T-Mobile Garminfone Official

Well, this isn’t a surprise.  The Garminfone (previously known as the A50) has been officially announced by T-Mobile.  Yes, you read that right, Garminfone (say it again, slowly this time).   As expected, the primary focus of this phone is navigation, and it will come with a charging dash or windshield mount.  You will also find a 3 megapixel autofocus cam, microSD expansion up to 32GB, WiFi, and full HSPA alongside Garmin’s own UI over what is believed to be Android 1.6 that emphasizes its navigation capabilities on a 3.5-inch HVGA display.  It is supposed to launch this spring, and past rumors are pointing towards May 5th.  If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!  You’ll find the full press release and some more pictures after the break, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


Garminfone, exclusively from T-Mobile USA, Inc., is the first Android-powered smartphone and fully integrated Garmin Ltd. navigation experience in one. This sleek device features multiple positioning technologies and on-board maps to provide navigation from the middle of town to the middle of nowhere – and back. A full-touch 3G smartphone, Garminfone provides driving, walking and public transportation navigation with voice and on-screen directions and automatic re-routing. Helpful Garmin travel applications such as dynamic, real-time traffic; weather; estimated time of arrival; and gas prices are pre-installed and easy to access and use. Garmin Voice Studio, an exclusive Android navigation application, allows customers to record custom voice directions from family and friends. And with access to Android Market, customers can choose from among thousands of applications to enhance their journeys.

Garminfone also delivers essential smartphone capabilities, including easy access to personal and corporate e-mail, messaging, full HTML Web browsing and a 3-megapixel camera. In addition, Garminfone allows customers to easily call, navigate and charge the battery simultaneously with the included dashboard and window mount.

Key features of Garminfone
Premium Navigation and Design Features
Voice and on-screen turn-by-turn directions with automatic re-routing for walking, driving or public transit
Lane guidance, junction view, speed indicators and expected time of arrival
North America maps, including nearly six million points of interest are pre-loaded on the phone for fast and always-available acces
Multiple positioning technologies provide location no matter where you are
Pre-installed travel applications include dynamic, real-time traffic, weather and localized information, including nearby gas prices, restaurants, movie times and more
Garmin Voice Studio, an exclusive Android navigation application that allows customers to record custom voice directions from family and friends
Premium services including flight status, local search and more
Large 3.5-inch capacitive touch display with auto day and night modes
Charging dashboard and window mount included

Web Experience
Full HTML Web browser with pinch and zoom capabilities
Integrated Google™ technology including preloaded applications such Google Maps™ Street

Multimedia Features
3-megapixel autofocus camera with digital zoom
Music player that supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, MPEG4, WAV and MIDI
Stereo Bluetooth 2.1/A2DP
MicroSD expansion slot supporting optional removable memory up to 32 GB
Built-in mini USB

Staying Connected
Easy access to personal and corporate e-mail, including support for Microsoft Exchange, AOL®, Windows Live Mail, Gmail™ and most other POP3 and IMAP e-mail services
Google Talk pre-loaded
Built-in support for Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE world phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Dual-band 3G UMTS/HSPA world phone (Bands I& IV)

Additional Features
Dimensions: 4.57 inches x 2.45 inches x 0.51 inches; Display: 3.5 inches; Weight: 4.8 ounces
Talk time: up to five hours; Standby time: up to 10.4 days
View, YouTube™, Google Search™ by voice and
Google Talk™ – and access to Android Market

Garminfone will be available in the U.S. exclusively to T-Mobile customers later this spring. More details are available at http://www.garminfone.t-mobile.com.


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  • manus

    Seems nice but just get a higher end android phone with google maps.

    • You are talking two different things here. Ever used your T-Mobile phone off coverage map or “roaming” and tried to do Google Maps? Um…good luck with that!

      No Reception = No Navigation even if GPS is turned on.

      With GarminFone you will be able to get navigation even though you don’t receive any data. And that my friend is BIG difference.

