Garminfone In The T-Mobile Wild

2010-04-23 14.02.47

The Garminfone, having just been announced earlier this week, has made its way to the wild and into our inbox.  With just a few shots, we get a quick glance at what we honestly expect to be just a moderate Android device.  With no real “wow” factor outside of the Garmin onboard navigation, we expect that the MyTouch Slide is really the next high profile Android device making its way to T-Mobile.  Of course, we hope that T-Mobile fares better with their iteration of the Garminfone than AT&T did with the Nuviphone.  Selling about 12 devices should do the trick.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

A few more pictures after the jump!

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  • andrew

    wast of money tmobile could been some kind good phone like htc legned

    • AJ


    • Claudio


      • andrew

        or android version of the hd2

      • 2FR35H


        of which that would be the HTC Evo

      • Wilma Flintstone

        which is why I’m pondering about switching to Sprint. I NEED a Secondary Camera!!!

    • Reece

      Speaking as a T-Mobile phone naysayer, T-Mobile will actually do one better by bringing in the MyTouch Slide which is basically a Legend with a keyboard. Either way it’s still a mid-level phone that’ll do little to quiet the folks itching for a higher spec’d device.

  • Jesse

    Lovin this phone. I realize its not going to reach out to a wide range of market just because theres not a huge demand for a basic Andoid device. My biggest thing is the navigation due to already in the market for a GPS system. I love my HD2 but I miss android. The Garmin will still work regardless where I’m at due to its GPS and pre downloaded apps.

    • chaoscentral

      but the HD2 can already do that, running Garmin Mobile XT on my HD2 no problem.

      • jtc24

        where can i get the garmin xt free for the hd2?

      • Jim D

        Garmin XT is another $100 and wouldn’t give all the features Garmin has integrated into this.

        It does not seem to includes though TrafficTrends or MyTrends (historical traffic data built into the maps) which are in their latest 3700 series.

        Its probably the most location aware phone available right now or soon anyway.

  • Jorge Savoff

    Just because it’s not for your liking it does not make this a bad phone. If anything it opens up the Android platform to people and families that may not know of it . I’ve heard this device bad mouth and for the life of me I can not understand why. well I understand why. But do we think T-Mobile is going to think of you every time they release a device?!?! (Rhetorical Question)

    • Claudio

      so, to put it in a nicer way, there will be many devices out there that will appeal to different people, which is the beauty of android, and I hope T-Mobile does think of me and you and everyone else EVERY time, that is why i pay them close to $200 a month

    • Claudio

      well, Let me see if i can put this response in a nicer way, since i think we have lost a personal touch online.
      The beauty of Android is that the platform is flexible and upgradeable, many manufactures will come out or produce different types of phones to appeal to all sorts of customers.
      This may not be yours just yet, but i hope that you will soon find yours at T-Mobile.
      I also do hope that T-Mobile does think of ME and everyone else EVERY TIME since i fork out $200 a month (gladly).

      • andrew

        what kinds of phones do u have

  • Kristjan

    i’m sure this won’t be too popular but it’ll sell at least more than the AT&T variant

  • Danny

    T-Mobile will be putting these on the clearance rack of discounted accessories about 2 months after launch with an immediate EOL date.

  • soviet

    i think its gonna be great addition in tmo phone line up. i do want htc evo, sorry n1 i still love u.

    • Claudio

      That would be so awesome

  • Cybersedan

    Not everyone needs or wants a killer high end phone… I believe this phone will sell much better than most here seem to think. This phone brings the best of two worlds together, a reliable standalone GPS unit and a mid-level Android experience.

    As long as the UI is smooth and reliable and the phone performs well (not buggy/laggy), buyers will be happy with it.

    • 2FR35H

      No not everyone just MOST people on T-Mobile who knows that androids true capabilities are shown through great hardware, even though android was ported to iPhone who would ever go out buy an iPhone and use android on it with their poor specs?

      • Cybersedan

        Do this experiment… walk into an office building and ask 10 random people if they’d buy a phone without a snapdragon processor, and look at the weird looks 7 or 8 of them are sure to give you.

