Friday Afternoon Random Thoughts


It’s really no surprise to anyone in the tech blogging world that there is a divide as to which OS platform is better.  In this sense, the word “fanboy” takes on a whole new meaning.  I’ve watched the comments on this blog, and many others like it, go from bad to worse when it comes to Android/iPhone/Windows Phone/WebOS and which is better. The fact is they are all good and all bad and I can only wish that people would recognize that in today’s tech world, choice is good, different is good and they all build on one another to make a better experience for the end user.  I don’t want one platform to rule them all because it might stifle innovation or, worse, stop innovation altogether.  I want people to recognize that a platform isn’t bad just because the one you prefer is the one you prefer.  I don’t dislike webOS but I haven’t given it a real trial so what right do I have to criticize?  On a reality check note, if you haven’t tried Windows Phone in 2 years, don’t hate the recent releases.  There is a world of difference between the Wing 2 and the HTC HD2.  We’re too quick to criticize the competition because we love what we love.  I can’t hate  Android simply because I prefer the iPhone.  It’s because of devices like Android that the iPhone will get new features in the coming months and whether or not they should have had them before is irrelevant.

I wish I could push forward the point, and that everyone would listen that people have different needs, different wants and different likes.  What works for me may not work for you.  I love my iPhone, unlocked and without 3G… I love it.  It works for me and the apps work for me, yet that doesn’t mean Android or Windows Phone is bad.  They’re  just not what I want right now.  Why must it come down to one OS over another?  Don’t people understand that Android was born out of a desire for someone to introduce an entirely different way of doing things because someone saw flaws, or lacking parts, of a different OS?  As was webOS.  As was Windows Phone 7.

It doesn’t take anything other than common sense, no advanced business degree required, to understand that competition in an industry is more often good than bad.  Like it or not, admit it or not, the iPhone was an innovative piece of technology and introduced an entire world not yet familiar to the touchscreen to just that.  Now, touchscreen phones are all the rage and likely the only future.  While HTC is a terrific company which continues to roll out top-notch devices with various platforms, they were helped by Apple and the meteoric rise of the touchscreen from high-end smartphones to mainstream devices.  Thankfully, we live in a world where there is plenty to go around, so Android and Windows Phone, webOS and Apple can, and will, exist in the same environment with each bringing a unique, but shared, experience to the user.  Instead of complaining that the iPhone doesn’t have a removable battery or that Android doesn’t have a unifying experience, focus on what they each have done for the industry as a whole and how all the previous devices help better the ones coming down the road.


  • Garet

    Dont forget Blackberry I am now using a nexus one and love Android but Blackberry also is a fine alternative for some people.

  • Elias

    Well said. It’s the same old fight all over again: Ginger versus Mary Ann? Coke versus Pepsi? Mac versus PC? I for one am glad there’s choice. (My own preference is Symbian.) The only thing I can’t stand about Apple is the smug attitude of the fanboys and Steve Jobs, but at least we now have Android fanboys to choose from too.

    • MTC44

      Mary Ann, Pepsi, and PC.

      • tortionist

        You’re both one for three….LOL….Ginger, Coke, and PC.

      • John White

        Definitely Coke!!!

    • analog spirit

      LOL! Mary Ann, Coke, and Mac for me.

    • tortionist

      There is one correction i’d make to this fine article. The I-phone was not the first touchscreen device in the world. It was the first touchscreen device in the U.S. Steve jobs took the idea from another company(foreign)one at that, that already had a touchscreen device for a couple of years prior to the I-phone and I-pod touch. He mimicked someone else. Other then that one error the article was perfect and I agree with it.

      • 4ty-phive

        If you are referring to capacitive touchscreens, then I will say you are correct. But, resistive touchscreens have been in the states way before Jobs introduced his Jesus phone.

  • batman26

    Choice is really good.

  • Romedroid

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Android has made people take it a step further by dividing across phones. Most Nexus One owners are as smug as iphone owners and love the smell of their own farts. People just need to get over themselves. An Android device is an Android device. Stop the hating!

  • TehAndroid

    They all build off each other and they all fill different needs. One isnt really better than another. One guy can get more out of Android than the iphone or windows phone. It comes down to what you want to do with your phone and only you can make the decision on which OS is best.

    • analog spirit

      Amen! That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

  • jdog

    Nexus One pwns iPhone :)

  • J-Hop2o6

    ewww iPhone! lol naww.. your absolutely right in this blog post.. all phone OS’s have their pro’s and con’s.. just depends on the persons personal preference.. and yes, iPhone DID revolutionize the smartphone (and touchscreen [UI]) becuase of its OS (compare to what was currently out at that time [WM6, BB, Symbian, and LOTS of dumbphones]).. now look at the smartphone market now.. CHOICES, FEATURES, INNOVATION! i thank the iPhone for this.. but i still refuse to use an iPhone tho.. to me, Android is preddy much iPhone+ because it expanded what the iPhone had (like multiple homescreens).. but Android still needs some work, and needs a version to call home (aka a set version to work with for awhile).. i heard 2.2 will answer that.

