Sign Up To Be Notified For the Garminfone Arrival


Are you looking to be one of the first to know when the upcoming Garminfone is available?  T-Mobile has got you covered with its very own web page and notification service that will let you know when you can run, not walk, down to the nearest T-Mobile store and scoop one of these up.  In the meantime, check out our exclusive images of the upcoming Garmin Android-powered smartphone!



  • Wilma Flintstone

    I think I’ll pass. But for the people that want it, why not?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    At least they may tell you some actual info about the phone unlike the “Sign up for HD2 news” list.

  • Alex

    Its a solid phone for the heavy drivers and broadens android OS. Down the line, we have the dell streak, the rumored samsung gs, and the hiding in the shadows due-motoroi and the nexus 2.

    • Laz

      @ Alex
      I am a Cub’s fan for over 35 years and have learned that you can’t get everything you wish for! Your list is a whole bunch of hope and would like to see at least one handset on your list make it to TMO. The Dell Streak (Mini5) would most likely be sold directly from Dell like the Nokia N900, Sony Xperia x10 and Nexus One…

      • elithegreat

        I’m trying to figure out where you being a “Cubs” fan has anything remotely to do with “mobile technology” and its devices ??

        Other than that… Alex’s list has plentiful hope..but no one can say we won’t get these devices…yes the Nexus One is sold directly through Google but the point is that its subsidized under T-Mobile’s network (or at least its one of the options).

        I can only hope more high-end devices grace T-Mobile’s portfolio that way the company grows…only thing I wouldn’t want is for them to become greedy extreme capitalist like VZW & AT&T.

      • Laz

        Sorry, I assume everyone is a baseball fan! I wish the Cub’s would break their 100+ year drought without a World Series. Just as most TMO folks have been waiting for a premier handset that does not require buying it direct from the mfg. My fear would be a summer of the Garminfone, MyTouch Slide and nothing more until the Dell Thunder hits in the fall…

      • Ryan


        I think you’re a little confused about capitalism. We WANT tmobile to become greedy. If they were greedy they would work harder to get some phones people are begging for, that way they can make money.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Ryan says: “If they were greedy they would work harder”

        Huh? WTF does that mean. Are you in college working on a term paper. This is a moronic statement. 15,000 employees, 147 million subscribers worldwide and Europe’s largest telecom company. How do you know how hard, or not, T-Mobile is working, whether or not T-Mobile comes out with your desired handset? LOL.

        “…get some phones people are begging for…”

        That is a misstatement. You mean phones SOME people are begging for, meaning YOU. Don’t beg, go to a carrier who has the phone you want.

        “…that way they can make money.”

        WTF again. Do you even know what T-Mobile’s net revenues are, both the U.S. and European markets?

        You always try to use “fancy” words in your posts, as if you are taking economics 101 in a junior college, and trying to use the terms in here, e.g., the word “metric” in one of your posts.

        Contribute to the discussion, but dispense with the nonsense posts.

      • 2FR35H

        @Laz according to Dell’s road map the thunder won’t even be available till Q3 2011

      • Ryan

        @Mike I’m watering my message down for my audience. I have a masters in business from USC and I’m the CFO of a $250M real estate partnership.

        You’re right about “begging” for a phone. I’m the only person that wants a good android phone… I didn’t realize it but all the blogs, news articles, twitter posts and forums are filled with posts by me and me alone. I apologize for projecting my desires onto the entire internet.

    • 2FR35H


      Dell’s road map shows that Dell streak won’t be available till Q2 of 2011 by that time it will be out dated i am sure.

  • Aston

    no thanks :|

  • Ryan

    I think this is going to be the flagship android phone for 2010

    • Aston

      :lol: no

      • get@me

        @ Ryan….you must b brain dead if u think that

  • Tmoemployee

    this phone is really cool. I had a chance to play with it. It has a very bright, sharp touchscreen that is really responsive. qwerty keyboard isnt bad, would be better if it had swype. It does come with wall AND CAR charger, as well as the window suction mount. best of all, it runs android…. worst of all, NO 3.5 mm HEADPHONE JACK! come on people! you want to beat apple and ipod??? THEN PUT A HEADPHONE JACK ON YOUR PHONES AT LEAST!!!!

    • Justin

      From what I have read most new phones from TMO will have Swype

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Obviously the headphone jack is missing for a reason. Just a guess, but I wonder if it’s because it’s being billed as a device for the car and Garmin does not want to encourage uses in the car other than as a NAV.

      With lawyers advancing any theories possible, I could see Garmin (and T-Mobile?) being concerned that the device can be perceived as promoting the playing of MP3 (and even video)files when one is driving.

      Of course all cell phones come with audio ports, so I don’t know why Garmin would be concerned. But then again, this is a device for the car so maybe that “unique use” is what motivated them to leave out the port.

      Sidenote: My TomTom has can use Bluetooth stereo and it does play MP3 files. I don’t know if when in NAV mode, in the car, if programming blocks playing of MP3 files, but seems like Garmin could have had that blocking feature programmed in.

      Well, that’s my best guess.

  • jlatnyc

    The user base here @ tmonews is just concerned w/ attcking each other instead of focusing on the phones/service. This would’ve been heaven sent last week when I rented a car and relied on Google Maps. This won’t definately be THE FLAGSHIP android phone but a Good addition to the T-Mo line.

  • timmyjoe42

    I think this is going to be a short list.

  • somean

    This has access to all the downloads from the android market? I don’t see how the Nexus one or any android phone is better than this (assuming all android will upgrade to 2.whatever eventually). At least it has the market’s best GPS-nav built in. I wonder if the speakerphone is good and loud on it and works while in nav mode.

    • Bobomo

      “I don’t see how the Nexus one or any android phone is better than this”

      Uhhhh… lower resolution screen, lower resolution camera with no flash, low-end processor, unproven UI design on top of a dated version of Android. This thing doesn’t even pretend to be in the same league as N1 or any of the newer HTC designs. That’s why people are bitching: yet another mediocre Android set from T-Mo.

      • Ryan

        Don’t confuse him with the facts LMAO

      • somean

        Sorry, I didn’t know hardware was the end-all be-all decider of what phone is better. If the processor in this garminfone works without a hitch (unsubstantiated claim at this point) then why would I care if the nexus1 has a better processor? I would trade a killer feature-filled phone for a software-less killer piece of hardware anyday, and so would a majority of consumers.

  • Matt_TX

    Can I sign up not to have this phone come to T-mobile but the Incredible/Desire instead?

    • Green Robot

      I would definetely sign that list…

  • Nice to see T-mobile offer different types of phones… No need to put offerings down here. To me it is somewhat plausible for a spouse/child to always have GPS with them. I’d have to see how talking/navigation works at same time though… Cheers!

  • Timothy

    is the $30 data plan required?

    • TryNotToSuck


  • jmts80

    I don’t think I want to be notified =/

  • TryNotToSuck

    This thing better come in at $50 on contract (i.e. the CHEAPEST android phone) or else it won’t really appeal to the right people.

  • HuluZammer

    Sign up and watch us drop a turd on T-Mobile!

    ~Love Garmin

  • Testdriver

    Been testing this phone for the last couple of months.. I think the touch screen and typing experience exceeds the current iphone touch screen experience.
    Also, the apps availability is VAST being an android phone.. It’s a definite recommend once released!