Google Messages Will Soon Accept 911 Texts via RCS

Good news for those who prefer to send text messages over making calls. Google will soon allow 911 texts via RCS on Google Messages. 

As of this writing, only half of emergency dispatch centers in the country accept 911 alerts via SMS. By allowing these areas to accept 911 texts via RCS, features like read receipts and location sharing can be used. 

To make this happen, Google is working with RapidSOS. The company was already able to relay medical information to emergency responders via Android and iPhone devices. As soon as 911 texts via RCS will be available, the sender will be able to see read receipts and typing indicators from those in the emergency dispatch center. 

Obviously, read receipts is a great way of letting the sender know that his emergency message has been received. This assures them that help is coming soon. 

In the future, first responders will also be able to get higher-quality images and videos from RCS. The sender can also send his precise location, which is a big help during emergency situations. 

Source: The Verge

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