    • chris

      lol, not really dumbphones… my Nokia N70 could do a lot more than what the iPhone did back in 2007, 2008… lol mms, led flash, e-mail, IM, web browser (tho not full web view), music player, video playback (tho not really great quality but then again it does play videos)… I just had to gave that phone up and switched to the g1 because it was getting really worn out and the case is broken already… lol only thing iphone did more than my n70 was run more apps and touch screen… lol

  • Jay

    What’s so good about the iphone? I don’t get it David. I love my Nexus and Android, my little brother owns a ipod touch and I know plenty of people with an iPhone and it’s really not that amazing or revolutionary now at ALL compared to today’s devices/OS’es like the Nexus or Android. The HD2 is garbage though, WinMo is just epic trash, simple as that. Love the HD2’s hardware and it physically but I can’t even use mines cause of WinMo, put it back in my drawer and went back to my Nexus. The Nexus pwns the iphone in every way possible imo, nothing the iphone has that I wish my sexy Nexy didn’t.

    But that’s just my opinion, I know others will disagree, it’s just what I think and believe tho. Just don’t see how any other OS even touches Android and I’ve tried them all.

    • David

      Dude, you are proving my point with every word…”whats so good about the iphone?” Hook. Line. Sinker.

      I find plenty in my iPhone that does things better, more efficiently and in a better way than your Nexus One but I don’t take away anything from Nexus One because you feel differently. The entire comment proves my point.

      • 2FR35H

        All Jay is doing is speaking the truth, HD2 should have been packed with Android not Windows Mobile 6.5 even the reviews for HD2 said that its OS was crap and for iPhone after seeing that with android I seize to see whats so great about the iPhone other than the Apple name. Thats the only thing people go for, Prove that wrong. Android OS is about the hardware and software, and we have been getting crappy hardware packd with low end android OS of course with exception to nexus one. T-MObile hasn’t been getting great android phones…. ( Nexus 1 technically doesn’t count it will be for all carriers). Even if you say choices are great the choices we have are not high end we get all the middle ground crap with exception to nexus and HD2. No one is asking for tmobile to eliminate every OS except for android but god damn can we get more high end phones that are great?

      • MTC44

        David – your complaints about people preferring one OS over the other direct refutes your premise that one OS’s success drive innovation in the other OS platforms.

        I appreciate that competition drives innovation…but so does SUCCESS. When on OS platform has a successful innovative feature, the other OS platforms try to innovate beyond to gain consumer appreciation.

        If consumers don’t drive the market innovation then the platforms won’t know what is in demand.

        • David

          I see your point where you and I apparently disagree is that you seem to ignore the idea that they have ALL achieved some measure of success. Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile (Phone) have all achieved tremendous success and of course, we all know what the iPhone has achieved. They ALL have innovative features and they are all successful. My point isn’t that one is successful or not, webOS isn’t necessarily a success but it would behoove device manufacturers to use some of the most notable parts of webOS which is often praised for its simplicity and mannerisms in achieving multitasking, emailing etc. Its not a success and yet some of its most interesting features are being copied for future devices.

      • Tarus


        “All Jay is doing is speaking the truth,”

        All jay is doing is speaking his opinion , and a pretty smug one at that!

      • Tarus


        “David – your complaints about people preferring one OS over the other direct refutes your premise that one OS’s success drive innovation in the other OS platforms.”

        He wasn’t complaining about people preferring one OS over another, he was complaining about peoples’ attitudes toward other OS’s because they love one particular OS (i.e. Fanboys). Don’t be mean and hateful by stating that an OS or phone is “trash” because you personally dont like it. I think that is what David was getting at.

      • 2F1235h

        @2FR35H: You are the Carrot Top of Tmonews, nobody likes you here, man. I have nothing important to share on the topic, but I have used Android and liked it quite a bit. Currently using a jailbroken iPhone 3GS which I find very useful and fun to use. I don’t mind not having widgets; there’s an app for that. Multitasking, Cydia has you covered. Not true multitasking but it works smooth.

        What I really wanted to share was that If I knew 2FR35H in person he would not have fingers to type with.


      I’m not trying to start anything, but why would you say WinMo is epic trash on this blog where OS is pure preference. But of course you said this is your opinion, so i respect that.

      • James

        @ PHONE FREAK

        Becuase people like 2FR35H and Jay just don’t get it. They are fanboys and can’t help it.

        Even after David said in this post that if you like something doesn’t mean it’s the best for everybody else still they come and say these stupid things. To many people Android is epic trash and they just don’t get it.

