Blackberry Torch 9810 Makes Yet Another Cameo In T-Mobile Systems Prior To Launch

Blackberry lovers on T-Mobile fear not as we’ve got one more screenshot showing the Blackberry Torch 9810 in all it’s T-Mobile internal system glory. Without an official release date we’re sticking with a November 9th release date at an unknown price. We certainly hope T-Mobile and Blackberry have taken note of the feedback regarding the Bold 9900 pricing and will bring the Torch 9810 in a more ideal price level.

T-Mobile says the Blackberry Torch 9810 is perfect for those individuals who want to try a device with a touchscreen but don’t want to give up that comfortable keyboard feeling. There is no question in my mind that Blackberry makes one of the best keyboards around but can the Torch grab attention from those who are otherwise eyeballing the myTouch 4G Slide?

Blackberry still has a lot to prove to users that they are willing to keep up with the marketplace around them and I’m not sure if the Torch 9810 will grab a lot of T-Mobile marketshare with all the Android possibilities hanging around.

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  • Jaygqitalia

    4G? Oh great here comes another 349.99 price tag.

    • Anonymous

      AT&T. Has it for 49.00. Amazon Wireless had it for 19.99. The full retail price for AT&T is $444.00. I hope that T-Mobile will price it similarly. It not, keeping three lines all with Blackberries that should be replaced with T-mobile is becoming harder to justify.

      • Anonymous

        Well just compare the price of the AT&T plan to T-Mobile and you will pay off the more expensive phone in a few months.  With AT&T cost being $20 – $40 more per month that should easily take care of itself before the 24 month contract

  • nccjones

    They’ve got me! 

  • Respawn

    Wow, I’m actually tempted. Android has spoiled me with apps for so long though, I think I’ll stick with it, but I love the Torch!

  • Screw

    If not price simiar to AT&T, they can stick it.

  • NoReception Rellyingon

    How about releasing WiFi calling to the “flagship” BlackBerry before pushing out mid and low range bb devices.

  • Nerdlust

    i wish this was out in april. im loving my cliq2 now and will hard time giving up android. but for old times sake i will stop by and play with one,

  • josue cifuentes

    its gonna be $450.00 after $50.00 mail in rebate lol

  • I am going to say $149 on contract, $449 off contract.

    • Cmanning0385

      I HOPE so! and i hope there is UMA on board…

  • ragazza

    Penso che sia incredibile quello che può un uomo:) Mi piace il BlackBerry