world over want this Handset. I think all this exclusive talk is bull, that’s why we see the removal of the word exclusive from the Verizon site.

    • Greg

      It’ll be available eventually, but the million dollar question is when.

      I suspect Verizon paid Google some good money to keep exclusivity in the US market for a while. Not too long of a while, seeing as how crazy the wireless market is. If I were to make a wild ass guess I’d say we won’t see one for other carriers here until early to mid January, after the holiday shopping season.

  • BP

    Terrible communication by Samsung and Verizon. The carriers should have been announced at the event so you don’t have these problems. Samsung played the supply and demand game perfectly up to the event then screwed it up with drama like this is a reality show.

  • ASD Fdas

    hmmmm, no SD card…..

  • HSPA+overPCSplease

    Yes!!! Verizon should realize the power of free global market. If sellers outside US can sell it unlocked, screw that “exclusivity” bs and let some of us freely insert the T-Mobile sim anywhere. I am not planning to buy the galaxy nexus though.

  • Anonymous

    If priced right, I might pick one up to replace my nexus one.

  • Anonymous

    Told you it wouldn’t be exclusive to them.  But nooo, everybody and their mother cried exclusivity. What now? Serves you right for believing BGR’s FUD.

    Funny thing though, some retard woill come out and make the same claim for next year’s Nexus too and every gullible man and website will fall for it again…

  • Davenycept

    I still rather have tmobile galaxy s2… but stock andriod it’s always the best

  • Exclusivity handsets should be illegal in the U.S. It is an unfair practice, and it is anti-competitive. Carriers need to compete based on price, customer service, and coverage (that’s it). Carriers should have interoperability. For example all, handsets should be able to work on all carriers without the hassle of buying a new one (CDMA sucks). GSM is way better as it allows interoperability just by switching sim cards. As for the innovation? Let the device manufactures deal with the innovations. Device manufactures compete on their own and use the carriers to get to the consumer. That’s it.


      Its called free market capitalism. Verizon knows hot to cut a deal. We don’t. 

      And just so you know, T-mobile 3G/4G is W-CDMA. That’s why your coverage gets worse during busy hour.The 2G is GSM. 

      • Nearmsp

        Not really. In a free market there is fair competition. The US wireless market is highly competitive and there is a duopoly of AT&T and Verizon. These 2 companies use their monopoly power to keep handsets reaching customers of smaller wireless customers. This is not free and fair competition. 

      • I know the 2G is the GSM. When I refer to GSM, what I mean is that T-Mobile as well as AT&T use sim cards that can be swapped. Unlike Verizon and Sprint who do not use sim cards and you would end up having to buy a new phone if you decide to leave those carriers. And by Verizon having so much free market capitalism, is what is going to kill the free market capitalism when AT&T and Verizon merge (if they ever do). Of course T-Mobile would have merged with AT&T (if that ever happens) leaving poor Sprint at the mercy of merging with Verizon. Afterwards Verizon and AT&T will decide to merge since there really isn’t any competition… And then what do you have? A MONOPOLY, (the end of free market capitalism). HAH!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I still think that Verizon has the exclusive in the U.S., until June 2012? But I’m not privy to the agreement between the parties so your guess is maybe better than mine.

    In any event, if an unlocked version goes on sale and can be used on T-Mobile (just like the iPhone), seems to me that TMOUS customers will be using the Nexus soon enough, albeit it is going to cost maybe $700 to $800 for the privilege (European versions of handsets cost way more than they do in the U.S, that is, U.S versions — See Touch Pro2, HD2, etc.) Personally, I don’t think the Nexus specs are impressive enough, nor that much better than the SGS II to warrant paying that kind of money for a handset, especially when in three to four months there will be some other handset everyone will be saying is a must-have.

    As to the banner being amended to remove “exclusive,” because the Net has a worldwide reach, maybe legal advised Verizon principals that they could not advertise the Nexus as exclusive since it won’t be. In other words, if the Galaxy Nexus was a CDMA U.S. only phone then yes, Verizon could advertise it had the exclusive. But with the phone coming out in AT&T and T-Mobile bands, it’s simply not.