        Almost everyone who knows androids true capabilities or even care whether a phone is 1.6, 2.0 or 2.1 probably accounts for less than 10% of potential purchasers. I consider myself a tech junkie… most people I know, I annoy the hell out of most people I know with my gadget talk, they simply don’t care. As long as the phone works, it “looks cool” and gives no problem, they are happy.

      • 2FR35H


        They may not know what a snap dragon processor is but that doesn’t mean they can’t tell what HIGH end is… All they gotta do is compare to other phones. How about this instead? go into a t-mobile forum and ask them to if they would like to see more HIGH end Android phones on T-mobile. I bet most will say hell yeah. Or even go into a forum and ask if they think any of the phones on t-mobiles line up is high end. Most will say Nexus and HD2 but lets not forget that Nexus isn’t only T-mobile and only available online, that leaves HD2 then most who knows what android is will say it should of had Android.

        If you think Android is flying under the radar you better wake up because its now everyday Android’s name is being heard as the iPhone alternative. The more devices mentioned the more people wonder what is android.. Android still is fairly new. Popularity is the game and Android is by far popular today.

        People may be content with what they have but doesn’t mean they wish there wasn’t something that did much more.

        Fact of the matter is that more people want high end phones and they know what it is through comparison.

      • Cybersedan

        I’m not disagreeing that T-Mobile needs to pump out more high end Android devices, I personally would love to see that myself. There is a growing market out there of high end users who are hungry for some nice devices, and will jump ship from other carriers for such devices.

        I think where we have a disagreement is in the percentage of people that care as much as we do. I have a nice collection of phones, MT3G, N1 and HD2 and depending on who I show the phones to I get anything from, wow that’s cool I’d like to have that phone, to why the hell do I need a phone that can do all that.

        That being said, my point is just because a device isn’t on par with the N1, doesn’t mean it won’t do well in sales.

        Honestly I’m waiting and hoping for a super high end Android device on T-MO, comparable to the EVO :-).

      • 2FR35H


        Yes, I do believe with the rise in popularity of Android OS that it means people are starting to watch out for Android more so I mean its how things usually work

        Well yes, thats true that just because a device may not be on par with N1 does not mean it won’t sell(even N1’s problem is that its only sold online.) but through comparison people will notice and want an Evo or a Legend or, is what I am saying, word of mouth is a powerful thing.

        As well I too am waiting for Android, Evo competitor on T-Mobile but it seems we have got the Windows Mobile version of the Evo instead, that isn’t even upgradeable to windows 7 without Custom ROMing…

  • GreenRobot

    Looks like a very nice device. It really would have been a killer about half a year ago. By the time it will actually be available for sale through TMO, we’ll all be running around being all excited about Froyo so this will most likely just go splat…! overall while at the same time being the best Android device offered by TMO. This is really looking like the time to move to a different carrier.

  • solidus433

    Doesn’t look too bad, but I don’t see the point. Google maps navigation works great in my opinion.

    • chris

      have you ever tried google maps with navigation on a mountain side? lol… I would prolly prefer to use this… just sayin, google nav uses data, this one is predownloaded into the phone which means you don’t need to be on tmo’s network to use the gps.. which means it’ll sell to people like me who goes to mountain areas and rely on my gps to find me a place to eat or gas stations.

  • akawik

    one disappointment after another and hey wasnt tmobile suppose to get the htc tattoo lol their were other tmobile brand phones like this and the tattoo that never made it to market so dont get exited (wait you werent excited atleast not for this crap) cant wait for the 4 inch screen samsung phone though.

    • Claudio

      With carefulness to the T-Mobile lovers, of which i am one, but also willing to point out the truth, this comment is not intended as a personal attack to anyone and is only my opinion of T-Mobile…

      I always read about the phones coming to the UK with TMo and think they are by far better. but as i stated above, all the phones offered today by TMo appeal to are certain audience which are fine with them.
      as for me i think that it would behoove Tmo to upgrade their lineup to better the competition and attract more customers to grow.

      (Please DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE TO THIS) it is just simple truth, it feels Tmo is falling behind and i hope it is within their plans to remedy this.

