T-Mobile One free line promotion available for a limited time


T-Mobile is now running a deal that’ll get you a free line of service.

For a limited time, T-Mobile is offering a free line to both new and existing customers. New customers will need to sign up for two voice lines on a T-Mobile One plan and then they can get a third voice line free. Existing customers on a T-Mobile One plan with at least one voice line only need to add one paid voice line and then they can get a third voice line free.

With this deal, the free voice line will be covered by monthly bill credits. If you cancel service on your paid lines within 12 months or move to an ineligible plan, the monthly bill credits for the free line will stop. T-Mo also says that a maximum of one free line can be added to an account during this promotion.

The fine print of this deal also states that you need to be on a T-Mobile One line to qualify for this promotion. That means that if you’re on a Simple Choice plan, you’ll need to migrate to a qualifying T-Mobile One plan, at which point you can add a second voice line to get your third voice line free.

T-Mobile doesn’t say how long this deal will be available, only that it’s a “limited time offer”. So if you’re interested, you may want to act soon.

Source: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • Mickey T

    What if you have two existing lines on TMobile? Can you just asa a line got free or do you have to add a paid line still?

    • KOLIO

      You have to add a paid line,click on the Source link (2) immediately following the article for details.

    • dcmanryan

      The article is misleading and should say BOGO free. People’s definition of free and unlimited have changed since my time growing up.

  • Deihmos

    I got this deal a year ago. I already had 3 lines so I switched one line to prepaid then added it back to my account and got it free. I wouldn’t be changing my plan for a long time.

  • Melvin

    FYI this does not work for the T-Mobile Military One Plan.

    “Some T-Mobile ONE plans like 2 lines for $100 plans, T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans, T-Mobile ONE 13+ lines, T-Mobile ONE Military plans, and T-Mobile Essentials do not qualify for this deal.”

    • KOLIO

      Unfortunately,no,click on the Source link (2) right below the end of the articlefor details,the exclusions are at the very end:

      If you canceled a line on or after October 24, 2018, you’re not eligible for this promotion. However, you can restore a recently canceled line and add 2 additional lines to participate.

      You must keep your account in good standing with the lines active to receive your credit.
      Limit of 1 redemption (1 free voice line) per account

      Credit for voice lines applies to basic plan charge; Any line add-ons will be your responsibility to pay (such as ONE Plus).

      Some T-Mobile ONE plans like 2 lines for $100 plans, T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans, T-Mobile ONE 13+ lines, T-Mobile ONE Military plans, and T-Mobile Essentials do not qualify for this deal.

  • Brian

    T-mobile has had this before. I only pay for two out of five lines plus I have one free virtual number. Two of the lines aren’t used full-time. I have family who visits often from overseas 4-6 months a year so I give them phones to use while they are visiting. It’s worked out great.

  • francob911 .

    What about us SC faithful customers ?? I hope for black Friday we dont get BOGO deals that require an add a line

  • taxandspend

    As someone already pointed out, you have to add a paid line to your account in order to get the free one. So this is really 2 additional lines for the price of one, not a free line.

    • Prode

      I was wrong. Please delete this.

  • PC_Tool

    So I got the free line the last time they did this….can I get another, or is it only one per account, regardless of the number of times they run this promo?

    (Hay, can’t pass it up if they’re offering. My mom could definitely use it)

    • TmoRepNLovingIt

      Yes. You can get the current BOGO free line deal and keep your previous free line(s)

      • PC_Tool

        I’m in. Is this still going? I may have to stop in after work today…

  • stuman19741974 .

    TMO One still too pricey to move to from Simple Choice for my family. Reps always tell me that I’ll lose my 2 free tablet lines and my 1 free phone line if I move to One.

    Now, if they gave a free line for every line you add after the first one (so like lines 3 and 5 and 7 are free) then perhaps a switch may be worth it.

    • Mike

      Still have yet to lose mine. Switched in January of 2017. Kept my Black Friday line, march free line, and data with digits line for my watch.

      • stuman19741974 .

        I forgot my digits beta line as well, but almost never use it since too slow on that duplicate SIM.

        We’ll see what happens next March 1 when my family lines supposedly get reduced from the current promo of 4 GB per line back to 2.5 GB per line.

      • Sayahh

        Still mad at myself for not getting the March free line.

      • SirStephenH

        I know for a fact that you lose the free tablet lines. You should lose the free voice lines as well. You may have been a special case.

  • Francisco Peña

    I was ready to jump on this, because I kept in my head the One was $100 for 2 lines. Once I realized its $120 for 2 lines, that’s not attractive. I have 2 lines with 6GB for $83 (inc tax). Then I have a free line from the magenta thursday deal. So I’m passing to see what BF is offering.

