T-Mobile Galaxy S20 series now receiving One UI 3 with Android 11 update


Looks like T-Mobile is treating Galaxy S20 owners to their Android 11 update a bit earlier than expected.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are now receiving their One UI 3 update that includes Android 11 and the November 1, 2020 security patches. The updates are big, coming in at around 2GB, so you may want to find a speedy internet connection before you start your download.

Galaxy S20 owners should be on the lookout for an update to version G981USQU1CTKH, while Galaxy S20+ users are getting version G986USQU1CTKH and Galaxy S20 Ultra owners are receiving version G988USQU1CTKH.


The One UI 3 upgrade is a big one with lots of new features and improvements. Samsung touts that it has “refreshed the look and feel” of its interface, including more consistent icons, smoother motion, improved animations, and haptic feedback for common interactions.

Also included are performance improvements. Apps will run faster and perform better thanks to enhanced dynamic memory allocation, and Samsung says it’s restricted background activities to help get you better performance and power usage.

Some of the specific new features added in One UI 3 include more Dynamic Lock Screen image categories, improved autofocus and auto exposure in the Camera app, a cleaned up Settings app with a simpler look and new search features, easier photo editing and sharing in the Gallery app, and the ability to use Digital Wellbeing to separate personal and work profiles.


There are some Android 11 features included in this update, too, like a dedicated conversations section in the notifications shade to help you see and respond to incoming messages more easily. There’s also an improved media panel in the notifications that’ll make it easier for you to control media playback.

This new update is now rolling out over the air and several TmoNews readers have gotten it today, so if you’ve got a Galaxy S20 series device you should see it on your phone soon. If you don’t feel like waiting, which would be understandable given all the new stuff in this update, you can check for your update manually by going into Settings > Software update > Download and install.

Thanks Debjit, Daryl, Terrence, Derek, Marcus, Paul, and Danny!


UPDATE: As of 12/13, T-Mobile has paused the rollout of the Galaxy S20’s update to Android 11 for undisclosed reasons.

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  • Joe

    Installing it now.

    • Mike Smith


      • Joe

        So far so good. I noticed better performance and wifi works way better. Lot more options to control android auto.

  • Mike Taylor

    Installing now.

    • Mike Smith

      You’ll be disappointed. I did the beta and it’s the most underwhelming OS update ever.

  • Mike Smith

    So bummed by this update and this phone. I had the S10 before which was MUCH lighter and more enjoyable to use. The S20 is a tank. It’s too big, too a heavy, too power hungry, and like everything Samsung, too unrefined. It’s just a bunch of features and poorly though ideas slapped together.

    • Dummy Up Meathead

      Why’d you buy it then?

      • Mike Smith

        Using something and buying it aren’t the same thing. I would never buy it personally it’s from work.

        That’s said, I am sure there are people who bought it on the marketing promise and were as disappointed as I was.

        • Dummy Up Meathead

          Ahh, that makes more sense. I love the device, but to each his own….

    • pda96

      I’ve had the S10+ for over a yr now. There were times when I contemplated switching to the S20. But I never could. The reason? Not willing to live without the jack……yet. Besides, why pay another few hundreds more for something that offers no practical improvements? I don’t need 120Hz screens. I don’t need 5G (it’s a joke, BTW, no better than 4G LTE).

      The upcoming S21 will be a sales dud as well. Samsung will have to rely on generous trade-in offers to move this phone. Let’s face it, for all phone OEMs, there’s isn’t anything meaningful left to innovate. All phones are the same nowadays.

      • Mike Smith

        I have the S10+ too I like it way more than the S20+, though you’re wrong in 5G. In my iPhone 12 Pro Max I get 5G everywhere, it’s great now and it’s only getting better.

        P.S. I didn’t even know the S10+ had a jack. I don’t own any wired headphones anyway.

      • mreveryphone

        I have the Note 20 Ultra upgraded from the s10 and it’s better in every way! 120hz screen is a dream to use. I stepped into the 21st century and I don’t miss the headphone jack at all! 5G is definitely not a joke when I’m getting 200+ down and 30-40 up! All phones are definitely not the same anymore. I’m testing the S21 now and man oh man it’s even better than note 20 ultra! The S21 will be what you want in 2021!

        • Jay Holm

          Will a 256GB variant of the S21 be available? Or same as the S20, 128GB?

      • marque2

        They may even be getting worse. In screen finger print being a good example.

      • Jay Holm

        I agree, 5G was promoted way, way too early… we’ll see how next year unfolds with more 2.5ghz 5G being deployed…but backhaul needs to be upgraded also.

  • TheRealKingSen

    What about the s20 fe 5g?

    • marque2

      Be careful what you wish for. Your phone is extremely stable and works well now, right?

  • Todd Wright

    When will T-Mobile allow their S20 Sprint customers to receive the update?

  • MaRkThE40KiLLeR

    Battery is lagging now. Samsung and t-mobile need to fix this quickly!

  • Trint Customer

    I found a bug already. I can’t hear my wake-up alarm while in do-not-disturb mode, even though I have it set as an exception.

  • Todd N.

    My S20 ultra is on the latest Android 11 update and honestly I haven’t notice any negative things as of yet. 5g data speeds have gone up about about a 10-30mbps my local town. Possible there was a tower upgrade around the same time as this, so no idea what can take credit. The oem theme with dark mode has a nice blurred transparent look to it when using the pull down menu. Battery life seems to be the same so far maybe a little better will need to test more for that. Face unlock seems to be noticeably quicker, maybe 2x faster. I find it unlocks before I even get my finger on the finger print reader. Also the finger printer reader is having a much higher success rate on the first touch. This is with Whitestone Dome glass screen protector. In summary, I’m happy with everything, seems to be a solid update so far. Glad we got the upgrade before the next flagship was release… which is a first for Samsung.

  • Philly Jim

    Still No Love on the East Coast
    Galaxy Note Ultra

  • Great update! You can get the how to download tutorials on our site.

  • Luis Duran

    Instagram is crashing after the update

    • Omegajb

      I don’t think it was the update, mine was crashing prior to updating.

      • Luis Duran

        It was an instagram problem.
        Not related to update. it resolved itself

  • BMETFerg

    Just got the One UI 3 update on my FE this morning.