      People that use garmin or phones for long travels understand the pain…

      • laphoneuser

        True, but to fix that, I spent a very reasonable $30 and purchased Co-Pilot Live for Android, which also does not depend on the network for its maps.

        It’s a solid piece of software.

      • Matlock

        The nokia nuron can do the same thing, without having a sim in the phone and with no network coverage, the GPS functions still work, plus Ovi maps are free! Just saying!

    • Davidohio


  • poopman

    i dont see this selling to well considering there are probably better phones that will come out at the same time. i could be wrong though

  • Omeer

    I’m not surprised that it’s EXCLUSIVE to T-mobile. We should start calling T-Mo the experiment carrier rather than the discount carrier. The android OS got started with T-mobile and now that it’s the next best thing all the other carriers are reaping the benefits of the risks T-mobile took with the new OS. History repeats itself and T-mobile is once again acting as the guinea pig, only this time it’s for Garmin. If Garmin becomes even remotely famous through this little experiment, I bet all the latest and greatest of their products will go to the other carriers and T-mobile will be left holding the shaft again. Stop picking up shitty first gen phone’s T-mo, especially from companies that NEVER even manufactured phone’s before. Wise up and lock down some exclusives that people actually care about.

    • Kevin

      Actually this is incorrect. ATT had Garmin’s first phone last year. It was an epic fail though, so this may not turn out too well. I also completely disagree about experiments. Other than the cameo picture frame (most of you probably have no clue what I am talking about it was so poorly done) Tmobile has only gambled on android, which had a great first phone that if available today would still sell large amounts of inventory regardless of the fact its successor will be out in a few weeks. Your comments are absurd

      • Omeer

        You said it yourself that ATT’s first Garmin phone was an epic fail. So that should’ve been T-mobile’s cue NOT to get this piece of crap that’s predisposed to mediocrity at best. It seems as though T-mobile’s a collector of all mediocre android phones. If it’s mediocre, if it’s last years technology, if it’s ancient by launch date and if it has Android 1.5 T-mobile’s got to have it.

        Anyway pessimism aside I have my fingers crossed in high hopes that T-mo will deliver something to rave about.

    • Brian

      i 100% agree with what you are saying. very true, and i wish tmo will pick up a nice phone and actually sell it.

    • Ryan

      100% right. Tmobile is out of touch. If CDMA did data + voice at the same time, i would have jumped ship a while ago.

    • Davidohio

      Omeer, at&t carried a garmin phone a few months back, it was not android but it was a garmin phone. T-mobile is not the first carrier to have a garmin phone. sorry.

    • 2FR35H


      I agree completely

  • Omeer

    **phones phones phones** Blah I’m so fudging mad I can’t think or type straight. Garminfone? Seriously? That’s the best you can do for an “exclusive”? Jesus freaking Christ T-mo!

    • Jesse

      You guys must realize that Tmobile is coming out with a wide variety of phones. Yes, some you may not like but a lot you will. by the end of the summer you will see probably 10 new smart phones (most android) and then by the end of the year 10 more.

      • Ryan

        yes, 10 new 528mhz 320×240 3″ touch screen phones. I can’t fucking wait.

      • Matt_TX

        You don’t know what the fuck your talking about. Just wait just wait, thats all I ever hear from Tmobile. Just wait a month and all your Android 1ghz dreams will come true. Well I say BULL SHIT!!! Tmo gets the MyTouch, sprint gets the hero, Tmo gets the Nexus (Only online, only with one plan), Verizon gets the incredible, tmo gets the mytouch slide, sprint gets the evo. See a fucking pattern here, TMO-US could give two shits about it’s customers. Oh and before anyone responds. NO MORE FUCKING WAITING ON BULL SHIT PHONES! TMO needs to bring it and bring it now!

