T-Mobile Trouble In California?


Word coming out of the TmoNews twitter as well a steady flow of emails indicates a T-Mobile outage in either the LA area, Northern California area or both.  Early reports indicate troubles with making phone calls.  We have yet to confirm this report, however at least one individual on twitter says T-Mobile customer service did confirm a problem in the Northern Los Angeles market.  If you’re in Cali, are  you having trouble with magenta tonight?


  • Jas

    Its down for me. Text and calling does not work. In area code 310, Los Angeles.

  • Me

    Yup! Started @ 2:30pm in So Cal. Can browse the web, keep on receiving the same message every so often; but, cannot make calls or send messages. It has affected my G1, not my home phone. Some people still able to get service. Is it just a 3G voice thing?

  • Me

    Yup! Started @ 2:30pm in So Cal. Can browse the web, keep on receiving the same message every so often; but, cannot make calls or send messages. It has affected my G1, not my home phone. Some people still able to get service. Is it just a 3G voice thing? Went to T-mobile store around 3:30pm, many people in there with same problem…. I think this is a 1st (with 6 yrs of service)

  • cryix

    working ok for me in Carson, out in LA. 562 area code on the phone.

  • Stefan

    I’m in Santa Barbara 805 area code and I’ve been unable to call or text… also been receiving the same text every 5 minutes for about 4 hours now… that’s been fun to deal with :/

  • denny
  • Ryan

    I’m in downtown LA and it’s working ok…

  • marcelino

    Phone/sms was off for about half an hour but was still receiving FB updates. Called T-mobile and had the customer service rep hook my phone up back into the system again. Told her that I was not able to make or receive calls and if I tried using another phone calling my number a automated response (used only when people don’t pay their bill) comes on. How embarassing. Good to go now though. I’m in LA

  • Sacramento here & no probs whatsoever. Lucky me, heh.

  • Andy, Inc.

    wasn’t working in moreno valley, ca. called t-mobile got it fixed within 30 minutes

  • Brian Buckley

    NO SERVICE! via UMA or EDGE/GSM I have a Blackberry 8900 and I Live in San Bernardino,CA(southern)(909) and have not had service for 3 hours now! data(bis) unaffected. Friend with a G1 says no interruption, wife’s Behold can receive calls but not make them. UPDATE EDGE and UMA seem to be working again! WOW what a pain in the ASS!!!!!

  • Listen 2

    Phone service (323 area) was out for approx 3 hours.

  • siccmade

    All is well here in San Francisco.

  • Cameron

    No service in Hollywood. Can’t dial out or receive calls. Text messages not working either. I called T-Mobile an hour ago and they confirmed there is an outage in the Los Angeles area. The rep did not know when service would be restored.

    Here’s a helpful tip they gave me. During the outage, turn your phone OFF. If the phone is on and someone tries to call you, your voicemail will not pick up. But, if you have the phone turned off, your calls will go straight to voicemail.

  • I’m in Long Beach, 562 area code, and it’s been out for me since around the same time. I keep getting the same text messages up to 10 times, once every 5-10 minutes. Texts I sent aren’t deliverable. Having to resort to Google Voice via Wireless connection on my Nexus One right now. Definitely more than just the Los Angeles area in SoCal.

  • jack

    Yes, there is and outage. Engineers are working on it now. Please stop calling in.

  • BlabberJabber

    Unable to send/receive calls in Orange County, but my phone still says I have full service, go figure


    626 La Puente Area is out too. Probably 2:30 also. Last call i made was at 2:15 pm

    this is B.S. First time for me too in about 4 years of service.

    First Arizona turns NAZI now this….

  • Teisha

    I am in Riverside and have a Blackberry. I cannot send text messages or make phone calls. And I keep getting the same text message every few minutes. Very irritating. My daughters school tried to call me cuz my baby was sick, they ended up calling some other relatives. Not cool. My phone number is a 909 number but the customer rep I spoke with, told me that this outage is limited to Blackberry customers. They have no idea when it will be fixed.


    ok sorry. it works now. lol. Arizona still turned NAZI though.