        I saw Apple fanboys before and tought these people are the worst but now I see these Android fanboys (people like 2FR35H and Jay) are even worse than them.

        Yeah it’s sad to see people like them exist but well what can we do. They keep trolling anyway… Becuase simple they don’t undrestand and they don’t get it!

    • Kristjan

      how much would you sell me that HD2? i’m being serious BTW

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      2FR35H you say Jay speaks the truth… (he does not).

      You may agree with his OPINION, but two people agreeing on something does not make it the truth. (Although the opposite of telling the truth is to lie, I won’t say Jay is lying. His opinion is simply unsupported and flawed, save for his limited experience with his HD2.)

      Besides, most of what Jay says is flawed and proves exactly what David says, people think that because they are in love with a technology that that makes it THE final word on the subject.

      And Jay is also doing what David mentions, implicitly trashing anything that is not Android. (And in doing that is also implying that we who like the HD2 WITH WinMo are stupid, ignorant, misinformed or brain dead when it comes to tech.

      Where you can really tell this is all a matter of opinion is that Jay says (in poor English, so English might be a second language for him. Or based on the writing style and typos it might be JustSomeDud. LOL):

      “Love the HD2’s hardware and it physically but I can’t even use mines (sic)cause (sic) of WinMo, put it back in my drawer and went back to my Nexus.”

      That says a lot about Jay and his success, after all, I don’t know many people who can buy an HD2, use it for a few weeks then toss it in a drawer to simply use a Nexus One.

      For me the HD2 works just fine. WinMo works well, I like the level of customization I can achieve and really enjoy the HTC Sense shell (and Cookies’ HTC Sense mod).

      In any event,Jay says: “JUST DON’T SEE how any other OS even touches Android and I’ve tried them all.”

      Well duh, no kidding. Jay is so blindly in love with Android he can’t even begin to see or understand why there’s millions more people using operating systems other than Android.

      • mad dog

        Once again here you are playing the role of an all-knowing prophet. If someone is making an ass out of themselves let them. It’s not your place to always try to prove someone wrong. If a person believes what they think then their opinion is truth to them. Like I said before your opinion isn’t anymore important than anyone else’s.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Wow… when you think about me I am elevated to being a prophet. Gee thanks. I might even change my screen name to “TheProphet.”

        Seriously, here… this should help you deal with your issues (the ones I mentioned before).

        And quit stalking my posts. You are starting to creep us out (not really, I just wanted to say that). Tag along, flame away, I can’t pay enough for the entertainment you provide. Although I am getting kinda low on quarters to toss into your little tin cup.

      • Michaeldoesntknoweverything

        Mad dog does make a good point. I’ve never commented until now but I’ve also noticed you commenting as if you know more than everybody else. Since you have all the answers why don’t you start your own blog? Then you can moderate all of the fanboys and dumbasses out. Until that time comes shut up. There’s only one thing worse than a fanboy and that’s someone that thinks they know everything.

      • 30014

        “It’sMichaelNotMike” there was a guy by the name of Eldrick that got banned from the site by David a while back. If I didn’t know better I would say you are him. You both seem to think you’re smarter than other people. There is a lot of truth in what the commenters above me say about you. Check yourself before you try to check someone else. I don’t know you I’m just basing my opinion off of your comments, I’m not trying to get in a war of words with you.

  • GreenTea

    ‘epic trash” I love it. Exactly the opposite of the msg this post was trying to get across. I’ve been converted to Android since I traded in my wing 2 for a G1. I may switch carriers for a really good Android phone. My job has great discounts with ATT & Sprint so if Tmo doesn’t fulfill my Android desires…so long. IPhones are cool but I like having diff devices. Thats my only gripe. I want something totally new, not just an upgraded OS. WinMo is fine with me but the HTC HD2 is too big. I loved my Wing other than lack of memory. Palm and BB aren’t for me. I’m closed minded when it comes to those brands. They were so boring for so long I can’t move past it even with their newest devices.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good points and well said.

      It would be a tough call if I had to choose between one OS/handset because I could only have one. But as it is, I sell my phones on eBay after about six months or less use then get something new.

      I also have two lines, so that allows two phones/technologies/ROMS.

      Ditto on BlackBerry. When I used the 9700 about two months ago I sent it back after about two weeks use. While the form factor was great for a BlackBerry, the OS was behind the times. This was after being spoiled using a Touch Pro2 with WinMo 6.5, HTC Sense and a H U G E display.

      After using the Touch Pro2 and now the HD2 I have to say that I will never go back to a smaller display, nothing smaller than 3.5″, but more likely 4″

      A large display is essential when using the handset for multi-media and typing, IMHO.

      When I briefly went back to watching movies on the 9700 I felt like I was watching flicks on a postage stamp. :)

  • Phalosopher



    Could not have said it better myself.

