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BLU unveils new T-Mobile-compatible 5G phone

BLU is bringing back its BOLD brand.  Last week, BLU unveiled the BOLD N2 smartphone. Like other BOLD smartphones, this device comes with flagship-like specs at affordable prices. And the good thing about this device is that it already comes with 5G connectivity.  Apart from 5G, the BOLD N2 is equipped with a 6.6-inch Full HD+ AMOLED curved display. The device is powered by a MediaTek Helio Dimensity 810 processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB onboard … [read full article]

T-Mobile powers Mixhalo’s technology for improved concert experience

T-Mobile’s EVP of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, John Saw, published a new blog post regarding the Un-carrier’s latest 5G-powered concert. This was achieved in partnership with Mixhalo, a graduate of T-Mo’s 5G Open Innovation Lab.  The technology used in the concert was capable of delivering high-quality audio in real-time to concert audiences wearing headphones. The app makes use of Wi-Fi connection but T-Mo was able to step it up a notch by using 5G connectivity.  At a … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s ViX+ on US offer is now live!

Back in July, T-Mobile announced that they will be launching the ViX+ on US offer to select customers. At the time of announcement, there was no mention of a specific launch date except for mid-August. The good news is that this offer is now available starting today! As mentioned, T-Mo will be offering the ViX+ on US offer to T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers. This can help … [read full article]

T-Mobile ending Japan Plan add-on for Sprint customers

Bad news to Sprint customers with the Japan Plan add-on. It looks like the add-on will no longer be available to purchase starting tomorrow, August 11th.  This comes from The T-Mo Report, who revealed the information from a leaked document earlier. The document revealed that the Sprint Japan Roaming Add-on will be ending on September 15th. This means that you can still use the add-on until that time. … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tuesdays giving away free drawstring backpack

T-Mobile has a new freebie up for its T-Mobile Tuesdays program.  As revealed by The T-Mo Report, the Un-carrier will be giving away free drawstring backpacks starting next week.  The publication shared images of the backpack that will be given away to customers via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. It features a black drawstring bag with the T-Mobile Tuesdays’ logo in the middle. There is a separate zippered section to … [read full article]

T-Mobile offers $1000 off on Samsung’s new foldables

It’s official! Samsung has unveiled its newest foldables. Earlier today, Samsung held its Unpacked event where it launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy S22 in Bora Purple, and Watch5 series. And the good news is that these phones are making their way to T-Mobile.  For a limited time period, you can also get a $1000 discount on the new foldables (or simply put: get the Galaxy Z Flip4 for free) when you add … [read full article]

T-Mobile coming up with Home Internet Lite subscription

Back in June, T-Mobile announced that its Home Internet service already covers over 40 million households throughout the country. Despite this, the Un-carrier still plans to take the next step and offer this service to every place where their wireless signal is available.  T-Mobile is apparently working on a new Lite tier for its Home Internet, which will make the service more accessible to households. T-Mobile’s Home Internet … [read full article]

T-Mobile gets full investment grade rating


Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that it has obtained its first-ever full investment grade rating. This comes after obtaining an investment grade issuer rating from S&P Global Ratings, which gave them a BBB- with a positive outlook. They also received a Baa3 rating with a stable outlook from Moody’s and another BBB-rating with a positive outlook from Fitch.  T-Mobile credits this full investment grade rating to its successful operational and financial performance, which are evidenced by its strong … [read full article]

T-Mobile users with OnePlus 8, 8T: To get Android 12 update

With Android 13 on the horizon, smartphone users are already getting ready to receive an update for their specific phones. But the same cannot be said for devices that are no longer eligible to receive the Android 13 update. The good news is, OnePlus 8 and 8T device users are slated to receive the Android 12 OS update.  While this OS update will soon be outdated, it’s still a welcomed update for these two devices. More importantly, … [read full article]

T-Mobile responds to ongoing McKinney Fire

T-Mobile is responding to the ongoing McKinney fire in a Northern California national forest near the Oregon border. The wildfire threatens a town of almost 8,000 people. It has also become the largest wildfire in the state this year. The fire started Friday, around 2:15 pm. It has shut down Highway 96 in the area and caused several communities to be evacuated.  The fire has already claimed the lives of two people, who were found dead in … [read full article]

T-Mobile adds new Home Internet gateway device

Good news to all T-Mobile customers planning to sign up to T-Mo’s Home Internet service: you are getting a new Home Internet gateway device.  The T-Mo Report was able to confirm details of the device after receiving internal documents. The new gateway was spotted by Facebook users via an FCC listing. A PDF manual of the device can also be found on T-Mo’s website, which further cements this gateway … [read full article]

Former T-Mobile store owner found guilty of unlocking phones illegally

A former T-Mobile store owner has been found guilty of unlocking “hundreds of thousands of cellphones” using stolen credentials. Even more surprisingly, the man, Argishti Khudaverdyan, was able to make millions out of this scheme.  Earlier today, PCMag reported that Khudaverdyan used various tactics to unlock customers’ cell phones between August 2014 to June 2019. A previously filed indictment revealed that Khudaverdyan earned approximately $25 million … [read full article]