T-Mobile launches new third line free promo


Spring is right around the corner, and to celebrate T-Mobile is launching a new third line free promotion.

Starting today, T-Mobile is offering a third line free via monthly credits to both new and existing customers. New customers must activate three voice lines on a qualifying T-Mobile One plan and enroll in autopay to qualify. Existing customers must have one postpaid line of service, be on or switch to a qualifying T-Mobile One plan, activate two new voice lines, and enroll in autopay. You’ll then get a text message telling you that you’ve qualified, and you’ll begin getting monthly bill credits within two bill cycles.

Customers who take advantage of this promo must keep their account in good standing and maintain the same number of lines that are on your account when the promo starts. If you cancel any line within one year, you’ll lose your credit. After one year, you must keep two paid T-Mobile One voice lines and the lines activated during the promo period to keep your credit.

Also of note is that plans like T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+, T-Mobile One 9+ lines, T-Mobile One Amplified, T-Mobile One Military plans, and T-Mobile Essentials don’t qualify for this deal.

We’ve seen T-Mobile offer third line free deals like this in the past, including one last fall and another that ran during the winter. Now the deal is back again, and while it may not be super exciting to see this third line deal return over and over, it is nice to have it available for folks who may have missed it before or those who may be thinking about switching to T-Mo.

Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    Existing customers have to add two new lines… What if the account already has two? Do you still have to add two new lines or just add the one that will then be free?

    • Sayahh

      I want to know this, as well.

    • Corey Jalette

      It’s that same as the last time, it’s essentially a BOGO line promo. Add one line then get another line free, so you need to add 2 lines total and 1 would be free .

  • Mickey T

    Looks like SC customers don’t qualify

    • Francisco Peña

      where does that say that?
      “Some T-Mobile ONE plans like 2 lines for $100 plans, T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans, T-Mobile ONE 9+ lines, T-Mobile ONE Amplified, T-Mobile ONE Military plans, and T-Mobile Essentials do not qualify for this deal.”

      If you are on SC, that isn’t a One plan, so they should qualify if you upgrade to One.

      • Mickey T

        That’s what I meant .I can’t just add a line to my SC plan. I have to switch to T-Mobile one.

        • Francisco Peña

          yes. i have a SC plan with 2 lines for $70 with 6GB each, including another free line. I’m not giving up an $85 bill + my S9 JoD payment to “upgrade” to unlimited and a $120 bill + JoD payment.

        • Mickey T

          Exactly. sC customers don’t benefit from this promotion

        • Pak T

          True, but we benefit from much lower monthly bills. I’ll take the lower SC monthly bill any time.

      • SirStephenH

        “If you are on SC, that isn’t a One plan, so they should qualify if you upgrade to One.”

        Going from Simple Choice to T-Mobile One is not an “upgrade”.

        • Francisco Peña

          in Tmo’s eyes its an upgrade. To many SC customers it won’t be. and I read it as he was saying SC customers can’t go to One and take advantage. Correct that a SC can’t add a SC line.

  • Android_God

    It’s hilarious that they now have so many plans. I thought that was a pain point John exploited to get people to switch carriers. Hilarious

    • CarlKL

      In their system these are just one T-Mobile “One” plan just different restrictions or add-ons. Other than that same footprint, easier to manage.

  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    “…and enroll in autopay.”

    So when your family dies in a tornado, T-Mobile can continue to drain your bank account.

    • Pak T

      This is not at all unusual. I have autopay on T-Mobile, FIOS, car insurance, car payment, electric bill, mortgage, etc. I am sure many others do as well, so not sure why you think this is so unusual.

      • SurvivingSunnyvale

        I said nothing about it being unusual.

        I said it isn’t in the best interest of the consumer to have their money automatically drained.

  • Francisco Peña

    If this was $100 for 2 lines, I’d jump on it. I have a free SC line, so with our 3 lines, we are paying $85 for 6GB each. I’m th only one that gets close to that limit. i’d love unlimited, but i love my $85 bill more rather than $120.

    Maybe when Sprint gets merged in, there might be some better promos.

    • francob911 .

      If T-Mobile and Sprint merge.. you can kiss goodbye to promos like this.. less competition means higher prices and less promotions

      • Francisco Peña

        overall and long term I’d say you are right. However, I think at the very start, There should be a decent promo as they will be touting the benefits and doing a mad crazy push to take advantage and get people in. Once that happens, you are right, kiss promos goodbye for a while. But to start, they will want to get people in and tout the benefits of the merger.

  • Ross B.

    What if you already have the 4th line free promo? Can you have them switch it over so you have 3rd and 4th line free?