• D4niel

    I’m holding out hope that they mean they have the exclusive on the LTE version.

    • Anonymous

      *in denial*

  • Mikejones

    That SUCKS

  • Anonymous


  • n900mixalot

    I’m always the first guy to say to those who are “threatening” to leave T-Mobile, “well just go ahead and go, no need to belabor the issue. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lard split ya.”

    Nokia bummed me out today and with the T-Mobile uncertainty, I guess I’m gonna have to turn on myself and say, “Well then GTFO.”

    You guys all rock and for the record, T-Mobile is the shizz!

    • Bassam El-azzeh

      “Nokia bummed me out today and with the T-Mobile uncertainty, I guess I’m gonna have to turn on myself and say, “Well then GTFO.””Hahahaha that was really funny..thumbs up for the honesty!

  • Evan Carter

    So Google is releasing their flagship device on Verizon (Timed exclusive I’m sure, but could be longer than we might think.), while Apple just released their iPhone on a third national carrier, not to mention along with the lower tier cell phone providers…..What part of this makes any sense?

    I feel like buying the iPhone or even a Windows Phone 7 device just in spite of Google’s actions.

    • Anonymous

      Yup. I think google blew a good opportunity

  • meh 90 days? i can wait

    • Anonymous

      It’s a real shame that while in hong kong
      google and samsung didn’t announce carrier availability dates.
      they could have at the very least indicated a time frame for other carrier release.
      google has blown yet another prime opportunity very very sad

  • Anonymous

    noooooo, i am on a basic nokia- i cant wait anymore. i need something smart- tired of the stupidphone  i have now…

    • you can pickup a Samsung Exhibit 4G from Walmart and return it until the Tmo Galaxy nexus comes out hehehe

      • Anonymous

        its not like i havent thought of exploring the galaxy s 2 – just wal mart ran out of them the night i had time to go there-149$:)

  • Probably 90 days judging by the Galaxy Tab 10.1. 

    Verizon had it exclusively and launched it on 7/28. T-Mobile is just now getting it (on 11/02?), that’s 97 days.
    Total speculation though.

  • Anonymous

    Google has turned into Apple..

    • D4niel

      No, Apple gives release dates and carriers when they announce their phones.

      • Googleit

        Tru Dat, I was gonna leave android and tmo for Verizon and iPhone but decided to stick around for the Tmo galaxy nexus…I’ll still stay if I can get a galaxy nexus that works on tmo 3G overseas on release day

  • Anonymous

    so i guess i have to deal with the galaxy II, i would much rather have the nexus though.  

    • D4niel

      So just wait a month or two. It might be even sooner than that before the GSM version is available in the US.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously wonder if google can ever get this stuff right?
    They never do their flagship device launches with any degree of consistency they are just all over the place.
    this should be googles biggest launch ever and this is a rare opportunity where they have a major OS upgrade. this is google’s opportunity to shine and get it to as many consumers as possible. sadly it’s not looking like we will have a t mobile version in time for the holiday shopping season.
    this is yet another example of why companies like apple trailers google

    • Anonymous

      Trounce google

      • Frigadroid

        Google is like the kind of worker that has brilliant ideas and great at getting a project going, but as time goes on he becomes less interested and wants to start a new project.
        It is hard to believe that they want to keep everyone in the dark. I can’t understand why they haven’t given more information about availability. Seems like they never learn from past mistakes. I wonder if the same guy who made the decision to only sell the original nexus on line is the same person calling the shots now?

  • Anonymous

    Damn it =( Hoping just exclusively in stores for verizon, i can deal with going through google to get tmobile’s version 

  • Anonymous

    Google sold out. Ill be disappointed if the vzw version is the only available version in the states next month. Its sad that tmobile supported the first two nexus devices when the other big three turned their noses up at the thought of selling a phone they didnt brand…..now all of a sudden vzw wants to be better than everyone else by passing on the gs2 in favor of the nexus and google bit. As many others have stated, google is blowing a big opportunity with this narrow minded single carrier launch…..

    • Anonymous

      you have to remember, LTE > HSPA+ and that there is more subscribers to Verizon, than T-Mobile.

