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Report: T-Mobile’s Magenta Plans No Longer On Its Site

It looks like T-Mobile has made some changes with its plan options. This latest move sends its customers into worrying about the potential of moving to pricier plans.   As spotted on Reddit, T-Mobile no longer displays the option to sign up for its Magenta plans on its website. Instead, there is a note instructing customers to get in touch with the carrier to order these plans.  As … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile changing Magenta plans to Go5G

It looks like T-Mobile will soon be making changes to its plans. More specifically, the plans that will be affected by the change are the “Magenta” plans. The Mobile Report recently reported on these changes that will be affecting T-Mo’s Magenta plans. And according to the report, the main Magenta plans will be changed to a new branding called “Go5G.” This also means that the old Magenta plans will … [read full article]

Study finds T-Mobile plans have more feature value compared to rivals

Earlier today, Navi released its 2022 US Wireless Plan Report where it revealed the best wireless phone and plan deals for consumers. Through this report, the available unlimited postpaid phone plans in the country are evaluated and ranked to help customers pick out a plan that best suits their needs.  Navi has come up with its own Plan Score by making use of a methodology it developed for its own use. Throughout the period of March to … [read full article]

T-Mobile makes changes to some grandfathered promos


It’s common practice for plans to lose some features and promotions when they get grandfathered. This is why there are those who are hesitant to change their plan once they know their existing plan will be discontinued by their carrier. For this same reason, T-Mobile has made some changes to the way they discontinue their old plans.  This was initially shared on a Reddit post and was confirmed by … [read full article]

Select T-Mobile customers getting free Apple TV+ subscription for a year


Good news to T-Mobile customers!  Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that they will be giving a free year subscription of Apple TV+ to select new and existing customers.  The promotion will be exclusive to customers on Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta 55+, Magenta Military, Magenta First Responders, and other small T-Mobile for Business customers. The offer will also be extended to Sprint Unlimited Plus and Premium customers. … [read full article]

T-Mobile launches discounted rate plan and Samsung phone deal for first responders

T-Mobile is rolling out a special offer for first responders. Magenta First Responder offers discounts on T-Mobile’s standard rate plan. Available to state and local law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel, Magenta First Responder offers 20% off the first line and 50% off up to five additional voice lines. For example, a family of four will pay $25 per line for the Magenta First Responder plan with autopay, which is a savings of $60 per month. And … [read full article]