  • Ryan

    I appreciate and agree with your article; however, you discuss a global market perspective and the inherent value of competition while your blog focuses on news related to a single entity.

    Tmobile from a business standpoint has one goal: create value for shareholders. Even the most mediocre business class will teach you that this is the purpose of a public company. Therefore, many people are confused and upset that Tmobile releases something like the HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5. While this phone sells incredibly well, it can be argued that it would sell more units if it ran Android simply because it is the statistically more popular OS. This is the same reason you see more people troll and flame “pro android” and less people flame “pro symbian”.

    The numbers will inevitably bear out that the HTC Incredible will significantly more units than the HD2 and will create significantly more new contracts for Verizon than the HD2 will for Tmobile. They have the same hardware, offer the same fundamental features; however, one phone has an operating system that is higher in demand statistically.

    • David

      Dude, what does the focus of the blog have to do with the argument itself? This post could have shown up on a blog that compares milk cartons and the value and impact would remain the same. The singular focus of the blog is completely irrelevant to the argument. Even more to the point is that you say a global market perspective while ignoring that T-Mobile carries each and every one of these devices therefore making it a good representation of a sample for global perspective.

      • Ryan

        I said I agree with your article as it stands, please don’t misread my first sentence. I was explaining why you see the comments you see, per your quote: “I’ve watched the comments on this bog, and many others like it, go from bad to worse when it comes to Android/iPhone/Windows Phone/WebOS and which is better.”

        • David

          I think we see comments like that not because its necessarily a true argument but because everyone has internet muscles that gives them the “cojones” to post and act big and bad. I don’t mind a generally good debate, I’m more than happy to enjoy the debate and I still won’t censor your comments, no matter how offensive they get all I am asking for is a little more respect toward fellow commenters. I by no means direct this to you, I mean that was the general purpose of my post, that comments on blogs have taken such an awful toll it almost makes reading them something I want to avoid. I used to look forward to the comments of a post more than the post itself, but that day seems to be waning and I don’t see this blog fall into that mess.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      WARNING: This is a long post. Don’t like my comments, especially the long ones, move on, don’t read em. It’s kind of stupid to respond by insulting and flaming.


      Anyway, people in here make a lot of double assumptions (that’s assumption founded on assumptions). People think that T-Mobile is incapable of making good decisions and that is because it seemingly makes decisions by throwing darts at a board, so to speak.

      The amusing aspect to this is that people don’t know what they are talking about, but neverhteless post as if they were in the room when T-Mobile’s corporate heads discuss product debuts, marketing, and even contracts between the companies.

      The “truth” is, most people don’t know squat about all this stuff. This is exactly because they have never been privy to what was discussed between T-Mobile, HTC, Microsoft, Google and others.

      THE TRUTH is that no one in here knows why T-Mobile does what it does (not even the sales reps from local T-Mobile stores posting in here). So that makes any comments about T-Mobile’s corporate decisions pure nonsense.

      Take the HD2, for example, and how it came to market with WinMo on it:

      Does anyone know WHY T-Mobile debuted the phone with WinMo instead of Android?

      Was anyone privy to WHAT was discussed between T-Mobile, HTC and Microsoft (and Google) about the HD2 having WinMo on it?

      Has anyone seen the contracts between those parties?

      Does anyone know WHEN the decision was made to debut the HD2 with WinMo?

      Does anyone know if T-Mobile discussed with Google about putting Android on the HD2? If you were privy to those conversations, what was said and why didn’t the HD2 debut with Android? Don’t post speculation, guesses or opinions, tell us exactly why.

      Does anyone know what Microsoft charges T-Mobile for EACH OS it puts on the HD2?

      What does T-Mobile pay for EACH Android license?

      There’s lots more questions; you get the point.

      Unless you know the intimate details of what’s going on between companies in the wireless industry, you are not qualified to criticize T-Mobile’s decisions.

      The HD2 as an example, unless you know WHY T-Mobile debuted the phone with WinMo, don’t criticize it as a bad decision, as indicated by your unfounded but possibly accurate prediction that the EVO and Incredible will sell far better than the HD2. (I don’t think it takes more than a high school education to predict that. LOL. Which brings to mind, if we can figure that out, I again ask, why did the HD2 come with WinMo. And spare us the comment that “T-Mobile is just stupid.”)

      Other than the fact that the HD2 looks similar, does anyone know FOR FACT that T-Mobile made a conscious decision to roll with WinMo on it instead of Android, and that was T-Mobile’s way to compete with the EVO and Incredible?

      Do you really think that’s what happened, that T-Mobile corporate decision makers put on their thinking caps and said “Oh hell yeah, put WinMo on the HD2. It will sell like hot cakes. And it will sell far better than if we put that stupid Android OS on it.”

