Select T-Mobile customers getting free Apple TV+ subscription for a year


Good news to T-Mobile customers! 

Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that they will be giving a free year subscription of Apple TV+ to select new and existing customers. 

The promotion will be exclusive to customers on Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta 55+, Magenta Military, Magenta First Responders, and other small T-Mobile for Business customers. The offer will also be extended to Sprint Unlimited Plus and Premium customers. The total value of the offer is $72 and will be available for a year only. Once the promotion ends, customers will have to end their subscription so they don’t get billed for it. 

“Customers love streaming at T-Mobile. In fact, it’s the #1 use of our network with over half of overall traffic— so of course, we’re expanding options for customers– bringing them the award-winning Apple TV+ for 12 months free, an offer only available from T-Mobile.” T-Mobile Consumer Group EVP, Jon Freier, said. 

“T-Mobile customers can now enjoy Apple TV+ for a full year, and watch right in the Apple TV app across all their favorite devices,” Apple’s VP of Services, Peter Stern, said. “Apple TV+ has the highest-rated originals of any streaming service, so we are excited that millions of T-Mobile customers will be able to take advantage of this offer.”

The free subscription offer will be available starting August 25th. To redeem the offer, you simply need to login to your T-Mobile app account. Sprint Unlimited Plus and Premium customers will need to login to and enter the 2021APPLETVP1 promo code to enjoy the offer. 

If you already have a subscription or trial account on Apple TV+, you can also enjoy the free 12 months offer. To know more, just visit T-Mobile’s page


Source: T-Mobile

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  • krisstofer

    Whoa, why can’t access Tmobile website as of this writing? hack again?

    • Joe

      Works fine here

    • mckillio

      Not working for me either.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Pretty shitty this doesn’t apply to people on grandfathered plans.

    • dcmanryan

      I agree but I’m paying $14/line on T-Mobile One with 5 of the 9 lines on the One Plus Promo. I’m saving way over $72 a month so I don’t feel to bad as the savings from one month will buy me a year of Apples garbage service if I choose that route.

      • AnthonyRyan89

        I’m on the classic simple choice $120 for 2 lines and $10 per added line. Which I’m saving a lot, would I like to get this yeah do I still use the service in my apple one bundle nah lol

  • signed up for mines.. painless

  • Don B.

    Doesn’t work with an AppleOne subscription :(

  • fromtheright

    No free Apple TV promo for ONE Plan Unlimited 55.

  • Ed Tranosky

    i am on the tmobile “one militaty” plan, it doesn’t say it is the magenta military plan. does anyone know if mine is qualified?

    • symsoul

      It is the same thing, Ed, according to a T-Mob rep I just spoke to and yours (ours) is qualified. He also claims that each T-Mob account is eligible for one Apple TV+ account with as many people allowed to stream it as there are numbers on your account (I’ve got 6). Just FYI.

  • nash2vic

    I got mine today. I’m on MAX plan

  • symsoul

    Does anyone know if this is for each line on your account or simply one Apple TV+ sub/account? I’m having a lot of difficulty getting through a few of the hurdles with the sign-up (i.e. Apple is telling me I’ve already obtained my promotion for this account).