      • Danny

        This is the honest truth.

        I’m a big T-Mo fan too but I would like to see their marketing and development departments bring better hardware stateside.

        Hopefully they do not pass on the Galaxy S series or upcoming high end HTC Android devices.

  • andrew

    looks like the moto cliq xt

  • FILA

    it’ll be good for one thing only, Navigation. Other then that, not worth it. I hate how they stripped down Android so bad

    • Tim

      @FILA, Ummm…I do not think they stripped down Android.
      If anything, they added to it. All the basic functionality of Android 1.6 is still on there, including multi-touch which isn’t on Android 1.6. So, could you explain what you think it stripped down.

      I’d rather try the phone first before making any strong comments such as you did. I see a potential market base for this phone such as outdoors lovers, people who share pictures and locations with friends and family, and so on.

  • Ktwist

    Wow, really surprised when I opened this phone up today. This phone has a very high quality build to it. Feels very nice, best android phone we have I think. Not sure yet what the processor is in it, but very fast and I experienced no lag. The screen is really beautiful, large and very colorful. Yeah it doesn’t have 2.1 but i think the people buying this phone will buy it more for the navigation. The keyboard is very responsive and kinda reminds me of the iphone’s keyboard. This phone will beat out googles nav when you need it in a spot where you have no reception. Only complaint is no 3.5mm headset jack and the android is a little boring on the eyes, oh well. For the people wanting more, soon we will have some great phones in time for summer with some real power. These are just the mid range phones releasing, don’t forget we have HSPA+ rolling out soon. Don’t think T-mobile is going to roll out blazing internet speeds with no handset to use it on, it’s coming…

    • tato22

      i hope u telling the truth

      • 2FR35H

        I hope he is too

  • Julacho

    2 questions guys:

    1. Is it possible to download Google Maps(the one with GPS) on this android phone? So potentially you will have 2 GPS on the phone….

    2. Does the garmin GPS works with in the Areas where T-Mobile does not have coverage?

  • Julacho

    1 more questions fellas:

    Do you guys know how does the Garmin GPS works?
    Do you have to pay to upgrade the maps once a year, like happens with the regular GPSs??

  • Alex

    This phone works without tmo coverage, its biggest selling point. It might be possible, but why would you want another navigation tool?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t think this device will sell too many. True you will be able to use the map features where Tmobile has no service but unless your a truck driver or live in the middle of nowhere why would you even need this? (Google Maps works good enough for me) I guess this device is for people who drive a lot and I do mean A LOT. Its like having a car with two steering wheels (no real point). And how does the navigation work anyways? Is it free updates or do you have a monthly fee? I still say it would be cheaper to buy a stand alone GPS if Google maps doesn’t work for you.

    I think Tmobile should have made this phone with Windows 6.5 (or 7) and the HD2 with Android. The reasons are simple…. Windows is more for business users and the GPS would probably come in handy if your on a trip. The HD2 is more of a entertainment phone for games and movies (with its large screen) and the Android’s app market is filled with apps that would enhance this experience. Man oh man does Tmobile have it all backwards. And watch… I bet this GarminFone (hhmm sounds like they copied TracFone) will be like $250. Although if they want to beat AT&T’s record of 12 (LOL) they will need to sell it for $99 to $150 max.

    • Ktwist


      Hahah, tracphone that’s too funny. Yeah there is no fee for the maps and it will get free updates. I guess they wanted to appeal to the android fans and not the Windows crowd since windows 7 is so far off. I know this is not the phone everyone wants, but go look at this phone in store if your looking for a nice GPS/Android phone. The navigation is wayyy better than googles. I hope we sell more than 12, lol! Garmin did a nice job and I originally laughed at this phone until I saw it in person. You can get a lot of use out of this phone if your lost all the time and love android. I don’t see people running to get this phone, maybe we will sell 13:)

  • 2FR35H

    Looks like one of those nokias i forget which but it does

  • deeone

    people on here need to understand that not everybody is a power user and it’s only a hand full of us that are phone fanatics, some people would be happy to have this just because of the garmin trust me, millions of tmobile customers and new cell phone users will snap this phone up in a second because they don’t know the difference between 1.6 and 2.1 and some don’t even care.

