Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra now available for pre-order from T-Mobile


You can now pre-order Samsung’s next big thing.

The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are now available for pre-order from T-Mobile. Pricing for the Galaxy S20 starts at $0 down and $41.67 per month on EIP and $249.99 down and $30 per month on JOD, while the S20+ starts at $0 down and $50 per month on EIP and $449.99 down and $28 per month on JOD. The S20 Ultra starts at $0 down and $58.34 per month on EIP and $649.99 down and $26 per month on JOD.

You can find the full pricing rundown for Samsung’s Galaxy S20 phones right here.

When it comes to deals, T-Mobile customers will have a few offers available and all of them will be available to new and existing customers. T-Mo will give you up to $500 off any Galaxy S20 series device when you trade in an eligible smartphone.

If you’re looking for two phones, there’s a BOGO deal that’ll get you up to $1,000 off a second Galaxy S20 series phone when you buy one. Both phones must be purchased on EIP and existing customers will need a new line of service, while new customers must add two lines of service.

Finally, customers can get up to $200 in credit when they buy a Galaxy S20 series phone.

More details on these three deals can be found here.

The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are all compatible with T-Mobile’s nationwide low-band 5G network, and the S20+ and S20 Ultra also support T-Mo’s mmWave 5G network. Spec details for all three phones can be found here.

T-Mobile stores will have the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra starting on March 6th. We have seen pre-order customers receive their new Samsung phones a few days ahead of the official launch date in the past, and while there’s no guarantee that that’ll be the case this time around, it is definitely a possibility.

If you pre-order a Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra, let us know which model you chose!

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  • Vizzy

    I got the s20 ultra Zero down w/ eip $58 monthly, taxes with overnight shipping $175 Better then the $600+ for a down payment. Pre ordered the Grey s20 ultra 256

    • Derek Van

      How? I cant find any options on their site for zero down. Help! lol

      • Scooter Da Champ

        U has to add a line to get zero down

        • Vizzy

          No jod on eip monthly

      • Michael Carter

        It depends on your T-Mobile credit score and available credit on your account. I was able to purchase the S20+ for only taxes down $50/mo.

  • Linx

    If these are going to be flagship prices, T-Mobile should really consider different tiers of down payments to monthly payments for those that don’t want to put upwards of $800 down.

    • Erran

      The down payment goes towards the price of the phone. If you want a lower monthly payments you have to put down more money in the beginning. Now what you really are trying to say is getting extend monthly terms like 36 months instead of 24 which TMobile does sometimes and might do it again with new devices.

      • Android_God

        If you need to spread the cost of your phone out by 36 months you have made poor life choices

  • carlos quintanilla

    $500 for a note 10+. wasnt it going to be $600 or $700?

    • mikkej2k

      Going through Samsung I received $600 for my s10

  • mikkej2k

    Go through Samsung directly. You can finance AND get a T-Mobile phone. If you preorder you would’ve received $225 in Samsung store credits. So I get the Buds+ paid for.

    By T-Mobile phone I mean a T-Mobile branded Galaxy s20.

  • Lefty88

    Went through T-Mobile. I’ve had a JUMP plan with them in the past, and have good payment history with them.Purchased on a EIP. After I logged in they had all the Samsung phones available to me with 0 down. I got the Ultra and just had to pay the sales tax, (10.1% in Washington) so $141 up front with roughly $58 dollars a month.

    Would have gone through Samsung, but they pull a credit check, which I did not want on my history.

  • James Jones

    I purchased the S20 Ultra in Cosmic Grey on the EIP. I have JOD, but they require a large down payment. So in all, when the Phone Ships, I will pay $92.75 (Taxes) and my monthly payments are $58.34 for 24 Months. Since it’s a preorder, I was given free express shipping, and they waived the $20 Upgrade fee since my plan is grandfathered and can not order online.

    • Android_God

      $1400 for a phone? YIKES.

      • James Jones

        ABSOLUTELY! I/People will spend money how they see fit, do what you will with your money…

        • Android_God

          $1400 for a phone? YIKES!

        • dcmanryan

          Your attitude and iPhone fan boys are what’s made this the norm and it is ridiculous. The only say we have is with our wallet and if a ton of people pay $1400 for a phone expect the next version to be more (iPhone 11 cheaper than the XR is a very rare occasion). I still buy newer flagship phones but never even close to retail or used. Phones not named iPhone will have discounts within months of release.

        • Jacob

          After months of release some of us will be trading this phone in with great value for the Note series, so future discounting is of no concern. $700 trade in value through Samsung for my Note 10+ towards my S20 Ultra, which I only paid $500 for after trading my S10+. Stay current and the price isn’t so bad.

    • Nice, I put down $650 plus tax for JOD and my EIP Payments are 25.00. Im still happy with that.

      • Linx

        I was considering doing that, but doing the math Jump would ultimately cost $962 vs. $700 with no deposit if the plan is to Jump to the next S device in 2021.

