T-Mobile has ended its fall free voice line promo


Remember T-Mobile’s free line promotion that we told you about earlier this month? Well, if you were interested in taking advantage of it, hopefully you already did so.

T-Mobile quietly ended its free voice line promotion yesterday, November 26, according to the support page for the offer. With the promo, new and existing customers could get a third voice line for free when they paid for two voice lines on a T-Mobile One plan. The cost of the third voice line would be covered by monthly bill credits.

Now that this promotion is over, there are currently no new line deals available from T-Mobile. That could change soon, though, as CEO John Legere teased today that T-Mobile’s “#SeasonOfFree is just beginning” and that we should stay tuned tomorrow to find out what’s next. It sounds like T-Mo has a new deal in the works, and tomorrow we should learn just what it is.

Did you take advantage of this free line promotion while it was available?

Thanks, Michael!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • OZ

    Wondering if they will bring back a free line to SC plans. Planning on ditching my VoIP and using the Bluetooth functionality that my cordless phone provides, to use cellphone coverage for my home-phone needs.

  • Acdc1a

    Glad I got back with T-Mobile when I did.

  • James Smith

    I guess they are done padding their subscriber numbers for the next Quarterly earnings report.

  • pda96

    I’m guessing they didn’t find that many takers.

  • mreveryphone

    It’s coming back on the 30th