T-Mobile User Gets $24 Adjustment for Being Affected by Price Hike

With so many customers complaining about T-Mobile’s recent price hike, customers are already considering filing a complaint with the FCC. But as it turns out, there is a way you can have your Price Lock promise be honored by the Un-carrier.

As shared by a Reddit user, there is a way to have T-Mobile reverse the price hike and honor its Price Lock guarantee. The Redditor shared that he “called in about the price increases.” Since the customer had “4 lines and 2 watches,” the user pointed out the terms and conditions from T-Mobile’s 2017 “Un-Carrier Next” press release. The page, however, has already been deleted. 

With the request, T-Mobile decided to give a $24 adjustment on the user’s account. This shocked the user, as well as the other readers on the thread. PhoneArena suggests following this example but there are no guarantees that your request will have the same result.

Despite the $24 credit, the Redditor still plans to challenge the price hike in writing and do a small claims dispute, depending on what the letter will lead to.  

Source: PhoneArena

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