      • guest

        ou have to remember that Google has so much money That it doesn’t even matter which carrier has more subscribers.
        What should matter is just supplying everyone with a nexus phone, especially tmobile. T-Mobile for reasons unknown is the only carrier without an iPhone. So their customers are predominantly all Android (with some windows, bb, etc). But the point is they might Have a small subscriber base, but this is where they can seriously make android the most stable compared to any other carrier so if the iPhone does ever become available (assuming that the deal does not go through) it will be competing with a very loyal android base, but of course there will be people who get the iPhone still for whatever reason. The galaxy nexus only enhancesthe real android experience and should turn many eyes away from the iPhone. I am sure that even though AT-T is almost three times larger than T-Mobile, that the android subscriber base, to an extent, is pretty similar. Because the iPhone exclusivity brought so much wide stability of ios on a carrier people choose to buy that still because everyone else on att has it.

        • Anonymous

          remember it’s not just google that has skin in the game, very much Samsung had a part to play.

      • Anonymous

        Doesnt matter. They still sold out. Its things like this that make me think att should be allowed buy tmobile. The doj and all opponents to the deal cry about competition. Yet att was allowed to have 4yr exclusivity with the iphone. All carriers except tmo now have the iphone? Hows that fair for competition among all national carriers? Tmo will never get exclusive rights to a highly sought after device in the current system bc they simply dont have the firepower to attain it. Which makes it harder to compete. Google couldve just offered it to all carriers….either unlocked or subsidized, but they chose to strike a deal with the largest us carrier…….sell outs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BP

    At this point the DOJ and the FCC are to blame for the lack of T-Mobile high end phones for blocking the deal without having all their facts.  Having to wait until the trial in February has really screwed T-Mobile customers even if AT&T doesn’t acquire T-Mobile.

    • Dpro

      This is a ridiculous statement. The DOJ nor the FCC are to blame for what you consider the lack of high end phones on T-Mobile.
      If anything was to blame for it? It would be the proposed deal in the first place. It signaled an uncertain future for T Mobile long before the DOJ got involved. It showed both a lack of interest on DT’s part to further support an independent T Mobile in the U.S. by their own words and the possible demise of the company by acquisition. Both of which does give Phone manufacturers comfort in selling to a company that might wind up not existing soon.
      Be happy the DOJ has spoken and will possibly completely block the sale from happening.

      • BP

        Who won from the deal being blocked?  Not T-Mobile.  If the DOJ and the FCC care so much about the consumer T-Mobile wouldn’t be in this situation. If you read a few articles back it states T-Mobile strategy if the AT&T deal fails is prepaid carriers like MetroPCS, Leap, Cricket and Boost Mobile. This is nothing to be HAPPY about.

  • Anonymous

    this is an absolute failure by google ..im not blaming tmobile or samsung. 100 percent all blame on google. many many many loyal google loyalists came to tmobile just to get the nexus line and now they slap us in the face?! i feel backstabbed!  my only hope is verizon is the only one to discount  the phone and the rest of us have to buy from bestbuy or something

  • Mikex915

    I just want to know if and when I can buy a unlocked version for t-mobile’s HSPA+

  • Anonymous

    Oh! Come on guys.
    Don’t be so selfish. You have had the first two Nexus on T-Mobile.
    The Nexus S was on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

    What about Verizon? How many Nexus devices they have had? None.
    It’s good to give Verizon a chance. They deserve the exclusive at least once.
    Verizon have done a lot for Android. Remember the “Droid” line?

    Don’t get wrong. I’m a T-mobile customer too.
    However, Google didn’t said that Verizon would be the ONLY carrier that will offer the Galaxy Nexus.
    There’s an HSPA+ version. We all going to have the Galaxy Nexus, but first let Verizon enjoy their exclusive, they deserve it. Just be patient and wait for it….

    • guest

      That doesn’t make any sense at all. Because T-Mobile was the first carrier that supported the nexus when the others didn’t and because of this, T-Mobile should be able to have it at launch as well. And just like you said T-Mobile carried the nexus one, att soon followed. T-Mobile launched the nexus s, AT-T and Sprint followed. Verizon had two times to pick it up and they passed it both times choosing not to have one. So Verizon just because it passed on the gsII should not get rights to it to themselves. Yes the other carriers will have it later but that’s not right. As people don’t buy the nexus phones for the phones but buy them because they offer the true Google experience that Google wants and that option should be available to everyone at the same time.

      • Spanky

        “So Verizon just because it passed on the gsII should not get rights to it to themselves. Yes the other carriers will have it later but that’s not right. ”

        Why is it not right? We live in a capitalist nation, and this is the ideal example of capitalism. Business 101…

        • guest

          Then that’s saying this. Because T-Mobile has never had an iPhone that if they get it next year, they should have it to themselves. Same situation except with a different phone. If you can justify that You win.