  • JG

    Existing customers on a T-Mobile One plan with at least one voice line only need to add one paid voice line and then they can get a third voice line free

    Could someone help make sure I’m on the right page….

    In order to take advantage of this, I have to add an extra paid line to the account, regardless right…

    I already have two lines, so in my case I would have to add (and pay for) the third line and would get the fourth line for free… Right…

    • Mart-In

      Yes the deal is essentially a BOGO. If you all ready have 2 lines on ONE then the 3rd would be 20 w/autopay and 4th free.

  • Mike

    I left tmobile this past summer for Cricket. Cricket has 3 lines for $90 but the internet sucks it’s throttled to 3 mbps max. I was looking to come back to tmobile but 2 lines now cost $120 and Metro is $100-$120 for 3 lines. I also checked Verizon and wi th my military discount 3 unlimited lines is $110. So it seems Tmobile is now pricier and Verizon doesn’t look bad now price wise and has better coverage.

    • Glenn

      Since you said the Verizon military plan, I have the Tmo One Military 3 line and I pay $90. If not military you can take advantage of the free line when you switch.

      • Mike

        I’m leaning towards Metro or Verizon. Metro has Amazon Prime, Google One and LTE hotspot. Verizon just has reliability and is only $110 w/o taxes and fees included. Meanwhile Metro is $110 with taxes and fees. Tmobile only has netflix and unlimited 3G hotspot which is meaningless to me.

        • TmoRepNLovingIt

          You could also opt for the military plan WITH onePLUS, which gives you many more benefits, including LTE hotspot, and it’ll be $120 for the 3 lines instead of $90. Either way, T-Mobile military is the best deal in all of wireless for those who qualify for it. $90/120 for 3 lines depending on whether you need the extra oneplus features or not, taxes included.

    • GinaDee

      The T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited Plan is $60 for the first line and $30 for the second and $15 for each additional line thereafter. Streaming is capped at 480p (if that matters to you). That’s only $90 for two lines or $105 for 3 lines plus taxes and fees.

      You can always add 10GB’s of LTE hotspot for an additional $10 per line just for the lines that require it.

      Or as the article points out you can pay for two T-Mobile ONE lines for $120 and get the third free. You get HD streaming, 20GB’s of LTE hotspot per line, T-Mobile Tuesday’s, free Gogo in-flight texting plus all the other awesome international features.

      Both plans have higher deprioritiztion levels than Verizon currently around 50GB’s per line per month.

      • TmoRepNLovingIt

        You are referring to the onePLUS plan. His best bet by far is to go with the military plan, with or without onePLUS

    • TmoRepNLovingIt

      Mike, the military plan at T-Mobile is $90 flat for 3 lines (w/autopay). Verizon would end up costing you around $130 after taxes and fees. T-Mobile will also pay for your Netflix. The 2 lines for $120 are T-Mobile is for non-military. I hope this helps you decide on which is best for you.

  • T Redd

    Does anybody know how good is the 3g unlimited hotspot on TMobile one?

    • Acdc1a

      Fine for checking email. Not worth much for anything else.

      • T Redd

        I’m on the simple choice plan unlimited 2 for 100. The rep on the phone was trying her hardest to get me off my old plan, and get me on the T mobile one plan. Thanks .

        • Acdc1a

          The time to switch was when they gave existing customers a break to switch to the ONE taxes included plan. $15 off and 10GB of high speed tethering. That’s what I had. I switched carriers and had to settle for 3 for $120 when I came back with 3gish tethering.

    • marque2

      Try it out. I was put on 4g as part of a promo when I signed up. I get 4g speeds most of the time.

  • TmoRepNLovingIt

    Correct. The no strings attached promos were awesome. There was even one a year or two ago where they offered everyone TWO free lines with nothing attached. I added both at the time even tho I didnt need them, and now i use both full time, completely free of charge. I hope they do something similar again soon. I cant believe some people were refusing the deal because they didnt need the lines at the time. Situations always change and I bet a lot of those people are kicking themselves and now paying for lines they could’ve had free lol

  • Kev Martinez

    Nothing new… This promo has been around for a week already .

  • The One

    What happened to T-Mobile? I was able to add a 3rd line to my plan for free just for being a customer a couple years back. Every promotion I’ve seen since then has required a bunch of hoops to jump through that make the promotion not worth while.

    • Lit

      So them doing a BOGO deal isn’t good enough… you want straight free again? Entitled much?

      • The One

        Nope, if they advertise it as a BOGO, then that’s fine. But to advertise it as a free line for One Subscribers is deceptive.