Report: T-Mobile’s Magenta Plans No Longer On Its Site

It looks like T-Mobile has made some changes with its plan options. This latest move sends its customers into worrying about the potential of moving to pricier plans.  

As spotted on Reddit, T-Mobile no longer displays the option to sign up for its Magenta plans on its website. Instead, there is a note instructing customers to get in touch with the carrier to order these plans. 

As PhoneArena pointed out, this is quite strange considering T-Mobile imposes a fee on customers who have to visit their store to pay their bills. Having customers go to a store to order a Magenta plan doesn’t seem to be the most convenient thing to do, especially since its other plans can be purchased directly from its website. 

The publication noted that this could be something that T-Mobile is doing to convince its customers to get one of the newer, more expensive plans. This wouldn’t be the first time the Un-carrier does something like this since they had this strategy in October 2023. 

Back in April, there were reports that T-Mobile quietly removed its $10 Connect plan. Plus, a Deutsche Bank analyst shared that the Un-carrier might need to increase its prices sometime in June. 

But right now, we’ll have to give the benefit of the doubt. Let’s wait until T-Mobile unveils its new plans before coming to a conclusion.

Source: PhoneArena