T-Mobile launches new Third Line On Us promotion


After starting the week by ending a third line free promotion, T-Mobile is wrapping up the week with a new, similar offer.

Starting today, November 30, T-Mobile is offering a free third voice line to customers. This offer is open to both new and existing customers. New customers must activate three new voice lines on a T-Mobile One plan to qualify. Existing customers must have one postpaid voice line, have or switch to a T-Mobile One plan, and activate two new voice lines.

With this offer, you must maintain the same number of lines that are on your account for one year. If you cancel any line within one year, you’ll lose your credit for the free line. After one year, you must keep two T-Mobile One voice lines activated and the lines activated during the promo period to keep your credit. T-Mobile says that existing customers who canceled a line within the last 90 days are not eligible for this promotion and that some T-Mobile One plans don’t qualify. Those include a two lines for $100 plan, Unlimited 55+ plans, a T-Mobile One account with nine or more lines, T-Mobile One Amplified, T-Mobile One Military, and T-Mobile One Essentials.

Finally, when it comes to existing customers, only those with a single line are eligible. “For new or existing single-line customers,” reads T-Mo’s fine print, and this requirement has been backed up by a T-Mobile employee on Reddit and by T-Mo itself when I asked. Considering how heavily T-Mobile has been pushing new add-a-line deals lately, it’s kind of strange to see a new promo with this requirement, but that’s what this particular deal is.

T-Mobile today also launched the Samsung flagship offer that it announced earlier this week. With this deal, existing customers who buy a Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 9, S8, or S8 Active on EIP and add a voice line can get a free 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV. New customers can get this deal by adding two new lines and buying one of those flagship Samsung smartphones.

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  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    “…have or switch to a T-Mobile One plan…”

    T-Mobile once again disrespecting long term customers.

    • francob911 .


  • pda96

    Seems like a ploy to get people to switch to One plan? Sorry TMO, you’ll have to try harder if you want me to drop my Simple Choice plan.

    • Now why would I want to more than double my bill by giving up Simple Choice??? 15 year customer loyalty means shit anymore…


        I am almost 15 years loyal to my money by staying with Tmobile. If they mess with my fees, I will be out to a better service carrier.

  • dray

    what they don’t tell you is for new customers, you must purchase 2 new phones on EIP on the first two lines to qualify for free third line. Fuckers

  • Scott LaRue

    Even John Legere didn’t post this deal on his Twitter feed as he has been not getting the reaction he wants from these deals. So sick of seeing add a line deals. Even Verizon had a 300 dollar discount on the Note 9 today.

  • Andrew

    The amount of things a customer needs to do to avoid losing the credit is so convoluted and not customer friendly at all. WTF

    • Ben

      Oh, anyone can qualify for this “deal.” You’ll just have to live in a pink house that’s exactly 1800 sq ft, be born on a Monday, have a pilot license, currently have two lines, and the fifth bulb on your Christmas tree has to be blue. Meet those requirements and you qualify.

  • Eric A

    Another completely undecipherable plan from T-Mobile.

  • Brett S

    Wow – – universally a negative response to this. Too carrier like huh?

  • Brenden Morris

    Every promo from T-Mobile is Add A Line now. Seriously? GTFO T-Mobile!!!

  • dcmanryan

    Sounds like people are getting fed up with these so called “deals”.

  • The Swami

    for the 6 people who qualify for this (and can get past all the legalese) congrats!

    • LoL do they think there’s this huge mass of existing customers ready to add two lines?

  • I only pay attention to T-Mo offers now to laugh at them

  • Francisco Peña

    hmmmm $90 for 3 lines now (2SC 6GB w/ 1free line), or jump to $120 to get One and a free line. decisions decisions…

    ummm no.

  • Phil

    Hmm why no add line deals available for loyal customers.
    I’m 5 year 1 line customer with unlimited talk-text-Unlimted LTE no data restrictions which cost me 45.00 monthly
    I would gladly add lines if that remained in place considered baseplan.

    Adding line to baseplan with no obligations except (EIP) that would associated with new line
    2nd 20.00
    3rd 20.00
    4th 15.00

    I would be all in on such deal as would many specially those on the very popular 70.00 Simple Choice Plan from years ago

    T-Mobile would greatly benefit from such long term action with more phones sold & increased customer loyalty less churn