T-Mobile Identifies And Fixes Trouble With Internet Surfing On Wal-Mart Monthly 4G Plan

T-Mobile just hit our inbox with a brief statement outlining that they have definitively identified and fixed a brief problem with new $30 Monthly4G plan. It was soon after launch that a number of TmoNews readers identified trouble when attempting to visits requiring HTTPS web addresses.

T-Mobile has identified a glitch which occurred for a limited number of customers with our recently launched Monthly4G plans, impacting their ability to access select websites. We are happy to announce that the issue has been resolved and full Web browsing capabilities have been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for our Monthly4G customers.

We’re quite happy that T-Mobile has turned around this problem so fast and asked if we could update our most recent post but we figure this is worth another post altogether. There is no question this Wal-Mart plan is for some, a terrific opportunity to cut down on cost while still maintaining a healthy amount of data and text messages. We applaud T-Mobile for being so proactive in attempting to identify and troubleshoot this problem and then make sure word got out that the problem is in fact, fixed. Good work Tmo.

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  • Anonymous

    awesome – i can sign up now

  • Jeremy Nguyen

    Could I switch to this plan by changing my number?

    • Anonymous

      no, it requires an entirely new line of service. the number is irrelevant. also I think you’re not allowed to port your number if you’re already on T-Mobile

      • Anonymous

        actually, you can. just do as lovmykugl says. should work perfectly. you old plan will be canceled when you port it to google voice. just do it before you renew because you wont keep any money on the account

    • Deeg

      Maybe port your existing number to Google Voice and then cancel your current Tmobile service and sign up as a new customer with the Walmart plan with a new number….(Im not a techie and just have been reading about Google Voice but it sounds like that might work for you)

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s been fixed for about a week now. At least now it’s ‘official’.

    On another note, I was finally able to be switched to the $30 plan from the $60 plan after a complaint to the State AG (New Mexico). YMMV however, I was out $30 based on bad customer service information. No where does this plan say it is for new customers, and apparently CS didn’t know this at first either. I was told to add $30 to my account and they would switch me. I did, and then I was told sorry it’s for new customers only. I didn’t want the other plans.

    T-Mobile executive customer relations contacted me, apologized, set me on the Walmart plan and set the start date today. I was polite the whole time and so was the gentleman on the other end. To this day, no where does it say new customers only on their plans page or the press release.

    So far in my experience, T-Mobile’s customer service has been great…. just a little slow at getting new information.

    And as closing, thanks for tmonews.com for their help and getting questions answered.

    • Meagan

      You must be new… 

      TmobileUSA have their own set of rules that is NOT available to TmobileUSA customers, until mentioned over the phone.  If you ask for a URL so that you can read their version in writing, they will tell you it is NOT available.  Take it or leave it.

      “Are there any other questions?  No…  Have a good day.”

  • post as guest

    Thank you very much T-Mobile. Better late than never.

  • TMoFan

    This is a good deal for those who don’t use too many minutes. And I’d wager that T-Mobile’s monthly 4G is a lot faster than Virgin/Boost (which I’ve read is abysmal). Great work T-Mobile!

  • SW

    This is exactly why I think this website is important, not only does it inform us on new, up and coming technology but it is a great tool to collectively be heard and produce results from T-Mobile. Nice work David and T-Mobile!

    • Thank you!!! Rock on!

  • J. Williams

    Now this is what I’m taking about. Nice. This should bring in lots of people.

  • Jad

    Have anyone noticed an increase in their metered data usage( the 5GB quota) when you check your account? I used to have an AT&T iPhone and I never got above 1 gb for the whole month, and I am a heavy user. So far the first week with this plan, my usage shows so far 1.2 GB! Anyone else experiencing this?
    By the way if anyone also on the 30 dollar unlimited data plan, and you need more minutes just download an app called Line 2 and you can add unlimited voip minutes for 10 bucks a month.

    • Meagan

      You don’t mention what phone you are using now…

    • Loren Howe

      Download the app called data count. It will track your data usage and split it into download kbs, upload kbs, mobile data, and wifi data. I used it on the $50 monthly4g plan and it always tracked exactly with my usage reported on myT-mobile online.

      • Meagan

        Who is the developer? Can’t locate that app name in market.

    • Ray Dull

      and I’m guessing you now have a tmobile branded android phone? on the iPhone you were stuck using edge only on tmobile’s network,with 3g you can go through much more data than you can with edge. I use about 100 mb a week on my iPhone,but on a phone that supports 3g,I can do that in 10 minutes and average 8gb a month usage

  • Orangejuice

    I’m unsure why the article title and opening paragraph only mention the Wal-Mart plan when this “glitch” affected all of the Monthly 4g plans. The statement from T-Mobile even says so.

    • It says “recently launched” plans and not all of them. Recently launched would be the $60 plan as well as the Wal-Mart plan. From what we were told, the plan was affecting users on the $30 plan. I didn’t have anyone having trouble on the $60 plan otherwise I would have definitely added that in.

      • Orangejuice

        I actually posted about having trouble with the $60 plan in the original article you posted, as did others, not to mention t-mobile support forums. Just saying.

  • Tom

    Can I use this new $30 tmobile plan on a Samsung Galaxy S2? Has anybody use this new plan on this phone? I went to Walmart 2 weeks ago and they say it will probably work but tmobile will find out and charge additional $$$ because it is consider a smartphone. The $30 plan is for non-smartphone only. I am not sure how accurate this information are provided by Walmart employee.

  • Ash

    Just went to walmart to check this out and I asked a rep about this plan, he tells me that we need to buy the package with the phone, can’t just get a sim…..wth?

  • They need to do more than fix this “glitch”. I tried signing up for the Walmart exclusive plan a few weeks ago, right after they went official. I live in NYC where there is no Walmart. So I took the train to NJ, then had my friend drive me to the closest Walmart. And after all that, nobody at the Walmart had any idea what plan I was talking about DESPITE the fact that there was a sign right next to them saying “Walmart exclusive T-Mobile Monthly 4G plan $30/month”. I pointed it out to the sales associate who denied that it existed. Then I asked to speak with a manager, who also denied that it existed, and then told me that I had to go to a Super Center (whatever that is). I was like WTF. I had already spoke to T-Mo customer service and they told me specifically that I had to go to a Walmart to sign up for the plan, they didn’t say anything about a Super Center and the fact that there was a sign there about the specific plan I wanted suggests that nobody knew what they were talking about.

    So after wasting my and my friends time and money, I still have no plan.