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Report: T-Mobile is shutting down 4 of its Signature Stores


T-Mobile is shutting down a number of its Signature Stores.  This report comes from The T-Mo Report, who revealed that four out of six T-Mobile Signature Stores locations will be closing down soon. The affected locations include San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Santa Monica.  These stores are different from the regular T-Mobile stores since they offer exclusive premium experiences, such as phone demos, VR, a live … [read full article]

T-Mobile shuts down its brick-and-mortar stores, announces new distribution changes

Earlier today, NWIDA heard reports that “many, if not all’ Territory Managers at T-Mobile were being let go. The report shared that this could be “another step in T-Mobile going to a (vast) majority of corporate owned stores and eliminating the dealer network.” After a few minutes, the report was confirmed that T-Mobile announced its … [read full article]

T-Mobile checks up on first Hometown Techover Contest winner

Almost a year has passed since T-Mobile crowned Woodstock, IL as the winner of its Hometown Techover Contest. And now, let’s take a look at how T-Mobile has kept up with its promise to help this small American town.  As a refresher, let’s take a look at the inclusions of the $3 million tech makeover prize that Woodstock won from the contest: $250,000 grant from T-Mobile5G network … [read full article]

T-Mobile makes changes to its executive team


It looks like changes are taking place in T-Mobile’s Executive Leadership team.  The T-Mo Report was able to gain access to emails shared with employees. These emails were sent by company CEO Mike Sievert and President of Consumer Group, Jon Freier. According to the emails, these leadership changes are necessary for “A new era of Un-Carrier.” The major change detailed in the email, as mentioned, is that Jon Freier will … [read full article]

T-Mobile staff required to wear face masks once again

The new COVID-19 virus variant, Omicron, has swiftly been spreading throughout the country. And while things have seemed okay for a bit, this new variant has put a hamper on our plans; especially the holiday season. With this, T-Mobile has decided to bring back its face mask mandate for all its employees, regardless of vaccination status.  The T-Mo Report has shared the news today with an internal … [read full article]