      • Matt_TX

        Sorry Omeer, my comment was meant for Jesee

      • Matt_TX

        Comment was meant for Jessee

      • Jesse

        Sorry for your impatient butt. Maybe you should go into business for yourself and start manufacturing your own phones and see how that works for you. Cause obviously theres no doubt about ur stupidity when there are certain restrictions in one company able to provide what phones and from what manufactures. Also, what fcc regulates what company can provide.

  • Mike

    You’ve got to be joking. This is the exclusive phone that T-Mobile is going to pimp. WTH!!!! WOW…..LMAO…Please tell me your joking. This is just sad!

  • wasup

    wow, is t-mo serious with this ?, a mobile phone with navigation, innovation at its greatest, t-mo, why do you this to us, all we ask for is one truly good solid phone with a nice operating system, hint, android, I don’t think its too much to ask for

    • Don

      at least it comes with a window mount and car charger???

  • Don

    wow, what was I thinking switching to sprint for the HTV EVO 4g, 1st the MyTouch Slide, and now the gps phone..i am definitely sticking with tmo..NOT!

    I sure hope the rumors are true that the Samsung Galaxy is trying to make it to all carriers by the end of the year…

  • Housetek

    umm tom toms are like 50 bucks now and most android phones have turn by turn gps
    i dont see this being a good seller, in fact i see it being a complete fail

  • shakarak

    You guys are all seriously douchebags. This is a great phone and T-Mobile just got the HD2. A top in the line phone. If the sprint evo is what you want go and get it.

  • Alex

    For many drivers that are not tech geeks, this will be very good. If you dont drive, why complain? Wait a few more months for the uber phone you desire.

    • Ryan

      Alex, the Desire is going to US Cellular, a smaller cell phone company than Tmobile.

      • Alex

        I meant desire as in the phone that fulfills your wishlist. I am well aware of thee sad fact.

  • Reece

    Garmin waited waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to push this out the door. Like maybe if they pushed this out the door LAST YEAR it would’ve been epic win since Android didn’t have a native GPS app until the fall ’09.

    But with my negativity aside, this should be MUCH better then what they pushed out w/AT&T since that was, basically a dumbphone with their GPS. At least with this they should go along quite happily esp. if things are priced just right. Overall my main concern is with Garmin pushing out stuff that was rumored from last year pretty damn late since.. they was also rumored to push out a Windows Mobile phone, and with WinMo being lameduck until v7 comes out that would be just stupidity @ this point.

  • HD2/Nexus One user

    Its all about variety

    • Omeer

      Choosing from a variety of crap will leave you with crap :)

      • :)

        Yes, and Omeer…you are the expert! …on CRAP!

      • omeer

        Lolz I’m not the one defending this piece of crap,you are.

      • Matlock

        Hey Omeer instead of complaining why dont you just Shut Up and just switch carriers already! its annoying to read the same laments over and over! I got the HD2 and that is a high end phone, so quit your bitching about T-mo not having any high end phones. more will come, in the mean time ive got two great phones a N1 and an HD2 to keep me satisfied. sorry you dont have a GREAT phone.

      • Omeer

        I actually have a rooted N1 but it’s not something that T-mobile can call its own as it’s available for all other carriers as well. I’m complaining because T-mo needs GOOD phones but they insist on launching mediocre phones. I’m not the type to be satisfied with one device for too long and also not the type to waste money on crappy ancient hardware. Tmo needs better hardware to go along with their service. Period.

      • Ryan

        Omeer = 100% right
        Matlock = old man easily amazed by a shitty winmo phone. get back to your mysteries

      • Omeer

        @ Ryan- Ouch bro harsh lolz..

  • G333NJ

    Is this a joke? PATHETIC……..

  • Miguel

    After using the Nexus One with it’s dock for a week, I can easily say that Garmin has an opening with this phone.

    Google Navigation is waaaaaaaaayyyy to Beta still to even compete with the traditional navigation giants. There are so many problems with the integration between Google Navigation and the phone interface that I don’t know where to begin.