    • 2FR35H

      Not everyone but MOST people once again and name a HIGH end phone on T-Mobile that doesn’t have problems? i.e. Nexus is sold online and screen is weak and HD2 has a suck ass OS.

      What you need to understand is that there is practically no phones on T-Mobile’s line up for those who WANT AND CARE for HIGH end phones. Most T-Mobile customers would not cop this just because this has garmin on the phone. Who the hell cares about garmin when people have regular gps systems or android of which practically does what gps systems do and more? People are starting to be able to tell what the differences between Android OS’s everyday believe that. some don’t even care your right but MOST people do and those are the people that matter!

      The fact of the matter is whether or not you care about android OS MOST people do and we are behind in that matter. The fact of the matter is T-Mobile has absolutely NO EXCLUSIVE PHONES WORTH buying spec wise, and they need to step it up otherwise we will fall. he only reason I stick with T-Mobile is because their service is great( better than AT&T and Sprint) and more affordable than Verizon’s…. T-Mobile needs to step it up.

    • 2FR35H

      Not to also mention if people bought for their name why didn’t garmin’s Nuviphone sell on AT&T huh? exactly.

  • Miguel

    I really think it’s a great looking phone.

  • Davidohio

    Maybe if it has a flash on the camera and Android 2.1 I might consider it..but with the current specs, no way.

  • Steve

    People really don’t get it…of course T-mobile can’t think of the high end user every time but the problem comes in because it seems like T-mobile NEVER thinks of the high end user. I’ve only had my G1 for six months and have rooted it & stuff but I can’t even imagine how it would feel to be a loyal customer that had it since it came out that still has to wait on a worthy upgradeable device. Especially since T-mobile was first to the Android game and is now getting outright smashed. It’s starting to seem like T-mobile doesn’t want to get better and that’s not good in this type of business. You start settling and Verizon, At&t, and Sprint will continue to grow and T-mobile will stay the same. So with that said, T-mobile needs to think about their high end users. We are the loyal customers that have made them who they are so they don’t need to forget about us either. End rant. Lol.

    • Reece

      Being a G1 user who wants to step up to a higher spec’d android phone, you pretty much nailed it right on the sore spot for me. Even US Cellular is getting a high end Android phone before T-Mobile (HTC Desire), I mean I was just getting over the other 3 major carriers being due for a high-end phone but US Cellular too?!? Are they even no. 6?! U-S-FRIGGIN-CELLULAR?!
      *breaths before he blows up typing a 10 paragraph rant that would rip the keys off his keyboard*

  • Reece

    This phone being compared to AT&T’s Garmin phone is a joke, since AT&T’s Garmin phone was basically… a dumbphone with Garmin software. An android phone running Garmin software is easily a difference maker in why this should do MUCH better in reviews and in terms of sales.

    …with that said, T-Mobile is NOT addressing their users hungry for a high end Android device (Nexus One doesn’t count since it compromises one’s current plan to get it sub’d). It’s pretty much along the lines of having a team of role players with no all-star level players on the roster. Until the Dell Slate, Desire, or Galaxy S are actually coming on to T-Mo US the bitching shall continue onforth for those looking to get more then the low-mid range Android offerings of the MyTouch Slide,Garmin & etc.

    • 2FR35H

      It was not a comparison for the phone but to debate whether or not people buy for the name.

  • jp2dj1

    Nice gps phone! It has it’s pros and cons. I know it doesn’t have android! But hey my toaster doesn’t have android, and I’m not saying it’s a bad toaster!!!!!! Lol! Lol! Lol!

  • khaltz

    Tmobile tried to sell me this ish the the other day since my handset cliq gliches. So I was like noooooo not even practical nor even a real thought.

