T-Mobile to launch free SyncUp Drive deal on December 7


After launching a deal that offers a free Samsung 50-inch smart TV last week, T-Mobile today revealed another new promo that offers a free device.

Starting Friday, December 7, T-Mobile is offering a free SyncUp Drive to both new and existing customers. The device is free via 24 monthly bill credits, and to qualify, you need to buy a SyncUp Drive on EIP and add a new SyncUp Drive plan.

The fine print of the deal states that if you cancel service, the remaining balance on the device at full price must be paid.

T-Mobile’s SyncUp Drive is a device that plugs into the OBD-II port on your car, which is found in most vehicles made in 1996 or later, though it’s not compatible with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Once you pop the SyncUp Drive into your car and download the app, you can track your car’s performance, location, and activity and get preventative maintenance alerts. You can also turn your car into a mobile hotspot for up to five Wi-Fi devices. SyncUp Drive offers Roadside Assistance through Allstate, too, which includes services like fuel delivery, lockout service, battery boost, tire change, and tow.

This deal is available in stores for a limited time.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Aaron A.

    How much is the monthly plan for this SyncUp Drive??

    • shanali04

      I paid $10 for the 2gb data plan service, that’s the minimum.

    • Hurlamania

      I know right that’s like the main point of the device to make it a hotspot in your car and they don’t even give you the plan information in the article the original site would have but they don’t care about this site anymore it’s just full of puff pieces to fill space and make you feel like you still have a team on News website you can usually find out all this information on the T-Mobile website the day before or maybe two

    • matt

      Ten dollars a month

  • Mike McDonald

    It’s a ZTE device and I suspect this is to clear lingering inventory they have been sitting on for far too long.

    • Dyshaun Mitchell

      You’re probably right. I got that same device 2 years ago.

    • UMadBruh

      Yup, my last call to customer service (a couple weeks ago) the CSR tried to push one on me.

  • Francisco Peña

    I can just go to Amazon, but an OBDII device for $20 and use it with a variety of software available. No thanks.

  • EF

    Automatic Pro has a lot of the same features, but there is no monthly data charge and the 3G connectivity is included in the hardware cost (about $100 these days). I have 3 of these and they are great at tracking my vehicles (including those driven by my kids) even if I am not in the car with my T-Mobile phone to provide data/bluetooth connection. No all OBDII devices offer 3G connectivity independent of your phone.

  • GinaDee

    I’d like T-Mobile to offer new mobile broadband devices and rate plans.
    Perhaps one of these with Band 71 would be nice?
    As an enterprise user with thousands of lines I could bring over hundreds of MiFi devices currently active on Verizon to T-Mobile if T-Mobile would offer a modern version of their own.

  • steveb944

    “…not compatible with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles”

    Huh, probably the complexity of the systems. Wonder if it’s the same for competing products.

    • matt

      It said please remove the device from
      Your 2017 Prius prime

    • matt

      Prius doesn’t use obd2. It uses canbus.

      • Loco Mole

        OBD-2 is the port and CANBUS is the data channel. Has been common in the cars made in the last decade or so. I have these SyncUPs on my 2000 (non canbus), 2011, 2015 and 2017 model years.The 2011+ are all canbus. Have used it in rentals as well.

  • Encino Stan

    I just bought one from customer care last week. Hasn’t even arrived yet. Anyway to get the rebate applied?

  • Kilroy672

    I just spoke with customer care and she said all I need to pay is $3 a month for 24 months and T-Mobile will pay the $10 a month for the data. I’ll check into more either Friday or later in the week for more information at my local store. Not a bad deal in my case.

    • Loco Mole

      Pretty sure it’s the other way around… you pay $10/mo (including 25th month and so on) and they credit the equipment price over 24 mos.

  • Bruce Wayne

    How much data do you get?

    • Francisco Peña

      whatever plan you get.

      • Bruce Wayne


  • Ty Christensen

    Don’t see the point of this, if you’re only getting it for Hotspot then it’s a waste. I know it includes other things like vehicle diagnostics, tracking etc which might be handy for teenage kids but Google Maps has location sharing for free. We can just tether from our phones for Hotspot, we have 4.5GB with 20GB data stash so plenty of data to tether. $10 a month for only 2GB data on this, pass!

    • JG

      I will agree, as a T-Mobile customer, the WiFi hotspot feature of a T-Mobile Sync Up is probably next to useless. It is a trivial matter to turn a phone into a hotspot if you need to get another device online. And since both devices are connecting to the T-Mobile network, where ever your phone lacks connectivity, so to will your car. T-Mobile has been improving their network, sure, but there are still a lot of rural area where T-Mobile simply doesn’t work. Personally, as a T-Mobile customer, I would probably try checking with AT&T or Verizon to see about getting their counterpart. Then you can augment your coverage, just in case you find yourself somewhere in the country and need to get online.

      That said, I think the diagnostics feature would probably be the device’s top feature. Sure, it’s not something you’d likely need to access frequently. But it’d be nice to know why the check engine light just popped on. Is it something trivial – like you didn’t tighten the gas cap enough or is the engine about to blow up?

      As to location tracking, yes, you can share your location with Google Maps. But this would help if your car is stolen. Assuming the thief doesn’t pop the device out of the port, you’d be able to pull up where the car is and relay that information to the police. Something you can’t do on Google Maps.

      And according to T-Mobile’s website, the device also comes with Roadside Assistance at no extra cost. Again, you hopefully may not need to make use of this feature often, but when you do, I’m sure you’ll be glad you have it.

      SyncUp DRIVE comes with Roadside Assistance from Allstate® Motor Club at no extra cost. That’s 24/7 assistance for lockouts, jumps, tire changes, tows and more, giving you peace of mind during those wintery treks and beyond.