      Nope… something prevented T-Mobile from debuting the HD2 with Android. I don’t know what that something was and neither do you.

      I do know it was not by flippant choice, however.

      Maybe T-Mobile was promised something exclusive in the future.

      Maybe T-Mobile knows what handsets are in the pipeline and all HD2s will be outdated come November.

      Maybe the HD2 is not that big a deal to T-Mobile considering what’s coming up.

      Maybe the HD2 was a good interim device for T-Mobile to debut during the “cold months” for handset sales.

      Bottom line, right now the wireless industry is like a high powered, high stakes poker or chess game and there’s a “perfect storm” of events complicating matters.

      Every move a carrier makes counts, they have to look way ahead and plan for the future, lest they get caught with their feet flat on the ground.

      There’s a plan price war going on, the economy has dried up, people are not buying, they are battening down the hatches (especially for high end handset sales), and businesses are going bankrupt or closing down at an alarming rate. (This affects carriers because that’s fewer corporate clients and eliminates employees with disposable income to buy the latest and greatest tech).

      • analog spirit

        Well said, Michael. Good points, all… I don’t think T-Mo had a whole lot of say as to which OS the HD2 would ship with; it was probably HTC’s decision to put WM 6.5 on it and not theirs. They (T-Mo) probably just had to play the cards they were dealt on that one. Considering how well the HD2’s been selling, I’d say it worked out pretty well for them… And I’m sure there’s a lot going on behind the scenes at T-Mo that we’re not even aware of (and likely won’t be for a while, if ever). So it’s premature and ill-advised to pass judgement on any of T-Mo’s decisions unless we’re privy to their whole strategy (which we’re not).

      • Ryan

        Very good post, I think I have disagreed with you on lots of things but you bring up a lot of good points.

        One piece of perspective I’d like to bring up, as I’m not sure if you’ve worked at very many large companies, is that the higher up people in corporate do not always make the best decisions. Many people who are in positions of power are good at playing the game to get their promotion but don’t necessarily know the industry or strategy of the market as well as intracorporate politics. Therefore, just as we can’t assume all the things you mentioned, we also can’t assume the executives at Tmobile are competent. ;)

  • Edwin


    While I know the Incredible will sell well, you can’t compare the two phones directly because T Mobile’s network and subscriber base is far smaller than Verizon’s.

    I have an HD2 and love it. It’s like a new hobby, and I spend a lot of time (maybe even too much time) tweaking it because it is fun. The usage experience is worlds different from my old WinMo 6.1 Wing. That being said, I would probably have purchased a Nexus One before the HD2 had ever been released had Google’s upgrade policy been more reasonable.

    The one thing I will say is that a switch to a different carrier was basically off the table. I’ve been with AT&T and Sprint before, and my personal T Mobile experience has been superior in every respect.

    • Ryan

      What would be a fair metric that we could use to compare relative success? Perhaps we could look specifically at subsidized purchases of said phone? This would be indicative of people who had the option to switch and either renewed or switched.

    • Ryan

      “because T Mobile’s network and subscriber base is far smaller than Verizon’s.” Using this logic, can you please explain why the iPhone sold so many units when AT&T is only the 2nd largest carrier (behind Verizon)?

      Most people do not buy phones without subsidy as proven by the abysmal Nexus One sales. Therefore, if someone is eligible to be subsidized they’re equally eligible to leave for a different carrier without penalty.

      • LI-TmoRep

        when the iphone was released att was number one. verizon is now only number one because they bought alltel. also the subscriber difference (vzw-91.2, att-85.1, spr-48.1, tmo-33.42) is significant between att and tmo, and much less so between att and vzw.

        on tmo someone is eligible for an upgrade after 22 months (11 for 1 year contracts, although after even more there arent any). so yes, there can still be a penalty, even if eligible for an upgrade. in addition, tmo has early upgrades, another class of people who can upgrade at subsidy, yet not break contract without penalty. (i dont know if vzw has a similar program)

  • jp2dj1

    I couldn’t said it better my self! NOW LET HOLD HANDS!!!

    • Ryan

      I think you meant to say “LETS STICK TOGETHER” lol

  • Laz

    I think we can all agree that “if” the HD2 came out with an android OS instead of the WM it would have sold much better, due to the popularity of the android OS at the moment. Let’s move on from WM and the what if’s with the HD2. If you own one you love it, if you own one and did not return it, I have no pitty for you. What most of us here can agree on, what is TMO going to drop in the next few months. Then what is TMO going to drop by years end…

    • John

      @ Laz

      I am sorry but you are wrong. I know just 5 people around me that they got HD2 because of Windows Mobile Os on it and they all really happy and excited about it.

      And just FYI 4 of them switched from G1 or myTouch (Android Phones) to HTC HD2 Windows Mobile phone. So you can see these people were not happy with Android and they switched OS.