    • Evan Carter

      I don’t think people are mad at the fact that Verizon is getting it, it just doesn’t make sense, especially for market supremacy.

      • Anonymous

        If you want market supremacy then you sell a phone on Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand this move at all. What would they have to lose by releasing the best phone on the planet to all carriers concurrently? That’s simply the best way to maximize adoption and profit. Exclusivity loses Google and Samsung money.

    • it’s called Verizon paid money to have it exclusive for a time.  it happens.  it’s not a choice by Google or Samsung.  Verizon struck a deal .. no doubt every other carrier had an opportunity to do so but Verizon outbid them for a window or the others just weren’t interested in fighting for a few months of exclusivity.

      • Anonymous

        Is that what that’s called?

        How is it not Google or Samsung’s choice to sign an exclusivity contract? It was 100% their choice to not release the device to all carriers at the same time and reap the benefits from all of those sales. I can’t imagine VZW paid enough money to make up for all of that lost revenue.

        • Spanky

          It’s quite possible that Verizon has to buy a certain amount of units in exchange for exclusivity, akin to the iPhone deal that Sprint signed with Apple. Trust me, Google and Samsung know exactly what they are doing, as does Verizon. After all, Verizon is the only Big 4 carrier that opted not to carry the GSII. I have a feeling that there’s a lot of money riding on this exclusivity agreement.

        • exactly .. nothing in this industry let alone life itself is done for free or “just because” lol .. Verizon put the bucks down for this exclusive window.  the other carriers just likely didn’t or couldn’t secure the deal.

          no worries though because it’ll be on all carriers soon enough .. definitely others than Verizon here in the US.

        • Anonymous

          Can you say iPhone?

        • Rob Reder

          Not without vomiting into my mouth a little bit.

        • Anonymous

          LOL X-O

      • Evan Carter

        Yes, Verizon paid up, and Google took it. Google looks to be out for money and not the consumer with this move. Can you blame them? Not really. But when you are competing against Apple, your smartest move is to release on all carriers simultaneously.

        The fragmentation grows greater with ever decision Google makes.

        • Groundhabit

          To be exact , its not so true … when the first nexus came out it came in two modes  1 unlcoked for any carrier , 2 a tmobile exclusive for carriers … when the nexus s came out it was also sold unlocked but also sold at sprint stores and not verizon … verizon was the only carrier that never had the ability to sell a nexus … and with its 4G LTE it will be the great candidate to show off the galaxy nexus speed and power … all im saying is google is playing this fair … all the carriers had a chance to carry a nexus … and now  its verizons turn … but i guarantee there will be a fully unlocked model for sale on Samsung website that will not have a carrier attached to it …its just a matter of time … in the mean while as a tmobile customer ill just sit back and wait for this to come out

        • Anonymous

          “verizon was the only carrier that never had the ability to sell a nexus”

          Verizon can have whatever phone they want and they did not have a N1 because they carried the Dinc.  They (probably) didn’t carry the Nexus S because they had the GS1 and it is a fact that they passed up on the GS2 in favor of this phone.

      • Anonymous


  • EngCiv83

    Just want an unsubsidized version for T-Mobile. Yay Value plan!

  • Quarter

    Has anyone rooted their SGS2? Trying to get hot spot capability.

    • kir

      yes. works great. takes 5 min.

    • Anonymous

      It already has hot spot.

      I rooted but the only thing i’ve done is used SetCPU and LCD Density.  LCD Density is cool and all but I hate how it shrinks stuff like the Phone, calculator apps, and it shifted all my homescreen icons.

      Not sure if I will hold off on ROMs or wait for TW5.  Probably just wait cuz this thing is awesome already.

      • Auser72

        everytime i  try to use hot spot, the data is cut on phone. have you been able to successfully use your hot spot???

        • Anonymous

          Interesting.  Two things, one I guess its normal for you not to be able to use data on the phone itself once hotspot is activated and two, I turned on hotspot and it it looked like it worked.  I just now attempted to USE data on two different phones from my phone and no data was transmitted.  

          I’m gonna have to say that mine doesn’t work either.

          The worst part is that TMO data has been all f**ked up for a few weeks at my house and thats why I didn’t actually try to hotspot to my laptop…  

          Time to do some research.

