T-Mobile kicks off third line free promotion


That $200 switcher offer isn’t the only new deal that T-Mobile has rolled out recently.

T-Mobile today kicked off a new third line free promotion. With this deal, you’ll get a third line free when you join with two qualifying lines. A Magenta or Magenta Plus plan is required.

Existing customers who have a single line can take advantage of this promo by adding a second line and then they’ll get a third line free. New customers must sign up for two lines to get the third line free.

If you cancel any of your lines after taking advantage of this promo, your credits will stop. Finally, T-Mo says that each account can only take advantage of this offer once.

We’ve seen T-Mobile’s third line free promotion get revived pretty regularly, and so we’re sure there will be some folks out there happy to see it back again. There’s no mention of how long it’ll stick around this time, only that it’s a “limited time offer”, and so you may want to jump on it sooner rather than later if you’re interested.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Dave Harrison

    Do if you already have 2 lines can you not take advantage of it?

    • DDSquare

      Nope, nada, no way. I called yesterday and after being with them for 20yrs it is a no go. Just wanted to switch my 4 line plan (3 paid with 1 free) to the Magenta Plan with the same 3 paid and one free. It would cost me $60/month to switch.

    • Linx

      I recommend that you call

      • DDSquare

        I have called and also reached out to the Tforce group on Facebook. Both were unable to help. I’m seriously looking at switching out to a different carrier and switch back after awhile.

    • I wanna know too because I want to add my sister to my line

  • JG

    This’ll be slightly off topic since the article is talking about voice lines, but…

    Awhile back, they had a “limited time” BOGO deal with data lines (for tablets and smartwatchs). It’s been several months so I assume the “limited time” has expired… Can anyone confirm?

    I’m still kind of tempted… Would be neat to have a tablet and/or watch with it’s own unlimited data… Though the only hardware I have ATM is an LG Watch Sport which can work on T-Mobile, but is officially an AT&T device so I don’t know if T-Mobile would accept it, and a now rather dated Nexus 9… Also, T-Mo has been giving me 200Mb a month for my N9 for awhile. I think collectively over the years I’ve maybe used 50Mb of cellular data on it… I use to do one or two day or overnight trips a year and would take the tab with to use on the bus… I usually turn cellular off just so I didn’t eat up the 200Mb with it doing background syncs so basically the entire trip the tab acts as WiFi only. But if it had unlimited data… I could leave it enabled and maybe check TMoNews etc while I’m on my way to wherever…

    • Bklynman

      That deal is long gone,sorry to say,waiting for them to bring it back,if ever. Tmo,doesn’t really don’t promte thier tablet plans,their best plan is for $75.00amonth,but if u have voice plan with u,they take off $50.00,then if u have auto pay,they take off another $5.00,total for unlimited tablet plan,$20.00 amonth,no the sim card will not work in one of their mobile hot spots,I tried it just won’t connect,it will show internet,just won’t connect. Sprint has almost the same tablet plan,but for $5.00 more a month,and Metro,has their own too,1 for $15.00 and another for $30.00,u can go to Metro site see what the difference of the 2 plans are.

      • JG

        Yeah, kind of figured it’d be dead by now… But the “Two-Lines-For-$100” special was “Limited time” to and felt like it was around for a year or so so I figured I’d ask…

        Even if it were still on the table, I don’t know if I’d jump on it. Unlimited data on the tablet would be nice. But in reality, I don’t really take the tablet out much. Mainly only when I go on a trip – which only happens once or twice a year, if that… Even at home, I’m mostly interacting with my phone – even though I have several tablets (7, 8 and 10 inch Fire tabs, Pixel SLate & tablet-ish Pixelbook) I could use instead…

        The smart watch does get used away from the home & WiFi networks more frequently. Though even if it has its own LTE, it’d default to piggybacking off the phone’s and 99.999% of the time I have the phone with as well. [And I can’t recall when the last time I actually wore my watch was – or even know where it is off hand. The Fitbit only comes off my wrist once a week for half an hour or so to charge – the watch had to charge daily & I occasionally forget it.]

        Even if I would use cellular data on either the watch or tablet enough to justify $20/month, I don’t have any current devices… My LTE Nexus 9 is long since EoL’d as is my LG Watch Sport (which isn’t even officially a T-Mobile supported watch).

        Given how infrequently I use the tablets I have now, I really don’t need to go out & buy something new… Though if there is an LTE option for the Pixel Book/Slate/Go 2 and it’s only ~$100 more than it’s WiFi only counterpart, I might consider… Even if I never actually end up using it’s LTE capabilities.

        • Bklynman

          No,it doesn’t matter to Tmo if your tablets are new ones or old ones,I am using 2014 Note 10.1,with their tablet plan,I just got(about 6 months
          ago got a laptop that takes sim card),even those I haven’t set it up soon will be I am planning to buy unlocked HP version of the surface for about $230.00 off of ebay. Like hoping they bring back the data deal too,I should of jump on it when I had the chance,because I I don’t even recalled them ever doing that with a data line.

        • JG

          Sure, T-Mobile would be able to supply data to the device no matter how old it happens to be… But I personally would prefer something else…

          It wouldn’t have to be top shelf flagship hardware I’m fine working with Amazon’s Fire tablet line (and Walmart’s similar spec’d ONN line). But one major issue is that the Nexus 9 is officially stuck on the September 2017 update of Android 7.1.1.

          This means the tablet is still susceptible to Blueborn (patched in December 2017) as well as several other critical exploits that have been patched over the last several years. And no chance for a patch for anything new.
          Personally, I’d prefer to have a slightly more secure, bug free system.

