Metro by T-Mobile charging $15 fee to change phones


Heads up, Metro by T-Mobile customers, because the next time that you change your device, you’ll be hit with a fee that you may have previously avoided.

Metro by T-Mobile is now charging a $15 fee plus taxes whenever a customer changes devices. The fee was spotted by users on Reddit and went into effect recently. Some folks say that this fee was always in place, but that you could easily get around it by contacting customer support.

While there haven’t been any official announcements about the fee from Metro by T-Mobile or T-Mo itself, Metro’s support account on Twitter has confirmed device change fee. As for why the fee is being charged, Metro’s support says that it’s being implemented “to keep pricing low.” I’ve reached out to T-Mobile for more info on the change and will update you with any details I get.

On Metro by T-Mobile, your SIM is linked to your phone’s IMEI, so you’ll need to contact customer service when you want to change phones. While consumers who don’t regularly switch phones won’t encounter this fee all that often, Metro users who do like to change phones will now be assessed a $15 fee each time they do, which could add up.

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Sources: Reddit (1), (2), (3)

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  • Francisco Peña

    dck move

  • Peter Hapeman

    That is absolutely terrible.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Yup, I was already on the fence about not being able to merely insert sim but this made me decide

  • T Redd

    Wow.. terrible move.

    • dl_crash

      Agreed! how very Verizon of them.

  • JoRey

    Metro is GSM based. It was already bad enough that i had to call every time i got a new phone or sent my phone in for repairs. Now i have to pay 15 dollars? Not to mention that the new plans are not competitive. Looks like im going to look into cricket or maybe sprint…..

  • Johny M

    T-Mobilel, the Verizon of 2019.

  • dcmanryan

    I would expect nothing less from the uncarrier. T-Mobile has become a joke and it’s only going to get worse. Keep poking your customers with a stick and see what happens eventually T-Mobile as something better always comes along eventually and they’re forgetting quick who’s got the power.

  • Acdc1a

    Good thing they use different branding…oh, wait…

  • JStatt

    The build out of 5G is very capital intensive. It’s clear that T-Mobile has decided the days of low cost low margin profits are over and they want to become one of the higher margin players like Verizon. I was onboard with the Sprint merger, but seeing moves like this, even though it’s Metro, makes me rethink my position.

  • Jason Caprio

    This is the most CARRIER move I’ve ever seen. Nickle and Diming customers at its finest. Although people with half a brain know they can avoid this by simply buying an unlocked phone elsewhere and popping in their metro sim.

    • Robert Roll

      except when the system Matches your SIM to a IMEI and when the IMEI changes because you moved the sim to a new device with a different IMEI it auto charges you or it wont let the device on the network.

      • Jason Caprio

        You’ve got to be kidding me! Even Verizon doesn’t pull that crap. You have to wonder how much extra money the company is pulling in from this shady practice. We’re talking millions of dollars!

        • Acdc1a

          That’s been Metro’s gift to GSM since they made the switch from CDMA…

      • Bklynman

        Wow,that answer my question I put up on top,but I will leave it there anyway so others can reply to it. Glad I never switch over to Metro!

  • NardVa

    Can you avoid the fee by making the phone change through the website (no phone rep involved)? This is almost as dumb as T-Mobile charging $25 for a sim card.

    • Oscar Ayala

      Can’t avoid the fee. I tried in person and on the phone with 3 reps.

    • NardVa I agree

  • GracefullyParanoid

    That is quite possibly the dumbest policy I have ever seen implemented. The one of the best features of GSM is being able to swap the sim into a different device when you wanted. Maybe their internal polls tell them this won’t effect many customers, but the ones it will effect will leave.

  • Jason

    The “uncarrier” is becoming more and carrier! I never had a fee before changing phones. I get unlocked phones before and swap out sims without cost at all. Loved T-Mobile back when they started the “uncarrier” movement. Now T-mobile Metro brand wants to stick it to their existing customers with this fee? Getting to be as bad as the airlines baggage fees. This got me wondering if I should start to look at others since we are getting jerked around more and more by T-Mobile.

  • James Smith

    This kind of crap is already happening and the Sprint merger hasn’t even been finalized yet. Its not like they can even justify this with their objectively inferior network.

    • GinaDee

      Has absolutely nothing to do with the merger. You’re just projecting.