        • Anonymous
  • Joe

    In all seriousness that $800 (or whatever the price was) version from Amazon.uk is looking extremely tempting at this point.  If I can get a more comfortable level of verification that it would in fact work with T-Mo and is as simple as a SIM card swap, I’m seriously considering giving the credit card a little workout and placing the order.  Screw all this carrier BS.

    • tegee

      It will work…same 2100/1700 frequeny TM uses. Phone is cheaper @ Negri Elec. – use code sb35offjkn to get @ $654.50.

      • tegee

        sorry…code is sb35offjkh

      • tegee

        sorry…code is sb35offjkh.

  • Josessi

    Just not fair….

  • Evan Carter

    This only fuels my fire of growing hatred towards T-Mobile and how they are conducting business. I know they wont miss me, but they will miss my entire family when their contract ends this July.

    • Eldriclong21

      I think the same way I have been with tmo for 7 years but they have falling behind in every thing so with that said in April we will be leaving

    • Spanky

      I don’t hate T-Mobile, but their service certainly took a nosedive in the past few months. A 4G/3G outage in my neighborhood that’s been going on for the past 3 months is not helping the matters. After being with the company for over 6 years, it’s time to explore other options. I’ll be taking my 2-line family plan to Verizon when the Galaxy Nexus is released.

  • Anonymous

    Does not go well for the company that is supposed to be pushing the Android line to customers in order to combat the lack of an Iphone. I want to think they fought tooth and nail to get the phone and probably knew for a bit now they won’t be getting it.  It’s like they are pumping out every other possible phone they can but are they shooting themselves in the foot by flooding their line up with a ton mid-range and entry level devices? 

    I don’t want to waste an upgrade discount nor have the money for a full out purchase or 200+ on a new phone discounted when there isn’t much difference from the phone I have now, bought a year ago next month.

  • why do people car about subsidized phones so much??? The whole point of being on t-mobile is using there monthly 4g plans which gets you no subsidy, even if your on a post paid plan, there is only a 4% chance you qualify for a full upgrade anyways, to what, save 200 bux??? big whoop… I’de rather save 480 bux over the course of the 2 years by being on the monthly plan..

  • Ja

    We have the SG2 ! The best version of the sg2 on the market today is on T-mobile. SG2 has better Camera, 1.5 ghz processor, lighter in weight, it has external memory support. Soo Why are you guys complaining ?!

    • zps

      good point; however,  the nexus has stock android, which is a big deal when you consider you have to deal with touchwiz on the gs2.

      • Anonymous

        and the BLOATWARE!

      • Anonymous

        What about Touch Wiz do you have to “deal” with?  I’d like to hear this.

        • zps

          the fact that it is visually ugly, and slows down the phone.  and that updates are delayed because of touchwiz. that’s what you have to “deal” with.

  • Wunakortm

    this is kinda pointless everyone dogging Google for giving VZW exclusivity. I can wait for the Galaxy Nexus to come to TMo, itll give me more time to save up and get it instead of blowing money and scrapping all i have to get it. Plus if the AT&T Takeover goes through, this would be my last run with Tmo and what better phone then this one?

    Ican never bash TMo theyve been good to me (even though im witnessing them get crappier and crappier) and cant be mad at Google for giving exclusivity, but if for any reason its only avaliable @ VZW tehn i would be HEATED, I Think they should just announce when they plan on releasing to other carriers to atleast gve ppl peace of mind

    • Bkidko13

      What a ridixulous argument. You’re telling me that if it came out today, someone from tmobile would come to your house and put a gun to your head and make you buy it right away?

      • Wunakortm

        what are you talking about? that has nothing with what i wrote

  • Aet

    hope SGS2 price to drop a bit when GN is out

  • Anonymous

    Damn I might have to get this from canada or europe or online 

  • Chillthis

    Even though I no longer work at T-mobile and don’t have service with them anymore, I do feel disappointed, I always assumed that T-mobile and Googles relationship was good enough that they would be able to hold down the exclusive or at least get it the same time as any another company did… I guess its a sign of the times, but still a let down.  

  • Anonymous

    Subsidy doesn’t mean exclusivity. If the handset is available elsewhere then Verizon doesn’t have exclusivity. Exclusive subsidy is good for them but the actual phone still not exclusive to them.

    • Anonymous

      So you think “Exclusively from Verizon” is just Verizon blowing smoke and its not REALLY exclusively from Verizon??

