T-Mobile Identifies And Fixes Trouble With Internet Surfing On Wal-Mart Monthly 4G Plan

T-Mobile just hit our inbox with a brief statement outlining that they have definitively identified and fixed a brief problem with new $30 Monthly4G plan. It was soon after launch that a number of TmoNews readers identified trouble when attempting to visits requiring HTTPS web addresses.

T-Mobile has identified a glitch which occurred for a limited number of customers with our recently launched Monthly4G plans, impacting their ability to access select websites. We are happy to announce that the issue has been resolved and full Web browsing capabilities have been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for our Monthly4G customers.

We’re quite happy that T-Mobile has turned around this problem so fast and asked if we could update our most recent post but we figure this is worth another post altogether. There is no question this Wal-Mart plan is for some, a terrific opportunity to cut down on cost while still maintaining a healthy amount of data and text messages. We applaud T-Mobile for being so proactive in attempting to identify and troubleshoot this problem and then make sure word got out that the problem is in fact, fixed. Good work Tmo.

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