T-Mobile pauses Galaxy S20 update to Android 11


A week after it started pushing Android 11 to the Galaxy S20 series, T-Mobile has hit pause on the rollout of those updates.

T-Mobile has updated its support pages for the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra to say that the new updates that include One UI 3 and Android 11 have been paused. The pages don’t include any information about why the updates have been halted or when they might begin again, saying only that “This update is currently paused.”

It’s likely that some bug was discovered with the updates and so T-Mobile paused them so that it wouldn’t affect more Galaxy S20 owners. I’ve contacted T-Mo and asked for more info on why these updates have been paused and I’ll update you if I learn more.

Have you Samsung Galaxy S20 owners encountered any issues after updating to Android 11?

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra

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  • Gerald Knapp

    Ive updated my S20+, haven’t noticed issues yet…

    • Mike Smith

      Agree. Most boring update ever.

  • Updated S20 Ultra and had no issues. Wife updaed S20+ and it completely wiped her homescreen. It also wouldn’t correctly pair with her Samsung LED case. A day later it gave her another update which fixed the Samsung LED case issue but still didn’t restore her homescreen so she just manually redid her home screen and has been fine since.

    • Columbus Hinton III

      I to had updated with no issues. I take that back. I can’t read messages from the message app. They are whited out. But! I can read them using the My Phone app in Windows 10. I’ve reset the phone and the problem still persist.

  • Keith Stevens

    Tmobile is the crappiest provider for updates. Usually way more issue with there tweaks than any carrier. My $900 7t pro McLarenstill on October security update and android 11 no where in sight. smh

    • Jacob

      Just traded my 7T Pro McLaren in for an 8T since they are offering a free upgrade. Battery life is so much better. And, it’s on 11 out of the box.

  • William Alford

    I wish the update had been paused for my Pixel 3a XL. Android 11 has been a disaster, with permissions being removed and certain apps requiring being uninstalled and re-installed over and over in order for them to work. Finally I had to give up on CCleaner.

    No OS updates should be automatic or mandatory. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • marque2

      Google is worse about it. Last week they pushed a service app update which stopped texting from working on most Samsung and LG phones. They downgraded it a week later so we can text again.

      Noone tests stuff any more and all the cry for needing the latest by customers gets updates released prematurely. Personally I don’t care if Android 11 gets pushed on my phone. The upgrade to 10 was bad enough.

  • Trint Customer

    I found a bug. I can’t hear my wake-up alarm while in do-not-disturb mode, even though I have it set as an exception.

  • Moby

    My S20 Ultra is randomly rebooting 2 or 3 times a day after the update. I had zero issues before the update.

    It’s a really quick reboot, but it’s still ridiculous. So it’s not surprising they “paused” the updates.

  • G1andonly

    I updated my S20 and did a reset and its been working perfect for me and that was last week, not one problem…so far. I’ll report back if anything changes.

  • JJ

    Well, I’m with Verizon as a carrier, but as far as the Android 11/One UI 3.0 update goes, it doesn’t really seem to matter who your carrier is. I’ve seen countless posts on reddit and other sites about the issue people are having after the update. I have a S20 Ultra 5g, Model SM-G988U (Snapdragon 865/Andreno 650). It shipped with Android 10 and worked flawless for me out of the box. Now, after updating and even doing a factory reset it has all but bricked my $1,400 device. Yes, it is still usable, but I might as well have an old Nokia 6110. My 5g no longer works, if I enable 120hz to play fully supported 120hz games it automatically caps my hz/fps to 60hz after the games/game opens and (not all) but a lot of my apps are very glitchy/buggy now. Also, when I switch screens from one app to another or just back to my home screen it stutters quite noticeably. So, at least T-Mobile paused the update unlike Verizon. I have tried multiple work arounds using package disables etc. and what works for some does not work for me or others. There are a number of very wide spread issues and a lot of the same issues across all S20 devices, regardless of Model (Snapdragon 865 – Exynos 990) and carrier. Hopefully Samsung rolls out an update to remedy a lot of this soon. But, I’m not holding my breath. If it takes months and months to fix this, I will never buy another Samsung device again. As much as I hate it, I’ll jump over to Apple once they have a new flagship with a 120hz capable display.

    • marque2

      You should warantee return your phone to Verizon. The warantee is for at least a year and if Verizon bricked it with a bad update, they owe you a new one (though it will end up being a refurb)

  • Frankie

    AT&t here took the update the other day don’t get LTE anywhere I’ve had it before having issues sending text without restarting my phone. Works a little better when I put my MicroCell back on. S20+

  • Pancho

    The new Android 11 update from Samsung has a huge bug/glitch on Samsung Galaxy S20 cellphones, the update breaks the mobile data (internet) on those phones and it no longer allows people from using the internet. People could still talk and text, but no mobile internet.

    • FatManChew

      That’s interesting because my December 2020 update for Android 10 broke my 5G on my S20FE on Tmobile. This has happended to 3 different Samsung devices (2 FE and 1 Note 20).

  • Pancho

    It’s not a Verizon issue, I have T-mobile and after Samsungs Android 11 update, I have alot of problems on my S20+ 5G phone.

  • Pancho

    I hate Samsungs Android 11 update, it ruined my S20+ 5G. I never should’ve updated it…Samsung never should’ve released such buggy bad update…