    Sure, it will get better in future releases, but that might be 6 months – a year away.

  • TheMan42

    I’ve come to the general consensus that the people bitching about these sort of things are quite literally, fcking retarded. If you don’t like it, they don’t bother with it, but I guess it just makes sense for those who leave comments such as “Really TMO?” and “Garbage” to be nothing more than what they are, dumbasses.

    • mad dog

      People are bitching because tmo continually pushes mediocre phones onto it’s subscriber base. There is pent up demand for high end phones that tmo continues to ignore. The hd2 should have shown them that they have a market for high end devices, but as usual the people that make the decisions have their heads up their ass.

      • omeer

        Thank you.
        @ others- Just because you idiots are happy with your low end BS doesn’t mean we have to be as well. I’m a paying customer so Ill bitch at T-Mobile all I want for what I want.
        @theman24- How about you listen to your own advice, quit bitching about us bitching and IGNORE our pleas for a high end phone.

      • H-Town Freak

        Omeer… You remind me of what Leterman said last night about Twitter… He only Tweets when he knows he can ruffle someones feathers.

        Chill the “F” out dude. SO you don’t like this phone… WTF? Someone will… and T-Mo has the broad client base that could use it.

        Why did it fail with ATT? I would hazard the guess that this phone coupled with ATTs outrageous prices & poor customer service did them in from the beginning. However, T-Mo just might succeed in selling this one.

        And as far as crabbing about a “high end phone” dude… is the HD2 or N1 not high end enough??? They both have top-shelf processors & top-shelf OS… my only complaint is internal memory… Not sure why we cant get more mem built in???


      • Green Robot

        Just for the record H-Town Freak, it was my understanding that the failure of the Nuviphone on AT&T really did not have anythign to do with AT&T but with the pretty much accross the board horrible reviews that the phone got from industry and from users. It is just a plain bad device no matter how you slice it. We’ll yet to see if it is going to be any better on top of Android but given their track record so far, odd are against this being a good device.

      • mad dog

        To everyone bitching about omeer’s bitching, you do know that makes all of you bitches.

      • H-Town Freak

        I’m not bitchin… not really anyway… I did say he looks like a fool though.

        Blah, Blah, Blah… Bitch, bitch, whine… Omeer, Omeer, thinks he know everything… Blah, Blah, Blah

        Now that is bitchin :-)

      • Omeer

        You’re telling me to relax and stop bitching while you’re bitching about your fondness of more memory. Dude we all have demands and we’re expressing them here. If you have a problem with my posts don’t read them. I’m sure 4 out of every 5 people here will agree with me when I say T-mo needs to stop launching crappy phones. I don’t have anything against this phone itself, if it helps T-mo then I’m all for it. But my biggest issue is that this redundancy of mediocre device launches over and over doesn’t seem to stop. It’s one piece of crap after another. You’d think there’d be at least an official announcement of some high end device but no instead we’re left pondering in darkness while T-mo throws this junk at us. I wouldn’t mind waiting if there was some sort of assurance from T-mo that there is such a device coming for those of us who want a high end phone. You’re happy with your garminfone, good for you. I’m a T-mo customer too and I have my own demands.

      • Reece

        H-Town Freak,
        In regards to being among those doing the massive bitching I can easily answer the “is the HD2 or N1 not high end enough???” question. The N1 really is the only phone that WOULD be the answer – except it compromises current plans if you want to get a deal on it (such as folks responsible for family plans), otherwise you’ll be forced to pay for a sub’d phone which alot of people’s wallets aren’t used to.

        As for HD2 there was a memo saying Windows 6.5 is now a lameduck. BEAUTIFUL hardware but Win6.5 have it’s days numbered. Meanwhile every carrier have a heavyweight Android phone ready with Verizon’s Droid Moto & Incredible, Sprint’s Evo 4G, AT&T with either the Samsung Galaxy S or Dell Mini 5. Even US Cellular is gettin the friggin HTC Desire – WHICH WAS ON T-MOBILE UK!

