T-Mobile continues to maintain network and expand capacity despite coronavirus


T-Mobile and Sprint closed their merger a couple of weeks ago, but with the coronavirus pandemic, some folks might be worried that T-Mo’s network improvements may be delayed. T-Mobile says that that’s not the case.

T-Mobile today said that its network build continues to be “on track” despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak thanks to its “heroic teams that are working so hard to keep pushing forward.” In its statement to FierceWireless, T-Mo added that it’s working to both maintain the network and expand network capacity, both LTE and 5G.

The carrier didn’t waste any time deploying the mid-band 5G spectrum it gained from the Sprint merger, with T-Mobile’s Neville Ray confirming that it was already rolling out those airwaves in Philadelphia the same day that the merger was completed.

Those efforts continue today even though the coronavirus is affecting many people and their ability to work. T-Mobile said that its team is has “already hit the ground running and are looking to immediately begin deploying more mid-band spectrum across the US so we can bring the world’s most transformative 5G network to the US as fast as possible.”

In the weeks since the merger’s close, one of the biggest questions on people’s minds has been about when T-Mobile will begin integrated Sprint’s network into its existing coverage. T-Mo has said that it expects it to take around 3 years to fully integrate the two networks, but I’m sure lots of people will be pleased to hear that the ongoing situation with the coronavirus isn’t impeding T-Mobile’s effort to continue improving its network and working to roll out mid-band spectrum.

Source: FierceWireless

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  • Shaun Michalak

    This actually does not surprise me.. When you think about it, they are working on towers and stuff.. They are not working close to the general public.. Not only that, but how can the government say that cell service is not “essential”?? You need cell service for emergency calls, etc.. Saying that you want that emergency service up, but you are not essential, so you can not work kind of contradicts itself.. not to mention, how can you say, it is OK for you to install a new antenna if lightning destroys it, but you can not do it to increase coverage.. It is a contradiction since it is doing the same exact thing.. So why would anyone think that this would stop the updates and expansions??

  • Glenn Gore

    Nice update video from Neville on Twitter in which he says that despite record data usage and the fact that they are allowing ALL customers to have unlimited data right now, speeds customers see are continuing to rise as a result of the good work they are doing. This just adds further fuel to the idea that data caps are not necessary at all, serve no function other than to enrich a company’s coffers, and should not be turned back on after all this Coronavirus mess is over.

    • marque2

      Wait until they have to give back the borrowed spectrum. Then we will need data caps again. Plus I don’t think we have reached max usage when something is offered free. It takes a few months.

      • Glenn Gore

        I don’t think the additional spectrum will make any difference. I could be wrong, though. Plus, when people do go back to work, that will take a huge amount of pressure off the carriers’ networks, making data caps even less necessary. Some of the carriers are now saying that their data-usage spikes have now leveled off.

  • Willie D

    The speed tests in San Francisco pushing 2.5mbps says otherwise.

    • SparklingCyanide

      i consistently get 150 to 200Mbps regularly everywhere i go in Michigan, not sure what’s wrong with San Francisco…… i mean, it is California after all tho, soooo yeahhhh lol

      • I take it you never leave the metro area… Hell even here there’s plenty of dead spots and areas of only a few meg.

        They’ve definitely improved over the last few years but if you seriously get that kind of speed you must not go many places or use it on the road.

  • SparklingCyanide

    Although there has been no 0fficial announcement of them turning it on, i
    have been receiving a 5G signal on my GS20Ultra, in a lot of suburbs in
    the Metro Detroit are. Magenta is definitely working quickly on this, i
    love it. they’re testing it out everywhere, it seems around me