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Trouble with the Memoir browser??


So its a little bit of good news mixed in with a little bit of bad news. Noah @ Phonedog got wind of some apparent trouble brewing on the Memoir browser front. It appears the same “full html” problem that plagued the browsing experience of the Samsung Behold has yet to be rectified with the release of the Samsung Memoir. Word from Noah’s tipster is that websites are sent through T-mobile’s web2go service giving you sort … [read full article]

More Android Please


While its appearance could easily be mistaken for that “other” phone, the Huawei Android prototype pictured above made a non-working debut at Mobile World Congress. Reports coming out of Spain had an expectation for a release of the pictured device around Q3 2009. According the guys over at SlashGear, it just might be making its way over to the big magenta.  SlashGear is reporting that Huawei has signed an agreement to bring its line of … [read full article]

Extra, extra free smartphones!!


How do the words “free” and “smartphone” make you feel? In this business, that’s almost the pot at the end of the rainbow and all of the current phone manufacturers, its a newcomer who may bring the best pricing to the table. Acer, better known for their computers/laptops and current line of netbooks recently unveiled their line of wireless devices at Mobile World Congress. Sascha Segan over at PCmag has an interesting article up regarding the … [read full article]

Data card cometh…


Yet again we find ourselves watching the natural evolution of a device launch in the modern blog world. We find information regarding the FCC approval, which starts the buzz. An executive drops a conspicuous albeit unsatisfying remark regarding the launch of the product. Then of course we have our favorite portion of the evolution of the device launch, the famed “in the wild” shots. Usually they are blurry and end up with some or many … [read full article]

Open Comment Friday


Well its that time of the week again, open comment Friday! That’s right, talk amongst yourselves about anything, everything wireless or your Friday evening plans. The comment section is your oyster! Perhaps you might want to talk about the wild loyalty plan T-mobile has thrown into the mix or maybe your digging the looks of the Sidekick 2009. Even more important, perhaps you’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting a little more for your chance … [read full article]

Google demo showcases possible "Magic" G2 for T-mobile?!


Plenty has been made of the recent MWC announcement regarding the HTC Magic and its possible exclusivity to Vodafone. So far any exclusivity talk is pure rumor and if the picture above is any indication, T-mobile aficionados still have plenty of room for hope that this once fabled device is now indeed on its way to a T-mobile near you. While we still can’t file anything under “confirmed” for now, this above image certainly gives … [read full article]

T-mobile to offer improved unlimited plan?


RUMOR ALERT: We’re still trying to hash out all the details on this one but from what we can ascertain so far T-mobile is going to make some customers very very happy in the coming days. It looks as though T-mobile is going to try and introduce some economically friendly rate plans to the world and undercut just about all the major competition with an unlimited voice plan at $49.99!!!!  While I’m still not positive of all … [read full article]

Sidekick 2009 in the wild!


  Well we certainly love the evolutionary steps involved that lead up to an eventual in the wild pic. First we get some specs, then the inevitable glimpse at a poster/paper image of said device and then comes along the famed, usually blurry in the wild shot. Luckily in this instance, no such blurriness is present and we get a pretty good spy shot look at the upcoming sidekick 2009. Compare to the linked picture … [read full article]

T-mobile to expand 3G coverage for 2009


While its certainly been a while without any 3G launches coming out of T-mobile, that doesn’t mean they aren’t forging ahead to bring coverage to your neck of the woods. The boys at engadgetmobile caught wind of a T-mobile report “shoehorned” in with the Samsung Memoir launch that outlines T-mobile’s plan to cover 200 million Americans by the end of 2009 with 3G coverage.  Considering T-mobile had “more than 100 million American’s” covered … [read full article]

T-mobile introduces the Memoir to the world

Well, no real shock value with this introduction but we’re always glad to have an official announcement! Coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the introduction to the world and more importantly, to us back at home the very first 8 megapixel camera phone to be offered by a US carrier! Most important of course is the confirmation of the February 25th release date, and the news pricing is coming in at $249.99 after … [read full article]

Open Comment Friday!


Well its that time again, open comment Friday where you may talk about anything, everything or nothing. It’s been a fairly exciting week in the T-mobile world, starting with the launch of the 8900 and its quick sell out. Sidekick 2009 rumors are heating up and frankly, they can’t come fast enough to give this much appreciated yet recently maligned stalwart of the T-mobile lineup a much needed boost in design and features. I’m … [read full article]