T-Mobile rolls out new Third Line on Us and iPhone switcher deals


To celebrate the arrival of summer, T-Mobile recently kicked off a couple of new deals.

First up, T-Mobile is offering a Third Line on Us deal. Both new and existing customers are eligible. New customers must add three new voice lines on a Magenta Plus plan, while existing customers must have one postpaid voice line, be on or switch to a Magenta Plus plan, and activate two new voice lines.

Once you meet those requirements, you’ll begin receiving monthly bill credits for the line with the lowest monthly recurring charge activated during the promo.

T-Mo also notes that you must keep your account in good standing with the lines active to continue receiving your credit. For one year, you must maintain the same number of lines that are on the account when your credit starts. Canceling any line within one year will end the credits. After one year, you must keep two paid Magenta Plus voice lines and the lines activated during the promo to keep your credit.

If you’d rather have a new device instead of a free line, T-Mobile’s got you covered there, too. The new iPhone Switch and Save deal offers $750 off a recent iPhone when you port a number into a new voice line. The devices that qualify include the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

To get this deal, you must buy one of those iPhone models on EIP and then port in your number from any U.S. carrier (including landlines) into a new T-Mobile voice line. New customers must activate at least two new voice lines, one of which being a port-in. Also of note is that the new iPhone’s EIP must be associated with the ported-in line.

This deal is not available to port-ins from T-Mobile providers, including T-Mobile Prepaid, Metro by T-Mobile, or MVNOs that use the T-Mobile network. It’s also not available to port-ins of numbers that’ve been used with T-Mobile within the past 90 days.

Once you qualify, you’ll begin receiving $750 toward your iPhone in the form of 24 monthly bill credits.

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  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Yea not giving up my one plan

  • dcmanryan

    Not a bad deal as there’s no trade in for once but still the new line required.

    If you’re on the One plan and lucky enough to have the insider hookup code applied to your account multiple T-Force and T-Mobile employees have confirmed you WILL lose the hookup benefit (20% off for life) benefit on your account. DO NOT take advantage of the free line. I’ve told multiple sources the code is account based but they would mock change my plan and sure enough the discount disappeared. Apparently the 20% for life only applies to the plan you have when you got it. I’ve added One lines and dropped them and have always been fine. Just don’t ever switch off of the One plan and you should be fine too.

    • how you get this code applied.. lol

      • James

        It was directly offered to selected customers, not something you can request as it came directly from HQ

        • dcmanryan

          It wasn’t offered. You ported in and had a unique T-Mobile employee code that was easily found on a huge Reddit thread. I tried to post the old link but Tmonews won’t let me. Google Reddit T-Mobile insider hookup and you’ll find more info.

  • gramps28

    I love my 55+ plan and have plans of changing.

  • Joe

    You’d think that they would come up with a new special deal instead of the same recycled BS.

  • so pissed, new customers only.. so ive been with tmobile for ten years but i have to pay 30 more for essentials with no netflix and speed restrictions…

    • Former YU Guy

      port out to google voice. create a new account in someone else’s name (this is to get more than one line, so conceivably should be possible). wait a little bit and then port in numbers from google voice over your existing numbers. this works.

      This is how my families account went from 3 lines on an old simple choice plan where we were paying $120-$130 a month to paying $64-$80 a month for 3 lines of t-mobile one plus (promo) (depending on how many lines get kickback).

      Of course, after you do this you wont be able to say “I’ve been with tmobile for 10 years” anymore as from their perspective you’ll be a new customer.

  • Dan

    this is trash

  • Acdc1a

    I’d love to give up my ONE plan and have my 3rd line free but nope, still won’t let me migrate. Frustrating as hell!

  • Albert Orange

    Anyone know if Costco is honoring the iPhone deal? In the past, Costco has given a $750 debit card instead of the monthly bill credits…. thus allowing you to cancel the line after receiving the debit card.

    • dcmanryan

      I checked yesterday as Costco is next to a T-Mobile and as of that time they weren’t aware of the promotion. I said screw it and ported in a Xfinity Mobile number and got my wife a free XR. The line will only cost me $16 with auto pay and the insider hookup discount so not a bad deal. I was told I have to keep all lines and no cancelling any for 3 months. After the three months I’ll cancel another worthless line I don’t use so I’ll basically be out 3 months at $16 a month and I’ll get a new iPhone XR out of the deal. Nice phone for $48.

  • Francisco Peña

    I’ll keep my 3 unlimited plans that I pay $83/mo. I’ll just buy the previous yr’s flagship to save some money