T-Mobile Says Removal of Google Authenticator App is Only Temporary

Mobile security plays an important role in today’s smartphones. With so many attempts for hacking and phishing, having an authenticator app for two-step verification is a must. But as T-Mobile customers noted, the Google Authenticator app has stopped working on their devices. This led them to believe that the Un-carrier is no longer offering this to its customers. 

With the Google Authenticator app gone, users are worried about their security, especially since their only option left is SMS authentication. PhoneArena reported that cyber security experts say this does not provide the same level of security as authenticator apps as they can be intercepted by cybercriminals. 

The users who first noticed the removal of the authenticator app thought that it would be gone for good. And if that were the case, T-Mo customers are getting more reasons why they should file a complaint with the FCC.

But in an update, T-Mobile shared that the Google Authenticator app was only taken down temporarily. Their statement reads:

“To make some updates we took the Google Authenticator down for a short period of time, but it will be back up shortly.”

Thankfully, T-Mobile customers will still be able to use this authentication option once the app is back. 

Source: PhoneArena

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