        It does obviously increase the monthly bill, but it depends on what most important to the individual.

      • Mike

        it’s basically better to trade in and get $500 off or sell your phone yourself. With JOD your paying $900 in 12 months. I’m getting the S20 ultra 128GB MSRP is $1,399 with my trade in it’ll be $699 after the Samsung $200 credit. So basically with JOD your spending more to lease a phone.

        • Deez Nutz

          I believe the Samsung credit is only for the Samsung store, unlike the trade-in credit, which you can use with a mobile payment app or anywhere online that takes MasterCard.

        • Mike

          You can redeem the credit instantly at checkout in the Samsung store. Only thing is Samsung does a hard credit pull.

    • Mike Sage

      How did they work that out with JOD? I’m considering jumping on the BOGO deal on EIP but not sure how it goes down when you have active JOD. Thanks in advance

      • James Jones

        From what I was told, Financing through EIP will not change your plan. The only setback of having EIP, is that you are actually buying the phone instead of leasing it with JOD/JUMP. From my understanding, You can choose your buying (EIP), or Leasing (JOD/JUMP) for any phone without risking changing your plan.

        * I guess if you think of it, when you buy your phone on EIP, you’ll own it in 24 months. However, when you want another phone afterwards you will be locking in to another EIP, or JOD/JUMP terms.

        • Vlad

          So you didn’t have JOD phone that you were paying for.
          You just purchased S20 on eip… That’s all and confused us all

        • Linx

          You can still purchase on Jump without a down payment. That will allow you to get a new device before paying off the S20 in full unlike the EIP by itself.

        • James Jones

          Oh! I purchased my device that was on JOD a few months ago. lol

          Now I understand! JOD is essentially useless to everyone who is currently in a lease now since you can’t end your JOD/JUMP. Can you JUMP to a cheapy phone than cost less than the down payment for the S20’s and just pay that phone off to escape the high down payments? That way you’re out of the Lease, and can move to a EIP for the S20’s?

    • Vlad

      Same question, how did you get off JOD?

  • Android_God

    OnePlus sent an email yesterday that you can get the OnePlus 7T for $250 on T-Mobile if you add a line!

    • Mike

      No one cares the S20 is what’s popping right now

    • Francisco Peña

      i don’t need no stinking additional line.

    • Bklynman

      I just check Tmo site,didn’t know they drop the price for this phone so low! $500!! That amazing! If Tmo does get decent midrange phones,most likely they will be over price.Just look at that midrange phone from Moto,Tmo sells for $350. The Lg midrange phone they were selling for $350.last yr,5.5 4/64.

  • riverhorse

    The buzz is that the 120hz refresh is a must buy at whatever the price.

  • Nate

    Did I miss the BOGO bandwagon? I’m only seeing the trade in offer on my end. I still plan on trading in an iPhone 7 Plus too, but wanted to double dip lol

    • WONDROUS5000

      you cannot get enhanced trade-in value in addition to a $1000-off phone. the 2 lines associated with the BOGO may not receive other promos.

  • shaun b

    Tried to order the s20 ultra.. And the 0 down was only for yesterday! 2/21/20.. As of today they want 649.00 down for the ultra..

    • Vlad

      What you talk about?
      0 down only for EIP
      650 is for JOD
      Which is a complete joke

  • Reagan1

    S20…debating on whether or not to dump my S9 for this.

    • The Great Brian First

      Some YouTube video said that this is noticeably faster than the 9 or 10.

      • Todd N.

        I am. I got screen burn in on my S9 so it’s time for a upgrade for me.

        • Reagan1

          Going thru TMO or with Samsung? I’m leaning towards S20 and TMO but looks like S9 is getting Android 10 next couple days. Decisions, decisions…..

        • Todd N.


  • The Great Brian First

    What’s wrong with making a phone your priority? Tens of millions make a giant extended truck their priority, and don’t do anything with contract work. They claim that they use the bed for furniture or camping. lol I saw a 75 year old get out of one of those turbo diesel, 6 wheel, four-door 3500 Dodge trucks. He was a Vietnam Vet.

  • Todd N.

    I didn’t go through Samsung because they did offer insurance coverage if you lose or your device is stolen.

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    Maybe a little bit off topic but T-Mobile just started charging card for the new phone

    • fgcchevy


    • Mine was charged and label created but no movement. Usually my shipments start moving late hrs of sun night and arrive monday but no dice this time.

  • AB Lopez

    I got charged. Ordered S20 Ultra cosmic gray

  • bisayan80

    Yup Same! Card has been charged! What ya’ll think? Are going to recieve the device by Monday? or maybe Tuesday?

    • Edwin Rodriguez

      Tuesday or maybe Wednesday

  • Ralph

    is TMobile trying to phase out JOD but claiming they’re not? $649.99 down payment on a phone s20 5G Ultra, when my down payment on note 10+ 5G was $149? I mean why pay for half the phone if you trade in 3 or 4 months from now? Also considering the down payment if you do EIP is $0