CLIQ XT Software Update Rolling Out


Earlier this week, we informed you of a CLIQ XT trial update that was made available to 1,000 lucky CLIQ XT owners. As it turns out, it looks like everything seemed to have went well, and now the official update is rolling out. To receive the latest Motorola CLIQ XT software update (1.31.44), you can either wait for your on-screen notification or manually check for the update. The 1.31.44  software update includes enhancements such as:

  • Improves Overall Phone Performance
  • Visual Voice Mail Enhancements
  • Bluetooth® Audio
  • Camera Correction
  • Screen/Display Performance
  • Text Messaging Improvements
  • Touch Screen Enhancement

Sadly, this isn’t the Android 2.1 update we’re all patiently waiting for, but fear not, as Motorola has confirmed that the Motorola CLIQ and Motorola CLIQ XT will be receiving a BLUR enhanced version of Android 2.1 in the second quarter (so hopefully by the end of June). Anyone receive the update yet?


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  • William

    The update has been available to everyone for the past week. Once it was released to the “lucky” 1000 users, anyone could download it. I wasn’t a part of the test group and have had it on my phone since it was announced.

    • Kevin

      I checked every day from the time it was announced (in addition to watching the forum). It didn’t show up for me until this morning.

  • Cody

    I just got the cliq xt update to 1.31.43…. it says it comes in two parts…. I will be getting the 1.31.44 soon I guess…. Phone is currently unpacking

  • adam

    that for all you htc hero fans or sammy moment their update is here 2.1 os so now. Htc need to update htc magic aka mytouch so all their htc can be update. Let go moto and update your motorola cliq as well.


    installed the update a couple of days ago.

    phone worked great.

    yeaterday i wnet to the beale street music festival in memphis and i was really scared about running out of battery.

    7 hours away from a charger logging on to 3g every half hour to check thunderstorm status, taking about a dozen flash pictures plus yakking on the phone AND I STILL HAD 30% OF MY BATTERY LEFT!

    my g-1 would have died about halfway through what i was doin’.

    just gimme 2.1 and i’ll buy 2 more.

  • spistachio

    I was part of the 1000, i didn’t notice a drastic change, just a lot of small things. I was talking to someone on my bluetooth (motorola H17) and the person I was talking to said that she noticed a difference in call quality. otherwise, the other thing that i noticed would be the scrolling. it is much smoother.

  • Just updated this afternoon and it seems to live up to the claims of overall performance improvement but this is just a small incremental update. Bring on Android 2.1, Moto.

  • Polvalt

    I got my update just using wifi… worked great… phone was a bit laggy at first working great now

  • Ms. Matrix

    I got mine, and it’s working pretty fine. I’m looking forward for the android 2.1 update

  • Louisthebassman

    I can’t figure out how to get mine to update! it has been a year and i’m still stuck with 1.5! HELP!