Cliq XT Update Coming?

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Almost identical to the previous original Motorola Cliq trial update that we saw a while back, this update will be seeded to a lucky few prior to a general release.  With some nice highlights, it might be worth heading over to the official T-Mobile forums and subscribing to this thread in order to try to partake and be a part of the trial period. With improved overall phone performance, visual voicemail enhancements, Bluetooth audio improvements, camera corrections, screen and display performance enhancements, text messaging improvements and touch screen enhancements update, 1.31.43 looks to be quite the bug fix.

Remember, this is a trial update for only 1,000 people right now.  Those not selected will receive their updates with the general public at a date to be determined!

Motorola Software Update

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  • Aston

    i love that motorola always updates and keeps improving the software

  • mikeeeee


    just went over and signed up for update.

    the cliqXT is the first android that works in my weak signal area without UMA.

    it gives me the best of everything.

    calling and android.

    i can’t wait for the updates.

    i was in 3G clarksville, tennessee yesterday evening and downloaded a bunch of apps that my g-1 had and a couple of new ones the thing is blazing fast.

    while on the way home i was in a c-store parking lot and decided i needed a speed dial app and dowloaded one while my wife was selecting a sobe to drink.

    if anyone is having weak signal problems, try one of these out.

    now all motorola and android have to do is add HID capability to the bluetooth so i can use my stowaway keyboard and i won’t need to carry around a laptop again.

    • watbetch

      The CLIQ family is probably the best smartphones T-Mobile offers for reception.. easily better than any trash HTC makes. Better than Blackberry by far.

      • watbetch fan

        congratulations! you have just recieved the award for not knowing a thing about cell phones. How about you take all the motorolas and their problems, and more blackberry’s and HTC’s for all of us….. oh yeah, motorola doesnt offer UMA calling either….cheif. nice try, thanks for playing :)

  • Mike Funk

    SWEET I got the update! Downloading now.

  • photin

    receiving my update right now

    • Aston

      please tell me how it goes… i’m looking to buy this phone.

  • Ritchie

    Doing the DLC right naw

  • WXman

    In my opinion, the Cliq XT is the most over-looked phone on the market. It’s priced lower than any other Android phone you can buy…yet it’s packed full of features the other phones don’t have. Combine that with Motorola’s reputation for ruggedness and excellent build quality (which is clear in the Cliq XT), and you have yourself a GREAT phone for the price.

    I love just holding the XT in my hands. It’s so nice. I’m glad that I gave it a chance and ignored the way the media ignores it. :)

    Downloading the update now…thanks for the heads up.

  • Vinay

    Update went good…. Phone looks to have more free memory.

  • alex

    Downloading it:]

  • geova

    just go to settings – about phones – check for software updates and there you have it… :)

  • I love it! my its better the the G1! and cheaper! everthing works great and i just got the update!!!

  • Leo

    I just got the update. My phone says that it is actually Version 1.31.44. It seems smoother. Now all we need is the Android 2.1 update.

  • Chris

    I hate how the small the screen is. And theres alot of space on the phone where they could have added a bigger lcd.

  • Eric

    Update went great, thanks for the heads up. I love this phone and when 2.1 gets here i will be 100% satisfied with it.

  • adam

    yeah right eric the minute 2.2 os come out in may 19 u going to want that too especially when u hear that adobe flash player coming ported on that update