        *cough* but yea, that answers why the HD2 (soon-to-be-dated OS that won’t be upgraded to 7 & not a factor for folks who enjoys Android better then WinMo) and a Nexus One (either sacrifice your current plan for $200 or give up the love of your life & 1st born) aren’t options for many folks who cry & moan.

      • Reece

        “otherwise you’ll be forced to pay for a sub’d phone which alot of people’s wallets aren’t used to”

        meant to say unsub’d, bleh @ typos

      • H-Town Freak

        We are all talking “matter of opinion” here… Folks saying “I am a customer & I have demands” proves to me just how juvenile people can be. And calling others idiots proves to me you are as dense as Iridium!

        T-Mo made a brakethrough in the market with the G1… they are still in their infancy in regards to providing great devices without the sacrifice of superior support. Sort of like the law of deminishing quality???

        In all my experience… I get what I pay for… I paid for the G1 & loved every web surfing second! now I have the TP2 and I am learning it’s full capabilities as a windows mobile device and making the device work for my needs… Some should learn to do the same.

        It is sort of like my wife’s F150 FX4… she wanted to have the largest engine, but knew she would be unlocking hidden potential with modifications… Now she is at the peak of her powerband and can blow away my V10 any day (althogh I can tow more :-)

        Get the device you like… if you don’t like the device out of the box… mod it… if you refuse to unlock hidden potential… move on.

  • I think that this a great Android addition because instead of a social focus like the motoblur this device will give a nice option to those customers that want practicality as its focus while getting access to the internet and applications. Not every customer is interested in the EVO because at the end of the Day T-Mo’s HSPA+ will be available in more areas and will be faster than Sprint or Verizons 4g…..

  • chh

    The problem with the stock navigation on android phones is that you HAVE to have a connection or it just doesn’t work. This sounds like it will probably work with or without a connection. I would love for Google to make it so we could cache a set of maps for a route though. I actually like Google Navigation better than my TomTom most of the time… when I have a signal.

  • G333NJ

    THEMAN42 , we could care less what the Fk u think !! People have their own opinions, either to complain or compliment. You don’t like it “don’t post here”.

  • Deke218

    Here’s the thing people. If you don’t like the phone selection, please go to a carrier who offers the phone you like. All you little kids bitching on a regular basis is getting crazy. Go play with your little androids and leave the real phones to people who are into tech and not flash.

    As far as I remember, Sprint has sucked for years yet some of you are willing to leave T-Mobile for a 4G service that has been proven to be SLOWER than T-Mobiles HSPA+.

    • Cybersedan

      Good point on your last comment… unfortunately the masses may do the same, hmm 3G or 4G, 4 is 3 + 1, let’s go with 4G even though it’s slower than HSPA+. I hope T-Mo does a good job in the media establishing that clear distinction.

      I wish carriers would simply do away with the G’s and talk about upload/download speeds, I think comsumers are at the point where they can look at 10Mbps and know that it’s not as fast as 21Mbps.

    • 2FR35H


      The real phones are Android phones, where the hell have you been? living under a rock? The HD2 has Great specs but with Windows Mobile OS it make those specs absolutely pointless. If you believe anything other than Nexus 1 and HD2 are high end on t-mobile usa then you are retarded.

      They aren’t even great devices because of two things..

      Nexus One screens will break in your pocket and HD2 has Windows Mobile

  • TheMan42

    See, bitching about people being bitches is different because its quite humorous to watch the dolts respond.

  • Alex

    We should appreciate the more android selections. Brings new customers to our carrier and OS we defend.

    Who else hates the stock kb on there mytouch 3.5?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Nothing special here. While its nice to see it possibly offering Android… 1.6 is outdated. Only a 3MP camera? It should have at least a 5. And if they are going to charge you monthly to use the GPS better off just using Google Maps for Free or buying an actual GPS with a lifetime update card. If you pay say 9.99 a month you would probably end up spending more on this than an actual GPS unit anyways considering they have dropped a lot over these past few years. Hopefully to make up for the outdated specs it won’t require an extra monthly fee. Then it might be perfect for some.

