This Is Just Cool!

There is little that needs to be said about this other than it’s the best of both fanboy camps.  iPhone packaging, Android software, what could possibly be better?  Watch and hope that this becomes the new jailbreak!


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  • Alex

    I saw this last night, indeed it is the best pairing. What is worse? Out in the wild now, there are htc magics(mytouch) running 2.2 froyo!!!! Next month can’t get here sooner.Google needs to update this already.

  • DoctorPooper

    Holy Santa Clause sh!t

  • queensnewbie

    this is huge. if only we could get a port of android to run on ALL WM phones now…

  • podstolom

    Ohhh Mannn, I can’t WAIT till Adobe gets Flash 10.1 running on Android now. I wanna see the Flash in Steve Jobs’ eyes when he sees that running wide open, wild and free on his new leaked iPhone before it comes out this July :) Mot to mention his precious iPad lol. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!! Hey, while we’re at it, since Palm is going belly-up soon, why not get WebOS running on it too?

  • Galen20K

    WEll its interesting but I think Android is leaps and bounds over iPhone OS even if we still need to work on our music player.

    Having said that I love my Nexus One and really looking forward to getting an HSPA+ Super Phone later this year(sooner than later please).


  • HD2/Nexus One user

    Oohhhhh looks like my old iPhone just came back to life. now if I only knew where I put it and if it will charge, haven’t turned that thing on in…………….

  • JBLmobileG1

    Pretty cool… too bad the iphone doesn’t work on Tmobile’s 3G network though because I would probably buy an iphone just to do this. Then again I would probably rather have the HD2 and do this (which I heard was possible). Only downside, if it somehow screws up, your warranty is void so you’d be out $500 or so….. bummer.

    • chris

      another idea is to boot android from sdcard, although it will require you to get a class 6 sdcard or prolly class 10 if you have to money for faster sdcard speeds. But the good thing about booting android from sdcard on WM devices is that you don’t have to reflash stuff on the ROM, so you could keep your WM and flash mem and Android on SD. This is being done with TP2s already. so we just need it to be ported on HD2 and that’s it. hehe but then again Cyan’s team got video drivers working for eclair on g1. so i might switched back to g1 when CM5 releases for dream/magic.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Ahh gowon and do it anyway. Heck, I’m out $500 every month for rent and utilities so hey, what’s a voided warranty or two?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Although the iPhone does not interest me, I like seeing talented people at work.

    And what a decent person he is. Apologizing for the video quality, apologizing for the delay in posting this. Apologizing for the longer boot up.

    He had no reason to apologize for anything, but he did. Too bad the world was not made up entirely of people like him.

    Just sayin.

    • ctk

      he’s canadian. they do that a lot.

  • richard

    Android on HD2 FTW! Im going to try to port the Touch Pro 2 Android cab. file and see if it works. Now the hard part is finding a stupid store that has the HD2 in stock! FML!

  • 2FR35H

    Soo… its dual boot basically? that is awesome so Tmonews did you post this because we are getting the iPhone after AT&T loses their exclusivity?

  • Cybersedan

    Talk about an unholy marriage!!

  • mikey_

    I’m under the impression that after unlocking the iPhone for T-Mobile the warranty is still active because unlocking the iPhone for T-Mobile only requires a software hack rather than hardware.

    Does this same principal stand for the HD2? If the HD2 is hacked to run an OS other than WM6.5 shouldn’t its warranty still be active considering the hardware hasn’t been compromised?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I’m still learning the basics on the subject of alternate OS’, porting, etc. Excuse my juvenile questions and attitude toward this matter.

  • rushmore

    How is iPhone hardware cool?

    1. Can not replace battery
    2. Weak 2g and 3g radios
    3. No removable storage
    4. 480×320 display

    IMO, iPhone hardware sux big Oprah butt.

    • David

      To each their own I guess…

  • UzukiC

    iPhone is an image device, with some powerful graphics options (3GS still pulls more triangles per second than N1, which is part of why it gets credit as being a smoother experience, imo). When it comes to pure processing power though, I’d much rather have my phone running off of any device that uses a Snapdragon… but that won’t change the fact that many consumers with low-to-midrange needs consistently have interest in the iphone. It’d be very interesting to see where phone purchases are in comparison to the tasks that smartphone users ask of their devices.

    I would much rather have the extra flexibility that other phone designs use, but this is a great step-up in what lay users can do with their phones – and more options has rarely proven to be a bad thing!

  • tmorep

    stop hating, iphone has the most solid battery life compared to any touch screen android phone…. 2) sd cards are crap ,theyre “removable” but what good do they do when u do a master reset on your phone your apps get erased? or what good is removable storage when the apps dont even save on there? im sure there was some douchebag that bought an HD2 and accidentally erased transformers so what good does “removable storage” do you then? iphone backs up EVERYTHING and screen size is only a matter of time…. rushmore, if your gonna attack the iphone, u gotta do better than that…

    sorry to say it but TMO needs the iphone to jump up to the next level…. hope we get it!