  • Teddy

    I’ve been down since 2pm.
    Here at 951.

    But, it seems to be working now.
    Good job Tmo!

  • David

    To the news reporter attempting to post here, unless you can verify you are who your email says you are, I’m not approving the comment…it looks like spam.

  • Josh_PFP

    down in the 714, orange county, no text or calls. internet works somewhat. sucks because i was trying to show my friend why the touch pro2 owns the iphone in every way possible, and my internet wouldnt work. -__- now he thinks magenta and htc suck ass. worst luck. ha.

  • 2C

    I’m in Philly and haven’t had any service on my Nexus One since about 5PM EST.

  • Ron Burt

    Inland Empire to Orange Co. cannot make any kind of call. Either call failed immediately or message saying all circuits are busy. Cannot call 611.

  • SEFan

    I’m visiting in the East Bay area, no probs here. Only doing voice, no 3G data.

  • djdarkknight96

    I work for customer care and yes there is a problem with service in cali regretfully! We hope to have service up soon so our wonderful customers can “stick together” with their family and friends! Thank you for your patients and loyalty!

  • John

    no service for me 661 area

    • Stevie Sativa

      I am in the 310 and could not call certain landlines in 661. I called 611 info and they connected with the land line – told me everything seemed fine. Removed my batter and SIM card, rebooted my phone, still nothing. T-mobile rep indicated that there were problems in my area earlier today, but apparently there still are problems.

  • rob

    In the 714 northern o.c. (buena park) and I haven’t had a problem all day. Writing this on my Tmobile g1 running superD 1.10.3 with the new radio.

  • allen

    Nope. No trouble in the 323. Well, if you exclude the fact that i hate my jailbroken iPhone but Magenta doesn’t have anything for me to get excited about….When the eff are we going to get a good phone like Incredible, Desire or iPhone?

  • Chuong

    I couldn’t call my wife’s BB 8900 all afternoon but I had no problem calling myself (VM) and work land line.

    Data is all out of quack also (web2go on a HD2).

  • Disliking Tmo

    949 here and its not working!

  • TehAndroid

    I’m in southern california and have no problems. Though my web has been crap since last thrusday or friday

  • ScooterG

    Orange County, 949 area code, not able to make or receive calls or sms from 2:45 – ~4:00

  • Mishwi

    just goes straight to my voicemail or just automatically disconnects when people try calling me. Just spoke to Customer care and OUTAGE IS STILL THERE!!

  • Doraemon

    Area code 949, Orange County. Had issues with my phone since 2 PM. Couldn’t make any outgoing calls and when people call me, phone goes straight to voicemail.

  • psloren

    Service for 760 (Palm Springs) was out this afternoon for a couple hours around 4-6pm. Appears to be out again…when calling, you only get a busy signal.

  • Michael

    Out for me this afternoon. Back up for a while around 5:30. Now it’s out for incoming calls (goes to voicemail), but I can call out. Really frustrating. Longtime T-Mobile customer.

  • Angel

    818 SFV:

    I let someone use my phone for a 15 minute call. Not even 10 minutes later I tried making a call and I didn’t even get a ring. I assumed the problem was on the other end though so I’m glad you guys have posted this news. Thanks!

    • Stevie Sativa

      I’m physically located in the 818, but with a 310 number, and I can’t even get a ring tone to indicate that calls are connecting on certain numbers.

  • Cody

    I’m glad you finally posted this, I thought it was just me.

  • Stevie Sativa

    Is any of this affecting people on other cell networks or only t-mobile? Anyone heard anything?

  • DH

    I have been unable to make calls for most of the night, which was way beyond inconvenient, as I am on call tonight!!! Thank God I was close enough to home, so I could then rely on my land line. This is a perfect example of why I will continue to maintain my land line!

  • Jay

    No outage for me in N. LA County. But aside from that, Tmo’s service here in LA has been far below that which I experienced across the SE (Texas/Florida/Georgia/Tennesee), which was very robust and superior to all other services bar Verizon (far superior to ATT in all regards, and better than Sprint mainly because of lack of droppage).