      They would look dam stupid if the next week people are walking around with ATT Nexus’ wouldn’t they?  How on earth could Google allow ATT to obtain a Nexus but then say “Hold up deathstar, you can sell this phone but no one is allowed to get it subsidized”  No, doesn’t even sound right.  That’s two things that don’t make sense at all and I’m pretty sure that unless you buy it overseas ridiculously higher priced you will not be buying a non-VZW Nexus.  

      Best Buy won’t even sell it unsubbed because of their Google/Nexus relationship.

      • Anonymous

        Allow me to clarify: Verizon is likely to be the 1st and possibly the only US carrier to subsidize the G Nexus. However, if the GSM version of the G Nexus can be bought around the same time the VZW version comes out, it’s not technically exclusive to them. It may not be subsidized, it may be only online but it’s still not exclusivity as it’s normally defined.

        Keep in mind that those hands on videos and pictures are all GSM units.
        It’s been said that the VZW version is also thicker.

        • Anonymous

          It boils down to if you can buy the phone in the states or overseas.  If I can go to a store in the states and buy a GSM GN sub’d or not then yeah Exclusive my a$$.

          If my only online option is a Euro-equivalently priced unlocked verson from a dot com like Expansys-usa(who has it up for pre-order for $750 for the GSM model) then that doesn’t qualify as being Available in the USA.

          I hear you though PWR.  We’ll see soon enough.

        • Anonymous

          Samsung has confirmed today at the Galaxy Note event that the G Nexus will be launched in Europe November 17. Like you said, they will be the 1st and prolly the only to offer it subsidized, but they aren’t exclusive so they had to pull that banner. Also, the VZW bloat department is also reportedly crying because they don’t get to pet their crap apps on the G Nexus.

  • Ginah

    I will be enjoying my Galaxy Nexus in a couple of weeks, while you Tmo, er, AT&T, clowns will be waiting until 2012.  Now that’s funny!

    • Yourafaq

      So you come on tmonews to trash talk ?

    • Rensack

      Go ahead and enjoy nexus. By the time we get it. All the bugs should be sorted out. Lmao!

    • Anonymous

      Proof or stfu

  • Man if i can get this device for 400 w/ my half year discount i’d buy it immediately,,, 600 is a lot… a lot a lot. I can pay one month of car payments with that!

  • Anonymous

    Proud and happy Galaxy S II owner.

    • Gs2ismybaby


  • SFP

    I am getting very tired of business telling me what I can or can not buy or what wireless phone service I have to use. I do not know why we are treated so badly when the customer only wants service. Is it time for a “customer bill of rights” so that we, who keep these companies in business receive the services we are paying for? If I want to buy this new phone, I should be the one to decide which wireless provider I want to use.

    • Bratty

      You still can choose which wireless provider you want to use. You just cannot dictate to a company that they make a phone for your network. 
      If you really want the phone, go to Verizon. If you want to stay with Tmo, wait a bit or find another option. I just dont understand all this drama.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Firstly, there is a federal wireless customer bill of rights.

      Second, many states have wireless customer bill of rights (here in California one of its provisions is the 30-day buyer’s remorse, where one can return a handset — no questions asked — during that 30 days.

      Third, the DOJ agrees with you, the lawsuit’s raison d’être is about consumers having choice, both in handsets and service.

      Fourth, the lousy economy will change the industry.  People are moving to prepaid and paying way lower prices, and cutting off carriers’ source of huge profits, overage charges on talk and data.

      As I keep saying, prepaid is the way of the future, subsidized handsets will go the way of the dinosaur.

      Basically, people are waking up. They understand that the real cost of a cool, must-have handset is NOT the $200 paid at the beginning of the contract; it is the total ADDITIONAL cost one pays for service over the 24-month contract ($40 to $60 ADDITIONAL monthly compared to prepaid) X 24 months = $1440. And add to that overage charges on talk and data when one exceeds artificially low limits the carrier sets on their talk and data, on average about $400 to $600 annually per user.)

  • Ilyas_k15

    So? I’m pretty sure the Nexus S was “exclusively from T-Mobile” when it first came out. Give it a couple of months, it might still come our way. Though the GS2 is also great, so I don’t see a reason to wait up

    • Anonymous

      The nexus one and s were tmo compatible….id use the term exclusive loosely. As both phoned werent available thru tmo directly. Dont know why. Either tmo didnt want it to overshadow their current instore lineup or google wanted more control over distrbution. I will say that tmo had an opportunity to make a splash with the g1 and they failed miserably.