          It won’t happen for several different reasons, but ideally, I’d love to see an Android Go Edition powered Made By Google tablet (I might be willing to settle for an equivalent ChromeOS tablet). Obviously it wouldn’t fall in the Pixel branding. They could call it the Google Tablet, or bring back the Nexus line or come up with something completely different. Something that’d be Google’s counterpart to Amazon’s Fire tablets. Something in the $100-150-ish price range. And then throw in an LTE version for $100 more.

          Inexpensive but decent hardware, with the OS optimized specifically for the lower specs, with monthly security & annual OS level updates for at least 3 years…

          I’ll still pick up the flagship cousin. But it’d be nice to have a cheap tab I can just toss around the house or throw in my Go bag when I travel and not have to worry about doing damage to a $1,000+ tablet if I don’t need all the extra horse power.

        • Bklynman

          I don’t think I will be buying anymore android tablets,to my knowledge only Samsung still makes hign end tablets for android. Not going laid out that kind of money for tablet,that will only get 2 updates if that many. I am hoping Tmo will start to sell Samsung windows tablet that that Sprint sells,but I will see what happens.

        • JG

          Yeah, that’s why I’d like to see a Made By Google tablet. They do a good job with updates. Especially if the rumors are true and they’ve got their own SoC just about ready to launch. That (plus Projects Treble, and Mainline, etc) should, theoretically at least, allow them to keep the tablet patched if not fully updated for an extended period of time.

          It wouldn’t have to be Android either. If Lenovo offers a LTE capable Chromebook Duet I probably would snap it up. Especially if it only adds an extra $100 to the $250-ish base price.

          If Amazon offered a LTE Fire tablet I might even consider it. They’re not on the most recent version of Android, but I’m pretty sure they actively patch against critical bugs at least.

          Though if you wanted to go Windows, I’m not sure about the bands it supports, but Microsoft does have a LTE capable Surface Go tablet. I have toyed with the idea of replacing my desktop with one. Would be kind of neat to be able to just pick up the “monitor” and walk out into the living room to use my “desktop” while I’m watching TV or whatever. Though if I were to replace my desktop, I’d prefer a little higher spec sheet than what the LTE offers. [Plus my cats like to nap on top of the tower, so if I went with a tablet replacement…]

          Especially if T-Mo could offer an “as needed” data plan (maybe as part of the uncarrier they announced in February and haven’t had yet). $2-3 gets you either unlimited data for 24 hours or maybe a bucket of 2-3GB that never expire.

          Then the weekend I do an overnight bus trip into the city to see Hamilton I could get some mobile tablet data to check my email, browse the web, etc while on the bus. But not have to worry about having to pay $20/month for the 11.9 months I’m stuck at home with more than plenty of WiFi.

        • itsthexypat

          If I may, I’d recommend if you only take your tablet on a trip about once a year to just get a prepaid sim for one month like Straighttalk on the 30 or 45 dollar plan and put that sim in your tablet for that trip. It may even be more beneficial because you could pick an ATT sim which might have better coverage on your trip depending on the area. At least then you are diversifying your signals.

          My one gripe with Tmobile is their coverage sucks. Sometimes I think it just doesn’t penetrate buildings well because I can be in a hotel parking lot and get good strength but go to my hotel room and nothing.

        • JG

          That could work. I’ll have to keep it in mind for the next time I go traveling (if there is a next time)…

          Though would they be OK with me sticking a SIM intended for a phone into a tablet? I know I’ve read T-Mo has some issue with you trying to use a Wearable SIM in a watch they don’t officially carry.

          I checked and actually the last trip I was on was almost two years ago now, when we took a bus trip to see <Hamilton.

          I’d imagine I’m probably not the only one who would like data on their tablet but only needs it from time to time. Especially now that covid has happened and will probably limit the amount of traveling most of us take.

          On the post about the UnCarrier announcement the other day, I suggested an idea… Offer a plan (maybe bringing back the 200mb/month free plan) that allows us to activate 24hr data passes for $2-5 a day. Then i could have activated it Friday morning when I got on the bus, watched a couple Netflix movies on the 7hr bus trip there and on the 7hr return trip Saturday evening. Pay an extra $10 that month and not have to worry about it the rest of 2018, all of 2019, and at the rate things are going probably all of 2020 as well.

  • canceled my account under my wifes name and started one on my name.. we were paying 138 for 4 lines of essential.. now i pay 140 for magenta with the netflix etc.. they would do nothing for us under her name.. we have been with them over ten years

    • DDSquare

      Did you get to keep your phone numbers?

      • no.. but we didnt care about that.. since we mainly use our google voice numbers anyway….

    • itsthexypat

      That’s the problem with Tmobile, and even worse their Metro…they really don’t care or offer any incentives for current/existing customers. Case in point if you’re a Metro customer and want a phone that say retails for $200, they’ll offer it to you at the “upgrade” price of $170 but give it free to someone porting a new number in. So what I did was bought 4 $30 sims from Straighttalk and ported the numbers to Metro to get the free phones for my family. It’s annoying and stupid.

      Too many companies do that, same with things like internet. It pays to “cancel” about every two years and have your “spouse” sign up for new service under a promo.

  • Ja D

    Call 611 get your 50% off on bill for 3 months.

  • stuman19741974 .

    Does T-Mobile charge an activation or SIM fee? My buddy has a family of 4 looking to move to this deal from Sprint and I may send him to a Costco which does not charge for this if the “actual” T-Mobiles do charge for each.

    • Reagan1

      Yes, they normally charge a SIM fee.

      • yup ten bucks.. but i haggled and got the 40 credited to the account

  • TylerCameron

    Screw Simple Choice customers lol, T-Mobile used to be a value-oriented brand…