    • Matlock

      Highly doubt this will charge to use GPS, its not using Telenav. This is a GPS system with smartphone capabilities.

  • Green Robot

    I’ve been using Copilot on my G1 for over half a year now and I have to say that it is definitely good to have all your map data stored on the device instead of relying on data connection to get them on the fly. There is definitely value in having your GPS work when you have no signal so this device brings something to the table without a doubt. I just wonder how Garmin’s implementation compares to something likke Copilot which cost me only $35 one time fee. I think I would just rather buy a high end Android phone and install Copilot and be done with it instead of getting this much more proprietary solution. I have a feeling that updates for the underlying Android OS for Garminfone will be very few and very far in between.

    • laphoneuser

      +1. I’ve also been using Co-Pilot for many months now. It’s a great program.

  • J

    Actually, Garmin has done at least 3 phones. This is by far the best of the bunch. As said above, the At&t version failed because of poor service, poor understanding of the product by the store reps and basically, At&t couldn’t care less about it. Now as for Garmin and it’s abilities… It should be a very good unit. Garmin is an excellent brand. Does it do everything..? NO, but for me it might work..? I have a 9700 BB and quite frankly, I am not all that impressed. Give me a iPhone on T-Mobile and I am really sold. But for now the ASUS A50 Garmin will be pretty coool…! Check out the videos on YouTube… Anyway, at least they are trying to cover all the demographics. Good luck TM and Garmin. Maybe T-Mobile will finally show the real virtues of the Garmin. Finally….

    • Reece

      I think the key thing missed in their AT&T effort is that Garmin pushed out what was basically… a dumbphone that featured Garmin’s navigation system. Thus this phone should definitely be a bigger hit since Android is the main OS and Garmin is being ran as the main app. While it’s not the killer Android device that many have hoped for (including myself) this should definitely do better then that crap Garmin pushed out last year

  • Pythagoras

    Cool phone. One more for the line up.

    Folks please ignore the fanboiz who come from a certain other carrier to talk crap. Don’t answer them. Just ignore them.

    • Anthony

      Give me a break. If you want to talk about “fanboiz”, you should look in the mirror and at a couple of you other clowns who believe T-Mobile can do no wrong.
      You can’t just pretend that people who that criticize something are automatically from another carrier. I’ve been with T-Mobile a long time and the fact is that the phone sucks and T-Mobile’s phone lineup consistently sucks.

      Now I’m sure you are curious why I’m still with them and that’s because I still have a great deal locked in and it would be foolish to jump ship. That may be proof for me to be quiet since they are just a “value” carrier, but when I see them spend millions on promoting the crap out of phones like the MyTouch and Cliq you have to wonder where their priorities lie.

      • 30014

        I agree. I think that the rate plans are what’s keeping most of us disgruntled customers from leaving. To all of you dumb asses that feel like tmo is on the right track, remember tmo is #4 and not gaining any ground on the big 3. Last quarters results back that up. So fuck all of you dick riders. If anyone wants to complain please do so just to piss off the tmo cock suckers.

      • Pythagoras

        You have just proved my point.

        Enjoy your status as “card carrying fanboi”

  • TheGuy

    doesnt the 5230 have Ovi maps navigation? and it’s prolly alot cheaper than the garmin phone…. i wouldnt know bc im on a 5530 using Ovi maps with a GPS reciever but it works pretty good for me and saves maps to your phone so u can look things up when u have no data connection..

    • Pythagoras

      The 5230 doesn’t have WiFi.

      I personally wouldn’t buy a phone without WiFi.

    • Pythagoras

      the 5230 doesn’t have WiFi

      I personally wouldn’t buy a phone without WiFi

  • Nerd Lust

    interesting device. Any specs????