    • Anonymous

      I think the first two devices were not carried so fast due to choice or availability whereas this time around they aren’t allowed to.

      I imagine Best Buy carrying a T-Mobile GN with a sub’d price eventually but it won’t be in TMO stores( I really wonder why).

      This phone will be outdated by the time you can buy one sub’d on TMO anyway :-P

      • Anonymous

        “This phone will be outdated by the time you can buy one sub’d on TMO anyway”

        only if some other unbranded (vanilla) android phone is released between now and then.

        • Anonymous

          “only if some other unbranded (vanilla) android phone is released between now and then.”

          Phone branding and software version have nothing to do with a phone being outdated.  When a 2Ghz quad-core phone with an HD Screen, 1GB+ RAM comes out then this Nexus WILL be outdated even if it has skinned Gingerbread on it.   

      • Enoel69

        I hope google does not make the kind of mistake they made with the N1. This device is hot hot hot at the moment..they better take advantage and get it out to as many hands as possible..that means unleashing this monster to as many carriers as possible asap b4 it gets some serious competition from some upcoming quad core with ICS. The time is now..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      As Pimp and Get said… I don’t think the first iterations of the Nexus were T-Mobile exclusive handsets, they were simply compatible with T-Mobile’s network. So I would not hold my breath for a “couple of months” to finally get the Nexus.

      If T-Mobile had the exclusive we would have seen it offered by T-Mobile in stores and online. I don’t recall that it ever was. Moreover, I thought I saw Google selling unlocked Nexus handsets, that could be used with other carriers’ service.

      Moreover, recall how goofy and messed up the Nexus debut was. For example, one could not order a “T-Mobile Nexus” from T-Mobile. And even though it was a T-Mobile phone, people who had problems were supposed to contact Google for resolution. And being inexperienced in hardware sales to consumers, as I recall, Google did not have any form of a call center to field calls from customers. So purchasers were stuck out in limbo in getting help, most being used to calling T-Mobile for tech support. (And as I also recall, this whacky procedure initially hurt Nexus sales as word spread about the difficulty in getting support for the Nexus One.

      Of course, the T-Mobile Nexus 4G will debut in a month, just to confirm to everyone in here that ItsMichaelNotMike is so full of sheet it is coming out of his eyelids. :(

  • booooo

    To quote Stewie

    Ahh bitch you got jacked bitch.

    Fail again Tmobile.

  • kresk

    Maybe Google is just doing this to populorize the Nexus line. We all know the kind of marketing prowess Verizon has. I’ve had the Nexus S for almost a full year and within that time not one person ever recognized my phone. Not that it bothers me personally but I’m sure that lack of notoriety is something Google wants to change. They want their phone to become mainstream and they know the big V can get it done.

    • Anonymous

      Other way around.  Verizon is doing this to popularize THEIR exclusive phone.  They paid a huge chunk of change for this exclusive.  And besides, Sprint has already made the Nexus line mainstream.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Totally correct. Verizon reached into its deep pockets to pay for the Nexus exclusive. (And that contract no doubt included, inter alia, the agreement by Google that it would NOT make Ice Cream Sandwich available to the original Nexus.)

        I venture to guess that Verizon paid about $10 million for the exclusive and had to make a substantial minimum order during the exclusive period.

        And how long will the exclusive be? People seem to forget just how extensive these contracts can last (remember AT&T and the iPhone). And wouldn’t it be interesting if Verizon bought an exclusive on the Google Nexus name (a term further complicated in that Google will own the Motorola Droid product line. Heck, the contract between the two probably created a long term Agreement dealing with how the parties will proceed with Nexus, Droid and the license between Verizon and Lucas.

        In any event Verizon has deep enough pockets to pay for an exclusive license with Google, Motorola and with Lucas — in regards to George, the exclusive to use the Droid name on Verizon-branded products, even stuff seemingly insignificant, such as ringtones. (Sidenote: on the Android ringtone app “Zedge” there’s a Chewbacca ringtone uploaded by a Zedge community member. There are also other Star Wars themed ringtones and wallpapers available. I’m sure uploaders worked out licensing deals with Lucas :)

        Back to the Nexus: A month ago I opined that Verizon will get the exclusive on the Nexus until June 2012. I did have a basis for that prediction, I’m simply guessing that the Verizon exclusive will last as long as the phone is considered the latest and greatest technology (which as we all know, might be for a few month until HTC or LG  comes out with something better).  But see my previous (supra). Maybe Verizon now has the exclusive on the Nexus name.

