Blackberry Torch 9810 T-Mobile Branded Dummy Phones Begin Arriving At Retail Stores

Those of you eager to take a look at the Blackberry Torch 9810 arriving on T-Mobile in the coming weeks are now getting a first look at the Torch 9810 dummy phone units. We’d direct you to your nearest T-Mobile store to get a first hands-on but who are we kidding, these are dummy units. With the Torch 9810 ramping up in T-Mobile’s internal systems thanks to a product page, training page and now dummy phone units, the release must be close.

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  • rko

    it’s a piece of shit

    • 123

      It really is. I love blackberries, but that phone is an embarrassment. 

      • 123

        I like my new free bb 9900.  I look great as I drive around in my Porsche.  

        • Awesome

          Cool story, bro.

        • 1225

          If you drive around in a Porsche you should be able to buy the phone…not brag about a free one…

    • Steve

      based on what?

  • Jeter_81

    I’m not really understanding what’s so bad about it. Doesn’t it have the same processor/OS7 setup as the 9900? This should be a solid handset for business customers and those looking for a solid messaging device with a mid-range price point. Am I missing something?

    • Bassam El-azzeh

      Your missing the point that there are two people that dont believe in choice.Its a great phone for people who love blackberries.

  • I can’t wait to get this phone.  Also loving the T-Mobile branding on the bottom. 

  • the specs inside are finally Modern yes, but the outside shell and the build quality is atrocious.  in fact the only thing I like about the phone is my beloved T-Mobile branding *cue warm fuzzy feeling***.  Blackberry enthusiasts would be better to go with the new bold who’s build quality is quite impressive.

    • Britneyfan01

      I prefer the at&t branding.

  • Daisy22

    Idgaf what anybody says no front facing camera not for me. Samsung galaxy s2 here I come not only for the ffc but cuz it has better specs btw I will be getting the at&t s2 cuz it has an exynos processor.

  • nerdlust

    im happy its finally here i do miss my bb8900 with its excellent battery life and its super fast email and messaging life but its going to hard to give up my cliq2 now i will have to go check it out

    • Pirate67_2009

      your the only person that wouldnt wanna give up the cliq2

      • Giraffe

        For the 9900, maybe… I’ve never really felt the design of the torch devices, and that inlaid keyboard does not look like it will offer comfy typing.

  • DerrickPS3

    glad it’s coming to tmobile, even tho tmo always getting phones at the last minute when other carriers been had it. although i don’t like this model (because i am a bold and the new curve model fan) this will be a good phone for alot of people. 

  • If this phone is anything like the AT&T version, just stay away, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous favor.