      So if for them if HD2 came out with an Android OS they had to go with Touch Pro 2. I am just want to say what you said is not really true.

      But the point here is HTC decide to go with Windows Mobile for HD2 (Which I am really happy about it) and Android fanboys can’t do anything about it and can’t change it.

    • James

      @ Laz

      I am sorry but you are wrong. I know just 5 people around me that they got HD2 because of Windows Mobile Os on it and they all really happy and excited about it.

      And just FYI 4 of them switched from G1 or myTouch (Android Phones) to HTC HD2 Windows Mobile phone. So you can see these people were not happy with Android and they switched OS.

      So if for them if HD2 came out with an Android OS they had to go with Touch Pro 2. I am just want to say what you said is not really true.

      But the point here is HTC decide to go with Windows Mobile for HD2 (Which I am really happy about it) and Android fanboys can’t do anything about it and can’t change it.

  • Patrick

    All the HD2 hatred comments are really un-needed. Go use a stock TP2 and then use a stock HD2…you’ll QUICKLY see there’s a difference between the two. 1 – you RARELY see the “boring” Windows Mobile interface. In the past, TF3D and Sense were merely “homepages” that covered over the WM interface…now…it’s a completely different ball game. I bet half the people in here don’t even know that the txt messaging iterface is different now. And I don’t mean, just the SENSE txt interface, I mean the ENTIRE txting interface. It actually looks a lot like android…..A LOT. E-Mails are MUCH more readable on the HD2(txt isn’t defaulted to “mondo size” lol), it’s smooth. and believe it or not…the capacitive touch screen DOES make a difference.

    I LOVE android….in my opinion it’s the best phone OS out there…but that’s just me. I personally don’t like the iphone…BUT…I DO wish another company aside from Apple and Nokia would release a smartphone with more than 65k colors. Because when it comes to color depth…iphon has it at 16.7mil colors. Heck…even if a company would jump ship from 65k to 252k i’d be satisfied…but whatever.

    Here’s my breakdown of what each OS did for the world

    Windows Mobile – Introduced a Touch Screen OS to the planet(and along with blackberry and Palm made phones with qwerty keyboards popular)
    Palm – Not only created a Touch Screen OS to make WM step up their game, but then made an OS that handled multi-tasking VERY well(and along with blackberry and WM made phones with qwerty keyboards popular)
    iPhone – Made touchscreen devices house hold and introed apps
    Android – Showed the world that every day developers should be able to make apps for a device…why does it have to be restricted to certain users. plus opened up the world to TRUE phone customization
    Blackberry – WORKS…and showed the world that a smartphone does NOT have to have terrible battery life lol(and along with WM and Palm made phones with qwerty keyboards popular)

    Thats just my 2 cents….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great list Patrick.

      Like to add that IMHO Palm also introduced and made popular the PDA (personal digital assistant to those who are scratching their heads.

      The Palm PDA was the birth of the modern day smartphone.

      I remember when one was cool if he or she had a Palm. And Palm became a generic term for a calendaring and contacts device.

    • analog spirit

      I’d have to agree about the HD2; I took it for a spin at my local T-Mo shop and really liked it, and then later tried to use an earlier WinMo device (I think it was a TP2 or something similar), and there was just no comparison. I went back to the HD2 and it just felt a lot better. It feels a lot more advanced, refined, and easier to figure out. So WinMo really has come a long way. That big screen and the Sense UI help a lot, too. And if you must have Android, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out a way to port it onto the HD2 (if they haven’t already).

  • Igor

    Anyone else notice that Friday Afternoon Random Thoughts = F.A.R.T?


    • Mooch

      nice!!! :)

  • BIGG13

    Just wanted to point out that you misspelled blog in the second sentence.

  • jmts80

    Great article. Personally I think fanboys go way too far and it gets very annoying to read their stupid comments on just about every article regardless of the subject. I agree with you that every OS has something to offer. Personally I have used Winmo and now use BB but I am just waiting to jump on the Android bandwagon as soon as T-mo gets something worthwhile. I don’t like Apple too much but I must admit that they gave the world of smart phone a much needed jolt.

  • Davidohio

    Thank you David. I was so sick of the constant bickering and hostility that I stopped reading the comments! They are all good OS’s. They are good and bad. That is why we have choice, some like androiid, some like windows mobile, some like iphone and others palm or symbian. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong. To each their own. That being said, if you don’t like what somebody writes, ignore it.

  • xDeToXx

    I have to say, I’ve used all flavors of Android, the Wing, Blackberry, and the HD2. While I’m not one to be a fanboy, WinMo has to be the WORST os I’ve used EVER.

    Alternately, I’d hate to see a world where I didn’t have an Android phone. I’m a total fanboy!!!