  • jshin

    I really get irritated when ppl call wm 6.5x a crappy os wtf? R u ppl so far up Googles ass u cant see a decent os and with sense 2.5 its a killer combo. My HD2 runs like a champ! Sure I have done reg edits and am running the latest Energy ROM, but thats what is great about wm 2 me, its easy to customize and hack. I preorded the G1 and had it until the tp2 came out. The G1 had the same problems as my Shadow, it would lag, freeze, and not being to run programams from sd was just dumb

    • mad dog

      If android lovers have their heads up Google’s ass I guess that means your head is up Microsoft’s ass. You are definitely sounding like a winmo fanboy. You would never admit that though because you are in denial.

    • 2FR35H

      Windows Mobile 6.5 IS crappy.

      • Tig

        Actually it’s really good. I bet you have no practical experience with it to claim otherwise.

  • J

    I am a 12 year user of T-Mobile (Omnipoint & Voicestream prior). Basically I have some of the same gripes that are mentioned above. However, the fact is, the GarminFone is not all that bad, in fact for my purposes it seems to be great. I want a straight forward, simple UI phone, easy access to my e-mail, music, texting, navigation, widgets for travel, movies, etc. Until TM gets the iPhone or some other variant from Apple, the Garmin will do the trick. As for it’s OS, it can be updated. As for Android apps, it’s good for them too… NOW let’s look at why AT&T failed with the second generation Garmin product..? Simple answers, Sales staff really unaware of it, it’s capabilities, and really couldn’t care less about it. Trust me I know this from experience in three separate store visits. Garmin is a GREAT brand, and quite frankly to even try to enter this market takes some cajones.
    I caution what will doom this phone and any other product for this reason is poor knowledge of the product, and lack of excitement being given by the staff. One final point, not all of us live on Facebook, Twitter, and play games….? I don’t have the time.. NO offense. I think TM made a great decision, and don’t forget, GARMIN as a FULL support line especially for the mobile phone products and they aren’t in INDIA..! They speak English and actually can help you… Wow novel concept…! Hope the GF is a great success….

  • sikkboy

    Why is it so difficult to put a flash on cell phone cameras?

    • laphoneuser

      Agreed. No flash, and no 3.5mm headphone jack. These are two items which I would absolutely expect to see on a phone like this.

      I could possibly live without the flash if the image quality on the camera makes up for it (which it rarely does). But no 3.5mm headphone jack? Deal-breaker for me. I’m tired of needing an adapter for my G1.

      It’s too bad, because otherwise, I think this phone has lots going for it.

      • Tim

        @laphoneuser, I remember seeing a review of the G60 phone and it actually had good picture quality. I believe the image quality on the camera will make up for the lack of flash IMO. Can’t wait to try it out at tmobile stores and see for myself

  • busu

    played with this phone. its garbage…better off buying a stand along garmin gps. android 1.6 was a nice touch, but the garmin isnt very user friendly.

  • Michael

    I think this phone won’t at all help T-mobile’s line up sorry to say by june if nothing comes up for T-mobile sprint here i come or should i say Evo here i come

  • Alex

    Its pretty obvious that tmo cares for budget minded consumer. We might see 2 phones that are highend. I emphasize might. I will be satisfied with the gs and dell streak.

  • lsxchevelle

    Its pretty clean… Seems to work well when I played with it today. Not what I will buy but can seethis selling well.

  • Mike Holt

    Ok, the shortcomings of the design are obvious a bit foolish IMO.

    First, the choice of Android 1.6 is baffling. New phone, 2.1, should be a no-brainer. Second, why the inferior 3MP camera and lack of flash? I can excuse the lack of a keyboard, but this seems like a blaring misstep.

    In my opinion, even with the integrated standard GPS (very tempting) this is a low grade phone that deserves a pass.

    A fantastic idea that could have been my next phone. It wont be, however, until it matches current phones on the market. I’ll wait for the version with a 5MP camera and flash, and 2.1 installed.

  • Greg

    Okay, after reading all these comments it’s easy to assume that the majority dosn’t. really care about the Garminphone. I’m no technical geek and still hold on to my Razor phone. Been with this phone since they came out and only the second cellphone I’ve ever owned. I hike in the deep woods for days and the Garmin features appeals to me. Is this phone really that bad and if so, what are my alternatives?