      This fee sucks but this is a fee Metro is imposing to defray costs (aka cash grab). Postpaid carriers do similar tactics with activation fees and upgrades.

  • theromfather

    Anti-Consumer move, and a dumb one at that. I used to be neutral on the merger happening, but now I’m hoping it doesn’t go through because they’re already acting less and less “uncarrier”-like

  • Nionx

    If or when T-Mobile implements a similar practice I’ll be finished with them. I have alot of devices and enjoy the freedom of being able to switch to whatever device fits my mood. If I had to pay every time I moved my sim that could easily be $60 a week! I feel its bound to happen.

    • riverhorse

      It was already bad on Metro, having to call in just to be allowed to switch sim.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    So that’s the new uncarrier move? SMH

    • Moby

      Metro isn’t the uncarrier. T-Mobile is.

      • Pak T

        But Metro *is* T-mobile. Different branding and customer base, but still the same company,

        • steadymobb

          Yes but not same plans and uncarrier philosophy. They’re still a bit different

  • jdubtrey

    “Some folks say that this fee was always in place, but that you could easily get around it by contacting customer support.”

    I don’t agree with that wording on their part. We weren’t “getting around” the fee. Instead, dealers would charge you for the swap, while the call center wouldn’t.

    I’m ok with dealers charging you for their time…though really, why is the phone tied to the sim at all?

    People online who claim to be dealers actually think this is a just policy. lol

  • riverhorse

    This is not terribly surprising following other fees and procedures that have always existed…from the fee to pay bill, to obligating the purchase of a new sim whenever upgrading phone to not being able to swap out phones without calling.
    Metro is still a better deal than Tmo for the money, although that gap is constantly narrowing .

    • jdubtrey

      I can understand why we pay a fee to remit payment to a CS rep or dealer. We are paying for someone’s time and there’s an automated way that avoids that labor.

      However, not only does metro make us clumsily sync up phones with sim cards, but now we actually have to pay someone for the inconvenience. That makes no sense for a company that considers itself progressive.

      • riverhorse

        Just to clarify, I wasn’t sticking up for Metro and don’t disagree with you.
        IF I ever buy a phone from Metro, IF they ever get around to adding a worthwhile phone, I will insist on NOT being forced to both buy a new sim AND pay this fee.
        More and more Teltik is looking very, very attractive.

  • Bklynman

    In other words,if someone buy use phone or unlock phone,already customer of Metro,they still have pay this $15.00? If someone gives them a phone still have pay this $15.00?

    • Moby

      Yes, of course.

  • MJ

    Because of this I ported my Number I switch phones lot, I can’t afford to everytime I switch, METROPCS become a greedy, thanks

  • matt

    i often put my iPad sim card in my amazon fire phone to get the text message so i can get tmobile tuesday on my iPad! i would hate to have to pay a 15 dollar fee each time i wanted an extra donuts card

  • Pak T

    Why do they tie the SIM to the device? That is not only unnecessary but also ruins one of the key advantages of a SIM based system. Hopefully they don’t try to pull that crap on their postpaid T-Mobile customers.

  • Guys, for everyone who is getting offended and crying out with pitchforks and torches, look at it this way. The new Metro plans now include Prime. I’ve already saved $22 bucks the last 2 months thanks to the new plan. In another 2 or 3 months if and when I decide to change my phone it’ll cost me $15 bucks, which still puts me ahead $32.96 after 4 months of free Prime. Look at the bigger picture, not the smaller one. Even if you change your phone every other month, you’re still coming out ahead.

    • Pak T

      Paying $15 each time you want to move your SIM to another device is NOT coming out ahead. Way back in the early days of GSM phones this was one of the selling points of a SIM based system. Unlike Verizon and other carriers at the time where the phone number was tied to a physical device, your number was tied to a SIM card that could be moved to any other phone you wanted to use and it was all transparent.

      Want to use that older model because you are going to the beach and don’t want to take your flagship new model with you? No problem, just put the sim in the older model and put it back in the flagship when you get back home. Metro apparently will charge you a $30 round trip of fees to do that which is a plain and blatant rip off.

  • Oscar Ayala

    So I got a response on twitter from metro about this stupid fee and apparently they are letting you swap the device for free by dialing *228 and use their IVR
    Check out