  • mikeeeee

    i’m happy as a pig in poop.

    my new cliqXT works without UMA in my home.

    i’m eligible for BOGO and i’m waiting for the summmer rush of new hardware to drop.

    now let’s see what hardware comes up like maybe a blackberry storm2 or a wifi android.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well I’d like to take exception to your comment. How do you know pigs are happy in poop? I mean, if I was a pig (the animal kind) I’d be pretty depressed, pen O’ poop notwithstanding.

      After all, I know my entire raison d’être is to eventually end up on a table, my proud, firm buttocks sliced thin, fried and then placed sizzling on someone’s plate.

      Then they take my rib area, cut it up, toss it on a mesquite grill, to be later eaten by some intoxicated fool in a restaurant.

      No amount of poop will cheer me up, that’s for sure.

  • I have to say that this article is one of the best i have read on this site, and the reason i follow this site more than any other. I was a DIEHARD loyal blackberry fan for years, but you couldn’t pay me to use one now. When android launched i had never put my finger to an iphone and swore by my G1 and what android had to offer. Then i picked up an iphone just to see what the hype was all about and VERY quickly realized that I didn’t need multitasking and picture messaging to ENJOY using a phone. The iPhone has THE BEST capacative touch screen on the planet and it is the only phone I can say JUST WORKS. no constant rebooting, or freezing, or task managing. its like a Glock in the respect that when you need it to perform its there without fail. Now after a couple years of owning an iphone i was yearning for more, technology was changing and phones were getting more competitive in their features. Motorolas MOTOBLUR drew me back into Android and quickly allowed me to be immersed into a phone again and ignore ALL of androids short comings. But then came along the HD2… Now I swore that I would NEVER touch a windows phone again in my life after having used both an MDA and a Shadow in the past, but one touch of the GORGEOUS screen on the HD2 and seeing first hand how smooth it was and how responsive the screen was changed my mind. Sense has become an OS all its own with almost no remnants of the garbage that WAS windows mobile. The HD2 is a mobile powerhouse that does everything with such ease it reminds me of the joy I had using my iPhone. I can honestly say that for now I have found a phone that meets EVERY one of my current needs, and I havn’t been able to say that in a LONG time. My point being that everyone has different needs, and different tastes in their technology. in the last 5 years (4 of which spent working for T-Mobile) my needs have changed time and time again. I can appreciate what each OS has to offer, and at the same time recognize their failures.

  • john mchanson

    with all this back and forth between which OS is better its gets a noob confused on what to choose i have a behold 1 and want to get a smartphone i just want t-mobile to get a good high-end phone before next march or i’m switching carriers.

  • Claudio

    loved this

  • James

    Well said. Great article. I find myself drawn into those conversations, but like you said, the common denominator is “choice”, and that’s a good thing.



  • themetatron

    i’m sure it’s been said before, and will be said again, what’s best for you isn’t always best for me. for better or worse, everything of mine is google, has been since i got my gmail invite 6 years ago. so a device that, imo, perfectly integrates google is my perfect device, but i can see the use of an iphone or a blackberry or webOS or symbian or winmo. each has it’s respective pro’s and con’s. my dislike of apple/steve jobs as a whole does not force me to judge an iphone user, will i take offense when they trash android, no cuz i know they’re being ignorant. i’ve tried every mobile os besides web os and come to the conclusion android is perfect for my tinkering preference. remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. now back to my N1 porn machine :-)

  • Dave

    This is a whiny article. It’s the tech equivalent of “Can’t we all just get along?”.

    Strong opinions and passion drive innovation. If people don’t care, they don’t “evangelize” and other people don’t buy products. Company marketing alone is not sufficient. Apple could put iPoop on the market and some will buy, but when their experience is “stinky”, word of mouth will dominate and other potential buyers will go elsewhere.

    As a networked user since the ancient Usenet days, “trolling” and poor etiquette have been around forever. A lame, limp-wristed post like this is far below the quality normally attained on

  • Alex

    I have used the iphone and android. Nothing like customizations!!!

  • tmorep

    i love how everyone on here apparently owns every new phone there is like the nexus, HD2 iPhone and they just talk like its nothing yet when a customer at the retail store sees and $18 upgrade fee WHOA! HOLD ON!

    David even tho i see some stuff on here that should not be posted, i do like reading tmonews because it keeps me in the loop at times…. very well written, all these phones are successful because each of them do different things and are targeted for different people… Sucks alot of you missed the whole point of the article but what can u expect from a bunch of teenagers that want cutting edge technology, ridiculous low rate plans, and free phones….

  • *d.*

    don’t get you’re saying, if one OS is obviously dominating, and especially on t-mo, which is the focus of this blog..we shouldn’t talk smack about the competition? i mean, correct me if i am wrong mr. david, but isn’t at&t a competitor? at&t = iphone? android may be as ubiquitous as air, but everyone knows t-mo boosts all new android groundbreakers (g1 + nexus 1), so don’t hate on the people showing your blog & your network support.