    Here in LA County my phone routinely shuts itself off, loses phone numbers, misses calls, sounds computer-garbled, and even transmits vm’s days later … all the time. All the time. Whatever the difference between the SE and SoCal is …. it is DIFFERENT!

    FYI, using TM506. Dumbphone but great modem … up until I moved here.

  • Cuong Vu

    Down in my area 714 Orange County. Got 3G, text but no voice.

  • Ah

    it’s been out since afternoon. 310 area. it’s super frustrating!!

  • Robert

    Haven’t had any issues. On Oregon (971 and 503) area code phones, but down in San Bern/Redlands area (909), both phones have been working fine for us all weekend and up until now. Both using 8320 Curves.

  • js

    My phone’s not working since yesterday. Area code 415.
    the day before yesterday, some calls already can’t get it.

  • Hennessy408

    im n San Jose CA da 408 (bay area) text messages dont wanna send all da time n my calls have been cutting n and out… but its still up n some wut going for me

  • clocinnorcal

    Never had any issues in Nor Cal 530

  • spline9

    No intteruption of service that I know of. I am in 805 (been in Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and Simi Valley all today) using a Nexus One.

    I received txt’s from the gf who has an 805 # but was located in 818 (Calabasas/Woodland Hills) when she sent them. She has an old Sharp TM150 dumbphone.

  • Creighton

    Haha not surprised another Tmobile coverage prob go figure. Go Sprint!

    • shane

      LMFAO You didn’t just compare T Mobile to Sprint,,,,,,Verizon or at&t understandable but Sprint is the laughing stock of phone carriers…..

  • Creighton

    No surprise thats why I dumped them

    • jkspike3

      so then why are you still on this site?

  • Daniel

    My Blackberry is working perfectly no reception problems.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well here is apparently how T-Mobile intends to fix the problem… throttling!

    If this was mentioned elsewhere, pardon.

    One article below:

    “T-Mobile Axes Data Overage Fees, Throttles Speeds Instead

    April 28th, 2010 by Marc Flores

    You must be one heck of a power user if you’re using your phone or data stick on any carrier and regularly hitting well over 5GB of data usage per month. And how about those overage fees?

    We’re sure that it could cause a little stinging pain in the chest when you realize just how much it costs after the fact. Luckily, and yet not so luckily, T-Mobile has come up with some kind of solution.

    If you exceed 5GB of data usage on your laptop’s data stick, or your smartphone, instead of charging you overage fees T-Mobile will simply slow down your data speeds.

    How much slower we don’t know but it’s better than 20 cents per MB, which we calculated as $23 for a Hulu episode.”



    And Google on the news:


  • sonicmoon

    My data was completely down from 7pm to 12am tonight… turns out 2 APNs in provisioning weren’t selected (turned on) and was told this might be related to the outage that took place on Monday the 26th that took place across CA?
    Quickly losing faith in the consistency of technical support from T-Mobile.

  • Joe Smith

    Outage in Orange County for T MObile between 5 and 7 pm on 4/29

  • Nick

    I’ve had zero service since yesterday, I noticed it around 5:30pm and as of right now 8:52am still have nothing. I’m in L.A.

  • Barbie

    I’ve Had No Services Since Friday Around 12:35 &&. My Phone Still Has No Service and Its Sunday!!! Oh Yeah I Live In The Bay Area.

  • Steve

    I’ve also had zero internet/mail service since Friday. My BB Curve reads ‘edge’ (lowercase) but I still have no internet/mail. I can still send and receive calls, though there are periods where they are continually dropped to the point that I have to tell the person I’m speaking with “we’ll have to talk later”. I hope they extend a credit, because have both unlimited voice and data plans and it ain’t cheap.

  • I live in LA and my 3G service has been out since April 27th, but my ability to make calls has not been effected. So far T-Mobile has given me a $5 credit and supposedly there’ll be more automatic credits if the outage continues. We’ll see….

  • Ev

    My whole family hasn’t had service for like four days now. We can’t sent or receive texts nor can we make calls much less receive incoming calls. Seriously considering switching carriers.