T-Mobile confirms it’s spent $195,000 at Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel following Sprint merger announcement


Following the news last month that T-Mobile CEO John Legere and other T-Mo executives stayed at a hotel owned by President Trump following the announcement of their merger with Sprint, more details on the T-Mo execs’ stays have come out.

T-Mobile has confirmed that it’s spent approximately $195,000 at Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel ever since the T-Mobile-Sprint merger was announced in April 2018. Anthony Russo, T-Mobile’s VP of federal legislative affairs, confirmed the info in a letter to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) after they asked questions about T-Mobile execs’ patronage at the hotel. The $195,000 covered costs related to a meeting space, catering, business center services, audio/visual equipment rental, lodging, meals, taxes, and other expenses.

Russo also confirmed that prior to the announcement of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, two T-Mo execs each had one overnight stay at Trump’s Washington hotel. Following the announcement of the merger, though, The Washington Post reports that internal hotel documents show T-Mobile executives staying at least 52 nights.

Russo goes on to explain that the amount that T-Mobile spent at Trump’s hotel represents about 14 percent of the $1.4 million that T-Mobile paid at Washington D.C. hotels during the same period. T-Mo spent nearly $750,000 at Hilton hotels in the Washington D.C. area during the same time.

“I want to reiterate, as we indicated in our initial response, that T-Mobile respects the regulatory review process underway concerning our pending merger with Sprint. The Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission are giving this transaction a thorough and objective analysis,” Russo wrote in his letter. “While we understand that staying at Trump properties might be viewed positively by some and negatively by others, we are confident that the relevant agencies address the questions before them on the merits.”

T-Mobile CEO John Legere previously issued a statement on this matter when news of T-Mo execs staying at Trump’s D.C. hotel first came out. “Wow – A lot of attention on where I choose to stay in DC. I’ve said many times that I respect this process and am working to get our merger done the right way,” Legere said. “I trust regulators will make their decision based on the benefits it will bring to the US, not based on hotel choices.”

The proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is still being reviewed by the FCC and DoJ. T-Mobile has said that it remains confident that the deal will be approved in the first half of 2019.

Source: The Washington Post

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  • Doggo

    Who cares?

    • monkeysoup

      Exactly. I don’t care if T-Mobile spent $1M staying there. Good for them. I hope they got a good night’s rest.

    • The Washington Post apparently cares. No one else does though.

  • Jason Caprio

    This is “Trump Derangement Syndrome” at its finest.

    • Kurt Frost

      Why would you name a syndrome after an obviously deranged person?

      • slybacon

        The proof is in the pudding, Kurt.

  • Nate

    All in all, that’s a pretty decent chunk of cash spent for Hotels stays and usage of. I think I am in the wrong business.

  • Magenta Oaks

    Evil Orange Man Bad?!

  • MagicMiguel

    This is how you do business in Washington.

  • Acdc1a

    Did it occur to anyone that this is the closest hotel to the hearing rooms? It should.

  • Deadeye37

    OMG! T-mo dropped $200K at Trumps hotel for merger discussion! They’re trying to buy the merger approval!

    …..wait they spent $750K at Hilton for the same thing? THEY’RE TRYING TO GET PARIS HILTON TO BE THEIR LOBBIEST!!!

    That’s the best impression that I could do for a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist.

    Funny thing is that even if there were ‘bribes’ involved to Trump, I don’t think he would have any say for getting the merger approved since its the different commissions that would approve this and aside from Trump’s angry twitter account, he doesn’t seem to be their puppet master.

  • mikeZo6

    CEO stay only in the BEST what else do u except GOOD for u Tmo

  • Gardo

    Fanboys, Fanboys everywhere!! If you don’t see a problem in this, you are part of the problem.

    • slybacon

      What’s the problem, exactly?

  • Robert Roll

    never mind the name of the hotel if its a nice hotel and close to the hearings and cost wise competitive to everything else around then who cares.

  • Phil

    Hmm TmoNews has some TDS reporting going on.

    • Android_God

      You trumptards are so easily baited

  • so what ?!!

  • Hmm Washington Post. Not exactly a surprise there. They’re really good at beating a dead horse to push their agenda.

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  • slybacon

    That’s probably because Trump said T-Mobile was trash back then. Just a friendly dispute.

  • Android_God

    This really TRIGGERED all the TrumpTards!

  • teaReactor

    Legere has stayed at Trump hotels before, in fact, Trump and Legere had that big Twitter spat over it years back. It’s not new but everything is meant to have an agenda these days. Crossing the street could be a political statement.

  • steveb944

    “T-Mo spent nearly $750,000 at Hilton hotels in the Washington D.C. area during the same time.”

    Why isn’t this in the title? Shows it’s no big deal.

    • NapoPeb

      Is the Hilton corporation’s CEO currently the person in charge of adjudicating whether their merger is approved? Oh? They’re not? Doh. Keep up.

      • steveb944

        And Trump isn’t either.

        • NapoPeb

          Actually, he is. He heads the Government that oversees this merger. Be in no doubt he is.

  • vinnyjr

    U have to stay somewhere That hotel is the best in town, I’ve stayed there. VERY CLASSY.

  • Adam

    Only $195K vs $750K, no wonder the guy is has a history business troubles. He should have stuck to his original strategy of living off government handouts with section 8.

  • Remember when Legere and Trump had a Twitter fight and Legere said he’d never stay at a Trump hotel? My, how times have changed.