    • David

      Clearly you have missed the point, by a long shot. This has NOTHING to do with T-Mobile and their competition. It has to do with operating systems, plain and simple. T-Mobile isn’t even mentioned in the post so good try on calling out the “hate.”

      • *d.*

        i guess this isn’t on

      • *d.*

        also, everyone, please:

        keep your opinions to yourself. that isn’t what these comments are for, especially when the topic is OS-related.

  • rudy

    Can I ask a simple question?

    Why does everyone not include meego?

    it only has support of the biggest cell phone manufacture in nokia. And it also has support in intel.

    If intel could make an atom processor that could compete with arm processor’s it could be a game changer.

  • *d.*

    also, everyone, take note please:

    no opinions in the comments section, regardless if the topic is OS-related or not.

  • cj

    I am glad someone mentions this, many people I read on replies and blogs miss the point of the articles. They are arguing their allegiance to the end. I read an article another sight before the ipad came out; about an app the author found that would work for him as a professional writer. His wasn’t arguing how great the ipad was, he was really taking a side PC or Mac, he just state he found something useful for him. That it could make his work easier. It’s that all we are looking for, a device that does what we want, or need.

  • nokiabrock

    Actually all of today’s smart phones can do what their rivals can do. It’s just that they all do it in a different way. I will go on the record of saying. “I will NEVER own a piece of apple equipment, nor will any of my family members” Its not because they make a bad product. It’s because of Steve Jobs god like attitude.

  • Imran

    Well said. I am all for competition and innovation.

  • Rick

    I just want A SUPER Android phone in time for my G1 contract to run out. There’s huge potential for Android, but the G1 is severely crippled. I’m planning on hanging around for one. I understand different people have different needs/desires, and I believe all of them can and should be met.

    My big complaint on this site is the personal attacks when someone disagrees.

  • Patrick

    for everyone that doesn’t understand why T-Mobile would release the HD2 with Windows Mobile it’s VERY simplistic. Name me 1 other company that has a WinMo device that can do what the HD2 can? WinMo is a VERY popular business platform because of it’s integration with Windows itself. T-Mobile now has a device to offer it’s “executive” customers that doesn’t compromise “coolness” in exchange for compatibility. As an I.T. guy myself, it’s nice to have a phone that I can do all this stuff with that relates to work(logmein, rdp, exchange integration, word integration, sharepoint, ect.) but when I pull it out people say “WOW!!! Whats that?!”. I had the TP2 before and though people thought it was cool, nobody ever walked away really saying “I want that phone”….people say that about the HD2.

    Te WinMo hatred community can disagree with that comment as much as they like. But as I said before, it’s a VERY popular business platform. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be selling the way it does. HTC wouldn’t have a billion and a half WinMo phones in their roster. Samsung, LG, and the other handset carriers wouldn’t be making WinMo devices if it wasn’t a viable and desired platform. Because though I thoroughly enjoy the smoothness and “fashionableness” of the iPhone…I personally would never want one. doesn’t mean I think it’s a terrible phone…it’s just not a phone choice for ME. If someone GAVE me one, would I take it? Sure. In a hot second. But quite honestly, I’d probably go and trade it for an Android device because all I have is a G1 and I desperately need to do something about that lol.

    Bottom line is this…people are getting mad because T-Mobile released the device with Windows Mobile…but the public apparently didn’t have a problem with it. The phone is STILL hard to find at stores. So T-Mobile must be doing SOMETHING right.

  • Mojo>>>>HD

    OKay….I haven’t made a comment in a while cuz i have been to busy with my HTC HD2. I love my phone and im glad i backed it up when all the fanboys where bashing it before its release. the OS works just fine on it and i have been able to customize it a great deal. David people will always be butt heads when it comes to what they like. My brother lost his iphone and didnt even attempt to get another one. he start using is old wing again but it crashed on him after a few weeks, just hadn’t been used in too long. he loves my phone and said it was well put together and said its works 10 times better than his . but all i wanted to say is every carrier can’t have to same os if they did there will be no competition between them. tmo probably did not get android because thiy knew sprint was geting the evo, so to get more customers they probaly wanted to go with wm to attract those customer that would like it on a big screen. why would you put android on it when you know android is coming out on the evo and the evo has a couple os evtract feature (such as the hdmi, 8mp cam, and built in kick stand). if they id that people would have been like why buy the hd2 its a genric version of the evo. Adding wm made it a completely different phone, there for creating competion. so, why get android on the phone if the other two carriers are going to have similar phones with that os. being orginal is key and i think the hd2 is a way for tmo to start carrying a brand line up of a great wm phone (hd3, hd4, hd5,ect.) sorry if anything is typed funny my comp. is on slow mode today.