        Bonus Sidenote: What about the DOJ litigation against AT&T that includes allegations about handset exclusives going to the big carriers? That’s an easy one, this time. The other carriers got the Samsung Galaxy S II, Verizon did not, because the Nexus is its “SGS II,” so to speak. A good argument.

        Then again, Verizon may work out a deal on sharing this phone with others. The concept is not foreign to them. See similarities between the Verizon LG Revolution (June 1, 2011 – $559 on prepaid, what Verizon calls “month to month”) and the Metro PCS LG Esteem (Oct. 1, 2011- $249 prepaid).



        But considering the value and prestige of the Nexus brand, I can see Verizon not willing to share and hammering out an agreement to keep the Nexus moniker all to itself.

  • Nick

    When will HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc learn that a ton of people want stock Android?  I mean, it has to even be a cheaper option for them because they don’t have to put their skins on top of the OS.

    • Auser72

      Actually most people want a phone they can use out of the box, without have to customize. Thats why the iphone is so successful, because of its intuitiveness and ease of use. We are in the minority (early adopter category).

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Exactly. And I remember some Steve Jobs interview the media kept playing after his passing, words to the effect: “People want something to work. That’s why people love the iPhone, it simply works.”

        • Frigadroid

          Keep it simple stupid right. That’s what most people want and buy anyway. Nokia is getting crushed now in market share of smart phones but they still sell a kardashian’s butt load of feature phones in emerging markets. Having owned the sparsely featured G1 & overbloated vibrant and having to search and learn of apps needed I can understand the pros & cons on both sides of the fence.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      An interesting comment Nick, something seen in here from time to time.

      Fact is that the companies you list have learned that “a ton of people” WANT skins (aka shells or overlays). The people who don’t, well they can hang on sites like this and 1) choose not to get a phone with a skin; 2) look at a competing phone; 3) complain.

      Think about it logically (and you implicitly answered your question). If people did not want skins on phones, don’t you think it would be far easier for manufacturers and carriers NOT to include them. And as you note, those phones would cost less because no one would have to deal with the skinning process.

      When it comes to phones 99% of the public likes things done for them and they like what they perceive as useful programs. (Just because you don’t find a program useful, there’s others that do. The solution is for you to simply not open the program or app that does not interest you. The solution is NOT to remove the app because you don’t personally like it.)

      So either the people who make and cell phones (pun intended) have learned what people want and provide it too them, or you are right; thousands of employees at HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. have not “learned that a ton of people want stock Android.” I have heard the opposite.

      The HTC Sense overlay is so popular that competing manufacturers and third party developers have imitated it. It is so popular that iPhone users have a hack to install it on the iPhone. “HTC Sense” is so iconic that many users knows what it is and HTC has emblazoned battery covers with the phrase. But as you say, when will HTC learn. ;)

      Sidenote: I do think it would be a handy feature to have a dual boot device, with the ability to boot without the shell. (As I recall, some HTC phones had that ability, to turn off HTC Sense.)

      • Nick

        99% of people buy skinned phones because that’s practically all that’s out there.  Name me 1 motorola phone out there right now that stock Android.  How many phones on Verizon right now are stock Android?  You can only buy what’s available.

        I believe you misunderstood what I said.  I never said that HTC should never give a phone sense, I said that a lot of people want stock android.  Based on that, most of what you wrote is irrelevant.

        And so you think a good solution for crapware is for me to just not use it??

  • Auser72

    Got 24.05mbps download and 2.71 upload last night on my Galaxy S2. Getting closer  to that “unreachable 42mbps theoretical speed”. Loving my SGS2!!!!

    • the fact is HSPA+ 42 is just about on par with current LTE speeds so at the moment I am very happy where T-Mobile’s speeds are at.  : )  Cannot wait for 76 and 168 HSPA+ which should be around the corner of course hopefully by then the Merger will have officially fallen through and they’ve decided on a true LTE-Advanced road plan.

      • That’s not a fact at all. The download speeds are comparable, but LTE is much better with latency and upload speeds. Download isn’t the only number that matters. Ping and upload affect al Internet activity on your phone.

        • Auser72

          Blah, Blah, Blah….all I know is my SGS2 is fast as hell on Tmobile network.

