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T-Mobile kicks off third line free promotion

That $200 switcher offer isn’t the only new deal that T-Mobile has rolled out recently. T-Mobile today kicked off a new third line free promotion. With this deal, you’ll get a third line free when you join with two qualifying lines. A Magenta or Magenta Plus plan is required. Existing customers who have a single line can take advantage of this promo by adding a second line and then they’ll get a third line … [read full article]

Some T-Mobile customers having issues with HD video streaming, but a fix is being worked on

This week, some T-Mobile customers have been having issues with video streaming apps like YouTube or Netflix, experiencing buffering issues on anything higher than 480p resolution even if they pay for a One Plus or Magenta Plus add-on with HD streaming. It was suggested that this could be happening to heavy data users who surpass T-Mobile’s 50GB deprioritization threshold, but we’ve now¬†gotten some info about what’s going on. TmoNews has learned … [read full article]

T-Mo renames T-Mobile One plan to Magenta, makes a couple of changes

T-Mobile is making two big announcements today, and the first is related to its T-Mobile One rate plan. The T-Mobile One plan is now Magenta. The name change isn’t the only thing different about the new plan, though, because Magenta also includes 3GB of high-speed 4G LTE mobile hotspot usage per line followed by unlimited 3G hotspot use. The T-Mobile One had no 4G LTE hotspot usage unless you upgraded to T-Mobile One Plus. Speaking … [read full article]