T-Mobile shares merger FAQ, says it’s not making changes to Sprint customers’ plans


Today T-Mobile and Sprint officially completed their merger, nearly two years after the deal was first announced. As you might expect when combining two of the biggest carriers in the US, customers have lots of questions about what will happen now, and so T-Mo has posted a FAQ to try and answer them.

One of the major reasons that T-Mobile is merging with Sprint is to combine the two networks into one better network. And while T-Mo is already hard at work integrating the two networks — Neville Ray confirmed today that T-Mo is already deploying mid-band 5G spectrum in Philadelphia — T-Mobile says that it expects it to take around 3 years to fully integrate the two networks. That means that for now, T-Mobile customers and Sprint customers will continue to use two distinct networks.

T-Mo isn’t making any changes to Sprint customers’ plans today, which also means that benefits like Hulu and Tidal will remain. T-Mobile has committed to offering the same or better rate plans to Sprint and T-Mo customers for at least three years. For now, Sprint customers will continue to visit the same retail stores and access the same customer service if they need assistance.

T-Mobile does say that it’s preparing its stores and employees to serve legacy Sprint and T-Mo customers and that existing Sprint customers may soon see updated branding on their bills. Additionally, T-Mo is “working on ways to make it easy to migrate Sprint customers who wish to do so.”

When it comes to devices, both T-Mobile and Sprint will continue to launch new devices as they become available from manufacturers. The two carriers will continue to sell separate devices that work on each network, but T-Mobile is working toward offering a unified device portfolio. T-Mo says that “many newer Sprint devices will be compatible with elements of the T-Mobile network.”

Some existing T-Mobile devices are ready to work with Sprint’s 2.5GHz mid-band spectrum when T-Mo integrates it into its network. Those include the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, the Galaxy S20 series, and the LG V60 ThinQ.

T-Mo assures current customers that nothing is changing for them right now. Like Sprint customers, T-Mobile says it’s not making any changes to its customers plans today and that benefits like Netflix on Us and T-Mobile Tuesdays will continue to stick around.

You can check out the full FAQ for yourself at the link below.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • John Galt

    Let’s get transparent roaming between networks ASAP. Western NH/MA and South Eastern/ Western VT will really benefit from Sprint.

  • marque2

    Apparently my LG V30 supports 2.5ghz which is odd since the phone is three years old and Noone use that band back then. Hmm.

    • Trevnerdio

      Not 2.5GHz NR though, only 4G LTE 2.5

    • BobbieDooley

      I met a few Sprint engineers last month at a hotel. They were from Texas and upgrading and deploying 2.5Ghz.

      Sure enough, I went to my rental car and also ran a SpeedTest. I was getting 150-200Mb/s. When I went back inside, I bought the Sprint guys a beer at the hotel lounge.

  • HangmanSwingset

    You’re probably feeling all the “non-essentials” staying home. Right now isn’t the best time to gauge network performance since many people are on their home WiFi.

  • terryo

    Sadly, with 5G and Covid-19 expanded local data use my download speeds have horribly diminished. Was hoping for better T-Mobile, not worse!

    • marque2

      Everyone is experiencing occasional lags in internet speed due to everyone working/gaming/watching movies at home due to Wuhan Virus. It isn’t just a T-Mobile thing. I have had more glitches with my land ISP as well.

      • Ryanide

        It’s due to the Covid-19 Corona-virus…
        No need to bring politics to a simple website chat.

        • marque2

          The politics is from you, not me. I just stated why internet is lagging.

          I suspect you don’t like it called Wuhan virus but all viruses are named after the location they were discovered until this one, after one political party started complaining, and until only recently. Not sure why you are bringing that up because you knew that, right?

    • Mike Thaler

      Cellular internet access was never meant to replace home internet.

  • dcmanryan

    Enjoy it while you can because I’m certain it will go away eventually.

  • mingkee

    Few unlocked Moto phones have both T-Mobile and Sprint LTE bands so they’re good to go