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State attorneys general seeking delay of T-Mobile-Sprint merger trial

The proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is facing a lawsuit from 13 states and the District of Columbia, and the trial between the two sides was set to begin on October 7th. Now the state attorneys general have asked for that date to be pushed back. Glenn Pomerantz, an attorney for the state AGs, sent a letter to Judge Victor Marrero this week seeking a delay in the October 7th trial date because the states … [read full article]

T-Mobile and Taco Bell rolling out T-MoBell stores with free tacos and exclusive merch

The free weekly Taco Bell tacos has been one of the most popular T-Mobile Tuesday deals in the promotions history, and now T-Mobile is taking its partnership with Taco Bell to another level. T-Mobile and Taco Bell are teaming up to create T-MoBell stores. These limited time locations will appear in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago from July 23-25. The T-MoBell stores will appear inside the T-Mobile Signature Stores in NYC, LA, … [read full article]

T-Mobile now offering asset tracking for businesses using its Narrowband IoT network

T-Mobile is making some more Internet of Things (IoT) news. T-Mobile for Business is now selling the Roambee BeeAware, which it touts as the first asset tracking solution on a Narrowband IoT network in the U.S. The Roambee BeeAware asset tracker can be attached to shipments, pallets, or individual items to give you location and temperature monitoring indoors and outdoors and while the item is in transit. With its Narrowband IoT network, T-Mo says that … [read full article]

T-Mobile puts up fastest download and upload speeds in new network report

A new report on U.S. mobile networks says that T-Mobile is the leader when it comes to speed. Opensignal today published its July 2019 Mobile Network Experience Report for the U.S., and T-Mobile came out on top in two categories and tied for the number one spot in a third. T-Mo finished first in the Download Speed Experience at 23.6Mbps, widening the gap with between it and Verizon compared to the previous report in January. T-Mobile … [read full article]

T-Mobile confirms another round of low-band LTE upgrades

More low-band LTE coverage upgrades have been deployed. T-Mobile says that it upgraded hundreds of cities with additional low-band LTE coverage over the last two weeks. Some of the cities and towns that received upgrades this time include Portland, OR; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Key Largo, FL; Seaford, DE; Rochester, MN; and San Diego CA. You can find the full list of upgraded cities and towns below. Low-band LTE upgrades include both 600MHz and … [read full article]

T-Mobile and Sprint will reportedly extend merger deadline as negotiations with Dish continue

T-Mobile, Sprint, and Dish Network have been talking in recent weeks, trying to hammer out a deal that would see T-Mo and Sprint sell assets to Dish in order to gain Justice Department approval for their merger. Today reports have come out that give us an update on how those talks are going. Negotiations between T-Mobile, Sprint, and Dish continue to haggle over the finer points of their deal which would turn Dish into a fourth … [read full article]

T-Mobile completes first low-band 5G data session using Snapdragon X55 modem

T-Mobile, Qualcomm, and Ericsson have teamed up to reach another 5G milestone. The three companies announced today that they’ve achieved the world’s first low-band 5G data session on a commerical 5G modem. The data session was completed on 600MHz spectrum at T-Mobile’s lab in Bellevue, WA using a mobile test device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem. The test also included an RF transceiver, FR Front-End solution, and commercial 5G radios from Ericsson. ‚ÄúThis … [read full article]

T-Mobile has identified 15 billion scam calls for customers to date

T-Mobile confirmed a few months ago that it had identified 10 billion scam calls for customers, and now T-Mo has hit another milestone. T-Mobile has warned customers about 15 billion “Scam Likely” calls since launching its Scam ID and Scam Block features in March 2017. At the current rate, T-Mo is identifying one billion scam calls every month, or 23,000 every minute. T-Mobile also announced today that it’s blocked 3.5 billion scam calls to date. … [read full article]

T-Mobile says its T&Cs prevent customers from suing over sale of location data

Remember a couple of months ago when we learned that T-Mobile and the other major U.S. carriers were hit with a class action lawsuit related to the sale of customer location data? Now T-Mobile has responded to the suit against it, saying that its customers can’t sue. T-Mobile has argued that the customers involved in the location data class action lawsuit can’t sue T-Mo because of the terms and conditions that they agreed to. “By … [read full article]

MVNO Ting ending agreement with T-Mobile, will partner with Verizon for service instead

MVNO Ting announced this week that it’s terminating its agreement with T-Mobile this year. Ting will terminate its relationship with T-Mobile on December 19th, and it has a 12-month runoff period that will give it one year to migrate its customers to another network. Ting also has an agreement with Sprint, but now that it’s ending its deal with T-Mobile, it’s striking a partnership with Verizon. “With Verizon, we will be adding the network that in … [read full article]