Samsung Galaxy S10 begins shipping to pre-order customers


Good news, Galaxy S10 pre-order customers: It looks like you’ll get your shiny new smartphone ahead of its public launch date.

Several T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered a Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e are now receiving notifications that their order has shipped. A TmoNews tipster says that their Galaxy S10 has been shipped and has an estimated delivery date of tomorrow, March 6th, and many T-Mo customers on Reddit are reporting the same thing.


Samsung has begun shipping Galaxy S10 units to pre-order customers, too. Another TmoNews source says that Samsung shipped their T-Mobile Galaxy S10+ yesterday and that the device is expected to arrive on March 6th.

T-Mobile often ships out new Android flagships to customers a day or two before their official launch date, and it’s exciting to see that that’s continuing with the Galaxy S10 series. Not only does it mean that pre-order customers get their phones a bit earlier than expected, but it’s also pretty cool to have a device before its release date.

If you pre-ordered a Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e, has your device shipped yet?

Thanks, Carlos and Mr P!

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  • WT

    I got my shipped confirmation yesterday and schedule delivery by tomorrow. When I preordered mine it said shipped by Mar 15th but I guess I’m in luck. I dont think Samsung sent the ear buds along with the phone.

    • StevenM

      I believe you have to request the earbuds from the Shop Samsung app in the phone once it is received.

      • WT

        I saw someone else who post the screen shot of their shipping confirmation and ear buds showed on their cart as shipped along with the phone in same package. I bought unlocked version from samsung.

        • StevenM

          That’s great! I’d really like to have a pair. Just another good reason to buy unlocked from Samsung, but I have JoD so I can always have the new models when they come out and not worry about the balance on the old one.

        • g2a5b0e

          Just another good reason to buy ***directly*** from Samsung.

          You still get the same perks if you order a carrier version directly from Samsung.

        • Bemi

          I’m JOD 1.0 I only get the note. I hope they do the ear buds if not I’ll just buy it. I always upgrade to every new note. How does that work with Do I have to pay it off or will they let me trade it in before? I’d like to hear it from someone who actually does it through them. This I just jumped to the note 9 in November.with tmobile.

        • g2a5b0e

          I do the same thing. With Samsung’s financing, you can trade in your current phone and do 2 years interest free. The value of your current phone will come off the price of the new phone, but you will need to pay whatever you still owe on the current phone once you make the trade.

  • Stephen J. Sundberg

    I wasn’t even charged yet! :(

    • StevenM

      I’d say there’s an issue and it may be good to check in with T-Mobile. I ordered last Monday, several days after the pre-order opened. My card was charged on Sunday and the expected delivery date is tomorrow.

      • Stephen J. Sundberg

        I ordered on March 1st so I think I’ll be getting mine last…maybe tomorrow.

  • Thomas Baker

    Got my shipping notification and tracking info today as well…will be delivered tomorrow
    S10+ 128GB in White

  • Kirk Lange

    Mine still says shipping 3/8-3/15 but fingers crossed .Pre-ordered Pink S10e 128gb .

  • Joe P

    My Prism White 128GB S10 will be here tomorrow.

    • vinnyjr

      That’s the color I want. Getting the S10 with 512gb of internal-storage. What a beast‼️

  • Manbearpig

    I miss the days of getting them like 5 or 6 days before

  • Flaco Fernandez

    I pre-ordered the S10+ in Ceramic Black 512GB from Tmobile on 2/21 and UPS will deliver tomorrow. Cant wait

    • Jay Holm

      I hope you get good use out of it, and keep it for a long time, that is the benefit of having such a well specced, and we’ll equipped smartphone with 512GB….

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    Ours will be here tomorrow

  • Jay Holm

    Anyone ordering the S10+ 12GB/1TB variant? I’m curious…

    • Tommy Bayshore

      Hey Jay, i did, in black. Hoping it shows up today!

      • Jay Holm

        Awesome!!!! Considering how well specced, and well equipped the S10+ 12GB/1TB variant is, I hope you hold on to it for a long time!!! And get good use out of it.

    • Ruben Acuna

      I ordered the 8GB/512GB variant. I was going to go for that one, but that’s a lot of memory that one might not utilize to it’s max. I currently have the s9+ and the phone is flawless with it’s current 6GB/64GB with an additional 128GB micro sd.

      • Jay Holm

        I have the LG G7, with 64GB internal, and 256GB Samsung microsd I biubou recenrlr for $48. I am very happy with my current smartphone.

        • Ruben Acuna

          If you make the decision, you will definitely love the increase of RAM memory which ever variant you go for. Best of luck!

  • Corey King

    Anyone try redeeming the Galaxy buds yet?

    • WT

      I just got email from Samsung its processed and will notify when shipped.

    • Flaco Fernandez

      Hey Corey you can only do so once you have the device, then download the Samsung app on to your phone. Once you log in it will register and tell if you are eligible to order them. I Received my S10 on Wednesday and ordered my buds right away but I wont get them until late March. Im pretty sure everyone that pre-ordered are doing the same. Only thing that sucks is that the Buds are only as supplies last.

  • BikerD82

    Getting my S10+ in Blue later today but unfortunately my wife’s in the pink is delayed and wont be shipped until next week looks like. :/

  • Matt Macaluso

    Out for Delivery!

  • Aaron Lafferty

    Mine just hit my doorstep. S10 White. Has anyone figured out how to redeem the offer for the ear buds? I thought i saw someone say something about the Samsung store app.

  • Timothy Dolan

    Anyone here getting their phones shipped actually order them from the Samsung Store directly? Preordered mine through there, and still has not shipped even though the phone released for general sales today. Customer service is no help, says it will ship by the 15th…