  • Jay

    I already have a GPS in the car, No need a for another Crippled GPS phone.


  • laphoneuser

    While I understand how everyone (including myself) is waiting for TMO to release a “superphone” running Android (like the EVO), I think the Garminphone looks great.

    It’s got a big, capacitive screen (3.5″), it’s running Android, it’s got Garmin navigation that doesn’t depend on a network signal, and it’s got what looks to be a really cool interface. I say Kudos to Garmin for improving on their original Nuviphone, and kudos to TMO for carrying this.

    That being said, after watching several hands-on videos, two things concern me, which actually would prevent me from purchasing this phone:

    1. No flash for the camera (which I might be able to live with if the image quality made up for it), and much more importantly…

    2. This phone looks slow, and that’s the deal-breaker for me. I don’t know what processor this phone has, but in the videos, it really looked slow.

    Despite what I think about the specifics of this phone, I do believe that it will be a good seller for TMO.

    • clocinnorcal

      Very true. From Tmo’s perspective this phone will bring in $$. I think it has a great selling point and it’s also a very functional phone for the average user.

      What do I want? Well I would love to see Tmo stock a high end android device “IN STORE!!!” Not the N1, because although I qualify for the “intro” price according to tmo’s customer service, for some reason Google’s website doesnt want to let me have the deal. So after wasting weeks of calling tmo custo care and emailing googles N1 custo care I have thrown my hands up. Then to see the seventh largest carrier announce they will be carrying a high-end android device and seeing all other major carriers annoucing their high-end devices (multiple devices for some) it gets quite frustrating.

      I love tmo’s service and I just want the 4th largest carrier to actually lead the pack in the OS they brought to life.

    • Cybersedan

      Can you post youtube links… the videos I saw were all for the previous nuvifone, not the new garminfone. I’d like to see how fast or slow the phone looks myself.

  • enjoijams

    This looks like a Garmin branded Cliq XT haha. Nice.

  • Timothy

    so… will this phone require a data plan?

    • Matt_TX


  • Matt_TX

    Sorry omeer my comment above was meant for Jesse

  • andy
  • joel

    I just wanna say something about the whole “just another phone in the lineup, this phone isn’t for everyone” argument. That argument would hold a lot more water if T-Mobile’s smartphone lineup didn’t consist of almost EXCLUSIVELY mid-range phones. Let’s take a look, shall we?

    Mid-range: G1, myTouch, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, Behold 2, Touch Pro2, Dash 3G, 8520, 8220

    High-end: HD2, 9700

    Selection is good, and we have a great selection of mid-range smartphones with different features. But have you noticed the missing piece of the puzzle here? Right, a high-end Android phone. So before you start trying to silence the people bitching about having no high-end phone, keep in mind that while you who are happy with mid-range have tons of phones to choose from, those of us who want a high-end Android phone have NO phones to choose from.

    The HD2, as others have pointed out, PROVES that there is a market within T-Mobile’s subscriber base for high-end phones. It’s worth mentioning that EVERYONE I’ve talked to that has an HD2 really wanted an high-end ANDROID device, but bought it for the hardware. And I’m not only talking about people on tech forums.

  • Nova504

    What the flip people! You guys really should take all this fussing and arguing to the forum. This is a comment page, not a blog. Anyway i agree, that i dont see what tmobile sees in this phone, after is had so many bad reviews with att. Hopefully they learned from the first phone and have made many changes. I personally would not buy it , because I have a tomtom, and the google maps works pretty well on my G1. Still saving up for my N1. LOL!

    • 2FR35H


      And what do you think comment pages are for? they want to know what we think and apparently most of us think T-Mobile needs higher end phones. Verizon gots a load of them but who the hell wants to pay soooo much on their service? T-Mobile gots the best deals and service combo out of Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T but we can’t manage to get phones like the legend, the droid incredible, the evo 4g, and so on and not to mention we brought android into the world… why are we getting the crappy devices?

