Confirmed: T-Mobile Making Price Adjustment to Select Plans

Just as everyone suspected yesterday, T-Mobile did have some changes in store for its plans. And today, the Un-carrier has already started to notify its customers of its plans to increase plan prices. They have also confirmed they will be “adjusting prices to respond to rising costs” on X

According to reports, T-Mobile will be increasing its prices by as much as $5 per line per month on older plans like One, Magenta, Magenta 55 Plus/Military, Simple Choice, and Go5G 55 plans. An internal document, however, reveals that only a “small fraction of customers” will be affected by the change. 

While there are some customers who will get a $5 price hike, some are getting $2. This will depend on the plan being used by the customer. But the changes should be expected “as early as June 5th.” T-Mobile also says that Go5G 55 customers who will be affected by a $5 per line per month increase are new customers. Company consumer group president, Jon Freier, said that “millions of customers” will not be affected since they are covered by T-Mo’s Price Lock guarantee.  

The Un-carrier says its Essentials Choice 55 plan will not be affected by these changes.

Source: The Mobile Report

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