Samsung Galaxy S10 units begin arriving for pre-order customers


Just as expected, T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S10 are receiving their phones ahead of the official launch date.

The Galaxy S10 series is now arriving for customers who pre-ordered from T-Mobile and Samsung. TmoNews readers Derek, Ninos, and Mr P got their phones today, as did several folks on Reddit.

T-Mobile regularly ships out flagship Android phones ahead of their official launch date, including several past Samsung Galaxy models. But while it may not be a surprise to see Galaxy S10s arriving on doorsteps today, it’s still pretty exciting to get your shiny new phone before it’s officially available to the public.

Did you get pre-order a Galaxy S10 and get it today? If so, what do you think of it so far?

Thanks, Derek, Ninos, and Mr P!


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  • HeatFan786

    Did anyone not receive a case in their S10/10+/10e box?

    • Praisedeath

      No case, comes with a plastic screen protector, pre installed.

      • HeatFan786

        Interesting because it seems like the international versions come with it.

  • Philly Jim

    You know It……….128 white

  • Philly Jim


  • thundergato84

    They shipped the Galaxy Buds at the same time? I thought they ran out?

    • Joe P

      They only shipped the Buds if you order from Samsung’s website. If you ordered from T-Mobile, you have to use the Shop Samsung app to redeem the Buds offer.

  • We got ours. How do we redeem the Galaxy Buds?

    • Joe P

      Go to the Shop Samsung app, and select My Inbox from the top left menu. Log into/ create a Samsung account, and it should have the offer available to you there. I entered my address and phone number and got a verification that my Buds will ship the week of 3/18.

      • Stanislaus Zbyszko

        If you used a different email than your Samsung account, you need to upload a pic of the email or receipt showing that your ordered early.

  • I got my S10+ yesterday….Along with my Galaxy Buds…WooT =D

  • John Crisp

    I have the same status on my preorder. I was told today that the people that ordered on the day pre-orders started on 2/20, those people will be getting there devices first. Everyone else, the phones are on backorder due to high demand.

    • leo98918

      This is just not the way to do things. People pre-order to ENSURE they get their product on the release date. This way the won’t be SOL when they walk into stores later on and the store is sold out, which then the customer would have to wait until the stock gets replenished.

      If there was such a high demand, then they should have closed the pre-orders. Instead, they left them open and let people continue to order. This way, Samsung could say they had x amount of pre-orders, yet not all of them were fulfilled.

      Also, if people receive their pre-orders too late, they won’t be able to redeem their bonus of the Galaxy Buds/$130 Voucher.

      Those who didn’t pre-order early, where they get the Buds sent with their phone, have to redeem them through the Samsung Shop app with the ACTUAL pre-ordered device to get the offer.

      • Goober

        My pre-order is also back ordered until 3/27 – 4/19… So if I get my S10 after the promotion period for the free Galaxy Buds, am I just screwed? Is T-Mobile doing anything to offset screwing people over?

        • Todd Solomon

          Mine said that timeframe as well…..just got the email a little while ago that said I will have it TOMORROW!!!!! Check your email!!!!!

        • leo98918

          Mine still shows the same…. FML. I’m pretty upset. The T-Mobile Rep did NOT tell me that it would be shipping on such-and-such date. I found out later the following day when I checked the order status.

        • leo98918

          Don’t know, and I don’t think so. The offer is from Samsung themselves, I think T-Mobile, along with other carriers, are just along for the ride of it. They advertise the S10/+/e pre-order bonus, then Samsung reaps the rewards of high sales and advertisement of their Galaxy Buds.

  • Same here. It’s some BS.

  • Victor Burns

    I got my S10 plus from T-Mobile on Tuesday the 5th. I love it so far first thing I did was redeem the free Galaxy buds offer shipping the week of March 18th.