  • Enoel69

    Give Verizon a 30 day exclusive max…then unleash this monster to the masses. I would like to see Google take advantage of the holiday sales period and populate the Nexus to the masses. Every product has its sales window b4 it starts to decline in sales and that window is right now for the Galaxy Nexus. If they take too long to get this to the masses, the emergence of other comparable or better devices ( powerful dual cores or Quad cores) running ICS will stunt the sales of the Galaxy Nexus. A good product but u don’t wonna see what happened to the N1 in terms of sales model…that is why Apple is walking away from these exclusive deals cuz they want their product to as many hands as possible. Also pricing is important…u don’t want a good product sitting on store shelve because it is priced to high than comparable products. Get this device to the masses ASAP

  • kcb

    I have a Galaxy S – an interntional unlocked version that I *love*.    But, wanting to get the 3g/4g speeds, I acquired a Vibrant on a whim.   UGH.  What a disaster.  tmobile totally destroyed that phone.  (sold the vibrant).      That was my LAST attempt at ever getting a carrer-branded phone.   And while I love my phone, I still amd without the higher speeds due to Tmobile’s ‘special’ 1700 frequency.  I’m still in contract (due to an earlier phone a year-ish ago), and once that expires–  no more subsidized phones for me.   When the Galaxy Nexus is “available” (overseas) unlocked and pristine– that’ll be the phone I get.   Pentaband.  1700 included.   *FINALLY*.    I’ll wait a month or so to let the prices dip a little.

  • RS

    I just clicked the link to Verizon and the “Exclusively from Verizon” phrase is gone from the banner…

    • Anonymous

      Wow it sure is.  I don’t see it anywhere.

    • Dead

      noticed that too.

    • chunky

      I noticed that this morning when I looked.  Nowhere on the /nexus page on the verizon site does it say exclusive.  Perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope that google will setup a webstore to sell unlocked phones. . .

      Time to start tweeting to @googlenexus to let them know what we want.


    • Guest911

      Woah – chill dude. You have no proof the nexus did that. Dont accuse a phone of such things.

  • Anonymous

    good things come for those who wait.  As long as this thing is sold in stores and not at Best buy, i can wait.  I really want it to be sold in the Tmo Store because then i can use my employee discount to get it.

  • well if it’s 90 day exclusive, there will be far better and more powerful devices on the horizon.  Easy choice for me now, PASS!

  • Aleale

    I was really planning on buying this, by the time its out on tmobile there will be other phones better than this. Heck Ill probably just wait till june/july for the iphone 5. Exclusivity deals like this one is whats going to hurt google.

    • Deeg

      IM waiting for iphone5 (or is it 6?)…Hopefuly it will be a 4G phone…And honestly its just easier for me since I have a mac and not being a techie, its too confusing to compare all these other hundreds of Android and Windows phones, and have to learn a new iOS or transfer stuff every 2 years.

      • Learn a new iOS, x) Well you still have to learn a new iOS if you buy an iPhone regardless.

  • Anonymous


    • Adrian Arellano

      Not gone, just the “exclusiveness” taken out. Hmmmmm………

  • Deeg

    Sad but Tmobile just doesnt have any clout left in the industry.  No one is taking it seriously.  They’re fourth among the majors and most are  not going to even pay attention to it until the merger either goes through or gets derailed and t heres some certainty in the industry.

  • Prime | Time

    Exclusively from Verizon was removed from the banner…still hope.. LOL

  • Kevinmarchibald

    http://theunderstatement.com/post/11982112928/android-orphans-visualizing-a-sad-history-of-support Looking at this chart, for a person that keeps their phone for the entire T-Mobile contract, and doesn’t update their Android devices through the developer community, it would be smart to wait for the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, to ensure you’ll be get all the Android updates over the course of your contract. Most people know this, but the chart paints a stark picture of poor update support through official channels.

    Now that Verizon’s removed the “exclusive” tag from the web site, and we’re hearing about European sales starting on Nov. 17, I’m more optimistic we’ll be able to buy HSPA+ devices in the U.S. by mid-December. I can wait that long.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, it’s a business decision. Folks see Tmo as dead in the water. That even if the merger is not approved Tmo has shown no Plan B. Why give a dying company a new toy to play with?(iPhone and now Nexus).  I love the service I have with Tmo but we have to realize that unless a miracle happens, magenta will break up.