  • Oh, by the way, this phone is using the Qualcomm MSM7225 Chipset.

  • J

    Yeah, the chipset is not all great I agree. The fact that it can be upgraded in terms of the OS is pretty good. As for TM, here I agree too, that the phones have not been all that great, would love the iPhone, but for me the rates keep me there. I am a VERY heavy user and average well over $200 per month even with the best plans.. If I moved to At&t, it would double, and my 12 years of loyalty would go out the window. Anyway, let’s give the new Garminfone a chance….

  • Steven G

    It’s not the greatest phone on the market, but more android phones on T-Mo means more business for T-Mo. Also, it means more share of the search revenue for T-Mo, which in turn means they have more capital to invest in better technology. As much as people here are bitching about the phone, it’s the name that will sell it. T-Mobile will say that it’s a phone with both Garmin (known for great GPS) and Google (known for Android and other awesome servies). As such, people will walk into a store and thing, “This one is just Android… This one is Android AND Garmin? I’ll buy that!”

    • Steven G

      think, not “thing”

  • Orlando

    A friend of mine is a TMO manager. He’s been carrying around the Garminphone for a couple of weeks now. Now, I’m and Android (G1 and Cliq) user as well as a BB (9700) user. My wife has a Cliq and my oldest son, in college, has Cliq.

    After playing with phone, over the weekend, I have to say this is a VERY NICE phone. So much that my wife and son want it. It’s pretty snappy, pictures/display looks great, feels good in the hand, looks “quality”….unlike the pictures show. I’m also tempted in getting this.

    Now, As much as I like Google Nav on my G1, it still doesn’t beat this phone in navigation. This phone picks up your location super quick and has pinch to zoom.

    The cradle and charger that it comes with is a clean and simple setup. The unit can be swiveled in any direction and is sturdy.

    Unlike the At&T version……..this has the benefit of Android…which At&T didnt have.

    From what my friend can tell, every person he has showed this phone to, wants one as soon as it comes out and these are people who already have Android phones. Don’t underestimate this phone until you’ve had some time with it.

  • NVC

    All o know is tmo does need to come out with something solid!! I had most their smart phones and is still dissatisfied!! I keep going back to the iphone…now that phone is probably 1 of the best and most easiest phone made in my opinion but i hate AT&T their service sucks which is whu im still with tmo. But thank god i can use the iphone on tmo but cant use the 3g (sigh) but still the iphone is a solid phone for AT&T. I currently have the HTC HD2 and that phone sucks ASS!!! Keeps freezing on my and text sucks major ass. I already had 3 replacements…3!!! WTF!!! That big screen is for nothing and now this Garminphone huh…right lets see how that goes!!

  • James Ryan

    As u can tell i already got mine :D. its an amazing phone. the GARMIN flavored Android based operating system is very stable and quick. The touch screen is amazing, responsive and ACCURATE. The screen is bright and very nice. The GPS and maps are GREAT and SUPER UPDATED im talking i live in the outskirts of my city and it already has streets drawn on that are barely starting to be built and it already has the street names lol. Pinch-Zoom capabilities like the iphone and great keyboard. IMO this phone is amazing and it has surpassed my expectations except for the camera but then again if ur buying this phone im assuming ur not buying for that reason however it does have the most advanced and most feature LOADED Geo tagging EVER!!! it is ridiculous so if u travel and take pictures with it you will be amazed by the geotagging features

  • slickd

    Hey guys,
    I just got an HD2 and hate the fact that it freezes all the time. it has more features than I am used to since my last phone was a Motorola Riser which was great. Motorola should make better phones. TM should have better cell service. the phones are coinciding with it’s service. That is all

  • muhammad abbas

    I am here for some problem of unlock code regarding to this nuvifone a50 if anyone can help me I REALLY THANKFUL TO THEM. My IMEI:357355031215251