    Then again, maybe it is as simple as some web designer made a mistake when creating the graphics and drawing the page. After all, “exclusively from Verizon” is a standard phrase Verizon uses for exclusive phones. Maybe that phrase slipped in there, by mistake. The bosses observed the chatter on the Net and they immediately instructed the change. Sure would not be the first time someone in marketing made a mistake that needed correcting. Or perhaps Verizon was not ready to advertise all details about the Nexus, including that it would be a Verizon exclusive. Perhaps the advertising was premature.

    Another theory, maybe because of the DOJ lawsuit everyone involved with the new Nexus, who are all the big boys in the industry the DOJ is concerned about, decided it might be prudent to not
    be advertising anything as “exclusive” since consumer choice in regards to devices is one of the DOJ’s theories on how the acquisition, if approved, will lessen  competition. For example, the Complaint alleges:

    “If the proposed acquisition is consummated… competition likely will be substantially lessened across the nation, resulting in…. less product variety, as well as [less] future innovative devices that have yet to be developed.”
    Moreover, assuming those first and second cabin handsets (iPhone 4S, LG Revolution/Esteem) going to third tier and prepaid carriers is part of an overall strategy by handset manufacturers and carriers to defend against the DOJ’s “handset allegations” I submit that debuting the Nexus as a device exclusive to Verizon upsets AT&T’s (and indirectly Verizon’s) defense strategy. In other words, the DOJ would have been able to point to the “Nexus – exclusively available from Verizon” (and the underlying agreement between Google, Samsung and Verizon) as Exhibit A in proving the United States’ case.


      You need to get a girlfriend or a hobby or something. 
      This could have been summed up by simply stating that the phone has a SIM card slot and supports 1700/2100 GSM and WCDMA. Done. It will be available for use on T-Mobile. You may not be able to get it for free but it will be available. 

      • DerrickPS3

        the sad thing is that he posted 2 long ass essays in 2 seperate postings, smh

        • Theasylife

          You snatched the words right outta my mouth…

      • Richardthegrape

        He really needs to start his own blog…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Waking up early, even after having downed an Ambien two hours ago, on how this might play out, if this is not an exclusive to Verizon: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is DEFINITELY coming to Verizon Wireless STORES. (And Verizon may simply be the only carrier choosing to put the GN on store shelves.)

    This would NOT be because of an exclusivity agreement between Google and Verizon (maybe that got tore up. See previous posts), but simply because when it is Verizon’s turn to get the Nexus, it is choosing to make it available on Verizon retail shelves, unlike T-Mobile, for example, who did NOT choose to put the Nexus in stores (see history of Nexus One and Nexus S).

    If there is no exclusivity agreement, then what Verizon should have put on its banner is “COMING TO VERIZON” (and not that other phrase.)

    Assuming there is no exclusivity deal, when the Nexus debuts at Verizon, should we expect to see the unlocked GSM version at stores like Best Buy, available for use on either AT&T or T-Mobile? Or are those banded phones headed for Europe? History of the Nexus and Nexus S indicates it is going to be the latter, as David (TMoNews David) suggests. In other words, With T-Mobile, the Galaxy Nexus will be handled as it has been before.

    During my Ambien-induced hallucination the wireless troll told me that there will be unlocked Galaxy Nexus units at Best Buy quite soon, for about $650.

    Going back to bed. I’m too tired to check for grammar or spelling. Take the pain.

  • ol big red jumpin the gun and falling flat on its face

  • techanatic

    but why would they make the nexus prime exclusively for verizon n not for tmobile since the nexus line originally started for tmobile via google y not continue that 

    • Bobby

      Depends on who is willing to support and advertise the mobile.  Support is time & $.  If you don’t advertise, then you probably won’t sell.  Look at what happen with the Nexus1.  Can’t say that Tmobile is good at pushing their mobiles.  What happen to the MyTouch 4G Slide?  It slid right by without a wink.  If the manufacturer doesn’t promote their mobile, then its a no-go.  Maybe thats one of the main reasons the iPhone is not sold by TmobileUSA, because Apple requires the Carrier to give so much in Advertising $ and TmobileUSA won’t do it.

  • Bobby

    Everyone see the promo vid yet?

    Whats the big secret about the actual carriers of this Nexus?